Nobody Is Passing This Harry Potter Quiz Without Looking Up The Answers

The world is full of Potterheads. J.K. Rowling’s magical world has been gathering fans for over two decades now. The Harry Potter series has been translated into many different languages and adapted into eight movies. With theme parks, butterbeer recipes on the internet, games you can play on your phone and Quidditch matches in the park, there are plenty of ways to experience the wizarding world now.

Harry Potter’s world is rich, full of compelling characters and fascinating objects and creatures. So much so that even a text book has proven enough to inspire a new series of movies. Most people might know their Ravenclaws from their Slytherins, but there’s so much more information packed into the seven years we spend with Harry in the wizarding world: from the subjects taught at Hogwarts, to the ministry, to the jobs available to Hogwarts graduates, to what kind of magical pets are safe to keep.

After multiple readings and re-readings of the books, several viewings and re-viewings of the movies and hours poring over page after page of content in Pottermore, there are still things anyone could easily forget, details that are easy to miss. Even with the help of Rowena Ravenclaw’s magical diadem, it’ll take a real Hermione Granger to ace this quiz.

Question 1

What do wizards call people without magical powers born in magical families?

Witches and wizards have a special ability to come up with whimsical names for all sorts of things. From Floo Powder to Hufflepuff, quaffle to Quidditch and gillyweed to animagus there are few things in the wizarding word that escape silly nomenclature, and that’s without mentioning spells and incantations. Credit where credit is due to J.K. Rowling for creating a world full of such strange nonsense that still becomes so familiar, so easily. Although no one could be blamed for forgetting exactly what non-magical people with magical parents are called, we can always blame it on a Memory Charm gone wrong.

Question 2

What does Sirius get Harry for Chirstmas in The Order of the Phoenix?

Harry has many surrogate father figures. Uncle Vernon could never quite fit the role since the Dursleys are not the most nurturing of people out there, at least not to Harry. But Sirius had actually been chosen by the Potters as Harry’s godfather, he was James’s best friend at Hogwarts and had the adventurous (although sometimes reckless) attitude of a model Gryffindor. It’s no wonder Harry and him bonded so fast. For Sirius, Harry became the only family he had left after Azkaban, and although he sometimes acted more like a buddy than a role model, there’s no missing the great affection these two had for each other.

Question 3

Why does Harry get expelled in The Order of the Phoenix?

As far as schools go, Hogwarts seems like a pretty fun place to get your education. I mean, you can play a sport flying around on a broomstick? Yes, please. And how about all those feasts? But it is a school after all, and there have to be some rules. Harry was never all that good at toeing the line, however, and he came pretty close to being expelled quite a few times during his school years. On this particular occasion, the Ministry of Magic took it upon themselves to expel Harry from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dumbledore stepped in to save the day and remind the Ministry that they had no authority at Hogwarts, but for a very brief time, Harry was expelled from school, to the Dursley’s delight.

Question 4

What do Hermione's parents do for a living?

The cleverest witch of her age and everyone’s favourite muggle-born. Hermione knows way more about the wizarding world than anyone would expect from someone who didn’t grow up on it. Then again, she does seem to be the only person to have read Hogwarts: A History. But despite always being ready to raise her hand in class and acing every test Hogwarts can throw at her, Hermione, like Harry, comes from a non-magical family, although hers is much more supportive of her magical pursuits. The Grangers might get a bit taken aback by the wizarding world sometimes (and Arthur Weasley bombarding them with questions when he gets the chance probably doesn’t help) but they are proud to have brilliant witch like Hermione for a daughter.

Question 5

How many brothers does Ron have?

The Weasleys are the complete opposite of the home environment in which Harry grew up. They are a big family, they aren’t ostentatious and they are genuinely warm and nurturing people. Harry might have inherited a fortune from his parents (safely stored at Gringotts), something Ron might have envied a bit, but Harry would have given that up in a heartbeat to have a family like the Weasleys. Luckily for him, from the very beginning they made him feel welcome at The Burrow, and Molly Weasley took it upon herself to make sure Harry knew he was loved and keep him well fed. There isn’t a vault in Gringotts that can hold something that precious.

Question 6

How do Fred and George get the money to open their business?

The Weasley Twins are well-known for their pranks and various shenanigans. Molly Weasley was always a bit exasperated at their lack of interest for academics, worrying that they didn’t have the necessary ambition to have successful professions. Fred and George proved to be much more than just jokers, and actually turned out to be pretty savvy businessmen. It seems that when they are actually interested in something they have the necessary drive to turn it into a profitable venture. They started experimenting with some prototypes while still at Hogwarts, and their entrepreneurial spirit eventually led them to open up a store in Diagon Alley.

Question 7

What is Buckbeak's new name when he returns to Hogwarts?

Harry and Hermione saved Buckbeak in their third year at Hogwarts. He lived as a fugitive with Sirius for the next couple of years, but after the events of The Order of the Phoenix it seemed like the best thing for him would be to return to Hogwarts. Buckbeak had to assume a new identity since nobody could suspect that he was the same hippogriff that had attacked Draco Malfoy years ago (after Malfoy provoked him, it must be said, because he wasn’t paying enough attention to Hagrid’s instructions in class). Only Harry, Ron and Hermione knew the truth, of course, but in order to keep up appearances they had to call him by a different name.

Question 8

What breed is the dragon Hagrid gets in Philosopher's Stone?

One of the first things we learned about Hagrid is that he’d always wanted to have a pet dragon. Not that dragons are supposed to be pets, but then again, Hagrid doesn’t seem to understand how dangerous certain magical creatures can be. Maybe it’s the giant in him. Although it could just be that he is such a gentle person despite his intimidating size that he is willing to believe the best in others, including magical beasts, no matter how menacing they might appear. How else would you explain how chill he is around Acromantulas? The truth is, his trust does seem to pay off, since Aragog really cared for the guy and stayed away from humans for his sake.

Question 9

What are these creatures called?

During the tasks of the Triwizard Tournament, champions are faced with a multitude of challenges to test their magical abilities and their level-headedness in stressful situations. Of course, Triwizard champions are supposed to be at least seventeen, and have a few years of magical training under their belts. But Harry wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t somehow end up involved in anything dangerous happening in a fifty-mile radius. During the second task in the tournament, not only was Harry the first one to find Ron, Hermione, Cho and Gabrielle, but he successfully fended off these magical creatures, dangerous enough to subdue Fleur Delacour. Perhaps he did so well thanks to his Defense Against the Dark Arts training with Lupin the previous year.

Question 10

What house was Professor Quirrell in as a student?

Timid, stuttering Professor Quirrell was Harry’s first Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Needless to say, it didn’t set up a great precedent for teachers to come. It’s a good thing Harry turned out to be gifted in Defense Against the Dark Arts, because for the most part his formal education in that area left something to be desired (with the exception of Professor Lupin). When you are the Chosen One, that is not one subject you can afford to slack off on. Quirrell wasn’t always just Lord Voldemort’s servant. Once he was a bright young wizard with a great desire to prove himself and become someone noteworthy.

Question 11

What is Dumbledore's full name?

Dumbledore embodied the role of the wise headmaster acting as a mentor that it was hard to imagine him having a life outside of Hogwarts. Harry only discovers Dumbledore’s past in the last book on the series, and it leaves him completely shaken. Dumbledore isn’t around to answer his questions anymore, and the conflicting sources claiming to know the truth about Dumbledore and his family are really not helping Harry reconcile his view of the kindly headmaster with the revelations about his past. This isn’t the first time Harry has been disappointed or frustrated with the professor, but seeing this larger than life figure as a person took time to wrap his head around. Dumbledore acted like a moral guide for Harry, but even he had made some questionable choices in his youth.

Question 12

How are Draco and Sirius related?

There’s a room in the Black family house at 12 Grimmauld Place with a huge tapestry covering the walls and depicting the Black family tree. Many old and powerful wizarding families are proud of their ancestry and have tried to maintain the “purity” of their bloodline by marring only amongst other wizarding families. The Blacks would shun anyone in their family who didn’t uphold those values, and that’s represented in the tapestry with a burnt mark where that person’s image would be. Sirius, of course, got removed from the family tree when he ran away from home, because his beliefs were so contrary to his family’s.

Question 13

What subject does Professor Sinistra teach at Hogwarts?

The Hogwarts curriculum is pretty extensive. This is the only magic school in the UK after all, so making sure Hogwarts graduates are well prepared for a variety of wizarding jobs is essential. On top of core subjects like Charms and Transfiguration, third-year students choose from a variety of electives. On their fifth year, Hogwarts students take their O.W.L. exams, and their results help determine which classes they will continue to take in the last two years of their formal education and what professional paths are available to them. Finally, on their seventh year, students take their N.E.W.T.s before graduating from Hogwarts.

Question 14

What subject did Tom Riddle want to teach at Hogwarts?

Much like it did for Harry, Hogwarts held a special appeal for young Tom Riddle. Unlike Harry, Tom didn’t just see Hogwarts as the home he’d never had, however. The castle is full of secrets even some professors and headmasters had never been able to unveil. The Chamber of Secrets remained hidden for centuries, and was thought of as little more than legend until it was open again in Harry’s second year at Hogwarts. And Dumbledore might have been the only member of the faculty to know of the Room of Requirement until the D.A. used it as their practice space, and even the headmaster didn’t fully grasp the extent of the room’s powers when he used it. An ambitious young wizard like Riddle would have wanted to explore every last one of Hogwarts mysteries.

Question 15

What is the name of Voldemort's mother?

Voldemort’s origins remain mysterious until Dumbledore starts giving Harry private lessons in The Half-Blood Prince. While most people were too scared to even utter the dark wizard’s name, Dumbledore believed that understanding his past might help shed some light on the question of how to defeat him. Thanks to the memories Harry and Dumbledore visit in the Pensieve, we discover that Voldemort’s scorn for muggles and muggle-borns probably has a lot to do with his own parentage, since his mother was a witch but his father was a muggle. In one of the memories, we get to see Voldemort’s mother and her family, the poor but proud descendants of Salazar Slytheirn himself.

Question 16

What is Voldemort's wand made out of?

You’d be forgiven for only thinking of wands as the tools used by witches and wizards to accomplish wondrous magical feats, but as it turns out, there’s a lot more to wands than meets the eye. Wands have personalities of their own, to some extent. Depending on the materials used to create them they can be obedient or stubborn, better for charms or jinxes and more or less loyal. Wands can even share a bond if their core comes from the same creature. Ollivander could probably go into a lot more detail on the topic of wandlore, but there’s one thing we’re not likely to forget: the wand chooses the wizard.

Question 17

What is this character's name?

During The Goblet of Fire, we are introduced to a lot of characters who are not what their seem. From Voldemort’s followers hiding among the faculty to Ministry of Magic workers hiding secrets. As if getting through the tasks in the Triwizard Tournament unscathed isn’t challenging enough, Harry also doesn’t know who he can trust. Even Viktor Krum seems kind of sketchy for a while there. On top of that Rita Skeeter seems to always be around, ready to publish the most embarrassing stories possible in the Daily Prophet. And unbeknownst to pretty much everyone in the wizarding community, the darkest wizard of all time is planning his big comeback.

Question 18

Who is the Ravenclaw ghost?

As the Sorting Hat will tell you, there are four houses at Hogwarts, and every new student gets sorted into one on their first year, based on their aptitudes and certain personality traits. But students don’t just share a house with fellow students and teachers acting as heads of houses. There are also ghosts who belong to each house. The most commonly known is the Gryffindor host, Nearly-Headless Nick, or Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, as he’d rather be called. But he is not the only one at all. Although some of the other houses’ ghosts are a bit quieter and more secretive than Nick.

Question 19

Where did Tom Riddle work after Hogwarts?

There’s a magical profession for everyone. An obvious one is teaching at Hogwarts, of course, which is perfect if you are an expert in your field and are passionate about molding young minds. As an added perk you get to live in the magical castle. Then there’s a track in one of the many departments of the Ministry of Magic. The Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office or the Auror Department, can be good places for young wizards interested in law enforcement. For the adventurous type, becoming a curse-breaker for Gringotts is a good option, and nothing would suit an animal-lover like Magizoology.

Question 20

Which of these characters can't see Thestrals?

Thestrals are pretty misunderstood creatures. They don’t have the best reputation, and their strange appearance doesn’t really help matters. Although most people can’t even see them to begin with, but that doesn’t make their presence any less unsettling. Not all magical creatures can be as furry and cuddly as Nifflers, though, and as it turns out Thestrals are actually gentle creatures and incredibly intelligent. They have an amazing sense of direction, which is why they were so useful to Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville and Ginny to get to London on their rescue mission in The Order of the Phoenix.

Question 21

Which of these creatures don't exist in the magical world?

The Lovegoods are a pretty eccentric family. Luna’s father, Xenophilius, is the editor of a wizarding publication called The Quibbler, known for its outlandish claims and conspiracy theories. One time they claimed Sirius Black was actually Stubby Boardman, lead singer of the Hob Goblins, and therefore innocent of the crimes that had him convicted to Azkaban. They were half right about that in the end, and Nargles and Spectraspecs aside, when the Daily Prophet became pretty much Ministry propaganda, The Quibbler became a surprisingly reliable source of information, daring to print the stories the Ministry was trying to keep from the public.

Question 22

Who comes up with the name for Dumbledore's Army?

Even taking into account the fact that Harry and his classmates have had actual followers of Voldemort as teachers, it’s hard not to think of Dolores Umbridge as the worst of them all. She even managed to get Hermione fed up with her classes and willing to risk expulsion for the sake of her magical education. In a surprising turn of events, Hermione ended up trying to convince Harry to break the rules, something nobody could have seen coming. They formed a secret society to practice defensive spells that had been forbidden in the new educational decrees. One of Harry’s proudest moments as a teacher was when Neville Longbottom finally mastered the Disarming Charm.

Question 23

What is the name of Colin Creevey's brother?

Arguably Harry’s biggest fan at Hogwarts, Colin had a special talent for always being around, camera at the ready, at the most inconvenient moments. Despite being slightly annoying at first, he turned into an endearing character and him and his brother never wavered in their support of Harry. They attempted to bewitch “Support Cedric Diggory” badges to say “Support Harry Potter” during the Triwizard Tournament, although that wasn’t very effective, and joined the D.A. to learn defensive magic with Harry. Colin even came back to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts despite being underage. The Creevey brothers definitely lived up to the expectations of members of Gryffindor House.

Question 24

Where does Harry learn the Disarming Charm?

This particular bit of magic ended up becoming Harry’s go-to move, and despite not being particularly aggressive magic, it was all it took to defeat Voldemort. This defensive spell might be pretty basic, but over time it proved very effective. Some worried that Harry was starting to overuse in some instances. Remus Lupin believed that because it had become Harry’s signature move, it served to single him out and made him predictable. Still, Harry had a reason to rely so heavily on this spell, his almost passive approach to magic fights set him apart from Voldemort and is a testament to Harry’s gentler nature.

Question 25

What is Hermione's Patronus?

The Patronus Charm is a very useful bit of defensive magic, and the only thing that can keep Dementors at bay. It works by drawing on positive feelings to counteract the Dementors negative influence, and is almost like channelling hope into magic. The Patronus Charm is unique to every person and it takes the form of an animal that somehow acts as a representation of the witch or wizard who cast it. Rare as it is, Patronuses can change form to reflect their owner’s emotional state, and sometimes they also reflect their romantic attachments. Patronuses can also be used to carry messages.

Question 26

What is the name of Hogwarts's poltergeist?

Sadly, this was an omission from the books in the Harry Potter movies. This poltergeist is such a staple of life at Hogwarts that it’s a pity he didn’t make it to the screen in the book adaptations. Poltergeists are not exactly ghosts, they are physically similar, since they float around and can materialize and dematerialize, but instead of being the essence of a formerly living person, they are pretty much just condensed mischief. The Hogwarts poltergeist might have been extremely annoying at times, but he proved himself very useful in more than one occasion, and he seemed to have a special regard for his fellow troublemakers, the Weasley twins.

Question 27

What is the name of the owner of the Three Broomsticks?

The Three Broomsticks is a staple of Hogsmeade. Where else would you even go to get a nice warm glass of butterbeer? With a friendlier crowd than the patrons of the Hog’s Head, and a more muted decor than Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, this establishment is popular with both Hogwarts students and teachers. A great spot to meet up with friends and take a break from a day of shopping at Hogsmeade, maybe even give an interview with Rita Skeeter, or ambush a ministry official with a gambling problem. And in Ron’s case, it also serves as a perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of the attractive owner.

Question 28

Which character is a Metamorphmagus?

From Polyjuice Potion to Disillusionment Charms, and of course Invisibility Cloaks, witches and wizards have a few very handy ways to disguise themselves. Some, however, are born with the innate ability to change their appearance at will. For those not fortunate enough to be born with this skill, there are still spells and potions that will achieve similar results, but of course those require time, effort and lots of practice to perfect. Nothing that a clever witch like Hermione couldn’t handle though, she did manage to brew her first batch of Polyjuice Potion when she was only twelve, after all.

Question 29

What is Ron's favourite Quidditch team?

Quidditch is the most popular game in the wizarding world. There are seven players on each team: a Keeper guarding the three hoops, two Beaters armed with bats to keep the Bludgers away from their teammates and aim them at their rivals, three Chasers trying to score goals with the Quaffle and a Seeker whose job it is to find the Golden Snitch, earning their team 150 points and ending the game. Ron is a pretty big Quidditch fan, although it takes him a while to try out for the Gryffindor team, and his bedroom at The Burrow is papered with posters of his favourite team.

Question 30

Who made Viktor Krum's wand?

Viktor Krum is the extremely young Seeker in the Bulgarian Quidditch team. Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys got to see him play against Ireland in the Quidditch World Cup the summer before their fourth year at Hogwarts. Much to their surprise, they later saw Krum again at Hogwarts when he arrived with the other Durmstrang students to put their name in the Goblet of Fire and participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Krum’s silent and sullen demeanor didn’t make him seem all that friendly at first, but he was actually just a little awkward and genuinely sweet after all, he even complimented Harry’s flying in the first task at one point.

Question 31

What house does Justin Finch-Fletchley belong to?

Justin Finch-Fletchley is one of Harry’s classmates at Hogwarts. They have Herbology together and Justin was very friendly to Harry, Ron and Hermione at first, but when some people in school started to suspect that Harry might be the Heir of Slytherin, Justin grew scared of him. Justin is a muggle-born wizard, and he was afraid that would make him a target for the monster of Slytherin. The fact that Harry inadvertently outed himself as a Parselmouth during Duelling Club didn’t help matters. After second year their relationship improved though and Justin later believed Harry’s claim that Voldemort had returned and joined the D.A. to learn defensive magic with Harry.

Question 32

What does Professor Binns teach?

Professor Binns is an unusual teacher, even for a school like Hogwarts. He is the only ghost member of the faculty at the school of witchcraft and wizardry. His lessons are not the most compelling, even though he’s in the habit of floating into the classroom through the blackboard at the start of his classes. That’s pretty much as exciting as Professor Binns’s lectures get. His voice is very monotonous, making it hard for students to pay attention, and he doesn’t seem to care all that much if his pupils are following his explanations or not. Hermione seems to be the only person immune to boredom in his class, although even she struggles from time to time.

Question 33

Which school doesn't participate in the Triwizard Tournament?

The Triwizard Tournament is an ancient competition in which three champions from three different magical schools, chosen by the Goblet of Fire, compete for a cash prize and eternal glory. The tournament consists of three tasks each meant to put the champion’s magical skills to the test as well as evaluate their ability to keep a cool head and think quickly in dangerous situations. The tournament was banned for a while because it proved much too risky for young students. When it was reinstated an age limit was put in place to ensure that only witches and wizards of age could participate.

Question 34

How do first years get to Hogwarts from the train station at Hogsmeade?

The Hogwarts Express is only the first step in the journey to Hogwarts, although it isn’t necessarily the only way to access the school, as Harry and Ron proved on their second year by flying Arthur Weasley’s enchanted Ford Anglia from London to the castle. The train only takes students as far as Hogsmeade and then they make their way to Hogwarts by a different means. First years don’t travel with the rest, however, and take a more scenic route, guided by the school’s gamekeeper, Hagrid. When Hagrid was away on a secret mission for the Order at the beginning of Harry’s fifth year, Harry was surprised not to hear the familiar voice of the gamekeeper at the Hogsmeade station calling first years.

Question 35

What is the name of this magical plant?

Neville Longbottom isn’t the most skilled spellcaster or the most accomplished potion-maker (although it’s surprising what he can do with a little bit of confidence) but he does excel in Herbology. By the time Harry’s children attend Hogwarts, Neville has become the new Herbology professor, taking over for Professor Sprout. The summer before his fifth year at Hogwarts, Neville gets this cactus-like plant as a gift. While sharing a compartment in the Hogwarts Express with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Luna, Neville demonstrates the plant’s unique defence mechanism. As a result, everyone in the train compartment ends up covered in Stinksap.

Question 36

What does Firenze teach at Hogwarts?

Firenze is one of the centaurs that live in the Forbidden Forest in the castle grounds of Hogwarts. Harry first meets him on his first year while on detention for being out of the Gryffindor common room after hours. Firenze saves Harry from a hooded creature that turns out to be Voldemort, and carries him back to safety on his back. He is gentle and kind and doesn’t seem to dislike humans as much as his fellow centaurs, most of whom would never have let Harry ride on their backs as they would have seen it as an act of servitude towards humans, and therefore, demeaning.

Question 37

Where does Harry first read about Nicolas Flamel?

The famous alchemist and inventor of the Philosopher’s Stone was an old friend of Dumbledore’s, and when he thought the Stone might be at risk allowed Dumbledore to keep it under his protection at Hogwarts. The Philosopher’s Stone could transform any metal it into pure gold be and produce the Elixir of Life, which could be used to extend the lifespan of the person who drinks it. After Quirrell attempted to steal the Stone from Hogwarts under Lord Voldemort’s orders, Dumbledore and Flamel both agreed that it would be best to destroy it. By then, Nicolas Flamel and his wife Perenelle were already over six hundred years old.

Question 38

Which of these characters wasn't a Hogwarts Prefect?

Every year, two fifth-year students from each house, a boy and a girl, are chosen as Prefects. Prefects are expected to show first-years to their common rooms after the Welcome Feast, discipline over other students in their house, and generally help professors. They can also take away points for bad behavior, and in case of emergency they are supposed to help keep students safe. It is a point of pride for Molly Weasley that her three eldest children all became Hogwarts Prefects, and she can’t help but be disappointed that Fred and George have no interest in becoming one whatsoever.

Question 39

Where did the Potters live before Voldemort found them?

When James and Lily Potter found out that Voldemort was after them, they concealed their location using the Fidelius Charm. This is extremely advanced magic. Thankfully for the Potters they had Dumbledore’s help. This charm hides a secret inside a person’s soul, the Secret Keeper. After the charm is performed, only the Secret Keeper can divulge the concealed information, but they have to do so willingly. Only those who have been told the secret by the Keeper can access the information, but they can’t pass it on themselves. The information can’t be extracted from the Secret Keeper forcefully either, it has o be given voluntarily.

Question 40

What is the name of Professor Trelawney's famous Seer ancestor?

The Sight is a rare gift. So rare indeed, that most of the time it seems like Professor Trelawney herself, the Divination teacher at Hogwarts, doesn’t have it at all. Divination isn’t a very exact branch of magic. Prophecies are always up for interpretation and their meanings aren’t always clear. Trelawney’s best-known prophecy, foretelling the downfall of Lord Voldemort, could very easily have been as useless as most of her other predictions. If Voldemort himself hadn’t become obsessed with it, it might very well never have come to pass. Like Dumbledore explains to Harry, Voldemort’s actions ultimately led to the fulfilment of the prophecy, more than fate or any other cosmic force.

Question 41

What is the name of Dudley Dursley's school?

Dudley Dursley always got all the nice things Harry was never allowed to have. Birthday celebrations, piles of gifts, all the toys and videogames he asked for, friends, and even a room. Meanwhile Harry spent most of his childhood in a cupboard under the stairs, only got to wear Dudley’s hand-me-downs and never got a decent birthday or Christmas present. Even the kids at school avoided him out of fear of Dudley. When Harry got his letter from Hogwarts, everything changed, and while Harry started his magical education, Dudley attended Uncle Vernon’s old school. Dudley’s school uniform was completely ridiculous and included a cane that he used to torment Harry for most of the summer before he found out he was a wizard.

Question 42

What is Aunt Petunia's maiden name?

It is a well-known fact that Aunt Petunia wasn’t very affectionate towards her nephew. It’s also clear that her relationship with her sister hadn’t been great for years. According to the Dursleys, Harry’s parents had been freaks, and they wanted nothing to do with the wizarding world. They even tried to keep Harry from it for as long as they could, and never told him the truth about what happened to his parents. But deep down, Petunia was just jealous of Lily. When her sister got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, Petunia wanted to go to the magical school as well, and even went so far as to write a letter to Dumbledore himself asking for a spot.

Question 43

What Unforgivable Curse got Bellatrix Lestrange convicted to Azkaban?

Out of all of Voldemort’s followers, none is as loyal and completely devoted to his cause as Bellatrix. There is nothing the Dark Lord could ask of her that she wouldn’t be willing to do, and after everyone in the wizarding world thought he was gone forever, she was one of the few who kept looking for him. When Voldemort orders young Draco Malfoy to carry out a secret mission, his mother, Narcissa fears for his safety and turns to Severus Snape for help. Bellatrix, Draco’s aunt, on the other hand, considers this an honor and sees it as a way for the Malfoys to win back Voldemort’s favor.

Question 44

Why doesn't Harry receive any letters during the summer in The Chamber of Secrets?

After spending essentially the best year of his life at Hogwarts, Harry has to return to 4 Privet Drive to spend the summer with the Dursleys. He gets so lonely and feels so cut off from the wizarding world that he even begins to question whether it really exists or he just dreamed up the whole thing. For the first time in his life Harry had made real friends, close friends, friends with whom he’d faced unimaginable things, and still he doesn’t hear from any of them for a long time after getting back from school. Eventually he realizes his friends had not forgotten him, but it must have been tough for the poor kid to feel so isolated.

Question 45

Where does the chapter on werewolves begin in the third year Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook?

Snape was itching to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts ever since he got his job as Potions master at Hogwarts. He got the chance to live out his dream for a brief time in Harry’s third year, when he replaced Lupin while he was “indisposed,” and he used the opportunity not only to make Lupin’s pupils’ lives harder but also to try to get them to figure out Lupin’s secret. Only one student managed to connect the dots and conclude that their Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was a werewolf, but Hermione kept Lupin’s secret for the rest of the year.

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