No One Will Be Able To Name All These TV Actresses

TV actresses inspire viewers by giving amazing performances in dramatic or comedic roles. Some of them give the types of strong and unforgettable performances that make them household names. Others aren't quite as recognizable.

Anyone who loves watching TV may think that this quiz will be a total breeze, but it's a little bit harder than that. It'll take plenty of knowledge to get every single question right! TV fans who are up for some fun should definitely try out this quiz now. It's such an enjoyable way to pass the time. Very few people will be able to name all of these TV actresses. People who ace this quiz definitely have the inside scoop on Hollywood.

There are actresses on the list who are famous worldwide. They're in the news every day. These famous faces are easy to name. Other actresses included in this quiz aren't so easy to identify. They disappear into roles and they aren't household names. Some people know their names and others don't.

The lesser-known actresses are often referred to as "character actresses". They don't usually have leading roles in TV shows. They have smaller parts, so they aren't as famous, even when the shows that they appear on are really popular.

Some of the actresses in this quiz appear in films, as well as TV shows. Others are exclusive to TV. Who could possibly name them all?

Question 1

Who is this actress?

People who don't know the name of this iconic TV actress are probably living off the grid, far away from television sets and smartphones. This celeb actress rose to fame by playing a character named Rachel. Thanks to the sitcom that they all starred in, she and her fellow cast members will always be beloved. This renowned actress just celebrated the big 50 and plenty of her famous friends attended her B-day party, including Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow. While this actress hasn't found lasting love off-screen, she's surrounded by caring, devoted buddies who adore and appreciate her.

Question 2

Name this actress.

This popular blonde actress became famous by playing the part of a rich girl with problems, who lived in New York City and dressed in a series of runway-ready outfits! She and her equally-fashionable co-stars became the subject of so much fascination, from fans and from the media. These days, this alpha female actress keeps achieving by appearing in films, one of which pitted her against a giant shark. She's married to a charming actor and she's the mother of two daughters. When she isn't giving great performances, she's baking cupcakes or joking around with her hubby on social media.

Question 3

Which famous actress is this?

This famous actress hails from South Africa. She dabbled in TV by giving a memorable performance in a funny show that co-starred Jason Bateman and Portia de Rossi. While she's best known for her film performances, including her unforgettable portrayal of Furiosa in a certain big-budget action thriller, she shines on television, too. This actress is an award-winner. She's immensely talented. When she isn't working, she's parenting or being spotted with an actor who used to be married to Angelina Jolie. This actress is a powerful Hollywood A-lister who can pick and choose from the best television and film projects.

Question 4

Who is this actress?

This famous actress/singer/dancer just wowed at the 2019 Grammy Awards. She's versatile enough to succeed in music, TV and film. She went for a shorter, curlier hairstyle while appearing in a TV show set in NYC. She played a cop who was also a single mother. This drama co-starred Ray Liotta. When she isn't acting, she's enjoying a happy romance with a legendary athlete, hitting the gym and looking after her twins. Aside from parenting and her relationship, she's always busy with a lot of business projects, only some of which are about acting. This TV actress is a powerhouse.

Question 5

Name this actress.

This brunette actress became a celeb by playing a wealthy teenager who was a real queen bee. She definitely made this role her own. It's hard to imagine anyone else playing it. In real life, she's a lot more down-to-earth than her most famous character. She's a mother of one daughter, who is named Arlo, and she's married to another well-known actor, who might not be quite as famous as she is. Her hubby starred on "The O.C." After her most famous role, she didn't stop appearing on TV. She used her fame to score some new and interesting roles.

Question 6

Who is this?

This television actress is so talented. What she has is great range. She can handle so many different types of parts. She's been on Mad Men, Community and other television shows, including GLOW. She's a chameleon. She has the power to inhabit her characters to the degree that she's sometimes hard to recognize from one role to the next. Born in Hollywood in 1982, according to, she voices an important character from the animated TV series, Bojack Horseman. This is an actress who will have a long and successful stint in the industry. She's not afraid to take chances.

Question 7

Which actress is this?

This gifted character actress really stands out. She's probably most famous for playing mean-spirited teacher, Sue Sylvester, on a TV show that featured plenty of great musical performances. She's also been on Criminal Minds and tons of other shows. Her track record in TV dates all the way back to 1988. This actress is 58 and she was born in Ohio. She's out and proud and she's married to a clinical psychologist named Laura, according to Blessed with the ability to play funny and serious roles, this well-rounded TV actress has built a solid and impressive body of work.

Question 8

Name this actress.

In 2017 and 2018, this actress voiced the character, Oxana Hauntley, in a cute children's animated cartoon series. You may also recognize this actress from her Bad Santa film role. I always thought this actress looked just like Wonder Woman, but she's never played Wonder Woman. She is not Lynda Carter or Gal Gadot. This actress is best known for playing a character who lived in a small town called Stars Hollow. Her character was the free-spirited mother of a brainy daughter named Rory Gilmore. The actress who played her daughter now plays a more rebellious character, in The Handmaid's Tale.

Question 9

Who is this actress?

This actress is really popular and Big Bang Theory fans know her name. She's also appeared in 8 Simple Rules and Charmed. She's now 33 and was born in California. In 2014, she got her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She used to date a certain Big Bang Theory co-star, while their characters were also romantically involved. These days, this actress is married to a billionaire's son. Her hubby is an equestrian, according to This TV actress has been in the spotlight for a long time. She's well-known, but not the most famous actress around.

Question 10

Who is this TV legend?

Anyone who loves sci-fi, conspiracy theories and the paranormal probably knows the name of this iconic actress. She starred in a hit TV show that co-starred David Duchovny. Then, she went on to star in a reboot of the show, with the very same co-star. On this famous show, she played an FBI agent. She's currently acting onstage in the UK, in a play called All About Eve, according to This actress is always branching out by taking challenging roles in interesting projects. Her co-star in the play is Lily James, who starred in the live action version of Cinderella.

Question 11

What is the name of this actress?

Criminal Minds fans may know the name of this actress. People who haven't tuned into the show may find it much harder to identify this television actress. Some people might recognize her from her movie role in Final Destination 2, which was released in 2003, according to This actress was born in Ontario, Canada and she's currently forty years old. She's appeared in plenty of TV shows, including Tru Calling. Her very first acting gig was a part in an ad for McDonald's. She's been married since 2001 and she has a couple of sons. She lives in L.A.

Question 12

Who is this gifted actress?

This actress always gives memorable performances, whether she's playing a vampire or helping an "alienist' to solve a crime. She was born in 1994 and she got her first acting award nomination when she was just eight years old, according to This blond actress has always stood out, thanks to her impressive acting ability. She's a loving older sister to another famous actress, whose first name starts with E. While some people wonder if there's competition between the two sisters, the truth is that they are really close. She doesn't need to compete with anyone, including her own sister.

Question 13

Which actress is this?

Anyone who's seen a movie with the words, "crazy rich" in the title may recognize this charming actress, but she's also been on TV. She had a role in the TV show, Fresh Off The Boat, from 2015 to 2019. This 36-year old actress has a pretty impressive acting resume. She was born in Virginia and attended Purchase College. She's single and she has a pet rabbit, according to This is an actress that some people might not be able to name, but her star is rising. She may appear in a lot of high-profile projects in the future.

Question 14

Which movie actress has also been on TV?

OK, this one may not be the hardest. Thanks to TV appearances and her starring role in The Hunger Games film series, this actress is totally recognizable. She's the type of A-list actress who gets to see all of the best scripts. She's able to score almost any part. In 2015 and 2016, she earned more money than any other actress worldwide, according to She's best known for films, but has also appeared on TV, in The Bill Engvall Show, Cold Case and Medium. This actress just got engaged. She's been spotted with a diamond ring on that finger.

Question 15

Name this television actress.

Anyone who loves Disney Channel shows may know exactly who this golden-haired actress is. Her current name is different than her birth name. She was born Chloe Hosterman, but she uses a different moniker now. Like so many actresses, she's opted for a stage name. This talented female acts and she's also a singer. She's best-known for her role on a TV show called Liv and Maddie, which first aired in 2013 and ended in 2017. This Disney Channel television show earned her plenty of loyal fans. Take a guess to see if you know who this popular actress is.

Question 16

Which award-winning actress is this?

This actress won an Oscar for her film acting, but she's also been on TV. Her Oscar was for her performance in a movie called Monster's Ball. She starred in a TV movie called, "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" and she's also guest-starred on Frasier. Most people will know this famous actress' name. She a Bond Girl, she's modeled for Revlon and she won a "bad actress" Razzie for her performance in the critically-panned film, Catwoman. She's an actress who's always in demand. She's also a mother to two children. Most people should be able to guess the right answer right away.

Question 17

Who is this actress?

This actress has appeared on Parks And Recreation and Will & Grace. She's the real-life wife of a certain Parks And Recreation cast member. This actress' father used to be under contract at Paramount Pictures during the Fifties, so acting ability clearly runs in the family. This actress dropped out of university in order to do theater. Her educational gamble really paid off. One fun fact about this actress is that she was up for the role of Elaine Benes in Seinfeld. She didn't get the part, according to, which must have been disappointing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus got the part instead.

Question 18

Name this actress.

Fans of the upstairs-downstairs drama, Downton Abbey, may know the name of this actress. She's probably more famous in England than she is here, but there are plenty of Downton Abbey fans in the USA and Canada, too. On the show, the actress plays a character with a heart of gold. She's won plenty of awards because her acting on Downton Abbey is so good. She's an English actress who's appeared on many popular UK TV shows, including The Bill. Some people may need to guess the name of this TV actress, rather than knowing the answer for sure.

Question 19

Name this TV actress.

This actress has modeled for L'Oreal. In terms of TV success, she had a hit TV show which aired from 2012 to 2018. She played a fixer who took care of problems for the elite. A lot of people will know the name of this actress, but some may get this one wrong. The actress is well-known, but not as famous as, say, Julia Roberts. Our mystery actress has come a long way from the Bronx, where she was born. She's gotten award nominations for her TV work and appeared in some acclaimed films. She is married with 3 kids.

Question 20

Who is this?

This actress gave an electrifying performance in a very royal TV drama. She played a princess with a little bit of edge and attitude. Her great performance on this show has led to some other huge opportunities. For example, she snagged a role as the White Widow in Mission Impossible: Fallout, alongside Hollywood A-lister, Tom Cruise. Right now, this actress is gaining power and momentum. She's got a very bright future ahead. This England-born actress was born in 1988, according to In her most famous TV role, she was a brunette. In Mission Impossible: Fallout, she was a blonde.

Question 21

What is her name?

This probably isn't the hardest question in the quiz. This is a TV actress with a very famous face. This actress starred on a popular Disney Channel show and she's gained so many loyal fans over the years. Her romance with a pop idol who got his start on YouTube has made her a household name. Things didn't work out with the pop star, who's now married to another young woman. Our mystery actress is always open about her ups and downs. She doesn't try to pretend that her life is perfect. That's why her fans love her so much.

Question 22

Who is this actress?

Big Little Lies fans may recognize this brunette TV actress right away and have no trouble naming her. People who aren't familiar with Big Little Lies may struggle to name her, even though she's quite well-known. In addition to appearing on Big Little Lies, this actress has appeared in a show about a typical USA teenager, as well as CSI:NY. She's racked up a lot of TV credits and acted in films, too, including Divergent. This actress is definitely one to watch. She's very talented. In real life, she's the crunchy type. She's into natural products and all of that.

Question 23

Name this female thespian.

This female thespian is the little sister of another actress featured on this quiz. They look quite a bit alike. This talented young actress gave a wonderful performance in a fairytale-themed movie that starred Angelina Jolie. Her TV credits include Criminal Minds, Taken and Neglected. She'll soon appear in the sequel to her biggest movie, alongside Angelina Jolie. This blonde actress loves fashion. She's often spotted in the front row at fashion shows and she loves wearing the latest high fashions on the red carpet. She's currently filming a TV show called The Great, where she plays Catherine the Great.

Question 24

Which actress is this?

This one may be tough to figure out. Fans of The Borgias and Outlander may know this actress' name, because she's appeared in both shows. This actress also dances and models, so she's a triple threat. One hint is that she wasn't born in Canada or the USA. She's an actress who has given great performances in some intense and dramatic TV shows. She speaks six languages, according to People who don't know this actress' name may want to watch The Borgias or Outlander. They'll see her name in the credits. Plus, they'll enjoy some juicy and exciting TV!

Question 25

Name this acclaimed actress.

This gifted actress was so wonderful in La La Land. She brought so much emotion and nuance to her role. She's done a range of parts, from superhero's love interest to "Easy A" highschool student and beyond. This graceful and inspiring actress always makes movie and TV audiences happy. While she's best known for her films, some of which we already mentioned, she's also appeared on TV. Most recently, she took a big role in a popular Netflix series co-starring Jonah Hill. She's very famous, so most people know this A-list actress' name. This question is basically a no-brainer.

Question 26

Which athletic TV actress is this?

This TV icon is very famous and probably always will be. She has so many loyal fans, thanks to her performance as a teenage vampire slayer. These days, she juggles work, parenthood and marriage to actor, Freddie Prinze Jr. She's very into fitness and keeps herself in peak condition. Her athletic abilities helped her to master the physical aspects of her role as Buffy. She was born in 1977, according to, and an agent discovered her while she was out on the town, enjoying a meal. She's very successful and she's racked up tons of TV and film credits.

Question 27

What is the name of this actress?

This actress isn't as famous as others featured in this quiz. She's young, so she's just getting started, but she's already had lots of success. She started modeling when she was only four years of age, according to, and her big break came much later, when she scored the role of Rue in The Hunger Games. She's also the co-author of a comic book. This multi-talented actress got some press in 2017, when she let people know that she was giving up her smartphone for a while, because she felt it was not good for her mental health.

Question 28

Name this talented actress.

Fans of a certain Marvel TV series aired on Netflix may recognize this actress and know her name. Others may struggle to figure out who she is. Breaking Bad fans may know her face, but not her name. She's gotten some great TV roles and shined in all of them. Born in 1981, she began modeling as a teen. Her modeling agency starting sending her out for commercials. She got a part in a Dr. Pepper ad and kept moving up in the Hollywood world. A lot of people mistakenly think that she's the daughter of late actor, John Ritter.

Question 29

Who is this actress?

This actress is also a very skilled dancer. Her brother is a great dancer, too. DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) fans won't need to work very hard to figure out her name. People who aren't into Dancing with the Stars may need to guess to see if they know who she is. DWTS isn't her only TV credit. She's a busy person who's taken plenty of TV roles, in Speechless, the Grease! Live TV movie and other shows. One fun fact is that she appeared in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but didn't get a credit for that performance.

Question 30

Name this actress.

Some fans of the Friends TV show may know this actress as Phoebe, without knowing her real name. She played Phoebe on Friends and her acting was so strong on that show. In real-life, she's a very bright woman who has a degree in Biology from Vassar College. This talented actress and comedienne definitely has hidden depths. Most Friends fans will probably know her name. Like the rest of the Friends cast, she became very famous when that show took off. She's close with her former castmates. She spent a decade with them while filming and still feels connected.

Question 31

What is the name of this actress?

This actress played an FBI agent in training. Her character sometimes had to break the rules in order to fight for justice. These days, this actress' achievements on the TV show, Quantico, are a little bit overshadowed by her recent wedding to a Jonas Brother. She's been getting tons of press thanks to a couple of big and fancy wedding ceremonies and many pre and post-wedding celebrations. She also models. She quite famous, but maybe not a total household name. She's looking forward to starting a family with her new hubby. This talented TV actress was born in India in 1982.

Question 32

Which actress is this?

This actress knows how it feels to be locked up, even though she's not a criminal herself. She's also no stranger to orange jumpsuits, even though they are only costumes that she wears on the set. Her first really big TV role was on a show with a 70s vibe. She stands out in all of her roles. This is an actress with tons of charisma. These days, she's juggling acting and motherhood. She had a baby with a guy who used to date Robin Wright from House of Cards. She and her baby daddy, Ben Foster, are now married.

Question 33

Name this actress.

Fans of edgier TV series may know the name of this Bates Motel actress. She's 45 years old and gets great roles because she's so good at acting. Like so many great actresses, she learned the art of acting by doing plays. Plays really test an actresses' skill because there are no retakes. This actress got an Emmy nomination for her work on Bates Motel. She's also done a lot of film work, including a role in the Ricky Gervais movie, Special Correspondents. Some TV fans will need to dig deep to come up with the name of this actress.

Question 34

Name this television actress.

Here's another superb actress that critics and fans love. She recently scored one of the biggest TV roles around. She's going to play Queen Elizabeth II. She'll replace Claire Foy on The Crown. Our mystery actress also gave an exceptional and sensitive performance in Broadchurch. If you haven't checked out Broadchurch, give it a try. It's as binge-worthy as The Crown,. This actress is from Norwich, England. She's 45 and she's really in her prime. She's getting tons of recognition and grabbing some amazing acting roles. When she isn't filming, she does a lot of wonderful work for worthy charities.

Question 35

Who is this talented actress?

This actress is also a singer and she's an amazing singer. Need a little hint on this one? The word, "sweetener" may make it easier to figure this one out. Like many pop icons, she started out on TV. She appeared on a Nickelodeon TV show called Victorious and also appeared in the spin-off of that series. Today, she's known for her doomed romance with SNL comedian, Pete Davidson, as well as her singing voice. Oh, and her ponytail, too. She has modeled for MAC cosmetics. She used to date the late rapper, Mac Miller. She's incredibly famous and influential.

Question 36

Who is this actress?

This actress is engaged to a Jonas brother. This means that another actress featured in today's quiz will be her sister-in-law someday, unless something changes and our mystery actress doesn't exchange vows with her fiance. This actress is known for her red hair, but her hair color changes sometimes, depending on her filming schedule. Sometimes, she goes blond. She's famous because she got an important part in an addictive TV series that features dragons and thrones. She was born in England in 1996. These days, she spends a lot of time in Los Angeles, hanging out with her future husband.

Question 37

Name this actress.

This actress is so graceful, because she used to be a ballerina. Even when she's covered in green makeup for a film role, she's still so alluring. Talented and committed to a lot of worthy social justice causes, she is also a mother. While she's best known for movie roles, including the Star Trek reboot, she's also appeared on TV. She was in the Rosemary's Baby TV miniseries, which aired in 2014. She's married to an artist who likes to paint fairy tale characters in edgy situations. This actress is very well-known, but maybe not a household name just yet.

Question 38

What is her name?

To identify this actress, think of who she looks like. Does she resemble another TV superstar who played Lizzie McGuire? This celeb is the sister of someone who's even more famous than she is. Even though she's in her sister's shadow, she's done great work of her own. Anyone who watched the Real Rob TV series in 2017 may know this actress' name. She's got plenty of TV credits and has also produced projects. She and her sister got involved with showbiz very young. They've always known that they wanted to perform for the public and be in the spotlight.

Question 39

Name the actress.

A certain stylish show about lawyers, which featured a cast member who is now a legit member of one of the world's richest and most aristocratic families, is going to be wrapping up soon. Its final season was just announced. Fans of this show may know the name of the redheaded actress pictured here. She steals plenty of scenes and has great chemistry with her co-stars. In real life, this flame-haired actress is committed to doing charitable work, taking care of her family and seeing the world. She loves to travel and explore. Sometimes, she travels with fellow cast members.

Question 40

Who is this TV actress?

This striking brunette actress appears on a TV show inspired by one of the classic comic books of all time. She's not super-famous, but fans of the show, which has quite a fan base, definitely know her name. This actress was born in 1994, according to and she really stands out onscreen. She's got a lot of confidence, which makes her a perfect fit for her role. Her parents come from Brazil, but she was born in America. While filming her comic book-inspired show, she began a romance with a co-star. The romance didn't start until the third season.

Question 41

Name this actress.

This 38-year old actress has famous co-stars, including Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. She got her start doing TV for the VH1 network, and then got her big break, by scoring a role on a popular sitcom. Anyone who needs a hint about which show this actress is on should think about nerdy physicists. This may help! The show that's she on is currently in its last season, after a long and successful run. The actress is now a mother. She's married to a writer. According to Imdb, she used her own mom as inspiration while creating her sitcom character.

Question 42

What is the name of this actress?

This actress played an elegant woman on a very elegant show. It's the kind of show where the servants know their place and the wealthy people lord it over them. This famous actress's name isn't known to everyone, but her fans definitely know her name. The actress is currently 37 years old. She was born in London, according to She co-starred on the "upstairs-downstairs" drama with an actor who went on to portray a beast in the Disney live action film, Beauty and the Beast. While every TV fan won't know this actress' name, many will recognize her face.

Question 43

Which actress is this?

This redheaded actress recently married a famous co-star. They married at a castle, which is fitting. Her new hubby's first name is Kit. Anyone who's into Game of Thrones may find this question too easy. Avid GoT fans know all of the names of cast members. Those who don't watch GoT may not have a clue who this television actress is. Born in Scotland, to a wealthy family, she's made her mark as an actress. She grew up in her family's castle (really!), so it's no surprise that she ended up being cast on a show like Game of Thrones.

Question 44

Name the actress:

Now, it's time to name another redheaded actress. This woman is a great comedic actress. She has the ability to make people laugh and she is charming in general. Maybe you noticed her on a certain show about a wacky family, which features a "stair car" and a young man named George Michael? One fun fact about this famous actress is that she's married to the guy who played Borat and Ali G. She's the wife of comedian and prankster, Sasha Baron Cohen. This actress has also appeared in some popular films, including the very light Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Question 45

Name this actress.

This renowned TV actress gives awesome performances on a show with a superhero and supervillain theme. She's amazingly good as a baddie! She's also very famous, thanks to her own talent and thanks to the fame of her husband, who starred on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This actress is a confident woman. She's a mother to kids who aren't afraid to follow their dreams. She wants her children to have the freedom to explore life. This TV actress has also dabbled in music. She and her charming hubby founded a charity that helps needy kids in inner cities.

Question 46

Who is this actress?

This actress is one of the most famous and beloved actresses in the world. She's loaded with charisma. She has so many adoring fans. She almost broke the Internet when she donned a blindfold in a Netflix blockbuster hit. While her latest Netflix show had some plot holes, Sandra is a strong actress. She gave this TV project more gravity. Everyone tuned in to see this actress' blindfolded performance. She's a perennial favorite. She used to be married to a famous guy that is a motorcycle expert. She once dated actor, Matthew McConaughey. She’s moved on to a happy relationship.

Question 47

What is the name of this actress?

Gossip Girl fans will spot this curly-haired actress right away and most will know her name. Some might only know her character's name. This famous TV actress used to date Ed Westwick, who played Chuck Bass. While Gossip Girl fans may think of her as Vanessa, she has moved forward with her TV acting. She now has lots of new fans, thanks to her performances on the TV show, Shameless. This actress is always busy. Her acting services are in demand. Maybe she'll appear in a Gossip Girl reboot someday. If so, a lot of people will be very happy.

Question 48

Name this well-known actress.

This actress is a consummate acting pro. She's really a genius when it comes to acting. She has a special gift which is so rare. She appears on a show with a dystopian theme, where she was forced to follow unfair rules or fight back. Guess what she chose to do? She's also appeared on Mad Men and has tons of other TV and film credits. Awesomely talented, this actress was once married to Portlandia funny guy, Fred Armisen. When this gifted actress comes on screen, it's hard to look away. She brings every character to life for her many fans.

Question 49

Name this risk-taking actress.

This actress is fifty shades of daring. She'll take on risky parts that other actresses might not be brave enough to try. When she's not appearing in film or TV projects, this celeb offspring, who is now famous herself, spends time with family, or with Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. This actress' TV credits include The Office and Ben and Kate. She's involved in the world of high fashion and is the face of Gucci Bloom perfume. She's often photographed wearing hip and expensive Gucci clothing and accessories. Her dad is Miami Vice star, Don Johnson and her mom is Melanie Griffith.

Question 50

Who is she?

This curly-haired actress will always be famous, thanks to SATC. She's not too hard for most people to name. She's been in show business for decades now. She is married to an actor named Matthew Broderick, who played the starring role in the comedy classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He was also Inspector Gadget. This popular actress is playful and appeared in a fun episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, alongside Jerry Seinfeld. The actress is a mother who lives in New York City. On her famous TV show, she had a love interest who was nicknamed, Mr. Big.

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