Can You Score Over 50% On This Nightmare Before Christmas Quiz?

When it comes to holiday movies and specials, everybody has their own list of ones they must watch every year. There are usually a few that come around during October, and then a huge lineup starts when December rolls around. However, there is one movie out there that appeals to all crowds, and all holidays for that matter. Obviously, we are talking about The Nightmare Before Christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney classic that has been around since the early 90s. Some argue that it is a Halloween film, while others refuse to see it as anything other than a Christmas classic. In today's quiz, it does not matter what holiday you associate it with, only that you remember all of the details! Who thinks they can score higher than 50% on this quiz?

Question 1

Name this character

Question 2

What is the first song sang in the movie?

Question 3

Name this character

Question 4

What is Oogie Boogie made out of?

Question 5

Name this character

Question 6

What is Jack's official title?

Question 7

What did Sally give Dr. Finkelstein to make him sleep through the Halloween celebration?

Question 8

What did Sally lose when trying to run away from Dr. Finklestein?

Question 9

What was the song "Jack's Lament" about?

Question 10

What is the name of Jack's dog?

Question 11

Which holiday was not featured on any of the Holiday Doors?

Question 12

What did Jack do the very first time he saw snow?

Question 13

Which Holiday World was the song "What's This?" first sang in?

Question 14

How many faces does The Mayor have?

Question 15

What two ingredients did Sally add to Dr. Finkelstein's soup to hide the smell of poison?

Question 16

What does Jack call Santa Claus?

Question 17

What design appeared on the paper snowflake Jack made?

Question 18

What is Sally's body filled with?

Question 19

What are the names of the three trick-or-treaters?

Question 20

What did Sally see in her vision about Christmas?

Question 21

Who claims to be a "gambling man"?

Question 22

What did Sally use to try and stop Jack's Christmas plans?

Question 23

Who did the trick-or-treaters kidnap by accident?

Question 24

Who was the main villain of the film?

Question 25

What does Jack use to play fetch with his dog?

Question 26

Finish this lyric: "I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like _____ and _____ in my hair."

Question 27

Why did Jack call the town meeting?

Question 28

What do some of Halloween Town's citizens call Jack?

Question 29

True or false: Jack found Christmas Town by accident

Question 30

Why did Jack visit Dr. Finklestein?

Question 31

How did Jack sell the idea of Christmas to the citizens of Halloween Town?

Question 32

True or false: Jack wanted Halloween Town to host a gingerbread house competition

Question 33

Was Santa able to save Christmas in the end?

Question 34

Who made Jack's Santa suit?

Question 35

Did Jack and Sally end up together?

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