Not Even Monica Could Pass This Chandler Quiz. Wanna Try?

Friends is NBC’s heartfelt comedy from the 90’s. The story focused on six friends who lived in New York City. The first episode premiered during the fall season of 1994 and would run for a decade. Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe will always live on in America’s hearts. The series has won countless awards, 63 Emmy nominations and is constantly ranked in the top 10 sitcoms of all time. The show is still highly watched today through syndication and a Netflix deal.

While all the cast members of Friends became huge stars in their own right. Chandler Bing was one of the most popular characters on the show. Throughout the series, Chandler has shown that his abrasive sarcasm and constant joke making hides a truly caring man underneath. He has shown to be the only friend to have job that allows for financially security. For much of the series, he works as an IT Procurement Manager, though it’s very unclear as to what he does for his job. Chandler is everyone’s favorite wise-cracking, tongue-in-cheek friend, there to make the joke when no one else will. Who knows everything about Chandler Bing? Take this quiz and find out.

Question 1

What does Chandler wish for to come through the door next during "The Pilot"?

In “The Pilot”, we are introduced to Chandler in the first scene. He is sitting around with Monica, Joey and Phoebe at the Central Perk, their local coffee shop. Ross rushes in and announces that his ex-wife just informed him that she is a batting for the same team. While everyone sits around and commiserates with Ross. Joey tries to help by suggesting he go out and has fun. But Ross just doesn’t want to be single. He exclaims, “I just want to be married again!” Right when he says, Rachel runs into the coffee shop wearing a wedding dress. What does Chandler wish for to come through the door next?

Question 2

What kind of celebrity did Chandler kiss?

During “The One With The Blackout”, Chandler somehow ends up locked in an ATM with celebrity Jill Goodacre, while his friends sit around Monica’s apartment and bond. For Chandler, his night was full of embarrassment. He must borrow the celebrity’s phone, ends up chewing gum from the floor, and needing the Heimlich from the celebrity. Eventually the two get to make small talk and she gives him a kiss goodbye. What kind of celebrity did Chandler kiss?

Question 3

What movie does Chandler suggest to watch instead of watching his mom on Jay Leno?

In “The One With Mrs. Bing,” we get a glimpse into Chandler’s family life as his mother stops by for a visit. Chandler discovers that his mother, Nora Tyler Bing, is appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Chandler refuses to watch the episode. He knows that his mother will probably make some embarrassing remarks about him. Chandler even suggests a different movie that he saw was on multiple channels. Eventually his friends convince him to watch his mother’s guest appearance. What movie does Chandler suggest to watch?

Question 4

Who was Chandler’s date in "The One With The Candy Hearts"?

During “The One With The Candy Hearts”, Joey, selfishly, sets Chandler up on a double date. Joey is only doing this because his date insists that her friend needs to come. Chandler goes into the date having no idea what to expect. When he sees who it is, Chandler is instantly upset with Joey. Chandler does end up spending the night with the woman, but it doesn’t last long. In fact, Chandler breaks up with her the next day, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She believes that Chandler will come back. Who was Chandler’s date?

Question 5

Where did Chandler find Ben?

During “The One With The Baby On The Bus”, Chandler and Joey are put in charge of watching Ross’s son, Ben. Unfortunately, the task seems to be too much for the boys. While out with Ben, a couple of cute girls begin to look at them. Joey—the womanizer he is—instantly begins to flirt with the girl and sets up a date for him and Chandler. As soon as the leave the bus, the realize they’ve forgotten Ben. Running all lover New York, Chandler and Joey are about to give up, but they try one last place and find him. Where did Chandler find Ben?

Question 6

What of these things does Chandler NOT mention about Monica?

“The One Where Ross Finds Out” is most known for Ross and Rachel’s climatic first kiss. However, many people forget about Chandler’s struggle during the first half of the episode. Chandler becomes uncomfortable with how much more he has gained. Chandler enlists the help of Monica, who is known for her ability to create and stick to a routine. Eventually, Chandler becomes fed up with working out and is too tired to keep going, but Monica won’t let him give up. To get Monica off his back, he makes fun of her until she leaves him alone. What of these things does Chandler NOT mention about Monica?

Question 7

Rather than get up from their new leather chairs and save themselves as the fire alarm goes off, what do Chandler and Joey decide to do?

During, “The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know”, Joey gets a new job on Day of Our Lives. This leads to him bringing home a new TV with two super comfortable leathers chair, for him and Chandler. Joey and Chandler end up spending the entire episode sitting in the chairs and watching TV. They even concocted a plan to get Monica and Rachel to bring them their delivery so they wouldn’t have to get up and answer the door. By the end of the episode, Chandler and Joey are still sitting in the chairs when the fire alarm goes off. Rather than get up and save themselves, what do Chandler and Joey decide to do?

Question 8

Is it True or False that Chandler won the foosball table?

In “The One Where Joey Moves Out”, Chandler grows sick of Joey’s gross behavior. Chandler catches Joey licking a spoon and putting in back in the drawer. This leads to a huge fight between the two good friends and ends with Joey considering that he should move out. Chandler is taken aback by this statement, realizing he doesn’t want his friend to leave. Chandler brings this up with Joey, who explains that he’s serious about moving out. Searching for any reason for Joey to stay, Chandler brings up the fact that they each paid half for the Foosball table. They decide to play for it. Is it True or False that Chandler won the foosball table?

Question 9

What did Chandler want to do with Janice?

During “The One With Metaphorical Tunnel”, Chandler is starting to get cold feet when it comes to committing to Janice. Chandler seeks out Joey for advice. Joey tells Chandler than he can’t be scared of moving forward and that he needs to face his downfalls. This leads to Chandler making some mighty claims to Janice. What Chandler says scares Janice off —the one obsessed with Chandler—for a few days. Later she calls him back and happily accepts what he told her. What did Chandler want to do with Janice?

Question 10

What was Chandler buying for Janice?

In the episode before “The One With The Giant Poking Device”, Joey and Monica caught Janice —Chandler’s girlfriend at the time— kissing her ex-husband. Monica makes Joey swear that he won’t tell Chandler. However, Chandler is in the process of buying Janice an expensive birthday gift, when Joey feels he needs to break the news before Chandler pays a lot of money. After confronting Janice, Chandler discovers that Janice is in love with him and her ex-husband. Eventually, Chandler decides that he wants to be with Janice, but she has already chosen to be with her ex. What was Chandler buying for Janice?

Question 11

Who from Joey's family gave Chandler the black eye?

In “The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister”, Joey throws himself a birthday and we meet Joey’s sisters; Mary Angela, Mary Therese and Cookie. Throughout the night, Chandler is taking shot after shot. Eventually, he ends up flirting with Mary Angela which Joey is okay with until he finds out Chandler doesn’t actually have feelings for his sister. Chandler accidentally ends up kissing Mary Therese thinking she was Mary Angela. The next morning, Joey confronts Chandler and demands that he apologizes to his sister. Chandler, however, still cannot remember who Mary Angela is. Chandler ends up with a black eye. Who gave it to him?

Question 12

Other than quitting his bad habit, how does the tape from Rachel change Chandler?

In “The One With The Hypnosis Tape”, Rachel tries to help Chandler quit smoking. She remembers a tape that her friend gave her to quit the same. Rachel runs off to find it and gives it to Chandler. Chandler listens to the tape every night, and it he does stop his unappealing habit. However, Joey notices something else in Chandler is changing too. Eventually, Joey ends up recording over the hypnosis tape to try and get Chandler to make him sandwiches. Other than quitting his bad habit, how does the tape change Chandler?

Question 13

Why does Chandler not want to give up the chick?

One day, during “The One With A Chick and Duck”, after watching a fluff piece on the news, Joey decides that he wants to get a baby chick for him and Chandler to raise. Chandler, understandably, is a not down for raising a chicken. That is until he spends the entire day caring for the small chick, Chandler grows a very strong bond with the chick. He even yells at Joey for not giving enough attention to the chick. Chandler decides that it will be best for the chick to go to an animal shelter. However, he doesn't succeed and returns home with the chick. Why does Chandler not want to give up the chick?

Question 14

Is it True of False that Chandler immediately breaks it off with Joanna?

In a previous episode, Chandler and Joey’s apartment got robbed and during “The One With The Cuffs” they still haven’t really gotten back on their feet. Chandler, lonely and upset, looks for comfort in Joanna. The only issue is that Joanna is Rachel’s boss. Obviously, Rachel does not want her friend to be dating her boss. She knows that Chandler has a deep scare of commitment and doesn’t want to jeopardize her budding profession. Rachel confronts Chandler and pleads with him to not see her again. Is it True of False that Chandler immediately breaks it off with Joanna?

Question 15

What is stopping Chandler from getting rid of his gym membership?

During “The One With The Ballroom Dancing”, we learn that Chandler is a member of a gym that he never goes to. He’s tried many times to cancel his account, but something always stops him. Ross even attempts to go with Chandler as emotional support but ends up getting a gym membership himself. Chandler and Ross decide that the only way that they can stop their gym membership is to cancel their bank account so that the gym can’t charge them anymore. However, once at the bank they run into the same situation at the gym. What is stopping Chandler from getting rid of his gym membership?

Question 16

What does the group think Chandler should have done when he fell for Joey's girlfriend, Kathy?

In “The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line”, Chandler is attempting to keep his distance from Kathy, Joey’s new girlfriend. However, after Joey is late for her date, she ends up spending the night with Chandler. They agree that to spare Joey’s feelings, they should keep their romance a secret. Eventually, Chandler’s guilt builds up too much and he splurges on buying new furniture for the apartment in hopes of making Joey happy. Chandler talks with the group about what happened with Kathy. Everyone gets upset with Chandler and they all tell him what would have solved this issue. What does the group think Chandler should have done?

Question 17

Is it True or False that Chandler never intended to change his name?

In “The One With Rachel’s New Dress”, Phoebe has one triplet left to name. She is conflicted on whether to name the third baby after Joey or Chandler. Rather than make a random choice, Phoebe requests that the two debate why their name is the best. The two quips back and forth, until Joey exclaims that Chandler is the stupidest name he knows of. This upset Chandler so much that he announces that he’s going to change his name and rushes out of the room. In the end, Phoebe decides to name the baby after Chandler to make sure Chandler can keep his real name. Is it True or False that Chandler never intended to change his name?

Question 18

What is the only reason that Chandler agreed to the bet for Monica and Rachel's apartment?

During “The One With All The Haste”, Monica and Rachel attempt to win back their apartment from Joey and Chandler. Originally, Monica tries to bribe the guys with season tickets to the Knicks. Joey is ready to take that deal, but Chandler doesn’t think that the apartment is worth giving up for Knicks tickets. Eventually, they agree to play a card game; the winner gets the apartment and the Knicks tickets. The boys win. What is the only reason that Chandler agreed to the bet?

Question 19

Who does Ross choose to be his best man?

In “The One With The Worst Best Man”, Ross starts an argument between Chandler and Joey when he needs to decide on a best man. Initially, Ross had chosen Chandler to be his best man, but Joey was extremely betrayed when he learned the news. Chandler—attempting to console him—offers for him to be his best man. This upsets Ross who thought he would be Chandler’s best man. Ross, confused on who to choose, even offers to ask Gunther so no one would get hurt. Who does Ross choose to be his best man?

Question 20

What did Chandler say to Monica to get her to fall for him?

In “The One With Ross’s Wedding, Part 2”, Chandler and Monica begin their relationship. At Ross’s rehearsal dinner, Monica is having a bad time. Her mother is driving her crazy, someone mistakes her for her mother and she’s feeling very alone watching her brother get married again. Chandler notices Monica and attempts to make her feel better by giving her some encouraging words. The next scene we see is Chandler waking up with Monica. What did Chandler say to Monica to get her to fall for him?

Question 21

True or false? Monica and Chandler were late to the hospital when Phoebe was in labor because Monica forgot her jacket at the apartment.

In “The One Hundredth”, Phoebe finally goes into labor. Everyone except Monica and Chandler arrive just as Phoebe does. Focused on Phoebe, no one seems to notice their absence. It takes Monica and Chandler awhile to show up at the hospital. This confuses everyone since they all took cabs at the same time. Chandler and Monica explain that she forgot her jacket at the apartment and they had to go back. Is this story about why they are late True or False?

Question 22

What happens to Chandler as a result of making fun of Monica for previously being overweight?

During “The One With All The Thanksgivings,” a lot is learned of Monica and Chandler’s past together. The both recall two Thanksgivings that Chandler came to the Geller’s house. The first was in 1987, Monica overhears Chandler referring to her as overweight. From there she devotes the next year to losing weight. In 1988, Chandler returns for Thanksgiving and Monica as slimmed down. She wants to get back at Chandler for insulting her. She decides to try to trick him into thinking she wants to be with him. What happens to Chandler as a result?

Question 23

What is Chandler’s resolution for 1999?

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1998, in “The One With All The Resolutions”. Ross wants 1999 to be a good year and resolves to do something new every day. Joey, thinking of his profession, wants to learn to play guitar so that he can add a skill to his resume. Monica wants to take more pictures together to have lasting memories. Rachel announces she’s going to attempt to stop gossiping. Chandler makes a resolution that Ross thinks is laughably impossible. He even bets Chandler $50 that he can’t keep to his resolution. What is Chandler’s resolution for 1999?

Question 24

What did Chandler give and say to Ross after realizing he was a hypocrite for dating a friend's ex?

In “The One With Chandler’s Work Laugh”, Rachel attempts to find anyone to talk to about her secret knowledge of Chandler and Monica’s romance. She is all over Monica trying to get the details. While this is happening, Ross learns that is ex Emily is about to get married, he becomes so frustrated that he calls Chandler’s ex Janice out for a date. Ross later apologizes to Chandler for going a date with his ex, stating that it is in poor taste to date an ex-girlfriend or relative of your friend. Chandler, realizing he was doing the same thing to Ross, immediately felt bad. What did Chandler give and say to Ross after this realization?

Question 25

What does Chandler do to apologize to Monica after he panics about being tied down?

During “The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey,” Chandler’s commit issues rear their ugly head again. Now that everyone knows that Monica and Chandler are dating, they all start to make jokes about how Chandler is finally tied down. This causes him to panic and wants to slow their relationship down. This, obviously offends Monica who then storms out. Ross and Joey suggest that Chandler apologize with a big gesture to show his commit to her. What does Chandler to apologize?

Question 26

What is the David Bowie song that Chandler is singing on the video they show to Joey's grandmother?

In “The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt,” Joey introduces everyone to his grandma. She is visiting to watch Joey’s part on Law & Order. Unfortunately, Joey finds out last minute that his scenes have been cut from the show. Not wanting to disappoint his grandmother, Joey and Chandler scramble to make a rough cut to edit into the show. Joey’s grandmother buys it, until the scene ends but the camera keeps rolling. Chandler—much to his embarrassment—can be seen singing a David Bowie song to the camera. What is the song that Chandler is singing?

Question 27

Why doesn't the friends want Chandler to play catch?

In “The One With The Ball,” Joey and Ross start a game of catch. They start absent mindedly throwing a small ball back and forth in the apartment. Before they know it, it’s been four hours. Joey notes he even skipped lunch for the first time to keep playing. Monica joins in, and her competitive nature amps the game up. Now they are determined to keep the ball being passed. Later, Chandler sees the three of them playing and wants to join. Initially, the all refuse and tell him they don’t want him to play. Why don’t they want Chandler to play?

Question 28

True or False that Chandler was right, and the movie deal did not work out for Joey?

In “The One With Joey’s Big Break,” Joey lands a part in the movie Shutter Speed and Chandler wants to take him to Las Vegas to celebrate. However, it is revealed that Chandler doesn’t truly believe that this movie deal is going to work out for Joey. Chandler is trying to keep this to himself and let his best friend have his dream. Chandler unexpectedly says this out loud to Joey, who his furious with Chandler. Joey even kicks him out of the car has he continues to the movie shoot. Is it True or False that Chandler was right, and the movie deal did not work out for Joey?

Question 29

Is it True or False that Chandler and Monica end up getting married in Vegas?

In “The One In Vegas, Part 2”, Chandler and Monica are still in a rocky place after a fight about Richard. Eventually, Monica apologizes and the two decide to bet it all in the casino. Chandler and Monica are on a winning a streak and getting slightly tipsy. They make a bet to each other that if win the next round they’re going to get married that night. Is it True or False that Chandler and Monica end up getting married that very night?

Question 30

What did Chandler want to turn the spare room into?

In “The One With Ross’s Denial”, Chandler and Monica have asked Rachel to move out and they are now trying to figure out what to do with her room. This causes a riff between the couple. Monica wants to turn the room into a guest room for their friends to stay in as needed. Chandler has other ideas for the room. Eventually, they move on, until Monica doesn’t let Chandler bring some of his stuff into the apartment. Chandler thinks that Monica still thinks the apartment is hers and not theirs. Monica eventually cools down and comprises with Chandler. What did Chandler want to turn the spare room into?

Question 31

What gift did Joey give to Chandler?

“The One On The Last Night” was the emotional goodbye between Chandler and Joey. It was time for Chandler to move across the hall into Monica’s apartment. Chandler—knowing that Joey was tight on cash—wanted to give him some money but also wanted to have a fun last night with his best friend. Chandler creates the game of Cups to let Joey think he wins the money. Joey wins, because there are no rules, but losses the money to Ross when he tries to teach him the game. Joey gives Chandler an emotional going away gift. Still feeling bad Chandler offers to pay for it instead, which of course Joey refuses and assures Chandler that he will be okay. What gift did Joey give to Chandler?

Question 32

What did Monica get Chandler for Christmas?

On “The One With The Routine,” Joey, Monica and Ross are invited to attend Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. This leaves the apartment open for Rachel, Phoebe, and Chandler to search for the Christmas presents Monica got them. They spend all night looking around the apartment to try and find the gifts, but to no avail. Finally, Rachel accidently finds a hollowed-out bench that has all the presents stored inside. After seeing the lengths that Monica went through to hide the gifts, Chandler has a change of heart and gives a speech as to why they should not open the gifts. But, it’s too late and Monica walks in on them with gifts in hand and announces what she got for everyone. What did Monica get Chandler for Christmas?

Question 33

What did Janine say about Chandler after the first date?

In “The One With The Apothecary Table”, Joey invites Chandler and Monica out on a double date with him and Janine. Later that night, when they are alone, Joey’s date informs him that she did not really enjoy Chandler and Monica’s company. Joey attempts to get out of the second date with Chandler and Monica, but they get caught mixing up their stories. Even after the second date Janine doesn’t like them. Monica, over-hearing her remarks, gets into a fight with her. Joey eventually breaks up with Janine in support of his friends. What did Janine say about Chandler after the first date?

Question 34

What did Monica say to get Ross and Chandler to change their minds about the magazine joke they both wanted to take credit for?

In “The One With The Joke”, Ross sends a joke into an adult magazine that gets printed. The issue is that Chandler believes he told Ross the joke first. Chandler begins to log all his jokes to make sure Ross can never steal them again. Still arguing about who came up with joke first, Ross and Chandler turn to Monica to decide. Ross thinks that since she’s his sister she’ll side with him, and Chandler thinking that since she’s his girlfriend she’ll side with him. Her response makes them stop trying to get credit for the joke, but instead blame each other for the creation of the joke. What did Monica say to get them to change their minds?

Question 35

What got Chandler to cry?

In “The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry,” we discover that Chandler has an inability to cry. Upon discovery, Monica does everything she can to try and get him to cry, but nothing works. Joey tells Chandler that he thinks he’s dark inside. Chandler keeps insisting that he just can’t cry no matter what happens. However, later in the episode Chandler witnesses something that puts him over the edge. He begins to tear up and pleads for things to work out. What got Chandler to cry?

Question 36

What was Chandler’s reasoning for picking his date over Phoebe’s?

Chandler, Monica and Phoebe compete to find a date for Rachel in “The One With Joey’s Fridge.” Rachel is invited to a charity ball but has no date to go with. Chandler and Monica find who they think is the perfect guy, but Phoebe also has a date ready for Rachel. Rachel ends up finding a third guy who she thinks is perfect for her but her friends are too focused on just getting their option picked. Rachel ends up taking the guy she met to the ball. What was Chandler’s reasoning for picking his date over Phoebe’s?

Question 37

Who did Chandler bring with him to go ring shopping?

In “The One With The Ring,” Chandler plans to purpose to Monica but doesn’t want anyone to know. However, he does need the help of one of his friends to find the perfect ring for her. Chandler finds the perfect ring but forgets to bring his credit card. He runs off leaving the ring with his friend. But they get distracted and the ring ends up being sold. Chandler eventually tracks down the man who bought the ring and convinces him to trade. Who did Chandler bring with him to go ring shopping?

Question 38

What did Chandler do in the steam room that upset Jack Geller?

In “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies,” Chandler attempts to grow closer to his future father-in-law Jack Geller. Monica suggest that he takes her father to the courts to play a game of racket ball with him. After their game Chandler and Mr. Geller go into the sauna to relax after. This ends up with Chandler almost ruining his chances to make a good impression on his father-in-law. Chandler does eventually apologize to Jack about what he did and is forgiven. What did Chandler do in the steam room that upset Jack Geller?

Question 39

Which of these things is something embarrassing from Chandler’s past?

At the end of “The One With Rachel’s Assistant,” Monica, Chandler, and Ross spill a few secrets about their past. Monica figures out how to trick Chandler into telling her the story of when Ross soiled his pants at Disneyland. Ross, overhearing the recounting of the story, claims that he had food poisoning. Ross then begins to tell Monica all the embarrassing stories about Chandler that he knows. Which of these things is something embarrassing from Chandler’s past?

Question 40

What reason did Chandler originally give for his dislike of dogs?

In “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs,” we learn that Chandler has had a life-long time of being afraid of dogs. Phoebe, who is temporarily staying with Monica and Chandler, sneaks a small puppy into her room. Chandler freaks out when he finds the dog and orders it be moved from the apartment. They try to bring the dog to Ross’s apartment, but Monica decides to bring it back to theirs. Monica hides the dog back in Phoebe’s room and convinces Ross to make Chandler feel bad about kicking the puppy out. What reason did Chandler originally give for his dislike of dogs?

Question 41

Is it True of False that Chandler and Rachel eat a cheesecake off the floor?

In “The One With All The Cheesecakes,” Chandler and Rachel find a mysterious box of cheesecake at their doorstep. Rachel comes upon Chandler eating a cheesecake that he informs her was accidently left at their door. After a few bites, they both declare that it’s the best cheesecake they’ve ever had. Later, another cheesecake has been incorrectly delivered to their apartment. Attempting to be nice, Chandler and Rachel return the cheesecake to its proper owner. However, the see the cake is still outside the door a few hours later and cannot resist taking it for themselves. Chandler later busts Rachel for eating the cheesecake without him and they end up fighting over the cake. The cake falls, creating a huge mess in the hallway. Is it True of False that they eat the cake off the floor?

Question 42

Who is the friend that will marry Chandler and Monica?

In “The One With The Truth About London,” we watch as Chandler and Monica attempt to find a minister for their wedding. They search all over for the perfect minister but can’t find any that are available or that they like. So they reluctantly allow one of their friends to marry them. That friend spends all night getting a minister certificate online and even writes a heartwarming speech about Chandler. They explain how Chandler and Monica were meant for each other and no one could ever get between them. Who is the friend that will marry them?

Question 43

What would Chandler’s father come to his swim practices dressed as?

In “The One With Chandler’s Dad,” we are finally introduced to Chandler’s father. Monica wonders why Chandler’s father hasn’t responded to their wedding invitation, Chandler informs her that he never sent his invitation. Upon finding this out, Monica insists that Chandler confronts his feelings about his father and invite him to the wedding. Of course, Chandler protests, sighting examples from his childhood swim practices that his father would come to and embarrass him. Monica points out the fact that at least he came. What would Chandler’s father come to his swim practices dressed as?

Question 44

What does the note read that Chandler leaves behind on his wedding day?

In “The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding, Part 1,” Monica informs Chandler that she’s surprised with how well he’s been handling the stress of the wedding. However, Chandler’s fear of commitment comes back when he hears their answering machine refer to him and Monica as “The Bings”. Chandler freaks out internally even more when he looks out at the crowd of people during the rehearsal dinner and hears people referring to him and Monica as “The Bings”. After dinner, Chandler is supposed to return to Joey’s for the night before the wedding. Ross stops by to see how he’s doing but cannot find Chandler. Instead he only finds a note. What does the note read?

Question 45

How does Chandler react to finding out Monica's favorite new boots are paining her?

In “The One With Monica’s Boots,” Monica comes home with a pair of expensive brand new boots. Chandler is annoyed that she did not consult him before making such a large purchase and asks her to return them. Monica, still in love with the boots, promises that she will wear them every day. The only issue is that they begin to make Monica’s feet hurt and bleed. She considers returning them but finds drops of blood on the inside. Chandler wants Monica to wear the boots to a party they’ve been invited to attend. But when it turns out that they would be dancing, she confesses to Chandler that the boots don’t fit and really hurt her feet. How does Chandler react to this information?

Question 46

What news did Chandler receive in the bathtub?

In “The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath,” we witness as Chandler discovers his love for baths. Monica is taken aback when she learns that Chandler dislikes taking a bath. She claims that he also loves to take baths with her. He responds that he enjoys being with her, not so much the bath. Monica is convinced that Chandler would love to take baths if he knew how to set it up right. Monica prepares him a bath and she was right, he loved it. The next time Chandler is in the tub, everyone gathers around him and surprises him with big news. What news did Chandler receive in the bathtub?

Question 47

What habit does Chandler pick up in Oklahoma?

As Chandler works in Oklahoma, he picks up a bad habit that Monica really dislikes. In “The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner,” Chandler learns that some of the laws are different in Oklahoma than in New York. Monica, who is currently attempting to have a child with Chandler, discovers this habit and demands that he stops. Chandler stops trying to have a baby with Monica until they stop fighting and she lets him do as he pleases. Eventually, Joey convinces him that Monica is worth more than anything. What habit does Chandler pick up in Oklahoma?

Question 48

What product slogan does Chandler have to pitch to his peers?

Sick of his high-level job that makes him travel to Oklahoma, Chandler quits and gets an internship at an advertising company in “The One With The Mugging.” On his first day, Chandler realizes that he is the oldest intern there but keeps the opportunity for a full-time job in mind. In the end, Chandler’s immaturity and joking nature helps him win over his peers. He comes up with a great idea that was inspired by Joey. What product does Chandler pitch to his peers?

Question 49

Is it True of False that the doctor believes Chandler and Monica could have kids naturally?

In “The One With The Fertility Test”, Monica and Chandler decide to go to a fertility doctor to make sure everything is in working order. There they run into Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice who inquires about their visit. Later, Chandler explains that he thinks everything is going to be fine but is still nervous to find out if something is wrong. A few hours go by and the doctor calls with news for Chandler and Monica. Is it True of False that doctor believes they could have kids naturally?

Question 50

What did Chandler say when the friends ask where they should get their final cup of coffee together during the last episode?

Sadly, all great shows must come to an end. In “The Last One, Part 2,” Chandler and Monica decide to leave the city to raise their child somewhere safer. In the final scene, all 6 friends stand around Monica’s apartment. The furniture is all gone, and the space is empty for the first time. Monica tells Chandler than they have to leave the keys, and everyone places a key on the table. With time left to spare the group decides to go get one last cup of coffee. Chandler, attempting to lighten mood, speaks the last line of the show. What did Chandler say?

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