Name These Vampire Diaries Characters And We'll Name Your Future Baby

Who really thinks that they know their Vampire Diaries characters?

We mean, everyone loves the show. How could you not? It has everything; drama, romance, doppelgangers, vampires, werewolves and plenty of intrigue. In fact, the ups and downs of life in Mystic Falls, Virginia is downright fascinating. The history of the supernatural in Mystic Falls goes way back to the beginning of its history and elements of its past creep up all of the time in the present day. Top that off with your usual high school drama and you have a show that is totally addictive and binge-worthy. We can't get enough of the Vampire Diaries (who could tell?)

Who knew that a healthy love of the Vampire Diaries could actually help predict the future! We know, right? What can't this show do?! As it turns out, naming the Vampire Diaries characters can actually let us reveal the best name for your future baby with 100 percent accuracy!  Who is ready to be amazed? Take this five-minute quiz, show off some Vampire Diaries smarts and let us name your future lil bundle of joy! How fun does that all sound? We thought so! Let the Vampire Diaries nerding out begin!

Question 1

Who is this memorable main character?

Let’s start off with this brunette beauty who captured our hearts from the first time she graced our television screens. That’s right, she is the protagonist and main character of the Vampire Diaries. She is a sweet troubled high school student who is the ultimate “girl next door” that stumbles upon the resident supernatural elements of Mystic Falls. Nothing is ever the same after she meets the local vampire brothers- Stefan and Damon Salvatore! Who can name this main character?

Question 2

Who is this main character heart-throb?

This main character is the sweeter side of the two vampire brothers. Despite his youthful appearance he is actually several hundred years old! Although he loves his brother, he also finds him intolerable at times leading to some epic sibling rivalry. He also falls head over heels in love with Elena and that leads to some interesting plot twists and turns. We can’t get enough of this character and we bet that we are very far from alone! Who is he?

Question 3

Who can name this brooding heart-throb?

This brooding main character is one half of the supernatural brothers that live in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Although he initially starts off as one of the primary antagonists, it is quickly revealed that this bad boy really is a softie at heart. He has a bit of a romantic rivalry with his brother and they both are in love with the same girl. Spoiler alert- In the finale, she winds up with him! Who can name this brooding main character?

Question 4

Who can name this important character?

This tragic character is one of the most important ones in the story. She was the wife of Alaric and mother of one of the main characters. Unfortunately, her life took a sharp turn into the paranormal and supernatural when she became intrigued by vampires and decided to become one herself. Her fate was sealed by Klaus who compelled her to walk into the sun. Who remembers the name of this iconic character? Check out the options listed and select one.

Question 5

Who can name this brooding character?

This brooding character appeared on both the Vampire Diaries and the Originals and is one of the original hybrids- half vampire and half werewolf. He is one of the major antagonists in the Vampire Diaries, responsible for the events that caused Isobel’s demise and the subject of an ancient curse that he spends the majority of the story trying to overcome. He is known for being reclusive and little guarded around people, but generally warms up to those who he likes.

Question 6

Who can name this main character?

This major character is not a vampire- but a very strong witch who has massive powers that she uses for good (for the most part). She is also a psychic and an extremely empathetic person who is only now fully coming into all of her powers. This character is one of the most popular ones on the show and in addition to being a fan fave, part of some of the most interesting plot lines. Who remembers the name of this witch?

Question 7

Who is the central character pictured here?

This major character appeared in both Vampire Diaries and on the Originals and is the lead protagonist in the Originals. She has had a long life (almost 1000 years!!) and has always wanted to live a normal life but was unable to do because of her supernatural heritage. It’s easy to feel sympathetic to this character whose plot lines include some incredible romantic entanglements and relationships with other supernatural characters. Who remembers the name of this leading lady? Choose now.

Question 8

Who is this brooding heart-throb?

This brooding character is one of the most popular protagonists in the Vampire Diaries. He was a football star in Mystic Falls and a hybrid, who had a vendetta against Klaus (and thus, was one of the antagonists of the Originals!) This character kept his werewolf side tamped down with the Magic Purification Spell and thus didn’t need to act on his supernatural urges. We think he’s one of the best characters on the show. Who here agrees with us?

Question 9

Who is this handsome character?

This main character used to date Elena but they broke up at the beginning of the show. He still carries a torch for her though, and it shows in many of the series’ minor plot lines. He does not like the supernatural elements of Mystic Falls and does everything that he can to protect his friends from them- even becoming a medium so he could communicate with the ghost of his sister. Who remembers the name of this iconic Mystic Falls resident?

Question 10

Who can name this brooding and iconic character?

This character was the ultimate anti-hero of the Vampire Diaries and he appeared a lot in the later seasons of the show. He has a close relationship with one of the Salvatore brothers and an antagonistic relationship with the other one, and was helped by a benevolent witch during the series. Who remembers the name of this troubled supernatural resident of Mystic Falls? There are four options listed here, so simply pick the one that sounds the best. Choose now.

Question 11

Who can name the character this brunette actress plays?

This brunette bombshell was a major character on the Vampire Diares and a vampire herself. She makes several appearances throughout the show, including one memorable one where she spies on Damon and watches him miss out on opening up her mother’s tomb. She meets an unpleasant fate after falling for Jeremy Gilbert but returns as a ghost. Who remembers the name of this brunette leading lady? There are four possibilities here so simply choose and we will name your future baby!

Question 12

Who can name the character played by the actress pictured here?

This character appeared in the first season of the Vampire Diaries as a best friend to Stefan Salvatore. She was double-crossed by Damon but came back as a ghost to help Stefan again. She is portrayed as something of a guardian angel to Stefan, who she comes to see as a brother. She also gives Elena some sage advice before being maligned as the vampire that is haunting Mystic Falls. Who remembers what this iconic character’s name is? Choose one now.

Question 13

Who is this?

This character is a Harvest Witch from New Orleans who is one of the re-occuring characters on the Originals. She narrowly escaped a ritual that would have cost her life, and became a symbol of the problems the witches and vampires were having. Despite this, she became a very powerful character in her own right and is a true fan favorite. We know that plenty of people agree! Who can name this powerful Harvest Witch? Choose one option from those provided.

Question 14

Which character is played by this knock-out actress?

This character was a complicated one in the Vampire Diares lore- and she was also the first character to become a vampire after the two Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, made their second appearance in Mystic Falls. She was prominent in several seasons, even after her demise at the hands of Stefan, where she came back as a ghost. Who remembers the name of this iconic and troubled character? Let us know which one it is, and we will name your future baby!

Question 15

What is the name of this iconic character?

This very powerful witch is one of the dominant characters on the Originals and sister of Klaus, who appears n both the Originals and the Vampire Diaries. She has the power of eternal youth because she is able to hibernate for 100 years and only age one year. This amazing quality means that though she is ancient, she does not look that way! She has very intense magic and can be a formidable character when she really wants to be.

Question 16

Who can name this crucial character?

This character is one of the most powerful on the show, appearing in several seasons as a vampire hunter who goes undercover as the history teacher of Mystic Falls. He has a vendetta against vampires and is interested in finding the person or persons who led his wife to her demise. Throughout the series he learns some uncomfortable truths about what happened to Isobel. Who remembers the name of this vampire hunting history teacher? Choose one of the options listed now.

Question 17

Who is this auburn-haired character?

This secondary character took on a maternal role as the aunt of Elena and Jeremy during one of the seasons of the Vampire Diaries. She remained blissfully unaware of the supernatural phenomena in Mystic Falls, but wandered right into the fray when she got involved with Alaric and got into some problematic territory with Katherine, who punished to pay Elena and Alaric back for spiting her. Who was this troubled redheaded character? Choose an answer from the four options offered.

Question 18

Who is this powerful character?

This character is a major character on the Vampire Diaries and is a powerful supernatural. She also appeared in the spin-off shows the Originals and Legacies. She is one of the twin daughters raised by Alaric and Caroline, although she was originally not Caroline’s baby. In a twist of fate, she and her twin were magically transferred into Caroline’s womb so that she could bear and raise them! Who is this supernatural heroine of the Vampire Diaries? Choose one answer now.

Question 19

Who can name this regal character?

This character was most prominent in the Originals, where she is a fan fave character that is portrayed as incredibly beautiful but also very powerful. She was the alpha of the Crescent Wolf Pack and her talents as a leader were showcased over and over again during the series. She started as a werewolf in the Vampire Diaries, but later on in the show she was turned into a powerful hybrid. Who remembers the name of this strong brunette bombshell?

Question 20

Who is this crucial character?

This tough sheriff was one of the major characters on the Vampire Diaries and appeared in many episodes until she met her untimely end in the sixth season of the show. She was on the Town Council and the mother of a vampire. Initially this character did not like the supernatural, but eventually she reconciled her feelings about vampires and werewolves and learned to love her daughter. Who was this iconic character? Tell us her name from the four options.

Question 21

What character is played by this famous actress?

This actress, Persia White, portrayed one of the most important characters on the Vampire Diaries, and certainly one that was a true fan favorite! This once-powerful witch found her powers depleted after she made a decision that would change the course of Mystic Falls history forever. She was turned into a vampire and became a protector and protagonist in the show. She is often portrayed as being a complicated and nuanced character who is capable of doing anything to protect those she loved.

Question 22

Which classic character did he play?

Colin Ferguson is the actor who plays this troubled and fan favorite character who first appeared in the Vampire Diaries in the sixth season. His nickname came from his ungraceful childhood where his clumsiness made him a target of the other children. He was troubled by the past, including his wife’s demise at the hands of a vampire (although he was compelled to think that she passed on in a car accident). What is the name of this important season six character?

Question 23

Who is this?

This character was once known as “The Armory’s Monster” and appeared in the seventh season of the Vampire Diaries. She burst into the eighth season and immediately established herself as a force to be dealt with. She is a siren, and a consumer of souls and is one of the most complicated and unnerving creatures in the entire show. Who remembers the name of this character? We have offered four options so choose one and let us name your future baby!

Question 24

Who can name this regal character?

This character has the distinction of being the very first immortal, and he is one of the biggest antagonists on the Vampire Diaries. He is a powerful witch and embroiled in many relationships that lead back to the beginning of the Petrova family bloodline, including one with his soulmate Amara. His name is Greek and means “from the forest”. Who remembers who this iconic antagonist is? Check out the four options listed here and select the one that sounds the best.

Question 25

Who is this formidable character?

This character is the matriarch of a line of powerful witches that include her daughter and grand-daughter. She has a dislike of vampires and sees them as a lower breed of supernatural creature. She often discourages her family from getting involved in so-called “vampire business”. She taught the Occult at a college and had a powerful bloodline that went back to one of the most powerful families in Mystic Falls. Who knows the name of this powerful and important character?

Question 26

Which memorable character did she play?

Kristen Gutoskie is the brunette beauty who plays this character on the Vampire Diaries. She is a siren and major antagonist who worked alongside her equally unsavory sister to wreak havoc over the decades. She is known for causing trouble and flying under the radar- even working as a nanny for Caroline and Alaric. Her true colors are not revealed until later on, and by that point plenty of things had already happened! Who can name this beautiful antagonistic siren?

Question 27

Who is the memorable character played by this actress?

Torrey Joelle DeVitto is the actress who plays the good doctor on the Vampire Diaries. She is Alaric’s primary love interest during several seasons of the Vampire Diaries, but unfortunately their romance sours after Alaric turns into the Darkness. After losing Alaric, she moves to Alaska and starts a new life- becoming one of the only people to actually get out of Mystic Falls. Who remembers the name of this iconic character? Choose one option of the four listed here.

Question 28

Who can name this blonde knockout?

This character is a member of the Gemini Coven who was eventually turned into a hybrid- part witch and part vampire. Although a lot of her back story is not revealed, she seems to have been around for a long time- and stuck behind bars with other characters from the show. She and her fiancee Nora meet their ends in a quest to get rid of the Phoenix Stone. The explosion cost them their lives, but the stone was dispatched of.

Question 29

Who can name the popular character portrayed by this actress?

Brunette beauty Melinda Clarke plays this character who was the mother of two other main characters. She was portrayed as being flaky and selfish throughout the series- and her son actually suggests that she leave Mystic Falls for good. As it turns out, she was more involved with the supernatural elements of Mystic Falls than anyone originally thought, and there were serious consequences to her actions! Who can name this character? Choose one option and we will name your future baby!

Question 30

Who can name this sharply-dressed character?

This character was most prominent in the Originals, and he appeared as an antagonist who was the first vampire turned by Elijah Mikaelson. He had some seriously good fencing skills and the ability to challenge and best just about every other vampire or supernatural creature. He was also given one of the most creative and unpleasant punishments in the series- trapped at the bottom of the sea and forced to drown over and over again. Who remembers what his name was?

Question 31

Who is this smart and tough character?

This character did not originate in Mystic Falls- she came from Florida looking for Mason Lockwood. During her time in Mystic Falls, troubled ensued which led to this character and her boyfriend stealing Caroline and attempting to steal Tyler. The vampire retribution was swift and delivered by Klaus, who did not show mercy to this character once she was caught. Who remembers what this iconic character’s name was? Tell us and let us name your future baby! Choose one now.

Question 32

Who can name this iconic character?

This character was prominent on the Originals where she was known as the “Oracle of Jackson Square”. A talented seer and witch, she originated in New Orleans and came from a long line of witches. She went through a ton of tumultuous personal transformations which manifested themselves in a self-care plan that allowed her to move on from the past and focus directly on the future. She is one of our favorite characters and we’re willing to bet that others feel the same!

Question 33

Who can name the character portrayed by this actress?

This character played by Dawn Oliveri was the girlfriend of Damon Salvatore for a while, and best friends with Jenna. She also worked as a newscaster for Mystic Falls and met her fate when Stefan compelled her to jump off a stage. She appeared mostly in the second and third seasons of the Vampire Diaries and her untimely demise further complicated tensions between the two Salvatore brothers. Who remembers the name of this character? Choose one from the four choices offered.

Question 34

Which character is portrayed by this handsome actor?

This character appeared in the fifth season of the Vampire Diaries. While he did not stick around for very long, he certainly made an impact on the characters of the show, including Elena, who made friends with him and tried to help him. He was a truly troubled soul who was worried about losing those closest to him and wound up losing his life at the hands of Damon Salvatore. Who remembers the name of this short-lived character? Choose now.

Question 35

Who is this character?

Finally, let’s end with this blonde beauty who was a ray of light throughout the seventh season of the Vampire Diaries. She occurred several times in the season and became close to Stefan. She had a long and troubled past though, including a stint in the 1903 Prison World and wound up becoming a witch-vampire hybrid totally by mistake. Who remembers the name of this blonde beauty? Choose the correct answer from the four choices offered here. Pick one now.

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