Not Even McDreamy Could Name All Of These Grey's Anatomy Characters

Grey's Anatomy is a suspenseful medical series that has been airing since 2005 when the show made its debut. Since that first episode, the series has aired a total of 15 seasons. Even though the show has been on so long, it's safe to say that fans are definitely not tired of the series yet and still tune in every week to see the new patients and interesting medical cases that the doctors and interns will face as well as seeing what will happen to their favorite characters.

For the most part, the series revolves around a fictional hospital located in the city of Seattle, Washington. Since the series began airing, this hospital has undergone some major changes including changes to the hospital itself like new additions and name changes as well as a ton of staffing changes with new doctors coming and old doctors leaving the hospital. The series follows the employees of this hospital both at work as they deal with patients as well as in their personal lives after their shift ends.

Because the series has been on so long, there are a ton of characters, both current and former. Who thinks they can name them all? Ace this quiz to prove it!

Question 1

What is the main character's name?

Although there are a lot of characters in Grey's Anatomy, the whole series mostly focuses on a single character. This character is one of the original interns that was introduced with the beginning of the series and is the daughter of a very famous surgeon who worked at the same hospital that she works at in the series. Much of the series focuses on this character's life, relationships, and her job at the hospital and the way that she balances all of these things. The title of the series is even a play on this character's last name, Grey. Who is she?

Question 2

What is McDreamy's name?

The very first episode of Grey's Anatomy starts with a pretty big surprise for viewers and it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the series. This character is the main male character for a lot of the series and is the love interest of the main character from the very beginning, even before she started her intern at the hospital and before she knew that he was working there too. This character was a neurosurgeon and held several different positions at Seattle Grace during his time on the show. Who knows the real name of this surgeon, nicknamed McDreamy?

Question 3

Name this doctor.

Each of the characters on Grey's Anatomy have a backstory and an explanation as to how exactly they came to work at Seattle Grace hospital, the hospital that the series is set at. This surgeon is one that got her start in the medical world as a doctor in the military and was the close personal friend of another doctor who appears on the series. She originally came to Seattle on the recommendation of that doctor and although things were rocky in the beginning, she became an important part of the series and a welcome member of the hospital staff.

Question 4

Name this doctor.

This doctor is one that was a large part of the series for the first three seasons and he left in a way that definitely left a lot of viewers and one member of the series pretty heartbroken. While he appeared on Grey's Anatomy, this surgeon was a cardiothoracic surgeon who was in an accident that left his future in surgery seem somewhat in danger but luckily, he had another surgeon at the hospital with a similar interest to help him out. He was even set to marry this other doctor until he ended up leaving the hospital without warning.

Question 5

Name this original intern.

This character is one of the original interns that was introduced in the very first season of Grey's Anatomy. This intern appeared from the first season through the sixth and definitely had some ups and downs, both in her career and her personal life before she ultimately left Seattle Grace Hospital for good. This intern is one that is known for the fact that she paid her way through medical school by modeling. She was in a relationship with a patient and, in a desperate attempt to help cure him, she made a string of bad decisions and got in some big trouble.

Question 6

Who is this?

This character is one of the original interns and although there are some original characters still on the series, this character is one that we lost after several seasons. This character was introduced as one of the weaker interns at the beginning of the series but he definitely showed himself as a valuable member of the hospital during several intense moments during the series, like when he performed a medical procedure on a patient while trapped in an elevator! This character was leaving to be a doctor in the military when he was in an accident. What is this character's name?

Question 7

Who is this plastic surgeon?

This doctor is one of the plastic surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital and was a huge part of the series for quite some time. In fact, when the hospital was renamed at one point after the loss of this character, the hospital's new name even came from him! Pretty cool, right? This character is one that has a long history with McDreamy, having been childhood friends with him and having a rather tumultuous friendship with him from there, and he came to Seattle Grace to work after the series began. Who can remember the real name of this plastic surgeon?

Question 8

Who is this?

This doctor is one that has been on the series from the very beginning. Even though a lot of the characters introduced at the beginning of the series were interns at the hospital, this character is one that was actually in charge of those interns. This character worked at the hospital and was in charge of helping the interns get to know their way around the hospital as well as scheduling their shifts and assigning them to patients. Even though this character definitely had a reputation for being tough in those days, she's still one that the series just wouldn't be complete without.

Question 9

Name this doctor.

The group of original interns are definitely characters that are not easy for us to forget, even though Grey's Anatomy has been on for quite a while. This character is one of the original interns and even though she has since left the show, any real fan of the series will be able to remember her! This character is one that was always passionate about her work and was best friends with Meredith Grey from the very beginning of the series, so close that the two of them actually called each other their "person." What a cute friendship! Who remembers her name?

Question 10

Who can name this surgeon?

This character was introduced during season two of Grey's Anatomy and appeared on the series through season five. Prior to her time on Grey's Anatomy, this doctor attended the same medical school as Doctor Preston Burke, another character on Grey's Anatomy, and had a serious rivalry with him during their time at school together. That's pretty fitting considering the two of them are both in the same specialty: cardiothoracic surgery. This doctor was working at another hospital in the area and was hoping to get a heart transplant for her patient but unfortunately, Denny Duquette was on the list for the same heart, leading to a battle over who would get it.

Question 11

What's this doctor's name?

This doctor is one that is known for being incredibly talented and having graduated from medical school in a super fast amount of time because of her natural ability to learn so quickly. She was introduced in the 10th season of Grey's Anatomy and it was quickly revealed after her introduction that this character had been adopted and had a special reason for coming to Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital. She didn't just choose that hospital because it was a good fit for her career-wise but she also heard that her birth mother had worked there. Eventually, it was revealed that her parents are Richard Webber and Ellis Grey.

Question 12

Who knows this doctor's name?

Throughout the series, Meredith has gone through a lot. One thing that just seems to keep happening to Meredith is the fact that she finds out about big secrets in her family on a somewhat regular basis. We seriously can't even imagine what it must be like to learn all these surprises and secrets that her family has been keeping but Meredith usually manages to keep her cool pretty well. This character is actually one of the surprises that Meredith found out about during the series. This character is Thatcher Grey's daughter with his second wife, making her Meredith's half-sister.

Question 13

Name this doctor.

This character is definitely one that had a pretty rocky time on the series from the moment she was introduced. Although things weren't easy for this character in the beginning, she's definitely one that the series just wouldn't be complete without! This character was introduced in the second season and, after a really quick relationship, she got married to George O'Malley. This relationship wasn't exactly one that the other characters were excited to watch happen and unfortunately, it didn't last. Luckily, this character became a valued member of the hospital and ended up moving on from the relationship in a great way.

Question 14

Who is this patient?

Because of the fact that Grey's Anatomy is a medical series, there have been a lot of patients since the series began. Many episodes introduce a patient who only appears on the series for an episode before leaving again, never to be seen or heard from again once they've been treated and left the hospital. This patient is one that doesn't exactly fit that mold and actually appeared in several episodes of the series at different times. Most notably, this character is known for having been in a relationship with Izzie, one of the original interns, before he lost his life after a heart transplant.

Question 15

What's this doctor's name?

This surgeon is one that, like several others on the series, has a pretty famous name. She's definitely known in the medical world for her relationship with another famous doctor that appeared on the series until he lost his life. Like that famous doctor, who just happens to be this character's brother, this character is a neurosurgeon and currently, she works as the Head of Neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, a position that she took over from her brother when she lost him. This surgeon is one that was introduced in the seventh season. Who knows who she is?

Question 16

Who knows the name of this surgeon?

This character is one that has been through a lot in the series, including surviving a plane crash and losing one of her legs. Even though this character has been through so much during her time on the series, she's still a resilient character who has worked hard at the hospital in her position as the Head of Fetal Surgery. This surgeon was introduced in the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy and was once married to fellow surgeon Callie Torres. After several seasons on the series, this doctor chose to leave Seattle to be closer to her ex-wife, Callie, for the happiness of their daughter.

Question 17

Name this firefighter.

This character is one that began appearing on Grey's Anatomy during season six and has kept appearing through each season since then. In addition to being on Grey's Anatomy, this character has also appeared on the spin-off series, Station 19. This character is a firefighter and EMT but prior to taking on that job, this character worked as a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. This firefighter's ties to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital don't stop with the fact that he used to work there, though. This character is probably best remembered by Grey's Anatomy fans because he's married to Miranda Bailey.

Question 18

Who is this?

This character was one of the original interns and has been a huge part of the series since his introduction back at the beginning of the series. Even though this character has had a pretty tough life prior to becoming a doctor, he's always managed to come through on the other side. When he was first introduced, the other interns weren't his biggest fans because they said that he came across as pretty though and definitely not super friendly. Despite this, this character ended up becoming really close to them and is the Head of Pediatric Surgery. What is his name?

Question 19

Name this character.

This character was introduced in the sixth season of Grey's Anatomy and is like Meredith Grey in that he's related to someone who is really well-known in the medical world. Any fan of Grey's Anatomy will definitely be familiar with the Harper Avery Award, an award given to an outstanding person in the medical field each year. Several characters on the series have won it and this character is the grandson of the award's namesake. This character joined the hospital during their merger with Mercy West and is currently the Head of Plastic Surgery. Who knows this plastic surgeon's name?

Question 20

What is Ava's real name?

Unlike most of the characters on Grey's Anatomy, this character isn't actually a doctor or other employee of the hospital. Instead, this character was actually a patient at the hospital after the ferry accident. She couldn't remember her real name or anything about her real life at first, leading everyone to refer to her as Ava while she was in recovery and having reconstructive surgery on her face. She ended up in a relationship with Alex Karev, one of the doctors working at the hospital, and she eventually learned her real name and about her life before the accident before leaving the series.

Question 21

Who can name this doctor?

This character is one that was introduced during season five of Grey's Anatomy and has held several different positions at the hospital during his time on the series. Originally, this surgeon came to the hospital after working as a doctor in the military and was the doctor that referred his fellow military doctor, Teddy Altman, to come work at the hospital. He started off at the hospital as a trauma surgeon but also acted as the Head of Trauma Surgery and the Chief of Surgery at the hospital. This character was in a relationship with Cristina Yang for some time during the series.

Question 22

Name this character.

This character is one that was introduced in the ninth season of the series as a new intern at the hospital. This character, like many of the other characters that were introduced alongside her as new interns at the hospital, wasn't exactly a fan of Meredith because she considered her intimidating. Along with her fellow interns, this character called her Medusa because of her intimidating nature. Yikes! This character had a pretty rocky time while working at the hospital, including getting into an altercation in the operating room at one point, and eventually chose to leave the hospital to pursue a different career.

Question 23

Who is this?

This character is one that was introduced in the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy and has had a pretty crazy life. She is probably best-known among Grey's Anatomy fans for the fact that she's currently married to Alex Karev, despite the fact that the two of them weren't actually supposed to be dating because of the hospital's policies. This character revealed prior to getting married to Alex that she was actually married when the two of them met and that she had changed her name from Brooke Stadler in order to get away from her husband. What name does she go by on the series?

Question 24

Who is this?

This character is one that was introduced fairly early on in the series and definitely stirred things up at Seattle Grace when she was introduced. Even though Meredith and Derek began a relationship early on in the series, it's safe to say that Derek forgot to mention some things to Meredith. Namely? The fact that he was married, for one thing! This character moved to Seattle in order to work at the hospital and wasn't just any new doctor, she was actually the wife of McDreamy himself. Um, yikes! This caused quite a bit of trouble for Meredith while this character was on the show.

Question 25

Who is this?

This character was introduced in the very first season of Grey's Anatomy as the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. Without Meredith even knowing about it, this character actually had quite a long history with her and her family. Because of the fact that Meredith's mother had worked at the hospital long before Meredith was even born, this character actually knew Meredith's mother and had a secret relationship with her for some time. Talk about a big surprise! This character had some ups and downs in his personal life and his career during the series. Who remembers his name?

Question 26

Who can name this doctor?

This character was introduced shortly after the merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West and she was paired up with Lexie Grey who was tasked with showing her around Seattle Grace so she could get used to working there. Even though Lexie was originally not a fan of this character, they started to get along more and more. This character was one of the people present in the hospital when Gary Clark came to the hospital and she told him about herself as a person and about her life in order to try to convince him to leave her alone. This character was once married to Jackson Avery.

Question 27

Name this character.

There are multiple characters on Grey's Anatomy that face some pretty big surprises during the series. One of the biggest surprises that one of the doctors on the series faces is that he's a father! But not because someone that he's in a relationship with on the series is pregnant but because he has an 18-year-old daughter who recently came to Seattle to find him. This character is that daughter who comes to Seattle during season six after being kicked out of the house by her mother because of the fact that she's pregnant herself. Who is this character?

Question 28

Who can name this department head?

This character is one that was introduced during season fifteen of Grey's Anatomy as the Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Considering the show ahs been on so long, it can be pretty tough to keep up with all the characters that get added to the series and the characters that have left. But, any serious fan of Grey's Anatomy will definitely be able to remember the name of this character. This character was the one who proposed the 3D printer to create custom superhero-themed prosthetics for children who come to the hospital and have to lose a limb.

Question 29

Who is this?

This character is one that had some history in the medical field prior to working at the hospital and being introduced into the series. According to this character, he had worked as an EMT after high school and he got really interested in the medical field that way which inspired him to go to medical school and become a doctor. Many Grey's Anatomy fans may remember this character, who was introduced in season 11, because of the altercation that he had with Alex Karev one night when Alex mistakenly thought that he was going to hurt Jo when in fact, he was helping her.

Question 30

Name this doctor.

This orthopedic surgeon was introduced in season 15 of Grey's Anatomy. Even though this character was introduced so recently, this doctor has still been a part of some major storylines in the series and part of a lot of major medical cases that have come through the doors of the hospital. While working on the cases, this character has been working closely with fellow newcomer to the series, Atticus Lincoln who is the Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. This character was one of the doctors who worked on a patient named Nisha who had been in a pretty major accident.

Question 31

Name this character.

This character is a surgical resident who appeared in the second through the fourth seasons of Grey's Anatomy. This character traveled around the world prior to entering medical school due to the fact that she was actually rejected from medical school the first time she applied and didn't get in until her second application. It goes to show that persistence definitely pays off! This upbeat resident took over for Bailey and all of Bailey's duties when it came to overseeing the interns when Bailey was on maternity leave and couldn't be at the hospital. How many Grey's Anatomy fans can remember this character's name?

Question 32

Name this surgeon.

This character is a surgeon who appeared on Grey's Anatomy during the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth seasons of the series before he ultimately moved out of Seattle with his fiancee, Megan Hunt. This surgeon is one that worked in the military as a doctor alongside Owen hunt and his relationship with Owen's sister is definitely something that put a slight strain on their friendship and relationship as coworkers at different points in the series. After Megan returned from being missing, this character ended up making the decision to leave Seattle and moved to Malibu with his fiancee. Who is this surgeon?

Question 33

What is this bartender's name?

Even though most of the characters on Grey's Anatomy are doctors or patients or in some way connected to the hospital, not everything on the series happens within the walls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, once known as Seattle Grace Hospital. There are a ton of huge events in the series that take place in other parts of Seattle like the homes of the characters or, in the earlier seasons of the show, in a venue that many of the characters would attend after their shifts ended. There, they would be served drinks by this bartender who even went on a camping trip with some of the doctors once.

Question 34

What's this patient's name?

This character was only on the series for a very short period of time but she was definitely in a super memorable episode, meaning that many Grey's Anatomy superfans will likely remember her. This patient was played by Mandy Moore and was in the hospital waiting to get a surgery that required her to avoid eating for some time before the procedure. Because it was put off, she asked her husband to go out and pick her up some food but unfortunately, after he left, the hospital was locked up because of the fact that Gary Clark came into the hospital and this patient was trapped in her room with Miranda Bailey.

Question 35

What is Arizona and Callie's daughter's name?

Through the series, Arizon and Callie's relationship definitely had some ups and downs. It's so like Shonda, the show's creator, to let us believe that a character is going to be happy and then throw a major plot twist into their storyline to make things go wrong for them. When Arizona and Callie were going to travel abroad for Arizona's grant she was awarded to give medical treatment to children in another country, they ended up breaking up for some time while Callie stayed in Seattle. There, she became pregnant with Mark Sloan's child but she and Arizona ended up raising her together in the end.

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