Pick The Better Wide Receiver, And We'll Reveal If You'd Be A Good GM!

The 2018 NFL Hall of Fame class saw the selection of two of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss come from the same era of football, and for many years, people debated about who was the better overall receiver. Regardless of which receiver you preferred, there was no denying their talents one the field. Each man was able to take the wide receiver position and completely make it their own, playing with two very different styles en route to getting their gold jacket and ticket to Canton. The era they played in saw a number of high-profile wide receivers who will be making their way into Canton as well.

The modern rules of the NFL have made the passing game easier than ever, and as such, modern wide receivers are putting up absurd numbers. These men are looking to do the same thing the Terrell Owens and Randy Moss did: make the Hall of Fame and be remembered forever. As it stands now, the NFL has a ton of wide receivers who are all clawing their way up to the top of the pile, and we will have plenty for you to rank.

All you need to do is pick which receiver you think is best. Judging by your answers, we will reveal if you would be a good GM.

Question 1

Would You Choose Antonio Brown Or JuJu Smith-Schuster

The first question of this quiz is going to pit two teammates against one another. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a passing attack that would make any team envious, and these two receivers are a huge reason why. Brown has been dominating the league for a while, and Smith-Schuster had a stellar rookie campaign.

Question 2

Would You Choose Odell Beckham Jr. Or Mike Wallace?

The New York Giants team was heavily depleted with injuries this year, including a devastating injury to Odell Beckham. He missed the entire season, and fans cannot wait to have him back next year. Mike Wallace has played for several teams, and he has been a tremendous deep threat during his career.

Question 3

Would You Choose Julio Jones Or Mohamed Sanu?

The Atlanta Falcons have one of the most dominating and feared receiver tandems in the NFL, and it is lead by these two gentlemen. Both Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu can completely dominate a game by themselves, and when the ball is spread to both men, the Falcons are going to put up points in bunches.

Question 4

Would You Choose Allen Robinson Or Sterling Shepard?

When he is healthy and firing on all cylinders, Allen Robinson has proved to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. The Jaguars will be looking to keep Robinson around for next season. Up in New York, Shepard is developing into a solid player despite losing his running mates this season.

Question 5

Would You Choose Adam Tieilen Or Stefon Diggs?

The Vikings were so close to playing a home game for the Super Bowl, but they ultimately fell short to the eventual Super Bowl winners. Case Keenum came from out of nowhere to lead the team, and he received a huge boost in confidence from his top two receivers in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.

Question 6

Would You Choose Amari Cooper Or Michael Crabtree?

Both of these receivers are coming off of a season that they would rather forget. In 2016, they teamed up for one of the most lethal receiving combos in the league, posting over 1,000 yards each. In 2017, however, they both saw a steep decline in numbers, and many point the finger at the coaching staff.

Question 7

Would You Choose Julian Edelman Or Randall Cobb?

The Patriots were devastated when Julian Edelman went down with a season-ending injury, and yet, they were still able to make the Super Bowl. With Tom Brady slinging the rock, Edelman is a constant threat. Randall Cobb has put up some impressive numbers with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, though his production has dipped.

Question 8

Would You Choose Keenan Allen Or DeAndre Hopkins?

Keenan Allen has dealt with a number of injuries in his career, and his clean bill of health also included putting up ridiculous numbers with the Chargers. He appears to be one of the best receivers in the league. Hopkins, meanwhile, has been considered a top 5 receiver for several years.

Question 9

Would You Choose Michael Thomas Or Tyreek Hill?

If Drew Brees is your starting quarterback, then you can expect to put up insane numbers during your career. Michael Thomas benefited greatly from having Brees throw him the rock. Tyreek Hill has done nothing but give defensive coordinators headaches since entering the league. He can legitimately do it all.

Question 10

Would You Choose Marvin Jones Or Larry Fitzgerald?

Marvin Jones is quickly becoming a premiere receiver, and playing with Matt Stafford has a lot to do with it. Jones is able to go out and hang up 100 yards on any given Sunday. People have been saying that Larry Fitzgerald is near the end of his career, but his production on the field says otherwise.

Question 11

Would You Choose Emmanuel Sanders Or Eric Decker?

Former teammates Emmanuel Sanders and Eric Decker have both seen a dip in production recently, though this could come from their offensive situations. Both play on teams that lack a serious aerial assault, and as such, their production has suffered. A change of scenery could work wonders for these two.

Question 12

Would You Choose A.J. Green Or Brandin Cooks?

Few things in life are guaranteed, but A.J. Green making the Pro Bowl is one of them. He has made the Pro Bowl in all 7 of his professional seasons in the NFL. Dude is a beast. Brandin Cooks, meanwhile, is one of the premiere deep threats in the entire NFL, and he was instrumental in New England’s success this year.

Question 13

Would You Choose Mike Evans Or Golden Tate?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled mightily this year, and many feel that a change in coaching would work wonders for the team. Mike Evans is a dominant receiver who had a letdown year for the Bucs. Over in Detroit, Golden Tate held it down for Matt Stafford and the Lions. They narrowly missed the playoffs.

Question 14

Would You Choose Doug Baldwin Or Jarvis Landry?

If the Seattle Seahawks had even a decent offensive line, this team could have been potent on offense, and Doug Baldwin is a huge reason why. He is a solid receiver who functions as the best option for Russ Wilson. Jarvis Landry is a dominant receiver who could find himself on a new team in 2018.

Question 15

Would You Choose T.Y. Hilton Or Demaryius Thomas?

Both of these men have seen their numbers dip due to poor and unstable quarterback play, but they have each shown the ability to take over and dominate a game in the past. Perhaps once their teams straighten out their quarterback situations, these two men will once again become premiere wide receivers.

Question 16

Would You Choose Cooper Kupp Or Davante Adams?

You never know what type of production that you’re going to get from rookies, but Cooper Kupp held it down for the Rams. He became a favorite target of Jared Goff and put up solid numbers in the process. Davante Adams exploded onto the seen and ran roughshod over defensive backs all season.

Question 17

Would You Choose Kenny Stills Or Devin Funchess?

Kenny Stills may have been playing second fiddle to the likes of Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker in Miami, but his talent was too much to be ignored. He was able to make his presence felt this season. Devin Funchess, meanwhile, has been holding it down since Kelvin Benjamin was shipped off to Buffalo.

Question 18

Would You Choose Dez Bryant Or Jermaine Kearse?

Dez Bryant may be getting long in the tooth, but the guy is a touchdown machine when he is healthy. Many feel that he could be on his way out of Dallas, and seeing him in another uniform will be weird. Jermaine Kearse was a solid receiver for the Seattle Seahawks before making his way to New York.

Question 19

Would You Choose Sammy Watkins Or Martavis Bryant?

Injuries have truly held back Sammy Watkins during his career. When he is healthy, the guy is nearly unstoppable, but getting healthy games from him is like pulling teeth. Martavis Bryant has had some off-field issues that have prevented him from truly realizing his full potential with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Question 20

Would You Choose Jamison Crowder Or Alshon Jeffery?

With Kirk Cousins at the helm in 2017, Jamison Crowder was able to put together a solid season, amassing over 700 yards. Now that Cousins is leaving, it will be interesting to see how his production changes next year. Alshon Jeffery headed to Philadelphia before the start of the season and won a Super Bowl. Go figure.

Question 21

Would You Choose Nelson Agholor Or Ted Ginn Jr.?

Nelson Agholor was once the most hated player on the Eagles due to his lack of production on the field. Fans were actively running him out of town until he had a breakout season in 2017. Ted Ginn has been holding it down in the NFL for years, proving to be a deep threat, regardless of his age.

Question 22

Would You Choose Robert Woods Or Brandon Marshall?

Despite playing on a team that already has Sammy Watkins and Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods still put together a solid season for Los Angeles, and their offense should get even better next year. The Giants brought in Brandon Marshall to strengthen their receiving corps, but injuries completely ruined that notion.

Question 23

Would You Choose DeVante Parker Or Marqise Lee?

Both of these men are holding it down in Florida, even if they aren’t the star receivers on their team. DeVante Parker and Marqise Lee have both flashed the talent to be top receiving options, but injuries and inconsistent play have held these two men back from becoming elite players.

Question 24

Would You Choose DeSean Jackson Or Danny Amendola?

It doesn’t matter where he plays or how old he is, DeSean Jackson is capable of rattling off a 90-yard touchdown at a moment’s notice. He has always possessed incredible speed, and age hasn’t changed that. Amendola may not be a dominant receiver, but when the playoffs start, he becomes a nightmare.

Question 25

Would You Choose Pierre Garcon Or Jordy Nelson?

Pierre Garcon has always been a solid receiver, and now that Jimmy G will be throwing the ball, expect a spike in his overall production. Up in Green Bay, an injury to Aaron Rodgers completely changed the fortunes of the team, and Jordy Nelson’s numbers were drastically lower than they have been.

Question 26

Would You Choose Jeremy Maclin Or Kelvin Benjamin?

This entry is a comparison of players who are at two very different points in their careers. It would appear as though Jeremy Maclin’s best days are behind him. He can, however, put up solid numbers still. Kelvin Benjamin was part of a surprise trade that sent the young player up to Buffalo.

Question 27

Would You Choose Terrelle Pryor Or Rishard Matthews?

After putting up a 1,000-yard receiving season with the Cleveland Browns, Terrelle Pryor was a hot commodity in the NFL. In 2017, however, Pryor would completely disappear, and his future is uncertain. Matthews was one of the few solid weapons for Mariota in the passing game in Tennessee this season.

Question 28

Would You Choose Marquise Goodwin Or Robby Anderson?

Neither of these wide receivers are going to be considered elite players at this point in the careers, but both of them would be a welcome addition to strengthen any team’s receiving corps. The 2018 season should see them play with stable starting quarterbacks to help boost their overall production.

Question 29

Would You Choose Keelan Cole Or Seth Roberts?

The Jaguars dealt with significant injuries at wide receiver this year, and this gave Keelan Cole the opportunity to step up and contribute. He certainly earned his keep throughout the year. Seth Roberts went from undrafted to contracted in Oakland, but he had a down year in 2017. Hopefully he can rebound in 2018.

Question 30

Would You Choose Adam Humphries Or Tyrell Williams?

Adam Humphries and Tyrell Williams both possess some serious talent, and they are solid contributors for the Buccaneers and Chargers. Neither man has taken their game to the next level, but that could all change in 2018. They are two receivers to keep an eye on heading into the 2018 season.

Question 31

Would You Choose Kendall Wright Or Terrance Williams?

Kendall Wright and Terrance Williams both have the ability to do some solid work when they take the field, and the development of their quarterbacks is going to help their development. Trubisky and Prescott have flashed at times, but once they realize their full potential, these two receivers will shine.

Question 32

Would You Choose Brandon LaFell Or Tyler Lockett?

Brandon LaFell and Tyler Lockett put up nearly identical numbers during the 2017 season. These wide receivers served as role players for their teams throughout the season, and you can expect more of the same in 2018. Both teams are looking to go back to the playoffs after missing out in 2017.

Question 33

Would You Choose Allen Hurns Or Chris Godwin?

For all of the praise that Allen Robinson gets in Jacksonville, Allen Hurns should be getting plenty himself. Both men have been the primary weapons for Blake Bortles during his career, and Hurns has proven to be a solid receiver. Despite the other talented receivers, Godwin was still able to have a pretty good 2017.

Question 34

Would You Choose Chris Hogan Or Torrey Smith?

The Patriots have a weird way of plucking relative unknowns to become star players, and Chris Hogan is proof this. Hogan is a former lacrosse player who has become a key contributor for the Patriots. Torrey Smith has the ability to score whenever he touches the ball, and he helped Philadelphia win the Super Bowl.

Question 35

Would You Choose Will Fuller Or Donte Moncrief?

When Watson comes back in 2018, expect Will Fuller to become a household name. He was on a tear when Watson was put in the starting lineup, and his production dipped when the injury bug struck. Donte Moncrief has been a solid contributor for Indianapolis for several years, and having Luck back will be huge for him.

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