Play 'Never Have I Ever' And We'll Tell You How Much Game You've Got

Even though we all like to think we are playing the game right, most of the time this simply isn't true. In this entertaining game of "never have I ever", we are going to be getting to the bottom of who the true players are, and who can use a crash course in dating. Time to call up some friends, and see who's got the best tips!

Here's how it's going to go: We will ask a variety of questions, and everyone just has to state whether or not they have done what is being asked. Once all of the questions have been answered, we will let everybody know where their game level is at. Some may be surprised by their results, but it's better to be aware of these things, right?

Question 1

Used a dating app?

Question 2

Met an SO's parents?

Question 3

Gone out with a friend's ex?

Question 4

Cooked for a date?

Question 5

Ghosted a romantic interest?

Question 6

Dated a coworker?

Question 7

Been to a bachelor/bachelorette party?

Question 8

Dated someone my parents didn't like?

Question 9

Gone on a picnic date?

Question 10

Let a date pick the movie?

Question 11

Proposed to someone?

Question 12

Had some fun in a car?

Question 13

Kissed a stranger?

Question 14

Been on a blind date?

Question 15

Stalked a crush online?

Question 16

Had a crush on a married person?

Question 17

Dated someone more than 10 years older?

Question 18

Had some fun on an airplane?

Question 19

Fought with a friend over a crush?

Question 20

Blocked a date's number?

Question 21

Kept a relationship secret?

Question 22

Had a New Year's kiss?

Question 23

Spent a whole weekend playing video games?

Question 24

Had some fun in an elevator?

Question 25

Used a cheesy pick-up line?

Question 26

Done something reckless to impress a date?

Question 27

Taken a spontaneous trip?

Question 28

Texted an ex?

Question 29

Been called a "player"?

Question 30

Split the check on a first date?

Question 31

Spent a whole weekend watching movies?

Question 32

Been friendzoned?

Question 33

Dated two people at the same time?

Question 34

Been a third wheel?

Question 35

Dumped someone?

Question 36

Been speed dating?

Question 37

Used a wingman?

Question 38

Been stood up?

Question 39

Arrived early for a date?

Question 40

Been in a long-distance relationship?

Question 41

Been married?

Question 42

Dated someone for the wrong reasons?

Question 43

Fallen in love on a first date?

Question 44

Used a fake excuse to leave a date early?

Question 45

Worn a couples costume?

Question 46

Worn too much perfume/cologne on a date?

Question 47

Judged a date on their clothing?

Question 48

Performed karaoke?

Question 49

Been on an adventurous date?

Question 50

Forgotten a date's name?

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