No Way People Can Match All These Famous Vampires To Their Movie Or TV Show!

The idea that there is something out there that is immortal, and never ages have always enchanted society. Vampires have offered us one possible way to achieve these goals for a very long time. In 1819 the world was introduced to the idea of vampires who were not seen as gross monsters. They could appear to be very attractive and confident. In the early stories, they were still monsters who were only beautiful on the surface but were actually ugly and deranged. As these creatures continue to become more prominent in our fiction they have become less and less monstrous. Now they are powerful and wonderful creatures that can often choose to feed on something other than humans to survive.  If the character is evil, they may still harm people, but the new vampire doesn't have to be evil to survive, in fact, they can be quite noble.

Since the dawn of movies and television vampire characters have been popping up all over the place. The first vampire movie was The Vampire from 1913, and the fascination with the creatures has never slowed down. Watching a vampire property is easier now than ever before, with so many different shows and franchises to choose from, there is almost always something about vampires out there to watch. So grab some garlic, and try to remember these famous vampires.

Question 1

What was Stefan in?

Stefan was a vampire who was born in 1846 in Mystic Falls Virginia. He is the younger brother of Damon. Both brothers fell in love with Katherine Pierce and they fought over her. Katherine would eventually turn both brothers into vampires before she was destroyed by the villagers. The brothers left Mystic Falls and explored the world, but eventually, Stefan returns home and falls in love with Elena. They struggled in their relationship and break up. What was Stefan in?

Question 2

What was Angel in?

Angel was a very popular character in vampire fiction. The modern Vampire has gone from a monster that looked handsome or pretty, all the way to an actual white knight who has to overcome an affliction. Angel managed to be both. When he was Angel, he was a good guy who helped the heroes, but when Angelus took over he became a monster who helped destroy the team. What franchise features this character before spinning him off into his own show?

Question 3

What was James in?

James is a vampire who was born in 1780. He is the leader of his coven and is known for his ability to track almost anything he sets his mind to. James had already hunted Alice's original sire and was excited when he found out that a group of vampires had become friends with a human. He decided to hunt this human and make her his meal, but he was defeated and destroyed by three other vampires. What was James in?

Question 4

What was Bill Compton in?

Bill was born in Louisiana. He was a farmer who was turned by the Vampire Lorena in 1865. Bill had gone mainstream and tried to live peacefully with humans. He was kind and polite, but he had to become harder once he became the head vampire of Louisiana. In this position, he had to be much harsher, and that seemed to have a negative effect on him. He was a practitioner of Sanguinista and he believed that he was the chosen form for Lilith. What was Bill Compton in?

Question 5

What was Eric Brooks in?

Eric Brooks had a unique power for vampires, at least when he was first created, he could be out in the daylight without dying. In the time since Eric's creation, this power would become standard for many vampires. The vampires of his universe developed a name for him, Daywalker, but he preferred to use another name he had acquired. With the help of his mentor, Whistler, Eric hunted and destroyed vampires where he found them. What was Erick Brooks in?

Question 6

What was Sophie Anne Leclerq in?

Sophie Anne Leclerq was the lead vampire of Louisiana. She loves to be seen as sophisticated and powerful, even though she does have many odd mannerisms in conversation. She is more tolerant of humans than other vampire leaders in her area. This character puts on a show, acting like a cool starlet, but she has been shown to be calculating and manipulative. She is eventually defeated in a duel and loses her title as leader of Louisiana to another much younger vampire. What was Sophie Anne Leclerq in?

Question 7

What is Selene in?

Selene was a vampire who had lost her entire family to what she had believed to be a werewolf attack. She used the pain of this attack to forge herself into a weapon against these evil creatures. Over time though she learned that the werewolves had nothing to do with the destruction of her family. Vampires were responsible, and this makes Salene change many things in her life. She fights back against the heads of the vampire families and starts a revolution against them. What is Selene in?

Question 8

What was Esme in?

Esme is a vampire who was born in 1895. She first meets the man she would eventually marry when she was 16. The man was a doctor who set her broken leg. When she turned 22 she was married to an angry man and had a child with him. After the child passed away from a fever Esme was devastated and ended up in the care of the kind doctor once again. This time he turned her and they got married. What was Esme in?

Question 9

What was Lestat in?

Lestat is the sire of the main vampire in this story. Often Lestat can seem cruel and vindictive, but one can not help but wonder if that is due to an unreliable narrator who at times is trying to protect himself and use other characters as villains. Lestat is often framed as an individual who enjoys others in pain, but he also takes the time to help the narrator with his transition into a vampire. What was Lestat in?

Question 10

What was Harmony in?

During the series, Harmony wanted little more than to be taken seriously by everyone, but that is a tall order, especially when she insists on acting so silly. This character was capable of violence and could be very cruel, but no matter what she was trying to do, there was a comedic element to it. Even before she was a vampire this character was a pain for most of the heroes as one of the high school's meanest bullies. What was Harmony in?

Question 11

What was Aidan Waite in?

Aidan Waite is a vampire who lives in an apartment with his werewolf friend, and a ghost who haunts it. He works as a nurse and wants to live a normal life free of all the burdens of vampire society and rules. However, he is unable to free himself from his vampire life, and indirectly causes the destruction of his girlfriend Suren. He is one of the few vampires to survive a new virus that destroys most of his kind. What was Aidan Waite in?

Question 12

What was Edward in?

Edward is a 108-year-old vampire who still appears to be a 17-year-old teen. He and his family live in Washington to avoid as much direct sunlight as possible. He does not drink from humans, preferring to use animals instead. The substitution does make Edward and his family slightly weaker than some of the other vampires in the world. Edward is still fast and strong, and nearly invulnerable. Edward is not destroyed by the sun, but instead, he sparkles when in contact with it. What was Edward in?

Question 13

What was Spike in?

When Spike first made it on to the scene everyone thought that he was one of the strongest and most evil vampires in the story. As time went on though fans got to see that he had put on a disguise to appear eviler than he actually was. Over time this character learns to work with the heroes and becomes an important ally. All of this, and he didn't need a magic spell to contain his evil side like other vampires in the story. What story was Spike in?

Question 14

What was Caroline in?

Caroline is a fairly new vampire, having only been turned for the past 8 years. She was turned after almost dying in a car accident when she was healed by another vampire's blood. She is the longtime friend of Elena and becomes friends with many of the other supernatural people in town. Caroline is also best friends with Stefan who she eventually falls in love with and marries. She is the surrogate mother of Lissie and Josie Saltzman. What was Caroline in?

Question 15

What was Mikael in?

Mikael was a Viking warrior who fell in love with and married a witch named Esther. He was the first vampire and a very powerful one. He used magic to turn he and his children into a new supernatural race that was more powerful than werewolves. Mikael had a complicated relationship with his family, and he was eventually entombed by his stepson Klus. He would gain his freedom back and plotted to get revenge on Klus. What was Mikael in?

Question 16

What was Damon in?

Damon is a 178-year-old vampire who falls in love with his brother's girlfriend. This girlfriend is a vampire who turns both brothers into vampires. After traveling around he decides to return home, where he is reunited with his brother and meets his brother's current girlfriend, Elena, who looks exactly like the vampire that turned them. When Damon has to turn Elena into a vampire her feelings for him grow, and they end up dating. This strains his relationship with his brother for a time. What was Damon in?

Question 17

What was Jessica in?

Jessica was an 18-year-old girl that was turned into a vampire by Bill as a punishment for Bill's destruction of the vampire Longshadow. After she is turned Jessica can be wise beyond her years are times, and incredibly naive at others. Though she prefers feeding on humans, she is a big supporter of the mainstreaming cause. She has learned how to feed on humans and leave them alive, which helps her stay on the mainstreaming side. What was Jessica in?

Question 18

What is Carlisle in?

Carlisle is the father of a group of vampires. He is a doctor and he does not believe in taking lives even to survive. He works at Forks Hospital. He was born in 1640 and was turned when he lead a hunt against real vampires in the sewers of London. He developed a way of surviving for vampires that only involved eating animals, and not humans, though this did leave him and his family slightly weaker. What was Carlisle in?

Question 19

What was Alice in?

Alice was born in 1901 and was adopted into her current coven after her original family was destroyed by another group of vampires. She is a precognitive vampire who can often see what is going to happen. She was able to see the future before she had become a vampire, and this gets her labeled a witch by some of her family. In her new coven, she has joined her brothers and sisters in only eating animals to survive. What was Alice in?

Question 20

what was Rebeka in?

Rebeka was the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. She has led a tumultuous life, often wishing she was able to live a normal human one. She was once in love with a vampire hunter, which was destined to end poorly. Throughout her long life, Rebeka tries to get away from the politics and plans of her family and live among normal humans, but she is always pulled back in. She is very close to her brother Klaus and has helped him many times against their father. What was Rebekah in?

Question 21

What was Pam in?

Pam is the owner of Fangtasia which is a vampire bar. For a long time no one is sure how old she is, but eventually, it is revealed that she is 160 years old. She was turned by Eric, and she fell in love with him. Though she is sarcastic, cruel and callous, to almost everyone else, she appears to be very kind to Eric. Pam supports the belief that vampires are superior to humans. She is one of the few vampires with flight. What was Pam in?

Question 22

What was Louis in?

Louis was the heir of a wealthy family in Louisiana. After he loses his wife and child, he is attacked by a man who offers to turn him into a vampire. Louis accepts but becomes upset when it happens. He leaves the vampire that turned him and travels the world, but all he finds is pain wherever he goes. After many years of life, he decides to finally tell his story to the world, though it doesn't go the way he had hoped. What was Louis in?

Question 23

What was Claudia in?

Claudia is a child who was attacked by a vampire after her mother had passed away from the plague. After she is attacked she is turned into a vampire, and raised by the vampires. Claudia becomes very upset when she realizes that she will never mature physically, even though her mind will continue to grow. In a rage, she attacks her sire and leaves. While she travels the world she is destroyed by a carnival of vampires that see her as an abomination. What was Claudia in?

Question 24

What was Jarko Grimwood in?

This giant vampire was played by the wrestler Triple H. This movie was his big screen debut. Jarko Grimwood was a large vampire who enjoyed fighting and defeating members or the Night Stalkers, a group of humans who were fighting to destroy all vampires. Jarko was a big part of the plan to bring Dracula back to life. He was the hired muscle and used his metal jaw and teeth to strike even more fear into his enemies. What movie was Grimwood in?

Question 25

What was Deacon Frost in?

Deacon Frost was one of the heads of the vampire clans and went to great lengths to make sure that he was the sole member of the group that could make decisions. He wanted to bring back La Magra, an ancient blood god. La Magra would help the vampires shed many of their weaknesses and allow them to walk in the daylight without repercussions. Frost wanted vampires to become the top of the food chain. Which series is Deacon Frost from?

Question 26

What was Danica Talos in?

Danica is the leader of her house of vampires. She is worried that the enemies of her people are growing too strong and finding too many new allies, so she decides to bring back Dracula, the first and strongest vampire. She succeeds in bringing Dracula back but ultimately fails to defeat her enemies, even with the added firepower. In the final showdown with her enemies, she is infected with a vampire-destroying virus and she is turned to dust. What was Danica Talos in?

Question 27

What was Dracula in?

Dracula was one of the first ever vampire characters. There were many stories that predated him, but they were usually about creatures that modern-day stories would describe as zombies. They were putrid undead creatures that were ugly, stank, and feed on many different parts of their victims, not just the blood. In 1819 the modern charismatic Vampire was born in The Vampyre by John Polidori. Bram Stoker was influenced by this book almost 90 years later when he created Dracula. Which of the stories featured the character Dracula?

Question 28

What was Finn in?

Finn is the second child, and first son, of Mikael and Esther. Finn has been shown to be very close with his mother and takes her side in almost every argument. This has caused some tension between him and his siblings in the past. Finn comes into direct conflict with Klaus and is almost destroyed, but he is saved by his brother Elijah. Finn would reconcile with all his siblings shortly before he was destroyed by Lucien. What was Finn in?

Question 29

What is Elijah in?

Elijah is one of the very first vampires. He is the third child and second son of Mikael and Esther. He works with Klaus to stop their other family members from resurrecting Mikael. He is unsuccessful in this endeavor though, and Elijah turns his energies into protecting his family from a prophecy of their downfall. Though he goes to great lengths to prevent the events from happening Elijah is ultimately responsible for causing all the trouble. What was Elijah in?

Question 30

What was Drusilla in?

Drusilla was always a fun villain. She had the power to see into the future, but instead of giving her great clarity and insight the power tended to make her seem a little unhinged Add to that the fact that she was tortured by the vampire that created here, and it is easy to see how Drusilla ended up mad. During the show, she was at times extremely powerful and at times the most fragile vampire. What was Drusilla in?

Question 31

What was Viago in?

Viago is a 379-year-old vampire who is the leader of his current house. He lives with four other vampires in Wellington New Zealand. Three of the vampires look normal, but the fourth vampire looks like the character in Nosferatu. The characters are learning how to continue their normal activities in the modern world, and they are finding it hard. The vampires also interact with other supernatural beings like werewolves and zombies. What is the name of this mockumentary that stars Viago?

Question 32

What was Alaric in?

Alaric is a former vampire hunter who used to teach history at the Mystic Falls high school. He was turned into an enhanced original vamp through an altered spell. He came to Mystic Falls hunting the vampire that turned his wife but found out that she had become a vampire voluntarily and left him to care for her daughter Elena. Alaric has been a vampire off and on over the years, and he was also a ghost for a short time. What was Alaric in?

Question 33

What was Viktor in?

Viktor is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in his universe. He would sleep for extended periods of time to help rejuvenate himself. He was the vampire that started the war with the werewolves because of an affair between a werewolf and his daughter. He feared that any offspring of werewolves and vampires would be too powerful. It was also his rampage on a small farming home that starts a chain of events that would eventually end his reign as the leader of the vampires. What was Viktor in?

Question 34

What was Benny Lafitte in?

Benny is a vampire that was stranded in Purgatory for over fifty years. He is able to survive the very violent realm and becomes friends with a human who was trapped there as well. They are able to free themselves from Purgatory, but Benny finds it impossible to return to life on earth. He goes back Purgatory to save two other humans who got stuck there and decides to stay behind to fight off other vampires who are trying to leave. What was Benny in?

Question 35

What was Nyssa Damaskinos in?

Nyssa was the leader of the Blood Pact, a group of highly trained vampire mercenaries and assassins. When a vampire test subject escapes and goes on a rampage Nyssa and her Blood Pact must enlist the help of the vampire's sworn enemy to stop The Reapers, before their sickness infects everyone on the planet. During her time with the vampire's enemy, she develops a great respect for him and possibly a love for him. She dies, however, stopping the Reapers. What was Nyssa in?

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