Can You Match These NBA Players To Their Jersey Numbers?

Basketball in the NBA has never been more competitive due to the abundance of talented players. When Bill Russell played in the '50s and '60s, there was far less competition, and only a select few players dominated the league. Today, players such as Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson are idolized for their unique talents and expertise at winning NBA Championships. Players today can select a jersey number of a historical player they admire or select a unique one for themselves.

The number 23 is one of the most common jersey numbers used in the NBA because of its representation of Michael Jordan. Players such as Ron Artest, Wesley Matthews, and Quentin Richardson have worn 23 as well as others listed on this quiz. A jersey number won't increase a player's skill, but it will allow other players and fans to identify them.

It is unknown why NBA players rarely pick a basketball jersey number over 55, but it has been suggested it's because large numbers look odd on a basketball jersey.

Test your knowledge of NBA players by guessing their jersey numbers. Only an NBA expert will be able to score higher than 80% on this quiz. Good luck!

1Can You Identify Stephen Curry's Jersey Number?

The manner in which Stephen Curry has shifted the Golden State Warriors' team dynamics and strategic play, and changed the game of basketball as we know it, will leave a meaningful impact for years to come. Without Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors would likely never have won their recent two NBA Championships and wouldn't have become an attractive team for Kevin Durant to join. Along with Klay Thompson, he and Stephen Curry make up a duo that has been nicknamed the "Splash Brothers." What is Stephen Curry's jersey number?

2What Is Kevin Durant's Jersey Number?

It has been made clear by Kevin Durant's NBA Finals MVP award that we have yet to reach the bounds of his talent. Possibly Kevin Durant was under-utilized on the Oklahoma City Thunder judging by his lack of championship wins. He can drive to the hoop and dominate the court like few others. It would not be surprising to see Kevin Durant win another MVP title this year. Kevin Durant maintains the same jersey number on the Golden State Warriors. What is Kevin Durant's jersey number?

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