Nobody Is Naming All These Vampires... But They Can Try

Chances are that if you are taking the time to take this quiz, you are either a big fan of the monster genre of both movies and television...or a really big vampire fan. Perhaps you are both? No one's judging you here - it's a safe space!

With a long list of vampires from all different eras and formats, there is not a clove of garlic to be found here. We've emptied out all our holy water and there's not a crucifix in sight. Nope, this one is safe for vampires, and fans of them.

If you've made it this far, then perhaps you've been bitten by the vampire bug? Might you be the one who can ace this quiz from start to finish? Here's to betting it can't be done, but it should at least be tried.

What lies ahead isn't an intimidating journey into a dark and forbidden forest, nor a quest to find the elusive and creepy Castle Dracula. But it does promise to be a fun quiz, full of challenges and tidbits along the way. It's thirty-five vampire related questions that a true fan will be happy to sink their teeth into, so to speak. So let's get down to business and see who knows their vampires!

Question 1

Who is this Original?

If one is a true modern day vampire fan, then that person is very likely going to be able to get this one right out of the gates. After all, this creature of the night is an Original. He is also a member of a vampire family, so it's safe to say they don't have much use for crosses, garlic or holy water at their family dinners. One thing is for sure, however. This young gentleman does not look the part of a vampire in the traditional sense...but that's perhaps part of his plan. If you don't think he's a vampire, you aren't expecting the bite. So who is he?

Question 2

Who is this rugged vampire?

Back when vampires were big movie monsters, one thing was certain. None of them looked like this specimen. Gone are the days of the pasty, pale vampires. Now, your vampires are just as likely to be hitting a runway, at least in terms of looks-we know they'd not be fans of those pesky mirrors, right? Of course not. But, intimidation of mirrors aside, if one is a fan of vampires-especially the more recent kind-then it's very likely most have caught him doing his thing recently enough. But, can you actually recall this vampire's name, or do we have you stumped already?

Question 3

Who might this stunning vampire be?

Just after we mention vampires not looking pale, this fine example comes along. See, not all vampires look more like a summer swimwear model. This example is by no means not model material. It's just that, well, when you think of a vampire...this is much, much more like it, isn't it? But, one thing is for sure...if she doesn't want to be called a vampire...or does...who are we to argue? I mean...why would anyone argue with a vampire? We know they have a dangerous bite, right? Of course they do. So, back to this vamp...are you ready to guess who she is?

Question 4

Who was this vampire featured in Dark Shadows?

Looking at this picture, the actor is probably easily recognizable. He is a well-known movie star, that's for sure. He's also known for some darker and more eccentric roles. To be fair, while the first few questions were from the newer class of vampires, for this one we have gone a bit old school. If you know who this one is, you can safely say you have an impressive amount of vampire cinema knowledge. If not, well, let's not think that someone is getting all of these vampires correct, right? So, with that out of the way, just who is this vampire?

Question 5

Who was this vampire?

As actors go, this one catches people's attention. In terms of star power, he even, in real life, has a famous father - how's that for a little fun vampire trivia! But enough about the man behind the vampire...let's get into this actual vamp, shall we? For that, it's time to look toward the smaller screen. He appeared in a long-running and popular television show. While it's not quite old school, it's not the most current show either... but it's one of the ones that really re-established the genre and got a whole new generation of vampire fans hooked. So, what's this vampire's name?

Question 6

Who can name this specimen?

Some of these will be easy...this might not be one of them. Now we really get to the spooky stuff, right? Everyone knows that at some point, the vampires can end up looking...well...frightening, right? Let's be honest, they are monsters...well, most of them. This one? She definitely qualifies. Look at those eyes! I would not want to get her name wrong either. She might get angry, and an angry vampire is a dangerous one. Can not imagine having this one chasing me around all angry and looking to get revenge. OK, that might make me lose some sleep...but seriously, any true vampire master should know her name. Who is she?

Question 7

Who is this Buffy villain?

Alright, I bet this one might be on the easier side. We can't make them all super challenging. We can't just give this one away, but we can at least provide a bit of a hint. That is right, this one comes out of the fabled Buffy universe. Buffy was both a cult favorite vampire movie and a similarly popular television series, which does not bite at all. But, this Buffy villain? He most assuredly did have that uncanny ability to bite, I mean, he's a vampire, right? So, if you are a vampire fan, coming up with his name should be easy. Who is he?

Question 8

Name this Twilight princess

Ah, you see what we did there? No, this vampire is not in a recent Zelda video game (at least, we don't think she is), but how cool would it be if she had been? OK, back on track. Similar to that softball at question seven, there's a bit of a hint right in the question. Yes, this beautiful young vampire was part of that incredibly popular Twilight saga that had vampire fans flocking to theaters in droves. What Harry Potter did for wizards and witches, Twilight did for vampires. As popular a franchise as it is, naming her should be easy, right?

Question 9

Name this Buffy vampire

Wait, another Buffy example? Well of course! Like we mentioned before, the Buffy universe has been presented to vampire fans over many years, and in multiple formats. Vampire viewers have been able to tune in to Buffy on the big screen and the small screen, so of course such a popular and long-running franchise is going to provide plenty of vampires to know, love and have questions about. As far as vampires are concerned, this one has to be one of the more unexpected examples, but true fans know not to let her looks fool us, right? So, who can name her?

Question 10

This stunning vampire is still a show-stopper

Anyone who was worried about all the attention being on some of the newer vampire offerings, worry not. Sure, there are plenty of 21st century vampires in this quiz, but that is not all. There's almost no way to have a vampire quiz without this fine female vampire-in fact, there might even be a rule against it (and if not, there should be!). This vampire has enjoyed a long and illustrious career. Of course it's long, what with vampires living really long lives and all. She's had her own shows and made countless guest who is this ageless vampire?

Question 11

This vampire helped many children

Here is living proof (though he's a Muppet, so it's not really living or breathing, right?), that not all vampires are mean or spooky or even dangerous. After all, this purple vampire was actually intended to be quite helpful, and still is. He got his start on public access, though in recent years his home has moved to a higher rent district on cable. Regardless of what channel he happens to be calling home, he was always excellent at numbers and by extension, teaching kids about them. There is a good chance someone taking this quiz grew up watching him. Do you remember his name?

Question 12

Who is this Twilight heartthrob?

True vampire fans, with an eye for that long-haired, fair-skinned, dark-eyed handsome creature of the night no doubt have this guy on their lists. As far as vampires go, this one is pretty interesting. He lived his long life as both the stereotypical vampire, but also as one that wouldn't be considered typical at all. That's right folks, this vampire was aggressive and mean, then not so much. He spent time with some of the more well-known vampire families too, if one wanted to keep score of such things. So then, who is this vampire? Does anyone think that they know him?

Question 13

Who is this vampire sibling?

Everyone loves a big happy family, right? Imagine then, if you will, that it's one big happy family full of....vampires! Can you imagine the holiday dinners? Fighting over the last of a particularly favorite food dish could take on a whole new look and feel when some of your siblings have fangs, don't you think? Perhaps they don't have big family gatherings, but this vampire does come from a very extended vampire family. Parents. Siblings. You get the idea...lots of fangs, lots of bites, and lots of good looks to go around. So, do you know who this vampire might be?

Question 14

Who is this Vampire Diaries character?

Dark. Brooding. Pensive even. And of course, a little bit...pale. These are seemingly the most common prerequisites to be a vampire in entertainment, right? They sure seem to be, because more often than not, vampires check those boxes. This one is no different, as our vampire fans can clearly see. He is so good at playing the dark and brooding card that he landed himself a pretty significant role in a fairly significant and noteworthy vampire series-Vampire Diaries. It's a safe bet that the show has more than its fair share of fans, so surely this name should be easy to come by?

Question 15

Who is this comedic count?

Another vampire example that not every single one of them has to be some dark and spooky monstrosity. Nope, instead, this one is quite a funny guy, both in real life and in this very entertaining animated form. His first feature was a very hilarious hit, and it launched an animated vampire franchise that is absolutely immune to garlic, holy water and all other sorts of things that would tend to ward off vampires. He's honestly a vampire you'd probably want to keep around and be friends with, to be honest. So, for those vampire fans out there...who is he?

Question 16

Who is this vampire?

Sure, a lot of the examples of vampires in this quiz share some similarities. After all, every single one of them on the list has fangs and likes to bite, right? Beyond that, sure, there are some stereotypes that get overplayed a bit. This fine vampire example? He shatters all preconceived notions about what a vampire is or how they should look. He's every bit as powerful and dangerous, in theory...but just look at him here, and you can see someone that looks actually quite friendly. Comforting, even. But, don't get too comfortable. After all, there's still that matter of not knowing which one he is.

Question 17

Can you recognize this vampire?

Of all the dark and creepy vampires, this one has a chance to be one of the darker and creepier options out there, no? But...look at those sad eyes...maybe he is just lonely? Upset because he hasn't gotten the vampire fame and fortune he desires maybe? Bummed that he can't go on that all expenses paid trip to Bora Bora, out of worry that his sunscreen can't keep his ultra fair vampire complexion from being a rather big issue for him? Take your pick, or it could just be, you know, that he's a vampire and he needs a bit of food. So who is he?

Question 18

Who is this young vampire?

So many of our vampires are older, are they not? Sure, some of the more recent ones are more along the lines if like, young adults-after all, one could reason that the young adult demographic was their target market, right? But this vampire example? This one does not scream young adult. No, instead, this one looks a lot more like a baby face, you would have to admit. But, in the world of vampires, even the baby faced ones are ones you have to watch out for. If anything, maybe you have to watch them more. And, what's the name of this one you are watching out for?

Question 19

Who is this famous 21st-Century vampire

For all the chatter about prototypical or stereotypical vampires, here's one that absolutely checks all the boxes and in epic fashion. There is also a better than decent chance this one might be the most easily named vampire on the entire list, if one was looking to make a wager. One could likely at least give this one some credit for the massive uptick in vampire interest over the last number of years. And why not. He's a bright and shining example of that new age vampire, so there's little doubt you'd know him. What is this modern day vampire's name?

Question 20

True vampire fans should know this classic

Here's a man everyone probably knows, beneath the wonderful vampire makeup. Unfortunately for the quiz taker, we aren't asking the identity of the actor. Instead, go back in movie history a bit and try to remember which role he played in what was, at the time, one of the most highly anticipated vampire movies of the time. That movie was based off of a very popular vampire book (think Harry Potter, but for adults). This vampire was a more classical a renaissance vampire even. Look at the clothes, the long hair...he's a classic vampire through and through...but who is he?

Question 21

Can you name this vampire?

Right away, how about those fangs! Seriously, every vampire has them, every vampire needs them. Heck, she could not be a vampire without those very fangs. Might as well show them off, no? And who are we to argue with her, unless we want to get bitten of course. So, if that memorable face does not help you remember, we can tell you this much. This frightening female vampire had a fairly sizeable role in a fairly significant recent vampire saga. Not much more to say about that, without gifting this answer, so no more. Who was this hungry vampire?

Question 22

Who was this truly stunning vampire?

Vampires are spooky! Vampires are monsters! Vampires are frightening and dangerous! Those might all be true, or they could be wrong...but most assuredly, NONE of those come to mind when one takes a look at the next vampire up on the quiz today. Take one look, and the first thoughts that cross someone's mind? Not any of those. This one isn't too intimidating. Nothing about her screams monster or that she's dangerous...but she is absolutely all of that, if she needs to be. One hundred percent a stunning vampire, for certain...but it's that last bit that is most important. Who is this vampire?

Question 23

Who is this vampire?

A vampire should be dark and brooding...check. Pale as a sheet can be? Absolutely. And yet, an exotic, mysterious, good looking specimen? Without a shadow of a doubt, this vampire checks all those boxes and more. What's even more impressive, is this look? It's genetic. He's not alone, not at all. Nope, for him, being a great vampire is a family matter. Can you imagine what those parties and family reunions are like? Those have to be quite a bit of craziness, one would think. But enough about those trips down Memory Lane...who is this particular vampire with a family?

Question 24

Who was this member of the Olympic Coven?

Ah, this one is more like it...sort of...right? To be honest, the stereotypical vampire, in this one view, is always a bit...pale? Pasty? Certainly, this one fits that to a tee, doesn't she? Absolutely. On the other hand, vampires always seemed to look garish, like the monsters that we were told they were. This one does not look like a monster at all, which is actually a little more intimidating. Hiding in plain sight, innocent and good looking, yet a lethal killer who just can't wait to sink her fangs into some poor, unfortunate soul. So who is this pretty vampire?

Question 25

Who was this vampire with an edge?

One of these is not like the others, one of these vampires just isn't quite the same, right? Of course, but that's not an issue here. This next challenging vampire is a bit of a history-making, groundbreaking vampire. He was the titular character in a cult classic, sleeper of a vampire movie hit quite a few years back. So successful was the opening movie, that it spawned a trilogy. That's pretty impressive for ANY vampire to pull off, which makes it a really big deal. Now, this series does go back a bit, so it should be a slight challenge. Who is he?

Question 26

Who is this Original looker?

Folks, I don't know what to tell you, but modern day vampires look a lot less like monsters and a lot more like, say, runway models, don't they? This latest example is surely no different. Right off the bat, we offer up one and only one big hint, but that is where the easy bits end and the thinking begins. So, with all the vampire franchises out there - and there have been quite a few, especially recently - this one was one of the Originals. He's as likely to get you with his good looks as he is with his bite. Who is this vampire?

Question 27

Who was this vampire?

Without giving too much away (The Quiz has to be a bit challenging, lest you lose interest!), this somewhat indistinguishable vampire does happen to be from one of the most popular vampire franchises in recent memory. Picking him out, however? It might be a bit challenging. After all, he's not the most well known from the series. He's not a particularly noteworthy or memorable face either, all things considered. But he's still a major character, and very important to know. More to the point, a true vampire fanatic would be very likely to know this vampire's name. So who is he?

Question 28

Who is this funny and recent vampire?

This one here? He might very well be the most recent edition of the entire quiz, to be quite honest. Sure, that's a bit of a hint, but we aren't just going to give it away, so enough with the big hints. So, this more freshly minted vampire (is that even a thing?), he's more of a funny character, from a vampire show with a bit of a funnier take on the lives of vampires in the dark and the shadows of life. As irreverent as he might be, he's still a vampire, and he still bites. So, who is he?

Question 29

Who is this vampire twin?

It's one thing to be a vampire. It is a pretty rare thing, right? So then the odds of being a vampire with a twin? Another sibling who also happens to be quite happy to be a creature of the night, to have a flair for biting and all that? It's very noteworthy. And for this particular rather stunning vampire, that is exactly the case. So, it's time to consider just who he might be. The challenge, of course, is to not get him confused with his sibling. Both are fine examples of young which vampire might this one be?

Question 30

Dedicated vampire fans should know this entertaining vampire

Perhaps this is a bit of a curveball for vampire fans, and there ought to be a few of them in the quiz, right? So, how about some hints? Sure, why not. This vivacious vampire scored a role in a movie that was a surprisingly good vampire movie starring a guy who made Pulp Fiction, alongside an ER doctor (we can't spell it out perfectly for our readers, right?). Now, this female vampire did not have a starring role, but she absolutely stole every scene she was in-easy to see why. If you know who she is, you really know your vampires. Who is she?

Question 31

What's the name of this vampire?

So good looking, isn't this vampire? Almost too good to believe he actually is really a vampire, no? But, as any of his fans should know, he absolutely is a vampire. Getting so close to the end of the road, let us give our quiz taker a bit of a minor hint, shall we? This gorgeous vampire is a star of The Vampire Diaries, which as any vampire fan well knows, was a wildly successful television series not all that long ago. Given the show's recent run and great popularity, surely there are fans of his among us. So who is this vampire?

Question 32

Does anyone recognize this vampire?

Oh sure, you might recognize the man behind the Hollywood makeup, but this is not about that guy. Nope, as famous as he has become since he took on this particular vampire role, none of that matters now. As close as you might be to finishing off this quiz, he's another vampire character whose name a quiz taker must know...if you don't know it, well, a vampire master you are not. So, having come this far, will his name escape you? After all, he is playing a character from one of the more well-known vampire novels of the twentieth century. So who is he?

Question 33

Who is this phenomenal vampire?

Thirty-three questions in and we have gone all over the world. We have looked at vampires in a plethora of settings, including alive and passed, above ground and now...the Underworld. And this one, as far as vampires go, is an absolute knockout. People who otherwise might be inclined to, you know, avoid a vampire's bite? It's easy to see how with her amazing good looks, she would not have a hard time finding say, a willing victim or two. Aside from victims, she no doubt has some fans too. That being said, this Underworld stunner has a name. Who is she then?

Question 34

Who was this lost boy?

Thirty-five vampires are a lot of creatures of the night to cover, is it not? Of course, it is. Now, while there have been plenty of new age vampires thrown at us in recent years, there are just as many worthy classics and more old school options too. This time around, as we wind down this quiz, we have to throw one final old school vampire your way. This time around, we go to the eighties favorite vampire movie-The Lost Boys. See, this far along and we are being nice enough to give you a hint. So, who is THIS Lost Boy?

Question 35

Who was this fine vampire specimen?

It all comes down to this one, does it not? Our quiz takers have reviewed and answered thirty-four questions thus far, so there is just this one final vampire to bite on. While the actor who plays this ageless vampire has gone on to star in other major network television offerings (think of someplace warm with plenty of sand and sun and ocean to enjoy), this time around, he was going for more moon than sun. And this vampire was not only seeking the moon...but he had a job in this role as a private investigator. So who was this vampire private eye?

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