Naming All These Pokémon Won't Be Easy For Just Any Trainer. Who Wants To Try?

While other cartoons have come and gone from our lives, Pokemon has somehow managed to stick around. Not only has it remained a popular program, but it seems that every year new exciting games are being released from the franchise as well. There is just something so magical about a fictional world where fascinating creatures roam free. Has anyone here ever dreamed of being a true Pokemon trainer? With the addition of Pokemon Go, we have come pretty close to this reality, but how can we know for sure if all of these "supposed" trainers are actually as good as they say they are? Well, today we will find out who has been telling the truth!

For this quiz, we will be listing original Pokemon one by one. All everyone has to do is name them correctly. It may sound easy, but we will assure everyone that only a truest of Pokemon fans will be able to pass this one. It is finally time to find out who has what it really takes to be a trainer, and who should go back to just playing the games. Get ready for this ultimate Pokemon quiz, we are about to catch em all'!

Question 1

Which of these names is correct?

This Pokemon is very large and walks around on four legs. It also has a unique flower on its back. When this flower has absorbed enough sunlight throughout the day, it will begin to release to sweet smell into the air. Not only is this smell said to sooth the emotions of nearby humans, but it will also attract Pokemon in the area. This makes finding prey especially easy for this Pokemon. To identify its gender, we need only look to see if the Pokemon has a seed on its back. If it does, than it is a female. Name the Pokemon. (Wikipedia)

Question 2

Name this Pokemon

This Pokemon is not much of a fighter at all. Instead, this Pokemon prefers to help others. They can often be found in places like hospitals, doing their best to help cure their fellow creatures. This Pokemon is also always carrying around a large stone egg. They share this egg with Pokemon and humans, as they believe that it has the power to bring happiness to all those who touch it. While they may not be a good choice for battling, there is something to be said about the kindness of this specific Pokemon. Can anyone pick out the right name? (Wikipedia)

Question 3

Match the Pokemon to its name

Here is a unique little frog-like Pokemon. It is one of the very few who can live inside or outside of the water. Should it choose to live on land, this Pokemon must continuously be sweating. The reason? Well this Pokemon has very slimy skin, and it needs to stay that way. Should this Pokemon get trapped by an opponent, they can use their slimy skin and flexible body to escape. If their escape plan does not work, this Pokemon can rely on its swirl to put their foe to sleep. Is anyone here able to name this original Pokemon properly? (Wikipedia)

Question 4

Which name is right?

This Pokemon is a mysterious one to say the least. This tiny pink Pokemon actually possess the DNA of every other Pokemon out there. This pretty much means that it has the power to use any ability available within the Pokemon world. If that was not already cool enough, this Pokemon can also fly or walk around. They are easy to spot because of their bright pink color, however, finding one of them out in the wild is a very rare occurrence. Looking at the four names listed, is anyone here able to match this Pokemon to the right one? (Wikipedia)

Question 5

Select the correct name

This Pokemon is actually fairly gross. It is completely made up of toxic sludge, and it can only survive by continuously collecting more sludge as it moves around. Because of this, these Pokemon tend to live in dark places full of trash. Their bodies are made up of a very thick and sticky material, and should we try to touch one, it is likely that our hands would become stuck. Once these Pokemon pass by a patch of grass, nothing will ever be able to grow there again. Their smell alone is enough to let us know when they are close by. (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Name this Pokemon

This little Pokemon may look adorable, but they are actually quite poisonous. The large flower that sits on their head is full of a poisonous pollen. When it flaps its petals, it can release the pollen into the air. While out in the wild, we can avoid these pollen showers by listening for the sound their flower makes when the petals are flapping. This sound is known for being loud and distinctive. Overall these Pokemon are fairly gentle, and will not attack unless they feel threatened. Is anyone here able to look at the four options, and pick out the correct one? (Wikipedia)

Question 7

Which Pokemon is this?

This pokemon is well known for being fragile. It is not exactly a tough fighter, but this Pokemon does have a few techniques it uses when face to face with a predator. Should it find itself in a dangerous position, this Pokemon will use its feet and wings to stir up sand from the ground. It will spray the sand in its opponents eyes, and use the time to escape. If this technique does not work, it can use its distinct cry to call for others of its kind. Predators are much more likely to stand down when there are multiple of these guys around. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

Pick out the right name

This Pokemon is not one for any old trainer. This Pokemon is known for its beauty and is well sought after by many trainers. However, it is also well known for being temperamental. Even once this Pokemon has been caught and trained, it is still likely to attack its own trainer should it feel annoyed for any reason. In fact, this Pokemon does not even really need a reason to attack at all. It is very territorial, and will not stop to ask questions before pouncing on anyone who they think is trying to harm them. Name this original Pokemon! (Wikipedia)

Question 9

Which original Pokemon is this?

This Pokemon is known as the "Mother Pokemon". Obviously this is due to the fact that it carries its baby around in its front pouch. Because this Pokemon always has its young with it, it is very protective by nature. This Pokemon does not trust easily, and it will not hesitate to attack if it feels as though their baby is in danger. Apart from the attacking, this Pokemon is actually a great mother to its child. Very loving and nurturing. Just don't mess with their baby! Is anyone here able to pick out the correct name from the four that are given? (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Select the right answer

Here we have what is very obviously a water-type Pokemon. This Pokemon has two pincers, both of which it can use against its opponents. One of them happens to be quite a bit larger than the other. Normally when in battle, this Pokemon will choose to use its large pincer. While this pincer offers a more powerful clamp, it is also much heavier and harder to aim than the smaller one. Should this Pokemon try and use its large pincer, but miss its target, this would leave the Pokemon in a very vulnerable state indeed. What is the correct name? (Wikipedia)

Question 11

Which Pokemon is this?

Clearly this pokemon holds a strong resemblance to a cat. It is about the same size, it has whiskers, and even its ears are very similar to those of a cat. This Pokemon is one of the few that we have ever seen capable of human speech. It is not a born fighter. However, once it is evolved it will become much more of a threat to opponents. That being said, this Pokemon can still use both its claws and its sharp teeth if it wants to, so it is best for all of us to keep that in mind! (Wikipedia)

Question 12

Which answer is correct?

While we know for sure that this Pokemon has two feet, we do not know a whole lot else about its body. Apart from its red feet and large eyes, all we can see are the vines that surround this Pokemon. No trainer alive has ever been able to see what they truly look like under all of their vines. While this Pokemon may be small, it can run surprisingly fast. Their speed will even increase further when the sun is shining. Looking at the four given options, can anyone here pick out the correct one? Only one answer is correct! (Wikipedia)

Question 13

Name this Pokemon

Here is a Pokemon that is so large and wide in size, that it gives the impression that it is not very bright. That however, is not exactly the case. This Pokemon has three separate heads, which can all communicate telepathically. This means that it can use its combined brain power to secretly plan attacks on their opponents. While this is a very useful skill, this Pokemon also sometimes has a hard time getting all three heads to agree upon something. In the Pokemon world, this guy is sometimes referred to ask the "Walking Jungle". Name this original Pokemon. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

Match this Pokemon to its name

This pokemon looks like something we could easily find washed up on the beach. However, if we were to come across one of these Pokemon, our best bet would be walking in the opposite direction. Not only does this Pokemon have a ton of strong tentacles which it can trap prey within, it also has the power to release a poison. Even if its opponent is strong enough to survive the poison, it will still at the very least become temporarily paralyzed. This would be all the time the Pokemon needs to eat up its prey. Can anyone name this one? (Wikipedia)

Question 15

Which of these names is correct?

This Pokemon is not the largest in size, but it has some pretty powerful tools at its disposal. This Pokemon comes equipped with sharp claws on both its hands and its feet. It is also able to utilize psychic powers against its foes. The only chance an opponent has at avoiding this Pokemon's psychic powers, is to notice the gem resting inside of its head. When this Pokemon uses its psychic powers, its gem will glow very brightly. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Is anyone able to pick out the correct name of this duck-like Pokemon? (Wikipedia)

Question 16

Pick the right name

Here we have a Pokemon which is very easily recognizable. Each of these Pokemon have a collar of fluffy white fur around their necks. They also each carry around a small pendulum with them. This pendulum is used in most of their psychic based attacks. Should we or another Pokemon see the pendulum begin to swing, we can expect to be asleep within the next 3 seconds. While this Pokemon cannot force anyone into a permanent sleep, just having an opponent doze off would give this Pokemon enough time to win the battle. Can anyone here name this Pokemon? (Wikipedia)

Question 17

Match this Pokemon to its name

This Pokemon is one of the largest in existence. Not only is it enormous, but it is also very sleepy. Unless it becomes hungry, this Pokemon will not likely wake up at all. However, once it does feel the urge to eat, this Pokemon is capable of eating entire farms. On average, one of these Pokemon needs about 880 pounds of food daily. This is something we must keep in mind if we wish to catch one ourselves. This Pokemon is clearly not a cheap one to supply for. Can anyone here figure out which Pokemon we are talking about? (Wikipedia)

Question 18

Match this Pokemon to its name

This Pokemon was born to fight. Trainers everywhere seek out these Pokemon because of their will to win battles. Even though they do not need any more motivation than they already have, these Pokemon have been known to actually whip themselves with their own tails to get themselves even more wound up before a big fight. Needless to say, anyone out there trying to win a battle, should definitely give one of these guys a shot! Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this original Pokemon? Only one of the listed answers is correct! Who knows which one? (Wikipedia)

Question 19

Which Pokemon is this?

It is no secret that this Pokemon is very good with its arms. It is very strong, and it is able to deliver extremely powerful punches. It has been rumored that a punch from just one of its four arms, would be enough to move an entire mountain. If that was not worrisome enough, this Pokemon is also known for making very rash decisions. It will often jump into action without thinking, determined to take out anyone or anything in its path. Does anyone here know which of these Pokemon we are talking about in this question? Pick out the right answer! (Wikipedia)

Question 20

Name this Pokemon

From birth, these Pokemon are taught how to fight off opponents. They are given bones as babies, and told to use them when they feel threatened. They walk around with skull masks on, so nobody has ever actually seen their true face. When using their bones in a fight, they are able to throw them like boomerangs, meaning they can always get them back. These Pokemon have no rational side to them. All they know is how to fight, and you better believe they will use that to their advantage while in battle. Pick out the correct name of this Pokemon. (Wikipedia)

Question 21

Pick out the name of this original Pokemon

While this Pokemon may look like something we would find living at the bottom of the sea, it is actually a grass-type Pokemon. It is very similar to a small bug in fact. A distinct way to recognize this Pokemon, is by the mushrooms it grows out of its back. These mushrooms get power from their Pokemon host, and in return they make spores which the pokemon can use. While these guys would not make the fiercest competitors, they would make for some pretty cute pets. Does anyone here know which of these names is actually correct? pick out the right one! (Wikipedia)

Question 22

Pick out the right answer

While this Pokemon is a fierce flyer with strong wings and claws, it does not go out looking for fights on its own. In fact, when this Pokemon senses nearby danger, it will always avoid it however possible. This Pokemon is known for its stamina. It can fly for longer than an entire day without ever needing to stop for a break. While flying, this Pokemon can swoop down and pick up prey from the water or the grass. It seems as though these Pokemon value their lives a great deal, and they do not like making risky moves. (Wikipedia)

Question 23

Select the correct name

This Pokemon looks like a unicorn which has caught fire. It is built like a very strong horse, and it has a long pointed horn on top of its head. Instead of hair, this Pokemon has a mane of flames. These flames mean that this Pokemon is capable of using fire-based attacks against opponents. It is also one of the fastest Pokemon in existence. It is a competitor by nature, and is often out looking for other Pokemon who want to race. Does anyone here know which Pokemon we are talking about in this question? Pick out the right answer! (Wikipedia)

Question 24

Pick out the right answer

Here is a very funny little Pokemon. It is extremely brave and it will never flinch during a fight, although it is also always seen carrying around a leek stalk. As it turns out, this Pokemon needs the leek to survive. Should an opponent go after the leak during a battle, this Pokemon will protect it with everything it has. This is a pretty big weakness, so this Pokemon should never be matched up against a larger opponent. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Is anyone able to pick out the correct name from the four given options? (Wikipedia)

Question 25

Pick out the right name

This pokemon is definitely a bug-type. It has the potential to poison opponents, but this is not a foolproof tool. This ability usually only works about 10% of the time. These Pokemon like to gather in groups. When in a large enough gathering, these Pokemon will band together to suck nutrients from nearby trees. While they will use their larger claws to ensnare prey, these Pokemon are totally capable of living off things like tree bark and leaves. Looking at the four given options, who here is able to match this Pokemon to the correct name? Only one answer is correct! (Wikipedia)

Question 26

Name this original Pokemon

Here we have yet another adorably pink Pokemon. This Pokemon has a pretty unique personality. It is a fame seeker. Given the chance, this Pokemon will sing for anyone it encounters. It only knows one song, but it knows it perfectly. This Pokemon does not seem to be aware, but the song it chooses to sing actually puts everyone listening to sleep. Instead of think of this as a useful tool, this Pokemon instead becomes very offended everytime it happens. Is anyone here capable of naming this pink Pokemon correctly? Pick out the right answer from the four given options! (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Which Pokemon is this?

The personality of this Pokemon will vary from individual to individual. Most of them are known as confident and powerful creatures, however some have also been known to run and hide when approached by humans. This Pokemon posses both psychic and electric based attack moves. Should this Pokemon build up too much electricity inside of its body, it will naturally become extra aggressive and moody. Best to always ensure it is running through its store of electricity. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this rat-like Pokemon? Only one of the four given options is correct, who knows which one? (Wikipedia)

Question 28

Which answer is correct?

This Pokemon is one which has been banned from many cities. To be able to hold itself together and to be able to float in midair, this Pokemon creates and uses electromagnetic energy. This energy is so strong and powerful that it will cause any nearby technology to crumble. They have also been known to cause city wide blackouts, which is the main reason why they have been banned from so many places. They are not exactly easy to manage to say the least. What is the correct name of the original Pokemon? Does anyone know the right answer? (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Which Pokemon is this?

This Pokemon looks and acts so much like a snake, it can actually become difficult to tell them apart. This Pokemon has a rattle at the end of its tail, identical to that of a rattlesnake's. It also has the ability to unhinge its jaw, making it capable of swallowing very large prey whole. Apart from these already very snake-like abilities, this pokemon can also shed its skin and use its tongue to survey the area for nearby prey. Clearly these guys are just as worrisome as any other poisonous snake around. Pick out the correct name of this Pokemon! (WIkipedia)

Question 30

Match this Pokemon to its name

Here we have the backbone of all fire-based attacks. This Pokemon is basically just a bunch of walking fire. Their body temperature can reach to such high levels, that their breath alone can cause heat waves. If that was not already spooky enough, these guys can also spit fire bullets from their mouths. Yikes! While their facial expressions do not make them look very menacing, this Pokemon is one to keep an eye on forsure. Luckily their warmth is enough to let us know when they are close by. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this original Pokemon? (WIkipedia)

Question 31

Which of these names is correct?

Here we have another very snake-like Pokemon. This one has no rattle on its tail, but it does have a very large collar similar to that of a cobra's. This Pokemon is known for being extremely territorial as well as vengeful. Should it feel threatened by anyone or anything, it will hunt the culprit down till the end of the earth. Clearly this means that this Pokemon has a wicked good memory as well. This is definitely not a Pokemon we should approach while out in the wild. Does anyone here know which original Pokemon we are talking about in this question? (Wikipedia)

Question 32

Select the correct name

This Pokemon is definitely one that is most comfortable while in water. While it can breath on land, it poses much more of a threat while in the water. It can survive underwater without needing to come up for air ever. It also has the awesome ability to melt its entire body down into water itself, meaning it can easily escape predators while swimming around. This Pokemon is one of the few known to be able to manipulate water molecules as well. Clearly it is not hard to see why they choose to stay so close to large bodies of water. (Wikipedia)

Question 33

Name this Pokemon

Here we have one of the most powerful flying-type Pokemon around. Since these Pokemon have been so rarely spotted by humans, there is only so much we know about them. It is rumored that they live far up in thunder clouds, and only appear when a fresh storm is underway. They have the ability to shed lightning bolts by just flapping their wings in the right way. The flapping of their wings is quite loud, so it is assumed that they wait for thunder to show themselves. Can anyone here figure out which original Pokemon we are talking about? (Wikipedia)

Question 34

Which Pokemon is this?

While this Pokemon is one who loves a good fight, they will not battle with just any opponent. This Pokemon is very proud, and does not believe in unfair advantage over its opponents. It would never use the full force of its powers on a Pokemon it views as weaker than themselves. Instead, this Pokemon will actively seek out strong opponents to go up against. This Pokemon has a flame on its tail, and if the flame turns blue or white, stand back. That is the tell tale sign of this Pokemon's fury. Can anyone here name this original Pokemon? (Wikipedia)

Question 35

Pick out the right name

Now this Pokemon is very large in size, however it is not one that finds much joy in winning battles. This Pokemon is strong and fierce and could go up against many types of opponents, but it truly does not enjoy it. This Pokemon is happy hanging with its trainer, and is always more than willing to accomplish tasks for its owner. When placed in a battle, this Pokemon will never flinch. This is just one of their many abilities. Looking at the four given options, is anyone here able to pick out the correct name of this original Pokemon? (Wikipedia)

Question 36

Name this original Pokemon

This Pokemon may look pretty funny, but it holds some of the coolest powers in the entire Pokemon world. This guy is able to create objects out of thin air. Not only can it create these objects, but it can make them invisible as well. Should this Pokemon mime a wall, an actual wall will appear, however their opponent will not be able to see it. Not only will this create a barrier, but should its opponent rush the wall, they will likely hurt themselves in the process. This Pokemon has been known to laugh when these things happen. Name this Pokemon! (Wikipedia)

Question 37

Select the correct name

This Pokemon is adorable and it knows it. These guys are sought after by many trainers, simply because of how cute they truly are. As well as being a pleasant sight, these Pokemon are actually very clever. They are well rehearsed in faking injuries. They use this talent to distract their opponents. Once sufficiently distracted, this Pokemon will take the opportunity to run and hide. Since it is not visible from the outside, these Pokemon are usually able to surprise their opponents with their fire-type status. Can anyone here correctly name this original Pokemon? Only one of the listed options is correct! (Wikipedia)

Question 38

Name this Pokemon

This Pokemon is one who lives in water. It likes to live as deep in the water as possible, as it believes it will be safer there. If put up against an opponent, these Pokemon are able to use their mouths to shoot water with pretty powerful force. They are also excellent swimmers, so they can usually outswim oncoming predators. When they are in a safe and happy environment, these Pokemon will gather together to play in the water. They can often be found curling their tails together and splashing around. Is anyone here able to name this underwater Pokemon? (Wikipedia)

Question 39

Name this original Pokemon

This Pokemon is not one we should use for battle. Its entire being is held firmly inside of its tight shell, and it has no ability to move. It's best defensive technique, is its ability to harden its shell when it is under attack. That being said, it has very little in the way of attack moves that can actually be used against an opponent. While it is rare, some of these Pokemon have been known to be able to use a poisonous sting attack, but this is not a move we can depend on. Pick out the correct name! (Wikipedia)

Question 40

Match this Pokemon to its name

Here we have a flying bug-type Pokemon. While its purple color and small body size may lead us to believe it is harmless, we must always keep in mind that these Pokemon are in fcat poisonous. Their large wings are completely covered in poisonous scales. These scales can be released by this Pokemon just flapping its wings. That being said, should we see one of these guys while out in the wild, we should try to avoid them whenever possible. Looking at the four given options, is anyone able to pick out the correct name of this original Pokemon? (Wikipedia)

Question 41

Which Pokemon is this?

The large claws attached to this Pokemon are reason enough to never approach one. Apart from those, this Pokemon has an extremely solid hide. Even when opponents attack them directly, a lot of moves will just bounce off of them. These guys also have some fairly menacing spikes running along their backs, meaning that a sneak attack is not likely to be possible either. All of this being said, these Pokemon are great in battles. All they need is a little training, and they will be good to go! Which of the four listed names is correct? Take a guess! (Wikipedia)

Question 42

Pick the right name

This Pokemon is maybe the least threatening of all of them. While it has been said that in the past these Pokemon had many more abilities and much more strength, these days they have seemed to evolve out of most of their cool powers. At this point in time, these Pokemon struggle to swim against even the weakest of currents. Even though this Pokemon is not very fierce on its own, once it evolves, it becomes a wicked good fighter. Sometimes a little patience is all we need! Is anyone here capable of picking out the correct name of this original Pokemon? (WIkipedia)

Question 43

Which Pokemon is this?

There is simply no denying that this Pokemon's power stems directly from their fists. Even though there are many Pokemon that choose to use punches as their main attack, this Pokemon is the one that uses them the best. From birth, these Pokemon are taught how to properly throw a punch. Once they are older and their skills have developed, these Pokemon are able to punch so fast that the moves become invisible to the human eye. Needless to say, we should avoid their fists at all costs! Who here knows which Pokemon we are talking about in this question? (Wikipedia)

Question 44

Match this Pokemon to its name

This tiny Pokemon is one of few who are nocturnal. This Pokemon is weakened by the harsh rays of the sun, so it instinctively knows to only come out at night. During the day, this Pokemon will burrow itself deep into the ground, so that only its leaves are sticking out. Once planted in the ground, they are firmly placed. Nobody will be able to remove them from the earth. Overall, these Pokemon are very happy creatures and would not put up much of a fight in a battle. Can anyone here guess which of these names is actually correct? (WIkipedia)

Question 45

Select the correct name

For this final question, let's take a look at this fish-like Pokemon. This Pokemon is very territorial. It creates caves for itself in the deepest parts of the ocean, using its horn to break apart large chunks of stone. Should it feel threatened, it can also use its horn against predators and enemies. Apart from its powerful horn, this Pokemon is also a great swimmer. They can move at very fast speeds, and when it is raining, they can become even quicker. Does anyone here know which Pokemon we are talking about? Only one of the four given answers is correct! (Wikipedia)

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