Only Real Anime Nerds Can Score 100% On This Naruto Test

As one of the more intriguing and popular entries to come from Japan, Naruto is a series that has become wildly popular with people around the world. While it still has a ways to go in terms of catching up with the lore of other famous anime, there is no denying what Naruto has been able to do since making its debut so long ago. At this rate, it could end up going down as one of the most popular franchises in history, which is no easy feat. Needless to say, with this many fans, knowledge of the series is out there and in abundance.

Today, we want to test everyone out there and see who is able to ace this test! Only those with the most knowledge can pull this off.

Question 1

Name this character

Question 2

What alias does Obito use?

Question 3

Which team is Kakashi part of?

Question 4

Which year was Obito born in?

Question 5

Where is Shikamaru from?

Question 6

How old is Naruto in part one?

Question 7

What is Naruto known as?

Question 8

How old was Itachi when he became an Academy graduate?

Question 9

What is Minato's favorite hobby?

Question 10

Which form does Gaara have?

Question 11

Name This Character

Question 12

What is Choji's father's name?

Question 13

What is Naruto's occupation?

Question 14

Who does Naruto look like?

Question 15

Which release does Kotetsu have?

Question 16

Which team is Hinata part of?

Question 17

Who does Ino befriend while at Academy?

Question 18

What generation of Ino–Shika–Chō is Chocho?

Question 19

What is Naruto's favorite color?

Question 20

What does Kage mean?

Question 21

Has Sakura achieved the rank of Genin?

Question 22

Who gave Kabuto his glasses?

Question 23

Is Kakuzu pictured here?

Question 24

What is Naruto's rank?

Question 25

Does Naruto have have lava release?

Question 26

Did Naruto start as a manga or a show?

Question 27

How many children does Naruto have?

Question 28

What affiliation does Isaribi hold?

Question 29

What is Sakura's nickname?

Question 30

What is Naruto's favorite ramen shop?

Question 31

What ninja rank does Tsunade hold?

Question 32

What is Iruka's occupation?

Question 33

Who wrote the books that Kakashi likes to reads?

Question 34

What does Orochimaru seek?

Question 35

Name this character

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