Not Even Mickey Can Remember All These Animated Classics. Can you?

Even for those of us who no longer watch the new Disney releases, we still have fond memories of all the classic films that used to be our favorites. When we were kids, nothing quite topped these fantastical stories. We watched for the wild adventures, the funny characters, the wicked villains and the mighty heroes. The colors were bright, the stories were fascinating and the songs were downright catchy! While our favorite genres of film may have changed over the years, there is simply no denying that these movies will always be the true classics!

Today we will be taking the time to pay tribute to some of the very best animated films of all time. We have 50 different classics listed here today, and all everyone has to do is name them all. We will give a photo and a brief description, but the rest will be up to everyone here! Does anyone think they know all of the classics like the back of their hand? Time to prove it! This quiz will not be easy, but anyone capable of passing it will make Mickey one very proud mouse. Time to rewind the old VHS tapes and get ready for this ultimate animation quiz!

Question 1

Which title is right?

When we see a falling star in the sky, it is always important to use the wish wisely! Woodworker Geppetto learned this lesson in the best way possible. After just having completed a new puppet, he looked up into the sky and saw his star. He wished with all of his heart for his puppet to become a real boy. The Blue Fairy heard Geppetto's wish and granted it to him. While his puppet sprang to life, the fairy also warned them both that this wish would only continue to work if the boy could promise to live an honest and wholesome life.

Question 2

Match this movie to its title

Even though Wendy was the eldest and wisest sibling of her clan, she knew deep down there had to be magic somewhere in the world. Her parents told her it was foolish daydreaming, but Wendy knew in her heart of hearts that magic was real. When a mysterious shadow arrived in her brother's bedroom one night, she knew she had been right all along. The shadow belonged to a boy who had never grown up, and this very same boy told Wendy and her brothers that they would never have to grow up either, just as long as they believed!

Question 3

Which of these titles is correct?

In the world of dogs, things are a bit more straightforward. There are the home dogs, who are cared for, but have no street experience. Then there are the street dogs, who have to find their own beds, but have a true understanding of what it means to be free. When a couple of dogs from these two separate worlds meet, they quickly realize just how much they can learn from one another. We may all be different and come from various places, but it is these differences that will bring us together if we are only to let them!

Question 4

Which answer is right?

Even though this princess is in fact very beautiful, it was these good looks that got her into so much trouble in the first place. When the wicked witch decided the princess was just too beautiful to be allowed to exist in her kingdom, she chased her into hiding. With the witch patrolling for her constantly, this princess is going to have to stay hidden if she wishes to survive. Luckily, a group of tiny men have found her and have offered to help! There will always be room in their cottage for this princess! Can anyone here pick out the right title?

Question 5

Try picking out the right answer

He was just a nobody from the streets, so he figured this was always what he was going to be. However, after entering the mysterious Cave of Wonders and finding not only a magic carpet, but a magical lamp as well, he began to feel his luck changing. Inside of this magic lamp, there was a genie who was ready to grant the boy any three wishes he desired. He could change his whole life around with these wishes, but one does need to be careful when wishing for things. Sometimes what we think we want, is not always what is best for us.

Question 6

Name this movie

For an ogre, there was no better life than one full of peace and quiet. This orge felt no different. He lived in a swamp all by himself and he was truly happy with this arrangement. That being said, when a faraway king banished all fairy tale creatures to this ogre's swamp, he was rightfully pretty upset. In order to get his swamp back, he was going to need to head off on an adventure to find the king who had made the decision in the first place. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the correct title of this movie!

Question 7

Try naming this movie

When it came to beauty, nobody in town had more of it than Belle. That being said, everyone in town also thought she was kind of an oddball. Not only did she enjoy things like reading, but she also showed no interest in the handsome Gaston. Belle even went as far as to turn down Gaston's proposal. Even though nobody understood her, Belle knew her destiny had more in store for her than just being some man's wife. She longed for adventure, romance and magic! Little did she know, all of these things were actually waiting for her in a nearby forest.

Question 8

Match this movie to its title

A girl being raised by her older sister has found it really difficult to fit in with the other girls her age. Even though she doesn't try to be different, the other girls all tend to think she's strange. Wanting a friend more than anything else in the world, she got her sister to agree to a pet dog. Of course, when they went to pick out their new furry friend, the girl went for the strangest looking pooch in the joint. If she was going to be different, at least she would have someone around who could understand her.

Question 9

Which of these titles is correct?

Marlin had never planned on being a single father, but we cannot always plan for these things unfortunately. After losing his wife and the rest of his precious babies, Marlin was left with one small son. He swore he would do whatever it took to keep his boy safe for the rest of his life. A nice thought for sure, but now that his son is getting older, he is desperately trying to get his father to back off a bit. Trying to prove to his dad how grown up he was, he swam too far from home and got lost. Now it's up to his dad to find him!

Question 10

Name this movie

When Rapunzel was born, her entire kingdom came out to see her. As happy as they all were to see her smiling face, nobody was happier about the new baby than her parents. That being said, when Rapunzel was taken right out of her crib by a wicked witch in the middle of the night, her parents were left heartbroken. While Rapunzel would spend the next 18 years of her life locked away, believing herself to someone she was not, her parents would never give up hope and they would release a thousand lanterns into the sky every year on their princess's birthday.

Question 11

Pick out the right name

He looks a little skinny and awkward, doesn't he? Well, when he was born, this was not exactly the path he was headed down. This guy was actually born to two very powerful gods. Had a mean villain not interfered, he would have been raised up in the clouds without a worry to his name. However, since there was some interference, he has instead been raised here on Earth where nothing ever seems to go right for him. While he was lucky enough to find two loving parents, this kid is going to have to work hard to prove he belongs.

Question 12

What movie is this?

Deep down in an area of unexplored ocean, there is an entire kingdom of merpeople. They are of course, all under the rule of the mighty King Triton. Not only is he in charge of the entire underwater world, but he is also the father of 7 daughters. The youngest of these daughters is no doubt the most troublesome. While she is beautiful and kind, she just can't seem to keep her fins out of trouble. She has a passion for the human world and she is determined to one day be a part of it, regardless of what her father says.

Question 13

Pick out the right answer

To the outside eye, Carl may seem like just another old cranky man. However, he actually has quite a history of romance and adventure. Before losing his wife, Carl had been full of life. He and his beloved would dream up all kinds of fantasies and sometimes even bring them to life. That being said, now that Carl is alone, he has lost a bit of his adventurous side. In an attempt to get it back, he has decided to go through with the one dream he was never able to complete with his wife. He will be flying away in his house, by way of balloons!

Question 14

Name this movie

It is so easy for us to spot and label the bad guys while we watch movies and play games from home, but we so rarely stop to think about what it may actually be like for the guys playing these villainous roles. In this movie, we meet a handful of bad guys who are just plain tired of always having to be the villains. They are each part of their own video game, where they are forced to spend every day playing the role of the bad guy. One of them has had it. He is off to prove he too can win a good guy medal!

Question 15

Pick out the right answer

Even though her life has been no fantasy, this woman has never let anything break her spirits. While she was once a happy girl with loving parents, after losing them both, she became an unwanted stepdaughter to a truly wicked stepmother. Her stepmother would spend years treating her like a maid, but she knew if she kept her head held high, her happily ever after would come along eventually. Once she found out about a magical ball taking place at the palace, she knew it was finally her time to shine! Does anyone know what movie we are talking about here?

Question 16

Name this animated movie

When Anna and Elsa were young, they were the closest pair of sisters anyone had ever met. Elsa was born with amazing ice powers, and Anna used to love watching her use them. However, as Elsa grew, her powers became stronger and harder for her to control. This made Elsa back away from those she loved most. While Anna just assumed she had grown out of being her friend, Elsa was only trying to protect her younger sister. Now that they are grown up and their parents are gone, Elsa is taking over the throne. That being said, she is also still trying to hide her big secret ...

Question 17

Select the correct title

After a small baby was left orphaned in the middle of a dangerous jungle, he was lucky enough to get scooped up by a loving mother gorilla. The gorilla and her tribe took in the human baby and raised him as if he belonged to them. The child would grow up and ultimately love his life among his animal family. However, once a team of explorers arrived in the jungle, the now grown man, saw other humans for the first time in his life. Was he now supposed to leave with them and learn of his true identity, or stay with the animals that raised him?

Question 18

What film is this?

Flik is not just any other ant working for the colony. Even though his fellow ants may wish that he was like the rest of them, he can't be something he's not. Flik is an inventor. He knows deep down that inventing is what he was born to do. That being said, all of his inventions thus far have lead to some pretty big messes. His latest one in fact, has just ruined the entire pile of food the ants have been collecting all season. Flik knows he is going to have to earn back his colony's trust, but first he's going out looking for help!

Question 19

Pick out the right answer

There has never been a prouder mom and dad duo than Pongo and Perdita. After giving birth to their unusually large litter of puppies, they figured they were the luckiest pooches in the world. Of course it didn't hurt that their loving humans were just as excited about the puppies as they were. However, when a wicked woman caught news of the newborn pups, she figured they would make her the most beautiful coat there ever was. Little did she realise, there was a town's worth of animals ready to defend the puppies against anything she had coming their way!

Question 20

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Dutchess and her three kittens were probably the most pampered cats that had ever lived. They belonged to a wealthy woman, who loved them each dearly. She loved her cats so much in fact, that she decided to leave her entire fortune to them. Once the woman's butler found out about this decision though, he became sour. Wanting nothing more than to get rid of the cats for good, he brought them out to the middle of nowhere and left them. Luckily for Dutchess and her gang, a wisecracking alley cat has just turned up to help them find their way home!

Question 21

Match this movie to its title

When she was just a baby, this woman was separated from her family. She never got to know who they were, or who she was for that matter. She was raised in orphanages, never finding a home to call her own. Once old enough, she decided to take her chances out in the world alone. She came across two men, who told her she bore a striking resemblance to the lost princess. While she did not really believe these men at first, after meeting her long lost grandmother, her memory started coming back in pieces. Can anyone correctly name this animated classic? Take a guess!

Question 22

Name this movie

This girl is all kinds of curious! When her parents decided to move to an entirely new home in an entirely new town, she figured it would be a big adventure for them all. However, her parents just seemed too busy to pay her any mind. She decided to start her exploring on her own to see what she could find in this new place. While looking around, she came across a secret door leading to a whole new world. This world was strangely similar to her own, but for whatever reason, it seemed better in almost every way ...

Question 23

What animated film is this?

If there was one thing in the world young Hiro was good at, it was robotics. He was only a kid, but Hiro knew how to build just about anything. Because of this, almost all of his friends happened to be robots. His best friend was Baymax. Baymax was a robot designed specifically to care for humans. When Hiro found himself in the middle of a dangerous battle, he knew he couldn't win it by himself. No, he was going to need to use his greatest skill to build himself an army of butt-kicking robots! Luckily, he already knew a few ...

Question 24

Which of these titles is correct?

Mavis is just like any other teenager out there. She dreams of living her own life and not having to listen to the rules set by her parents. She knows her father loves her very much, but his overprotective attitude has begun to grow old and tired. She is about to turn 118 after all! It is about time she is allowed out of her castle to explore the real world a bit. Even though her father has told her nothing but bad things of the human world, this young vampire is ready to figure things out for herself! Name this movie!

Question 25

Pick out the right answer

Barry the bee is a little bit different from all of the others in his hive. While he has attended the same honey making school as the rest of them, he has just never been as interested in the work as the others. The thought of making honey for the rest of his life, bores him to no end. That being said, Barry has decided to go after a different profession. He is thinking he would make one heck of a lawyer, he is just going to need to find the perfect case to get the ball rolling! Any guesses?

Question 26

Does anyone recognize this movie?

When it comes to penguins, we know a few things for sure. Each of them is born with a beautiful singing voice and they will use it to find their true soulmates. This was the case, until young Mumble was born anyway. Mumble was born with one of the worst singing voices anyone had ever heard. How was he ever going to find true love, if he couldn't sing his heart's song? Instead of getting too down on this, Mumble decided to look at what he could do instead of what he couldn't. Maybe singing wasn't his thing, but no penguin could out dance Mumble!

Question 27

Pick out the right answer

This pooch had the very best job a dog could ever have. He and his human owner, were the stars of their very own television show. In this show, they both had awesome powers. They would use these powers to bring an end to any bad guy who crossed their paths. That being said, when one day they got separated by accident, this dog knew he had the kind of powers needed to help him find his way back home. Even though everyone else thought his powers were just for television, he knew deep down he was no ordinary pup!

Question 28

Select the correct title

Everyone is born with some kind of talent, but not everyone is able to figure out what this talent is. Miguel was lucky enough to discover his talent at a very young age. He was simply born to play music. He couldn't describe the feeling he would get when there was a guitar in his hands. However, Miguel was part of a family that had a generations-old ban on all things musical. He did not know why his family disliked music so much, but he knew he had to change their minds. He refused to choose between his passion and his family.

Question 29

Name this animated classic

Po was born with noodle broth running through his veins. Or at least this is what his father liked to tell him. His family made their living off of the noodle business, so it made sense that Po was to one day take over the shop from his father. However, Po never really liked making noodles all that much. Sure he enjoyed eating them, but devoting his whole life to noodle-making? No way! Po had big dreams of becoming a hero. He knew he didn't look like the typical hero-type, but who said a hero couldn't also have a belly?

Question 30

What is the name of this movie?

Dragons and Vikings have always had a rough relationship. While the Vikings knew almost nothing of the dragons, they in turn never thought to learn much about the Vikings. Over the years, this lead to huge battles between the two beings. The dragons would swoop in a burn up their land, while the Vikings would go to great lengths trying to ground the beasts. When it came time for young Hiccup to join the Viking forces though, he thought he could change the way things worked. He knew first hand that the dragons were not all bad, he just had to get everyone else to believe him!

Question 31

Pick out the right title

Riley has had a pretty great childhood. She has loving parents, awesome friends and she's even the star of her hockey team. However, once her parents informed her that they were moving out of town, everything began to spiral out of control. Her emotions were running wild and she was feeling sad over things that had once made her happy. While growing up does do a number on us physically, our emotional development is really the tricky thing we have to learn how to cope with. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the correct title from the listed options!

Question 32

Select the correct answer

It would be pretty tough to find two trolls who were more different than these two. While Poppy was the most optimistic and happy troll of her village, Branch on the other hand, was the grumpiest and most pessimistic of the bunch. That being said, when their village fell under the attack of some wicked bad guys, these two were the only ones left able to save the day. The only issue? Well, to do this, they are going to have to put their differences aside and partner up. Two trolls is better than one, that is for sure! Name this movie!

Question 33

Which of these titles is correct?

This girl knew that since she was the daughter of the chief, she had many responsibilities. She had to give up her adventuring and settle down with a strong sturdy man from her village. Even though this was never the life she would have picked for herself, how could she betray her father's wishes? When a group of strange man arrived on their land, this girl was the only one willing to listen before taking action. She knew if her people were to meet the newcomers' actions with more violence, nothing would ever be able to stop the madness. Any guesses?

Question 34

Match this movie to its title

When Aurora was born, the kingdom thought they had the most beautiful princess in the world as their own. On the day the kingdom came to celebrate the beautiful princess's birth, a wicked villain decided to tag along as well. This villain placed a curse on baby Aurora, which gave her parents no other options but to send her away to be raised by others. While Aurora grew up knowing nothing of this story, she would soon start to figure things out once she turned 18 and decided to go off on her own for the first time ever. Name this movie!

Question 35

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Where she grew up, it was a woman's duty to find a husband and raise a family. She knew all too well that this was what was expected of her, even though the shoes just never seemed to fit her correctly. She tried to be the daughter she was supposed to be, but things just never worked out for her when she did this. After all of the boys in her village were called off to war, this woman decided to risk it all to be the person she knew she was always meant to be. Can anyone name this one?

Question 36

Name this animated film

We are all forced to grow up at some point. No matter how hard we may fight against it, time has a way of turning us into adults without us even realizing that it's happening. When we do go through this change, what happens to all of the toys that were once our best friends? Well, in this film we get to find out! When their beloved owner grows out of them, his toys are packed up and sent to a new home. Unfortunately for them, there are a few toys in this new home who are not as nice as the ones they have known.

Question 37

Which of these titles is right?

In life, sometimes we all need a little help getting by. When a young deer is left orphaned in the forest, he befriends a few woodland creatures who all ban together to help show him the ropes. He learns how to survive in his forest home and even how to have a good time with animals who aren't the same as him, but are his friends nonetheless. It may not always be easy asking for help, but nobody is able to do everything on their own. Sometimes we just need a buddy around to help make the day a bit better!

Question 38

Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Somewhere out there, exists a village of people who live completely off of their lands. Their island home supplies them with everything they need to survive, so they have spent years on the island without ever venturing out. The chief of this island has a daughter. Even though she knows it will one day be her job to watch over the people of her village, she can't help but be drawn to the water. She desperately wants to sail away and to discover new places, but this is just not what her people do. What happens when their island stops supplying for them though?

Question 39

Pick out the right answer

When a girl became bored with her everyday life, she decided to head off to find herself a new adventure. She did not realise it at the time, but she was actually heading into a way bigger adventure than she could have ever even imagined. After falling down a rabbit hole, she found herself in an entirely new world. This world was filled with things like talking flowers, advice giving caterpillars and sly smiling cats. She did not know where she was, but she felt as though she had found a world that was made just for her! Name this movie!

Question 40

Which title is right?

When a mean king decides to start charging his citizens unreasonable taxes, there is only one man (and maybe a few of his pals) who can help bring an end to the madness. While they may have been thieves at one point in time, they are changing their ways in order to help out all of the innocent people living in their village. Instead of thieving from the poor, they are thinking of taking a little from the rich instead. Not everyone can be 100% good, right? Can anyone here figure out which of these titles is right for this question?

Question 41

Match this movie to its title

When a fish went out looking for her long lost family, she wound up getting herself into a fair bit of trouble. She left her ocean home for an aquatic center, where she hoped she would finally be reunited with her family. While there, she learned that her family had left the center years ago hoping to find her. Now stuck in the center, this fish is going to need more than just a bit of help to get back to her ocean home. Luckily, this seven-tentacled octopus is breaking out of his comfort zone to try to help her out!

Question 42

Name this film

We cannot always blame people for acting the way they were raised to act. When a young man comes into way more power than he is ready for, he naturally takes on a pretty spoiled attitude. Instead of listening to the needs of his people, he brushes them off and plans for his own dreams. While ignoring his people, this kid also overlooked the wicked advisor who was plotting to take all of his power for herself. Before he knew it, she had placed a curse on him, and now the only way he is going to be able to break it, is by getting help from the citizens he so rudely dismissed.

Question 43

Does anyone recognize this movie?

When a family loses one of their members to a bear attack, the rest of the clan makes a promise to bring an end to the bear who did the deed. When one of the boys finds the bear, he knows he has to act. However, once making this decision, the boy found himself transformed into the very beast he was trying to take down. With the rest of his family out hunting for him now, the boy knows he has to make it to a magical mountain if we wishes to return to his human form. Name this movie!

Question 44

Select the correct title

Back before they all went into hiding, superheroes used to walk amongst us like regular people. They had all kinds of awesome powers and they would use them to solve all kinds of crimes. However, once the regular humans began to fear them, the supers had no choice but to go into hiding. Now they are still among us, but we have no idea who they are or what they are capable of. Which of these two realities seems scarier to you? So, can anyone here figure out what movie we are talking about in this question? Take a guess!

Question 45

Name this animated movie

Mowgli did not exactly have a standard upbringing. While he was loved and supported through his childhood, it was by his pack of wolves and not by human parents. Mowgli would have happily spent the rest of his life with his wolf family, but circumstances out of his control forced him to leave them. Now out wondering the jungle on his own, Mowgli is going to need to make some new animal friends if he has any hope at survival. Is anyone here familiar with this classic film? Try picking out the only correct title from the four listed options!

Question 46

Pick out the correct title

There has never been a movie quite like this one. Our classic mouse Mickey is the star of this show, but the story does not flow like all of the other films. In this one, we see Mickey and friends doing all kinds of fantastical things, which are all set to beautifully played classical music. There are no boundaries in this movie. If it can be dreamed up, it can happen! Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is the right match for this film. Who is able to pick it out?

Question 47

Select the correct title

Arthur was really only trying to help his brother out on his mission to become a knight. Arthur never pictured himself in such a role, so he figured he could instead help his brother achieve his goals. However, when a strange wizard showed up and informed Arthur that he was more powerful than he thought, he started to feel as though maybe the wizard was right. It took some time, but with his newly found confidence, Arthur eventually became a loved and respected king. Does anyone know what movie we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the right title!

Question 48

Match this movie to its title

While most of us do eventually grow up to love our siblings, as children it can be a bit hard to share the attention of our parents with a new child. Tim had already been skeptical about his new baby brother, but when he arrived at the house wearing a suit and tie, he knew something was up with this baby. Even though his parents refused to listen to him, Tim knew this baby was actually a spy sent to complete a secret mission. With no help from the grownups, Tim is going to have to deal with this one all on his own.

Question 49

Name this animated movie

Even though no two humans look the same, we still tend to make anyone different feel like outcasts. Quasimodo was no stranger to feeling like an outcast. While he lived a simple and peaceful life up in the bell tower with a couple of stone buddies, he longed for something more. He wanted to know the people and he wanted the people to know him. However, it wasn't until he saw the captivating Esmeralda, that he finally decided to take action! Does anyone here remember this classic film? We have listed four titles, but only one of them is right!

Question 50

What movie is this?

While other girls her age dreamed of finding a prince, Tiana spent her days working hard towards her dreams. She had no interest in finding a prince, but instead dreamed of one day opening her very own restaurant. She knew that this was no easy thing to do, and that it would take years of hard work a dedication to make it happen. That being said, while she was so focused on turning her dreams into reality, a dream she never even knew she had found her along the way! Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this classic?

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