We're Pretty Sure You're Going To Fail This Lion King Quiz

The Disney Renaissance of the 90s ushered in an incredible era of success for the studio, and they were able to take their game to another level by delivering one classic after the next. This period began during the latter part of the 80s when The Little Mermaid was released and conquered theaters. As the years went on, the hits would keep rolling, eventually giving way to Disney releasing The Lion King, which remains one of the best films of the decade.

Not only was the film a gigantic box office success, but the soundtrack wound up being a sensation as well, thanks largely to the efforts of Elton John. This film did everything right as it cemented its place in history, and later this year, the live-action remake of the film will be hitting theaters with a talented cast of voice actors. Anticipation is high for this film, and if it performs like the one before it, then it will be able to make an incredible amount of money at the box office.

So, how well do people really know The Lion King? This test is the true way of finding out who really knows their stuff about this cinematic classic!

Question 1

Did The Song "Let It Go" Appear In The Lion King?

Question 2

What Is This First Song Played In The Film?

Question 3

Who Causes Simba To Run Away?

Question 4

Who Is Simba's Father?

Question 5

Which Of These Songs Does Simba Sing?

Question 6

What Is Scar's Relation To Mufasa?

Question 7

Name This Character

Question 8

Where Is Simba From?

Question 9

Does Kovu Appear In The Lion King?

Question 10

Where Is Simba Banned From Going?

Question 11

Does Scar Attend Simba's Coronation?

Question 12

What Type Of Animal Is Timon?

Question 13

Name This Character

Question 14

Does Mufasa Sing "Circle Of Life"?

Question 15

Does Simba Overthrow Scar?

Question 16

What Event Does Scar Help Trigger?

Question 17

Does Rajah Appear In The Lion King?

Question 18

Who Explains The Circle Of Life To Simba?

Question 19

What Is Timon Afraid Of?

Question 20

Are Timon And Pumbaa Brothers?

Question 21

Does Scar Marry Sarabi?

Question 22

Who Finds Adult Simba In The Jungle?

Question 23

Does Simba Restore His Kingdom To Greatness?

Question 24

What Type Of Animal Is Rafiki?

Question 25

Who Saves Simba And Nala From The Hyenas?

Question 26

Does Simba Ever See Mufasa After He's Passed On?

Question 27

Who Do The Hyenas Work For?

Question 28

What Type Of Bird Is Zazu?

Question 29

What Does Scar Say To Mufasa Before He Betrays Him?

Question 30

What Type Of Animal Is Pumbaa?

Question 31

Who Said, "Everything The Light Touches Is Our Kingdom"?

Question 32

Which Of These Is Not One Of The Hyenas?

Question 33

Is Simba A Prince?

Question 34

Does Simba Save Timon And Pumbaa From Nala?

Question 35

What Role Does Rafiki Play?

Question 36

What Does Hakuna Matata Mean?

Question 37

Does Rafiki Say, "The King Has Returned"?

Question 38

Does Scar Sing "Be Prepared?"

Question 39

Does Simba Learn To Eat Bugs?

Question 40

According To Timon, What Do Bugs Taste Like?

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