Not Even Hardcore Disney Fans Will Be Able To Pass This Disney Princess Quiz!

Disney has long been an enormous part of our lives in one way or another. Even for those who think they really do not like Disney at all. There is pretty much no way to escape a Disney reference here or there (even if unintentionally). There is something about the stories that Disney creates that makes the company essential in the lives of families today.

All of the old folk tales that they have brought to animated life are tales that have been told for generations and they now have a new and longer life in the colorful and creative world of Disney. That all being said, there are many out there who think that they really know everything there is to know about Disney, especially when it comes to Disney Princesses.

Well, this quiz is for them. We are reasonably sure that not even hardcore Disney fans will be able to pass this Disney Princess quiz. Now, don't think this will have questions only about the princesses themselves. Oh, no. This will also include the villains opposite those princesses, and the sidekicks of those princesses as well as the worlds surrounding each of them. Who dares to test their knowledge of the Disney Princesses?

Question 1

Name this guardian of Ariel!

This is perhaps one of the funniest characters from back in the Renaissance era of the Disney company. There is something about this crab that really makes people laugh. We are pretty sure it is part to do with the fact that this crab never actually tries to be funny. His whole role in the film is to simply keep an eye on Ariel and keep her out of trouble. He is commanded to do so by Ariel's father. However, the reality is that one little crab who tells Ariel to do something can't really back anything of his words up because...he's just a crab.

Question 2

Who played the role of Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast?

This specific actor is perhaps one of the more loved of the actors out there in Hollywood these days. She is a beautiful person both physically and mentally. She has a mind to do good in the world and is heavy in activism. While that might turn some people away, it is ultimately a good thing. She is most famous for not her portrayal of Belle though. She is certainly most famous for her role as Hermione Granger in the hit film series of Harry Potter. She has now starred in two productions that are the basis of many childhoods.

Question 3

Name this Disney Princess!

Here is the first and only Disney Princess of native descent. She also happens to be perhaps the only princess in the official Disney Princess roster who actually existed as a real person in history. As a historical character there are obviously some pretty significant liberties that Disney had to take with her in order to make their story work the way they wanted but the fact that they dug into history to pull out a true character as opposed to a fairytale work of fiction is pretty amazing and this helped to create a great Disney film, in the end.

Question 4

What does Ariel call a fork?

Ariel is a very interesting character, that is for sure. She is entirely naive when it comes anything to do with the land-dwelling world. Remember, she lives "Under The Sea" so the only way she can learn anything about the people who are above the surface is by examining the bits and pieces of civilization above that have been dropped into the water. However, her ideas are not always correct, even if they seem to make some sense to some extent. All of that being said, Ariel has a fork in her collection of surface items...what does she call it though?

Question 5

Who is this Disney Princess?

Here is one of the coolest Disney Princesses. There are surely some who disagree with that statement but there is something about this character and savvy she is, in spite of the fact that she is almost entirely naive of the outside world. Watching her growth as a human of understanding is very interesting and considering the restorative powers that she holds, she is extra cool. And to top all of that off, she has a hilarious attitude and a wonderful sidekick who also has a hilarious attitude. She might be afraid of some things but she is not afraid to stand up for herself.

Question 6

What is the name of Jasmine's tiger?

Jasmine is one of the most headstrong of all the Disney Princesses and that ultimately makes her one of the coolest and funniest of the princesses. Along with her general demeanor, we get to see the matched attitude of her pet tiger. Pet is sort of the wrong word to use since this tiger is pretty well her best and only friend. She confides in her tiger and her tiger really does feel for her. Late in the movie, this strong tiger is turned into a cute little kitten by the sorcerer version of the big bad guy...incredibly adorable, for sure.

Question 7

Name this Disney Princess!

This should actually be one of the easiest questions on this entire quiz, by far. There is no reason to get this one assuming that everyone taking this quiz has known about Disney for at least the past five years. This Disney Princess, while not yet an officially listed Disney Princess, is one of the most popular thanks to her fairly recent film and all of the hype before and after the release of the film. Some great actors, great animation and an alright story to go along with it, this Disney Princess will likely go down in history as one of Disney's greatest.

Question 8

Who are these two princesses?

Well, this should be a no-brainer, ultimately. There have to be some pretty easy questions in order to keep people pushing through this quiz that not even hardcore Disney fans can ace. In this image, there are two different eras of Disney Princess being represented. The first being the Silver Age Disney era from about 1950-1967. The second era that is represented by these two princesses is the Disney Renaissance era which ran from 1989 to 1999. There are nine specific and official eras in Disney history thus far and these two are among the greatest, without a single doubt.

Question 9

In which film does this chameleon appear as a sidekick?

This chameleon is named Pascal. He is perhaps one of the most hilarious of all the Disney Princess sidekicks. There is something about the way he works alongside Rapunzel that just makes for a great comedic bit in the film. Of course, the eyes on this chameleon can also make people want to cry with just how cute he is too. And he does far more than just look cute or dish out hilarious attitude. He also goes out of his way to get in the way of whoever wants to try and do any wrongdoing to his dear friend, Rapunzel.

Question 10

Name this Disney Princess!

This Disney Princess is a very interesting one, for sure. For several reasons, really. First of all, while she is known as an official Disney Princess, she is not actually a princess by status in either of the films that she stars in. When she does eventually marry, she marries a General from the Chinese army. This General, so far as anyone knows, is not a prince but that doesn't stop his family name from being something of great worth either way. All the same, this princess is one of few who really do fight and fights well. She even disguises herself as a man to fight.

Question 11

What does Ariel have taken away from her?

Ariel is a very sweet character but she is also very naive. Her father recognizes this but does not really go about the right way to keep her from going off and learning for herself just how hard things can be when one doesn't know all that much. All she wants is to discover just what the surface world is like. She wants to be part of that world. She is even willing to part with something very important in order to experience that world and that very thing is taken rather forcefully from her by the big baddy in the film.

Question 12

Name this Disney Princess!

This Disney Princess might be one of the coolest, one of the youngest, and one of the boldest of all the Disney Princesses. There is something about her that makes her story far more engaging than many of the others. It could have quite a bit to do with the fact that she just lives differently than most of the other Disney Princesses. She goes about things her own way, she disobeys her family but she also reunites with her family in a big way and she makes real change in her family as well as her culture. That's a solid character!

Question 13

Who is this jealous villain?

This villain is probably one of the most creepy and intense and dangerous of all the villains in the Silver Age of Disney's history. There is something about this character that really does creep a lot of people out. Any character who just hangs around with a raven on her shoulder instead of a parrot or something of that ilk is a little bit more than creepy. And any villain who can, as she pleases, suddenly turn into a dragon in order to get the job done is a little bit more than dangerous. So who is this epic villain?

Question 14

What does Cinderella leave at the ball?

This should be a no-brainer, for sure. We are pretty sure here that without knowing just what it is that Cinderella leaves at the ball, then no one can really know how the rest of the story even goes. This item is pretty important for Cinderella's happily ever after, Without knowing what this item is, then no one can know just what it is that leads her to actually become an official Disney Princess. Think this one through. She has to rush out of the ball before the coach turns back into a pumpkin and her driver turns back into a mouse...but what did she forget?

Question 15

Name the seven dwarfs!

Oh, here is a fun one. Snow White is certainly one of the older Disney Princesses on the official list and everyone knows her story at least to some extent, even if they have not seen the film for years or even at all. There is something about her story that has just carried on for decades and decades. Now, Snow White has the help of seven hilarious little guys who know what a hard day of work is like and are not afraid to do what they can for people. Who here can actually name all seven of these dwarfs?

Question 16

Who is this strapping man who wants Belle?

Belle seems to not attract all that much attention in terms of suitors. Most people think that she is far too strange to really consider even being a person to get at all close to. However, this strapping man is very much used to getting exactly what he wants when he wants it. He is also pretty much used to girls just swooning for him because of how muscular he is. Belle, on the other hand, does not show any interest in him at all. She just considers him to be somewhat of a brute and this drives him around the bend.

Question 17

Name these two mice helpers of Cinderella!

These two little guys are probably some of the coolest of the sidekicks when it comes to the Disney Princesses and yet they are probably looked at somewhat the least of all the cool sidekicks out there. They get themselves into a great deal of trouble just to make everything go just right for Cinderella. They really pull out all the stops for her and there is never a moment where they waiver from their dear friend who has been so hard done by her "family". Even when there is a big mean cat chasing them, they still know their path!

Question 18

What film does Merida star in?

Merida is one of those Disney Princesses who actually belongs to a fairly underrated Disney movie. There was a whole lot of hype before this movie first came out and it seemed like it would be a big box office smash but the reality was a little underwhelming, to say the least. It was and remains a good movie that was certainly a detachment from the typical Disney formula but there was something about it that didn't attract as much success as the hype might have suggested. Either way, Merida is still one of the strongest Disney Princesses out there.

Question 19

Name this Disney Princess!

This Disney Princess actually was a pretty big deal when she first hit screens. Even before that, actually. There was something about Disney finally having a princess of African descent that really made a bit of a turning point for the company and the way in which people looked at the company as well. The diversity of Disney has opened up to some extent and while there were a couple of diverse princesses back in the Renaissance era of the company, the depiction of this princess was a much bigger deal for some pretty obvious reasons when it comes to the history of the U.S.

Question 20

Where is Ariel princess of?

Oh, here is a fun one. There are only so many underwater societies in folklore and fairytales so this one should be pretty easy, we think. There is no reason why someone should not be able to get this. Of course, that really does depend on whether or not a quiz-taker here is well-versed in the Disney Renaissance era films or not. The Little Mermaid was definitely from that era and was a great hit as well but not everyone taking this quiz may be from that era or would have gone back to that era. But that's not the point. The question still stands.

Question 21

Which Disney Princess does Maleficent curse?

Well, this is a fun one. Maleficent is probably one of the coolest villains in the entire lexicon of Disney villains. Why? Well, besides the fact that she keeps a raven on her shoulder and the fact that she can turn herself into a mighty dragon, she was also played by Angelina Jolie in a live action film...which is pretty awesome so far as we are concerned. While she was already a pretty bad character from the start, she decided to curse a Disney Princess all because she was not invited to the poor girl's christening. That's how bad this character is.

Question 22

Who does Sleeping Beauty end up with?

Sleeping Beauty is, of course, not actually the name of this Disney Princess, but we don't want to be giving away other answers throughout the quiz and it is easier to just say Sleeping Beauty anyway so that there is full understanding of who we are talking about when wondering just who she ends up with at the very end of the film. The ending of this piece is pretty well the way things should have gone at the beginning. These two were promised to each other when they were kids and once they overcome all of the villainy, they manage to finally be together.

Question 23

Name this Disney Princess!

This Disney Princess is one of the newest of all the Disney Princesses. And it might be worth noting here that she is actually not an official Disney Princess yet. There is specific criteria for a princess in the Disney universe to become an official Disney Princess. This one is a little too new yet for her to actually be included though it is pretty well just a matter of time before she actually gets put on the official list. The film that she was a part of made enough of a smash at the box office that there is no way that she won't make it.

Question 24

What is the name of Ariel's fish friend?

Well, this should actually just be the easiest of the 50 questions in this quiz. We are pretty sure of this because not only does the fish have a name but that name is actually also the name of the species of the fish so that makes everything far easier than one might initially expect if coming at this quiz with no Disney knowledge at all. Either way, Ariel makes all sorts of friends under the sea as well as above the water but this fishy friend is one of her closest friends, for sure. He will pretty well do anything for her.

Question 25

What is Jasmine princess of?

Jasmine is one of the pretty cool princesses who happens to have some of the best attitude to dish out to the other characters in Aladdin. There is something about how wonderfully headstrong she is that really gives her a greater status among the Disney Princesses. She is not afraid to speak her mind and that actually allows her to go one without a husband for some time no matter how hard her dear father tries to get her married. She wants to be married to someone she loves and not someone who just wants a pretty wife. And she gets what she wants.

Question 26

What is Belle's favorite hobby?

Belle is probably one of the best Disney Princesses because not only is she not interested in empty or superficial relationships but she also has a fascination of her own that others might find very strange but it works very well for her. She finds solace in her favorite hobby. It is a very admirable hobby and it also leads to a degree of intelligence, depending on how one might go about it. If nothing else the hobby can work perfectly just as an escape which is pretty well how Belle used her hobby considering she was stuck in a little provincial town.

Question 27

Where is Tiana from?

This is actually pretty cool. There are a few Disney movies where the particular Disney Princess will be from some specific place that we actually know and recognize as a place in our world but there are not many that have as modern a take as The Princess And The Frog. Tiana is from a pretty cool and real place that exists in our world that is well known for a number of things. Of course, we are not about to give the whole thing away as it is up to the quiz-taker to ultimately decide just where she is from.

Question 28

Name the villain in Aladdin!

This villain is probably one of the better-known villains in the Disney universe. And for good reason as well. The way he finds himself interested in Jasmine is a little more than creepy to say the very least and this leads to a lot of issues when Aladdin shows up as Prince Ali. Of course, Jasmine wants to marry only out of love and not out of status or to be some trophy for someone...especially for someone like this guy. All he does is try and control people with his magical powers all the way through the film...and almost succeeds.

Question 29

Name Rapunzel's chameleon sidekick!

This sidekick is probably one of the most hilarious of all the sidekicks and that most likely has to do with his completely sarcastic attitude. There is something about using a chameleon as a sidekick that is wonderfully hilarious and visually stimulating. He can change color and pattern based on his moods and he is really not afraid to show how he feels if one could not tell by the look on his face when he has a tiny dress put on him. Of course, that being said, he'll go through the ridiculousness in order to be by the side of Rapunzel.

Question 30

Who does Mulan marry?

Mulan is a really cool Disney Princess who literally fights for what she desires and for what she thinks is right, even though the penalty for a woman joining the Chinese army in the film is quite final. She disguises herself as a man and becomes one of the best tacticians in the army in which she is fighting. However, at a certain point, her true identity is revealed and she is shunned by the army, left alive only because of all the good work she had done to that point. The interesting thing here is that she eventually marries the man who was her General.

Question 31

What are the names of Pocahontas' animal sidekicks?

Pocahontas has perhaps some of the best sidekicks. Why? We are pretty sure it is because most of the western audience of this film and this particular Disney Princess can actually related to these two. Even if raccoons are no more than pests to some people in certain cities, they are still a pretty common creature. So too are hummingbirds. They are more relatable than say a crab or a fish or a chameleon. We understand these two animals far better. And these two particular sidekicks have adorable names. Can anyone here actually choose the correct names for these characters though?

Question 32

Which Disney Princess here does not get married?

There is more than the official number of Disney Princesses in this photo, but don't mind that because all but one of the princesses depicted here do end up getting married. We are very interested in knowing just how well Disney fans here know their Disney Princesses. Who is it that decides to go totally against the conventional cultural practice and just does not get married? Who is brave enough to say "no" to the one thing that seems to always end up bringing stability at the end of a Disney film? Obviously we know who it is, but does anyone else here?

Question 33

Where is Prince Naveen from?

It is pretty cool that we happen to now know that Tiana is from New Orleans. That is a pretty modern place that everyone knows at least something about, whether it's Mardi Gras or Hurricane Katrina, or that song that The Tragically Hip wrote back in the 90s. Everyone here knows at least something about that place. So it stands to reason that Tiana's Prince Naveen would also be from an equally real place, right? Maybe he's from Topeka or Portland? Or maybe he's at least from somewhere more interesting like the UAE or Chile? Does anyone here know where he is from?

Question 34

Who makes Olaf?

Olaf is a hilarious character, to say the least. The strange thing about the film Frozen is that pretty well every character has their own bit of comedy at one point or another. This might be to make up for the loss of the parents right at the outset of the film but it seems everyone is around for comedic relief, so it is quite a bit to say that this character is specifically the comic relief. He is created at some point in the film and via the magic that presents itself in the film, Olaf is "born". How makes him?

Question 35

Where is Merida from?

Merida is one of those few Disney Princesses who is actually from a legitimate place in our real world. That is always the best, we think, because it makes the character instantly relatable. There is something about being able to recognize the culture and the landscape of a place that makes the viewer a little more comfortable which allows the creators to play more with just what the characters are willing to do and what they do actually do in the piece. For Merida, she refuses to follow conventions and she fights her own way to find love of herself and of her family. Where is she from?

Question 36

Name Tiana's frog Prince!

Obviously, the frog in this piece is a prince. There is no doubt there. It has long been a fairytale angle where the kissing of a frog transforms said frog into a handsome prince. That is pretty clearly the throughline of this story, even though it does play an interesting and modern angle in the film. Either way, this particular frog prince is a 20-year-old who has been cut off by his parents so that he no longer is a wealthy player. His parents intended to teach him responsibility. The name of this young player of a prince is Sanskrit for "young man".

Question 37

Name the horse Rapunzel makes friends with!

This horse has got to be the funniest part of this Disney film which is saying quite a lot considering just how funny this movie is overall. Just the general demeanor of this horse in addition to its attitude makes way for a hilarious sort of sidekick. The interesting thing about this horse is that he is initially portrayed as a bad guy because of chasing down Flynn Rider. However, he comes to be friends with Rapunzel and grudgingly goes out of his way to help Flynn as well because of their relationship. Ultimately, this horse is one of the best good guys in the whole film.

Question 38

What princess does Kristen Stewart play?

This is a very interesting and darker take on a fairytale that Disney had made a fairly colorful and mostly bright version of back in the day. This film that features Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart is far closer to the Grimm tales, at least in terms of the amount of darkness present in the film. The action that happens in this film is probably nothing like the original tale. This is quite removed from the Disney version though, but for one main thing. Kristen Stewart plays a fairytale character who has long been a famed Disney Princess. She is one of the original...

Question 39

Name this hopeful prince!

This guy really does come across as one of the most generous and kind-hearted characters of the entire film. He really does go out of his way to make sure that the kingdom does not suffer while Elsa is out being a baby about her powers and essentially condemning her entire kingdom to freeze completely. While she is out being irresponsible, this guy swoops in, helps take control of the kingdom and really does a whole lot of good for the people...and then, of course, there is that whole thing where he tries to lock up one sister and off the other. Oops

Question 40

Who pretends to be Rapunzel's mother?

This is a very interesting setup here because for the entirety of Rapunzel's childhood she really doesn't have much of an idea that she has loving parents out there in the world. Instead, this character decides to use Rapunzel's magical hair to keep herself nice and young and she takes the place of Rapunzel's mother, leading the poor girl to believe that she is the only real motherly figure she has ever had and will ever need to have. Of course, that is not how things work out for this rather unfortunate and villainous character. So, what is her name?

Question 41

Who does Anna kiss at the end of Frozen?

Well, this is an interesting question because it could actually be reasonably anyone in this photo or even no one in this photo. After all, the person she fell in love with right on the spot is not even in this photo. Of course, that might have something more to do with the fact that he was actually kind of nutty and power hungry (even though he did take much better care of the kingdom than Elsa ever did). Either way though, Anna does definitely kiss someone at the end of the film. Who here knows just who it is that she gives such affection to.

Question 42

Where does Pocahontas go in her second film?

Pocahontas does not go anywhere other than deeper into the woods in the original film but when it comes time for the sequel she travels to what she considers to be her own version of "The New World". It is interesting to see the reversal of the first film where she is the one traveling to someone else's land. The way she deals with it is very different, for sure. Either way, this journey is actually historically accurate. At least the destination is anyway, whether or not the story on the way was quite the same. So, that being said, where did she go?

Question 43

Who plays the role of Beast in the live action Beauty and the Beast?

Beauty and the Beast? Live action? No way! Yes way. That Disney classic that came out during the Disney Renaissance era? Yeah, that is now a live action film starring the incredibly talented and beautiful Emma Watson as well as a man who will remain unnamed in this description because it is up to each and every quiz-taker to make the right guess as to just who it is that plays the Beast. Rest assured though that the guy who plays the Beast is a very lucky man to not only remake just an awesome musical (with a pretty cool and new solo for him) but also to work with Watson.

Question 44

How many years does the rose live before the beast is forever cursed?

Here is a fun one. The BEast used to be a rather handsome prince, or so the story goes. But he was also not a very nice prince. When he was cursed by the beautiful sorceress (who initially posed as an old hag) he was given a rose that consistently blooms for a certain amount of time. Once the rose would stop blooming, the Beast would remain in his Beast form forever. But, if he could get someone to see him for who he really was, and love him for that person, he would no longer be cursed. How long was the rose set to bloom for?

Question 45

Who falls for Hans at first sight?

Well, doesn't this guy just look quite handsome? The Disney Princess who falls in love with him at first sight seemed to think so as well. Too bad she didn't realize that he was actually pretty power hungry. It's not that he was actually a bad ruler or anything. He was just really far down in the lineup of boys to become princes in his family and he let that get to his head. Either way, he still managed to coax a Disney Princess to fall in love with him and that is pretty special. They would've been good together.

Question 46

What alias does Aurora go by to hide from Maleficent?

There is a pretty good reason why Aurora might go out of her way to try and stay away from Maleficent. To be fair though, she didn't really have much of a say on that one. She grew up away from home because of the curse that Maleficent put on her. Aurora's parents hid her away in the woods to keep her from ending up pricking herself on a spinning wheel like the villainous fairy said she would. When she went into hiding, Aurora was given a whole new name in order to better hide her from the fairy who wanted to get her.

Question 47

What is the Beast's real name?

Here is perhaps one of the most interesting ones. For pretty well the entire movie the Beast is known simply as the Beast. it's a pretty easy name to recall but it does not really sound like an actual name that a mommy dearest would give to a darling little boy. Even if that darling little boy grew up to be a ridiculously arrogant and mean rich boy who happened to be a prince. Of course, mommy and daddy didn't really seem to be around once Belle showed up on the scene. We wonder what happened. Either way, what is the Beast's name?

Question 48

Who both helps and hinders Jasmine throughout the movie?

There are a bunch of characters in Aladdin who interact with Jasmine. That is a pretty plain thing to say. We are pretty sure that people know that already. However, there is a pretty specific character in the film who both helps and hinders Jasmine. And it's not like this character could actually do anything about it ultimately. It just happened to work out that whenever this character did something it would either hurt or help her. It wasn't this character's fault. it was the fault of several other characters who had the power to sway this one to do their bidding.

Question 49

How many official Disney Princesses are there?

This is a question for the books. Literally, for the record books. There is a set number of Disney Princesses who are counted as the official roster of princesses for the company. That being said, there are many princesses out there in the Disney universe who have not yet been counted as official Disney Princesses. The number of princesses shown in this photo may or may not be the actual number. Who knows? Presumably, someone here taking the quiz knows...if they are a true hardcore Disney fan...of course, even a hardcore Disney fan may still get it wrong and not ace this quiz.

Question 50

What is the name of Belle's horse?

This is probably one of the more difficult of all the questions on this quiz. Who actually remembers the name of Belle's horse? We will be actually impressed with anyone who happens to get this one right. However, that all being said, it is not like we can actually show our appreciation for someone who does get this question right. The poor horse is attacked by wolves and is sent away from the Beast's castle even though the horse does not want to leave Belle alone. This horse is very loyal and should be better recognized. Kudos to those who know the name.

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