Can You Match These NBA Players To Their Jersey Numbers?

Basketball in the NBA has never been more competitive due to the abundance of talented players. When Bill Russell played in the '50s and '60s, there was far less competition, and only a select few players dominated the league. Today, players such as Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson are idolized for their unique talents and expertise at winning NBA Championships. Players today can select a jersey number of a historical player they admire or select a unique one for themselves.

The number 23 is one of the most common jersey numbers used in the NBA because of its representation of Michael Jordan. Players such as Ron Artest, Wesley Matthews, and Quentin Richardson have worn 23 as well as others listed on this quiz. A jersey number won't increase a player's skill, but it will allow other players and fans to identify them.

It is unknown why NBA players rarely pick a basketball jersey number over 55, but it has been suggested it's because large numbers look odd on a basketball jersey.

Test your knowledge of NBA players by guessing their jersey numbers. Only an NBA expert will be able to score higher than 80% on this quiz. Good luck!

Question 1

Can You Identify Stephen Curry's Jersey Number?

The manner in which Stephen Curry has shifted the Golden State Warriors' team dynamics and strategic play, and changed the game of basketball as we know it, will leave a meaningful impact for years to come. Without Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors would likely never have won their recent two NBA Championships and wouldn't have become an attractive team for Kevin Durant to join. Along with Klay Thompson, he and Stephen Curry make up a duo that has been nicknamed the "Splash Brothers." What is Stephen Curry's jersey number?

Question 2

What Is Kevin Durant's Jersey Number?

It has been made clear by Kevin Durant's NBA Finals MVP award that we have yet to reach the bounds of his talent. Possibly Kevin Durant was under-utilized on the Oklahoma City Thunder judging by his lack of championship wins. He can drive to the hoop and dominate the court like few others. It would not be surprising to see Kevin Durant win another MVP title this year. Kevin Durant maintains the same jersey number on the Golden State Warriors. What is Kevin Durant's jersey number?

Question 3

Can You Choose Serge Ibaka's Jersey Number?

Serge Ibaka is one of the NBA's top current Power Forwards. During his professional basketball career, which started in 2007, he has played for teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, and the Toronto Raptors. Amazingly enough, Serge Ibaka can speak four different languages including French; English; Lingala, the native language in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo; and Spanish. Serge Ibaka won a silver medal at the 2012 London Summer Olympics while playing for Spain. Can you recall what Serge Ibaka's jersey number is?

Question 4

Pick The Jersey Number That Belongs To Russell Westbrook!

Although Russell Westbrook no longer plays alongside Kevin Durant, his former teammate, he continues to put up admirable stats. His consistency for driving to the hoop and making baskets is like few others. The website of ranks Russell Westbrook as the fastest player in the league. They place him ahead of John Wall, Derrick Rose, LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving. Speed is important in basketball, and Russell Westbrook is much more than a fast player. What is Russell Westbrook's jersey number?

Question 5

Can You Choose Al Horford's Jersey Number?

As a five-time NBA All-Star, Al Horford has played the Center position like few others. He can maintain strong defensive skills while demonstrating effective offense ability by scoring points in critical moments. During his 2012-13 season, he was able to finish the season with an average of 17.4 points. Horford has only played for the Boston Celtics since 2016. Before the Celtics, he was a prominent player for the Atlanta Hawks. Can you choose the number that is Al Horford's jersey number?

Question 6

Can You Identify Jeff Teague's Jersey Number?

Jeff Teague is one of the league's top Point Guards and currently plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was once made part of the NBA All-Star team in 2015. Compared to some of the other players on this list, his awards and accomplishments are lower, but if he is traded to the correct team, he could gain an opportunity to display his talents better. There no question that he knows how to play basketball since puts up admirable stats. What is Jeff Teague's jersey number?

Question 7

What Is Dwight Howard's Jersey Number?

People in the NBA also refer to this player as Superman for his performance in the 2008 NBA Slam Dunk Contest in which he executed a Superman dunk while wearing a Superman outfit. Fans who watched the game that day will say he did fly that day. It was an enormous distance he covered and the form he held while completing the dunk displayed exceptional dunking expertise. Dwight Howard has been an NBA All-Star eight times and an NBA rebounding leader five times.

Question 8

Can You Choose Marc Gasol's Jersey Number?

As a Spanish basketball player, he is one of the NBA's top 10 Centers. Even though iconic Centers such as Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan are now retired, there remain players who are skillful at the position. Height is critical when playing Center and at 7 ft 1 in, Marc Gasol more than exceeds on this front. The Memphis Grizzlies are not performing as well as they did in previous years, but with the competition seen in other teams such as the Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, and Toronto Raptors, it is not surprising.

Question 9

Pick The Answer That Is Carmelo Anthony's Jersey Number!

For the majority of Carmelo Anthony's career, he has played on the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets. As of the current season, Carmelo has been a team member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Numerous sports analysts will credit Carmelo Anthony as being one of the best scoring generators this league has ever seen. Astoundingly, he has been an NBA All-Star ten times and an NBA Scoring Champion one time. He plays the Small Forward position. What is Carmelo Anthony's jersey number?

Question 10

What Is Taj Gibson's Jersey Number?

Taj is not the top Power Forwards in the league, in fact, there are quite a few that are more skilled than him, but the fact the Timberwolves are having an improved season this year is in part due to Taj. Taj's current number is in an ode to his home neighborhood in Brooklyn. When Taj Gibson first joined the NBA in 2009, he played for the Chicago Bulls and used number twenty-two for his jersey number. What is Taj Gibson's current jersey number for the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Question 11

Can You Identify J.R. Smith's Jersey Number?

Judging by how narrow the lead was when Cleveland beat the Golden State Warriors in game 7 of the NBA Championship game in 2016, they likely wouldn't have won it without J.R. Smith. With J.R. Smith at Shooting Guard, LeBron James at Small Forward, and Kyrie Irving at Point Guard, the team would likely not have succeeded in winning the title. Kyrie has been traded, but the team has now acquired talented players such as Jose Calderon who is also exceptional.

Question 12

What Is Dwayne Wade's Current Jersey Number On The Cleveland Cavaliers?

We have to admire Dwayne Wade's composure and proficiency for coordinating with team members. During his career, Dwayne Wade has played alongside basketball talents such as LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo, Shaquille O'Neal, and Ray Allen. The website of ranks Ray Allen as the best shooter of all time. It is not difficult to see how Dwayne Wade, Shaquille O'Neal, Ray Allen, and Dwayne Wade won the NBA Championship. What is Dwayne Wade's current number on the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Question 13

Pick The Jersey Number That Belongs To Dirk Nowitzki!

It is possible that Dirk Nowitzki's career is coming to an end as he has stated that retiring soon is possible. As one of the most decorated players, he is now playing his twentieth season in the NBA. Dirk has won awards such as the NBA Championship, NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP, and he is a thirteen-time NBA All-Star. Dirk Nowitzki plays the Center position and is 7 ft 0 in tall. What is Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitzki's jersey number?

Question 14

Select George Hill's Jersey Number

During George Hill's NBA basketball career, he has played for teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, and Cleveland Cavaliers. George remarkably had a wingspan of 6'9" on his draft day. During this day, he was drafted to the San Antonio Spurs as the 26th pick in the 1st round. George Hill has changed his number during his career but has mostly had this same number. Can you select the correct answer that is George Hill's jersey number?

Question 15

What Is Andre Iguodala's Jersey Number?

There is at least one reason why Andre Iguodala was given the NBA Finals MVP award in 2015. He deftly locked down LeBron James and prevented LeBron from overcoming Golden State. LeBron is a type of player that needs to have two defenders on him at times, and Iguodala gave Golden State relief for this task, allowing them to focus on offense. Iguodala has played on teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, and Golden State Warriors. What is Andre Iguodala's jersey number?

Question 16

Pick Kevin Love's Jersey Number

As a 6 foot 10-inch talented basketball player, Kevin Love plays both Power Forward and Center for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It would seem since Cleveland acquired Kevin Love that competing with their team became nearly impossible. This year is the first that Cleveland is suffering, but they remain a top three team in the Eastern Conference. Kevin Love was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies but was immediately traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Can you select the number that is Kevin Love's jersey number?

Question 17

What Is Blake Griffin's Jersey Number?

Although Blake Griffin has never won an NBA Championship, he consistently ranks as one of the league's top players. In 2018 he was traded to the Detroit Pistons from the Los Angeles Clippers. Blake won the NBA Rookie of the Year award as a rookie. This is not surprising since he was the first pick in round 1 of the 2009 NBA draft. Perhaps Blake Griffin has reached his peak in performance so he'll need to find a better team for a shot at the NBA Championship.

Question 18

Pick DeMar DeRozan's Jersey Number!

It would be difficult to think of the Toronto Raptors without referencing DeMar DeRozan. DeMar has been putting up remarkably high stats in the past few years. Last year, he had a season point average of 27.3! Shooting free throws is a specialty of his since DeRozan can make free throws with a higher than 80% percentage. During all four years of high school at Compton High School, DeRozan played for the varsity basketball team. What is DeMar DeRozan's jersey number?

Question 19

What Is Kyle Lowry's Jersey Number?

The Toronto Raptors have never won an NBA Championship, but they are closer than ever under the leadership of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. Lowry plays the Point Guard position. Lowry has two sons named Karter and Kameron. Currently, the Toronto Raptors are leading the Eastern Conference. Hopefully, the Toronto Raptors can win their first championship this year. They made it to the finals once before but lost in the sixth game to the Cleveland Cavaliers. What is Kyle Lowry's jersey number?

Question 20

Can You Pick Kyrie Irving's Jersey Number

Due to differences in opinions with LeBron James and other reasons, Kyrie Irving left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving was putting up over 40 points in a single game during the playoffs when he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers. So far Kyrie Irving's decision is paying off because the Boston Celtics have a substantial lead over Cleveland in this season. Just because Boston is doing better in the standings doesn't mean, however, that Boston will win the championship as Kyrie did with Cleveland in 2016. What is Kyrie Irving's jersey number?

Question 21

Pick DeMarcus Cousins' Jersey Number

DeMarcus Cousins' prowess in the Center position is like few others in the NBA. We have to recognize the fact that he has been an NBA All-Star four times since joining in 2010. When DeMarcus Cousins started, he played for the Sacramento Kings and later joined the New Orleans Pelicans. At 6 ft 11 in tall, DeMarcus is a skilled blocker. DeMarcus has a wife and two children who he cares for dearly. He once won a gold medal the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. What is DeMarcus Cousins' jersey number?

Question 22

Can You Pick Klay Thompson's Jersey Number?

Klay is part of a duo known as the "Splash Brothers" that consists of he and Stephen Curry. Klay's formidable presence at the three-point line is a contributing reason for why Golden State is as formidable as they are. By allowing multiple three-point shooters on a single line, the Warriors increase their chances of landing three-point shots. With effective strategy, excellent shooting, and strong defensive support, it is no wonder why the Golden State Warriors continue to lead the league.

Question 23

Pick Isaiah Thomas' Jersey Number

As a new addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue is hoping that Isaiah Thomas will give the Cleveland Cavaliers some stability at the Point Guard position. The Cleveland Cavaliers appear more impressive than ever with their well-rounded team. With players such as Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson, LeBron James, and Derrick Rose, the Cavs have never looked better. Previously, Isaiah Thomas was critical of Cavs coaching after blowing a 21-point lead against the Orlando Magic. What is Isaiah Thomas' jersey number?

Question 24

What Is John Wall's Jersey Number?

We can consider John Wall to be one of the top players in the NBA today. Since he was drafted in 2010, he has played exclusively for the Washington Wizards. John Wall is admirable for his ability to maintain his composure on the court. The way he makes baskets appears virtually effortless. Wall owns a home in Potomac, Maryland that is on two acres of land and is worth $4.9 million. What is John Wall's jersey number on the Washington Wizards?

Question 25

Pick Chris Paul's Jersey Number

It is incredible to see how Chris Paul uses his short height to his advantage. Sports experts are saying that Chris Paul is more valuable to the Los Angeles Clippers than Blake Griffin. As a Point Guard, he is phenomenal. He also is a nine-time NBA All-Star, seven-time NBA All-Defensive First Team, four-time NBA assists leader, and six-time NBA steals leader. At a mere a 6 ft 0 in, Chris Paul makes us understand that being tall is not necessary for basketball.

Question 26

What Is Jimmy Butler's Jersey Number

In the year 2015, Jimmy Butler was considered the most improved player of the year and given an award. Being the most improved shows that you are a growing player and were exceptional in that year. Jimmy Butler has played on the NBA All-Star team seven times. Hopefully, we haven't seen the best from Butler yet. Jimmy Butler changed his jersey number after leaving the Chicago Bulls and joining the Minnesota Timberwolves. Which of these numbers is Jimmy Butler's jersey numbers?

Question 27

Pick Anthony Davis' Jersey Number

Although size can help a player in the game, being talented at scoring, rebounding, and stealing can help make a player go above and beyond. Since being drafted in 2012, Anthony Davis has remained as a player for the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. This player is one of the several talented NBA centers contained on this quiz. Anthony Davis was featured on the cover of NBA 2K16 featuring Spike Lee. What is Anthony Davis' jersey number?

Question 28

Can You Select Giannis Antetokounmpo's Jersey Number?

At 23 years of age, Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the NBA's top players to watch. He has exploded on the scene since his introduction to NBA Basketball. His athletic ability including running and jumping gives him an advantage over most players on the court. He is currently playing for the Milwaukee Bucks team which is not doing that well in the standings. Hopefully, the Bucks acquire some players, or Giannis Antetokounmpo is traded because he displays enormous potential and would likely be a leading performer with the right team.

Question 29

Select Tristan Thompson's Jersey Number

Many people didn't expect Tristan Thompson to rise to the occasion and put up the stats he did in recent years with the Cavaliers. On average, he was getting 10.8 rebounds in the 2016 playoffs and still maintained an exceptional 8.3 rebounds. You may find it interesting to know that Tristan Thompson was born in Canada. He has not had an opportunity to play for Team Canada yet due to commitments with the Cleveland Cavaliers. What is Tristan Thompson's jersey number?

Question 30

Can You Pick Kawhi Leonard's Jersey Number?

Because Kawhi Leonard was able to win the NBA Finals MVP award so early in his career, he has gained even more attention than he was already receiving. Along with the phenomenal coaching of Gregg Popovich, Kawhi Leonard has grown vastly as a player, and with an excellent to back Kawhi, it is no wonder why the San Antonio Spurs consistently place high in the NBA standings. What jersey number does Kawhi Leonard use while playing for the San Antonio Spurs?

Question 31

What Is Draymond Green's Golden State Warrior Jersey Number?

Draymond Green displays tremendous leadership as a dominant player on the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors are leading the league in wins, and this is in part because of Draymond Green's support and defensive skill. He led the league with the most steals in 2017 and is a three-time NBA All-Defensive First Team. It's too early to say, but Draymond Green could become the next Dennis Rodman at the pace he is going. What is Draymond Green's jersey number?

Question 32

What Is Paul Milsap's Denver Nuggets Jersey Number?

When Paul Milsap was young, he was awarded the Louisiana Mr. Basketball award. This award is given to the player chosen as the best basketball player in the State of Louisiana. We can admire Paul for his formidable defense and stamina on the court. It is rare to find a player who gives more effort than Paul Milsap. Did you know that Paul Milsap went to the same college as Karl Malone? What is Paul Milsap's Denver Nuggets jersey number?

Question 33

What Is Karl-Anthony Towns' Jersey Number?

Karl-Anthony Towns shoots with his right hand and has maintained larger than a .500 field goal percentage since being drafted into the NBA in 2015. At only 22 years of age, he is a player to watch carefully. Already he has played on the NBA All-Star team and was previously awarded the NBA Rookie of the Year. Judging by how Towns makes playing the game look easy, we can tell he is a talented player. What is Karl-Anthony Towns' jersey number?

Question 34

Choose LeBron James's Jersey Number!

Ever since being drafted into the NBA in the first round and as a first draft pick, LeBron James has been a focus of attention by all. LeBron James chose a jersey number that is in an ode to his basketball idol. LeBron hopes to further find success in his awe-inspiring basketball career. He has already won the NBA Champion three times and NBA Finals MVP three times. LeBron is also a fourteen-time NBA All-Star. What is LeBron James' jersey number?

Question 35

Choose James Harden's Jersey Number!

The Houston Rockets are one of the top teams in the league mainly thanks to James Harden. James Harden was part of the 2012 Olympic United States basketball team that won the gold medal. He is recognizable on the court for having a sizeable black beard. It is quite astounding to see him without the beard as James is virtually unrecognizable and appears to be a different person. Initially, James Harden was drafted to Oklahoma City, but later he joined the Houston Rockets.

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