Naming 100% Of These Grey's Anatomy Characters Won't Be Easy

Every single Grey's Anatomy fan believes that they know every detail of every episode and every relationship through and through. The truth is, is that really possible? Can an individual know everything there is to know about this outstanding series? Especially since they are already 15 seasons in? There are so many phenomenal quotes and scenes to remember - so many that touch one's heart and soul. Some of these are unforgettable, while others are easy to mix up with another scene.

To really keep tabs on what's what one needs to know who all the players are. After all, the surgical field is referred to as a 'game'. By 'players' we are referring to all the different characters in Grey's Anatomy. And believe us, there are plenty to try and remember! Of course, there are the popular ones who are still in the latest season and were in the very first one too. But, that being said, there are also some that just never made it that far. In fact, some characters left us right in the very beginning. Although that is the case, these characters are still deeply entrenched in today's episodes of Grey's Anatomy - their memory lives on forever!

Only a true fan will be able to name everybody on this list.

Question 1

Name Meredith's Twisted Sister

All Grey's Anatomy fans should know that there are a number of nicknames used in the series. One has to keep up with all of them in order to follow the story, and not get muddled up too much. What's even more complicated is that some characters have more than one nickname... Meredith, for example, has a number of names. These include, but are not limited to, Medusa, Big Grey, Blondie, The Girl in the Bar and Mrs Derek Shepherd. She also shares a few nicknames with some other characters. One shared nickname is the Twisted Sisters. Who is the other sister?

Question 2

Who is known as McDreamy?

Remember the time the prefix 'Mc' was used to describe just about everything in the series? It was really funny when George tried to be 'one of the girls' and used it as well. Thankfully he dropped this idea soon because it really didn't suit him well. Nevertheless, we know that there are two doctors who were dubbed with this McSomething. There was a McDreamy and there was a McSteamy. These two were best buddies (before all the drama happened) and their relationship was McOver... Although, it would appear that their drama was both the best and ugliest thing to happen to them.

Question 3

True or False: This is Teddy Oldsmobile

Teddy is not one of the original interns that joined the Grey's Anatomy team in the very beginning. In fact, she only appeared on our screens a few seasons in. Teddy worked with Owen and Nathan in the army. She never really seemed to confess her love for Owen, although viewers could see it coming a mile away... Owen also moved on with his life, finding love with Cristina Yang and later, with Amelia. Deep down inside he must have had a flame going for Teddy, but just never had the ability to mention it. Things have certainly changed as of late...

Question 4

Name the character who is known as GI Joe

Here we go again with the nicknames... The nickname given here refers to a male doctor who is amazing, troubled, loveable and interesting. He uses methods that most other doctors would not even consider. His way of treating some patients has a lot to do with how he first worked as a doctor, and where. There is no doubt that time is of the essence when it comes to saving lives, but this guy takes the cake. This could be a little tricky, because we have seen a few daring doctors in this series that like to push the medical boundaries.

Question 5

Who is Meredith's half-sister?

Meredith has a few siblings. They just seem to crawl out of the woodwork every now and then. Each of them has their own story to tell, which somehow links in to Meredith's story as well. She has two sisters from her father's second marriage, and she has another sister from her mother's side. Meredith never really got to know her sisters while growing up, so they were practically strangers until they met as adults. Initially, the relationships that Meredith had with each of them were very rock. This is to be expected. Yet, they soon developed strong family bonds.

Question 6

Name the character who discovered 'The Grey Method'

Every doctor in this show strives to be the best that there is. One way that this can be seen is by the hunger they have to win the Harper Avery Award. It's one of the most prestigious awards in the medical field, and not everyone gets a chance to even be nominated for it! Even more ambitious is to come up with something new, which will improve the way medicine is forever. There was one particular doctor who pushed the medical boundaries and found a way to change the face of medicine. This woman was also very well known.

Question 7

Bethany Whisper was actually...

Bethany Whisper was the alias given to one of our favourite doctors. It's fairly obvious that this is a female doctor. The name was the alias used in a magazine. This soon spread all over the hospital, like wildfire. Of course, only Alex Karev could be the one to thank for that escapade. Alex got a taste of his own medicine when things boiled over. From then on, this young doctor was called by this nickname by those who knew her history. And, like the wonderful woman she is, she let it go gracefully in the end. Who was this?

Question 8

Name the character George married in Las Vegas

George O'Malley was such a sweet young man; everyone was a fan of his. He had his flaws - we all do. Yet, he made a difference in the lives he came in to contact with. He saved a woman by giving up his own life. He had a rough start when Burke picked him to do an appendectomy. The procedure went south quickly. He had to also redo his internship because he didn't make it through - but he never gave up! He always persevered and pressed on. He also became great friends with many of the ladies in the hospital.

Question 9

Who went from being a specialist to a surgeon and then a fire fighter?

The saying goes 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. It isn't always a good thing when someone has the ability to do almost everything because the chances that they have mastered that skill are slim. But, we don't think that this can be said for the doctor that has jumped around in pursuing different working paths. This guy first studied and qualified as an anaesthetist. This is the doctor who puts patients to sleep (usually) for their procedures. Then, very suddenly, he decided it would be a good idea to sign up for the surgical internship. Recently he changed professions again...

Question 10

Name the character that was given up for adoption

In a later season we were introduced to some more juicy details about a love child that was given up for adoption at birth. This was only made known to the characters, and viewers, much later in the series. We can only wonder about what twist they will throw at us next. For now, it seems that there are no more adopted children, or half-sisters, waiting in the wings. Some viewers might not have been thrilled about this new addition, but let's face it - she does seem to grow on a person. And what's not to love? She's a fabulous doctor too!

Question 11

The 'Big Kahuna' is...

For some reason, this nickname sounds like something a pizza could be named. Imagine a Big Kahuna with extra cheese and a thick base too... No? Well, this was actually the name given to a character we have all seen many times. Their reputation supersedes them. Yes, this doctor is not always right, and this person has loads of flaws. But in the greater scheme of things they are not that bad after all. This is someone who can be both playful and serious - when the situation calls for it. This person is also facing their own issues on a daily basis.

Question 12

Who married Izzie?

Remember Izzie? This lady was known for many things, including her time as a model. Although Izzie was very easy on the eyes, she could hold her own and never took nonsense from anyone. She showed Alex a thing or two when he tried to bring her down about being Bethany Whisper. She sure showed him more than just a picture! Izzie was easy to love though. She was friendly, thoughtful, helpful and a good doctor too. She fell in love, more than once, and she even got married! But there was no 'happily ever after' since she disappeared. Maybe she will show up again...

Question 13

Who was 'The New Burke"?

Preston Burke was a world renowned cardiothoracic surgeon who won some awards and eventually opened a facility up overseas. He was often in competition with other surgeons, but he lived up to his nickname of 'Cardio God'. Since the shows inception though, we have had the pleasure of meeting a few other doctors who love to work on the heart. These include Cristina Yang - who took over from Burke in Switzerland. Owen Hunt shipped in Teddy Altman from the army. And Erica Hahn, the surgeon who nearly took the heart Denny Duquette was granted (because Izzie cut the LVAD).

Question 14

Which character was Derek's first wife?

Derek has also been married more than once. This was because things didn't work out the first time; his best friend got romantically involved with his first wife. Derek moved towns and tried to forget. He ended up in a bar, meeting the real love of his life. He didn't know that was the greatest thing to happen to him, when it actually happened. For a while he pursued other interests. At one stage he was in an elevator with his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, other girlfriend and his ex-best friend. The word 'awkward' pops to mind when we think of this scene.

Question 15

Who was the 'Cardio God'?

We have already mentioned the different cardiothoracic doctors this series has seen. There have been a many over the last fifteen seasons. Some of these are no longer in the picture, while some of them are still around. There is no denying that this specific doctor seemed to have an ‘air’ about themselves, and really did live up to the nickname they were given. They very seldom had any time for the 'little' people and had a habit of making this known. Some may say that this doctor wasn't very friendly or good at teaching - although he worked at a teaching hospital...

Question 16

Which of these nicknames does not belong to Miranda?

Miranda Bailey used to be pretty timid and quiet. There is no denying that she really has come in to her own since completing her surgical internship. She is now a force to be reckoned with. She is a true representation of the saying 'dynamite comes in small packages'. There is a quote from Shakespeare which also describes Miranda Bailey to the tee; 'Though she be but little, she is fierce.' What better way to explain Miranda Bailey to someone? She isn't afraid of anything, she tackles every challenge head-on and she never ever backs down from a fight.

Question 17

Name the woman in this picture

The woman in this picture really had a bad hand dealt to her. Besides having her friend call her a liar, she was technically dumped at April's wedding (so was Matthew). She also sustained some serious burn wounds while saving a young child. Ironically, it was April who actually set this lady up with Jackson. She has a heart of gold, just like George O'Malley. Perhaps they would have made the ideal couple? She was a remarkable intern, who always fought for what was right. She soon discovered her love for neurosurgery and worked closely with Amelia Shepherd as well.

Question 18

Who did Callie marry after George?

Callie Torres is the lady in this picture. She is known as the Ortho Chick. At first, she was only interested in men, but later discovered another side to herself. Callie often pushed the medical boundaries to try and make magic. Although she has many positive qualities, she really does struggle with public speaking. This was something her friends tried to help her change, but it takes time. Callie also rushed in to marring someone. It was really a spur of the moment thing which didn't last all that long. This was a relationship which many were surprised with after all.

Question 19

Name the character that had a feud with Owen

Feuds are not a nice thing to exist, but they do any way. Often these are caused by a misunderstanding or disagreement. They can go on for weeks, if not years. The best part about one of these is when it is actually over. Owen Hunt was one of the doctors who had a long standing feud with another doctor because of a misunderstanding involving his sister. It took ages and tons of hard work for this to be resolved. Sometimes one needs to just bury the hatchet, and move on from all the drama. Who was this feud with?

Question 20

Who got hit by a bus?

One of the favourites was soon to be written out of this series due to some behind the scenes issues. If these rumours are true or not no one knows... Nonetheless, there was a doctor who was hit by a bus while trying to save another person. Truly a doctor with a heart of gold! Many viewers were saddened when this happened - who can blame them! In fact, Grey's Anatomy has probably made every viewer shed a tear at least once in fifteen seasons! Yet, we keep coming back for more. Getting back to the question though, who did get hit?

Question 21

Complete this character's name: Leah ____

Leah was one of the interns we met in season nine. She joined the team alongside Shane, Jo, Stephanie and Heather. She was also one to push the limits and tried to treat a patient once, even though it was against his spiritual wishes. This landed her in some boiling water with Cristina and that was end of her being on Yang's service. Leah also made some waves when she got in too deep with Arizona. This ended badly for them both, yet she returned back to the series in a later season. Some fellow colleagues weren't too impressed to see her.

Question 22

Who was living under a new name?

Ever wanted to skip town, start new and fresh somewhere else? Where no one knows anything and it's nothing but a blank page? Well, this is exactly what one of the doctors on this show did. This doctor had good reason, which we only discovered much later. After some trying times, this person changed their identity and wrote off most of their past. This can't be an easy thing to do, but it was the best thing that ever happened to this doctor after all. There can be many reasons for someone to do this, not everyone will understand them.

Question 23

True or False: Jackson is also known as Tweedledee

Jackson Avery is a gentleman who is also very easy on the eyes. Most folks won't argue this. He usually makes good choices, like when he stood up at April's wedding and confessed his undying love for her. He also makes some choices which are not all that wise. That being said, he is only a fictitious human after all. Jackson was one of the few interns that joined the team when the merger happened. At first, there were some teething issues when the merger happened, but luckily everything seemed to work out just fine between all of the doctors.

Question 24

Who is Derek's sister?

When Derek and Meredith first fell in love they had a bit of a rough start. It wasn't easy, as most relationships are at first. Just to make matters a little more complicated, Meredith goes to see Derek in his trailer... When she walked in she was welcomed by somebody else sitting on Derek's bed. One can only imagine her surprise when they locked eyes. Of course, Meredith simply assumed it was a new lady - he had moved on and found someone else to love. Luckily they eventually cleared things up and it was discovered that the woman was his sister!

Question 25

True or False: Sadie Harris was also known as the 'New Kid'

To answer this question correctly one has to know who Sadie Harris was. Here's a clue - European adventures! What about ‘appendix’? That should ring a few bells! Sadie Harris was a long lost friend of Meredith's. They studied together and also went on a few wild adventures in Europe. When she suddenly shows up in season five she causes a little bit of upset. She isn't very patient and often takes things in to her own hands. A perfect example of this is when she decides to open herself up so that her appendix can be removed - for practice!

Question 26

Name the man in this picture

The man in this picture fought tooth and nail to try and hook Meredith. As we know, he lost dismally. This is really no surprise if we look at his competition... Who could say no to McDreamy? He was the vet who helped them when Doc (the dog) was ill. He was courteous, funny and friendly. After Meredith made a decision to stick with McDreamy, we never really saw much of this character again. However, his role in her life made an impact which had a ripple effect on the rest of her love life. What was this man's name?

Question 27

Name the character Alex hurt

When he was first introduced to us in Grey's Anatomy, Alex was a rather abrasive young man. He wasn't much of a gentleman and had very little respect for others. He was soon put in his place, and we really learned to love him. He eventually matured in to a decent human - just like a good wine matures. Alex did, however, have an episode which nearly landed him in very deep trouble. It was over a simple misunderstanding. Thankfully things worked out eventually. Now, Alex Karev is married to Jo Wilson and they will hopefully live happily ever after together.

Question 28

Who left Matthew at the altar?

Being left at the altar on one's wedding day must be one of the most difficult feelings ever. It's heartbreaking, really. Yet, this seems to happen often in Grey's Anatomy. There's so much relationship drama in a series about medicine... Maybe one day these doctors will know how to fix a sore heart after being left behind like this? To answer this question (who left Matthew at the altar) one has to know who Matthew is. Here's a reminder - flash mob! That's right; Matthew was the medic who proposed to a beautiful woman using a flash mob outside the hospital.

Question 29

Fill in the blank name: _____ Brooks

This was another young intern who also didn't make it all that long on the series. She would have made a great neurosurgeon - being taught by only the best, Derek Shepherd. Ironically, she was hurt and didn't make it through the brain surgery she needed. Although her character was only on our screens for a short while, she certainly made a big impact. Like many of the other nurses and doctors in this series, she also enjoyed a short romantic relationship with Alex Karev. This lady often gets mixed up with another intern that she worked with as well.

Question 30

Name Richard's first wife

Richard Webber is always going to be known as ‘The Chief’ - even when he is not actually chief. It's just the way it is. He is like the big daddy of the hospital - especially to Meredith Grey. He was romantically involved with her mother, Ellis. Meredith basically grew up in the hospital as well so he watched her blossom. Although he was involved with Ellis, he was actually married to someone else. In the most recent season though, he is married to a different woman. Someone of great stature and has a reputation which everyone knows far and wide!

Question 31

Who has the nickname 'super famous plastics guy'

This character was very popular with the ladies. So popular that the nurses even refused to work with him and help him at one point. Luckily, for him, Bailey was there to help save the day and convinced them to continue working with him because the patients depended on it. This man was also responsible for the break-up of a marriage. It's also pretty obvious by the above title that this man oozed confidence in everything he did - private and business! He fell in love with Little Grey, they just couldn't help themselves! So, who was the ‘Super Famous Plastics Guy’?

Question 32

Name Jackson's mother

Apparently medicine is a family game that everyone likes to play. Meredith's mother, Ellis Grey, was a doctor; so were Meredith’s half-sisters Lexie and Maggie. Derek was a neurosurgeon and his four sisters were also doctors. Jackson Avery is a great surgeon, and so are his mother and his late grandfather. We’ve mentioned that Maggie is a doctor, but so were her mother (Ellis) and her father (Richard). So, it should come as no surprise that we often see Jackson's mother in some of these seasons. She is a powerful woman who rose up from the ashes she was in.

Question 33

The clinic was named after...

It is fairly obvious that as people pass on in this series their names are added to the names of something in their honour. That being said, there have been many people passing on, and thus many places have been renamed... This begs the question - who was the clinic named after? Was it Denny Duquette, Izzie's patient turned fiancé? Was it the guy who got hit by a bus - George O'Malley? Could it have been after Lexie Grey, who was a soul lost in a plane crash? Perhaps it was named after Mark Sloan, the Super Famous Plastics Guy?

Question 34

True or False: Meredith was known as Dr. Frankenstein

We have already mentioned some of the nicknames that Meredith Grey was given. Some of these she is probably proud of. Some of these are not something to be proud of. The thing with nicknames is that it is usually something that is given by someone else. This can be a quirk one has or a funny situation that may have happened. Or, in the case of Meredith and Derek, she named herself after just about any negative emotion she ever felt with him. Nevertheless, there's a nickname ‘Dr Frankenstein’ which exists. Was this a nickname that was given to her?

Question 35

Name the character who moved overseas with Cristina

Cristina Yang left Seattle to pursue working in Switzerland. This was something that Preston Burke initiated years after he left her high, dry and eyebrowless at the altar. Cristina didn't make the bold decision to move their on her own though. She did take someone with her. This was someone that most of us wouldn't have guessed. But, Shonda has loads of tricks up her sleeve! The person who went with her was someone who didn't spend too much time in previous seasons, and was relatively new to the show as well. Who was this unlikely companion that went with?

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