Name These Pokemon And We'll Guess Your Favorite Based On The Score

We thought we'd lay some Pokemon food out in this tall grass to see which creatures would appear in our quiz, but it seems like we've dished out too much - there's half a Pokedex of 'mons who showed up, and they're all famished. As we hurry out to the Poke Mart to get more crates of food, we'll need someone to keep these monsters occupied. Aha - friendly neighborhood quiz taker! Come here! We have the perfect game for everyone to play - name all the Pokemon that are in here, and we'll see if we can figure out an absolute favorite.

Don't think we can pull that off? Well, naming all these 'mons won't be a walk in the Safari Zone, either. Remember, there's a ton of Pokemon out there, and so few trainers who have kept up with all of them. As the generations of games have come and gone, old trainers have moved on to other things and new trainers have taken their places. Respectively, only the dedicated fans in each party have kept up with all 7 generations. Though, graciously, we've only attracted species from the first three gens today - aside from a special, Legendary guest appearance.

We need to run to the Mart, so name all these 'mons!

1Who's that Pokemon?

Let's name this famous Dragon and Flying type Pokemon from the first generation of this beloved franchise. Let's do it quick, too, because it looks like it'll unleash its Dragon Rage if we forgot its name, and we're not immune to dragons.

2Who's that Pokemon?

There's a rock solid, prehistoric flyer swooping down to screech at us as we try to remember its name. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to loiter here very long, since pretty much every Pokemon fan knows who this guy is.

3Who's that Pokemon?

In competitive play, this next Pokemon is known as the bane of all Special Attackers, due of course to its incredible bulk which allows it to shrug off the vast majority of attacks. When it isn't battling, it helps heal Pokemon at the Center.

4Who's that Pokemon?

Here is an Eeveelution we all know quite well, though some of us might have forgotten her name as the years have gone by. She's a bundle of fiery energy, and she might just send a Fire Blast our way if we forgot about her.

5Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon, our next Eeveelution, belongs to the Electric typing, which is probably the reason why this entry is filled with so much static electricity. This one is also super fast, so it might try to escape before we can identify it.

6Who's that Pokemon?

This Eeveelution looks like the beloved pet of some mermaid queen, though of course, there are no actual mermaids in the Pokemon world. There is this classic Water type, though, and we should all remember what name he goes by.

7Who's that Pokemon?

Something must have glitched inside our webpage - we seem to have stumbled deep into the virtual nether realm, and this bizarre Pokemon has appeared to serve as our host. We don't want to stay here too long, so let's name the Pokemon.

8Who's that Pokemon?

We don't seem to be out of the bizarro land woods quite yet - there's a strange puddle of Pokemon here now, and there's no telling what it might do. Though of course, a Pokemon vet knows it will try to transform into us soon.

9Who's that Pokemon?

There's no way that a seasoned Pokemon enthusiast would dare forget this next mesmerizing creature. After all, she's helped many of us surf our way throughout our Kanto adventures. Let's name her asap so we can move on.

10Who's that Pokemon?

There's a great feeling of uneasiness going around right now, and we know exactly why - this powerful Water and Flying type Pokemon has just emerged from the depths, and it looks very hungry indeed. If we can't name it, we might be its next meal.

11Who's that Pokemon?

With those incredibly powerful scissors on top of its head, this Pokemon is well equipped to dish out some punishment to all amateurs who aren't able to identify it. Thankfully we're not in that group, but someone might be.

12Who's that Pokemon?

There's a bull charging right at us! Where in the world did it come from? Oh, wait - it's not a bull, it's a bull-ish Normal type Pokemon from gen 1, and a famous one at that. Ash once traveled with one of these, so we should all remember its name.

13Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon is sharp in several senses of the word - sharp enough not to be fooled by any coy trick in battle, and sharp enough to slice through opposing teams once it sets up with a Swords Dance. Just who is this mantis?

14Who's that Pokemon?

Here's a Pokemon that pretty much everyone and their parents should recognize. Having been a part of the series ever since its inception, she's no stranger to the Pokedex, for sure. Let's see who can name this Ice and Psychic type.

15Who's that Pokemon?

If we were to travel deep into the Safari Zone in the Pokemon Red and Blue games, we might eventually run into this classic Normal type Pokemon, modeled after a kangaroo. Those of us who've caught one of these will surely remember them.

16Who's that Pokemon?

What a magnanimous tongue this Pokemon has, and it isn't afraid of using it in battle. If its Lick attack achieves its intended effect, the opponent will be lost in paralysis, unable to move a limb. In order to avoid that fate for ourselves, let's name this guy.

17Who's that Pokemon?

With its incredibly powerful and accurate punches, this next Pokemon is sure to make an impression in this entry. We definitely don't want to be caught by one of its hooks, so let's be careful and choose the right name here.

18Who's that Pokemon?

Since Pokemon tends to work with duality quite often, it's only natural for the kicker of the franchise to follow the puncher. This Fighting type Pokemon is capable of kicking its way through entire teams, not to mention quiz takers who forgot about him.

19Who's that Pokemon?

After being considered mediocre for years, this Pokemon was given a significant boost when the Thick Club item effectively doubled its Attack stat. Now it's a real threat to be accounted for, especially in its Ghost and Fire type Alolan form.

20Who's that Pokemon?

Is that a Poke Ball we're looking at, or might it be a super speedy, pure Electric type Pokemon? It's best not to simply pick it up in order to find it, since we might find ourselves stunned to our cores if it proves to be the latter.

21Who's that Pokemon?

With it's sky high Attack stat coupled with the Sheer Force ability, this crab is a true force to be reckoned with. One Crabhammer is all it takes to send an unlucky opponent down to the bottom of the ocean and back. Who's this 'mon?

22Who's that Pokemon?

We shouldn't stare at this next Pokemon's pendulum for too long, otherwise we might find ourselves in an inescapable trance. This Pokemon is hypnotic, to say the least, and maybe that might point us toward its name.

23Who's that Pokemon?

This enormous Rock and Ground type Pokemon is one of Brock's main squad members. As intimidating as it might seem, it'll go right down if we meet it with a powerful enough Grass or Water type attack. Let's name this guy.

24Who's that Pokemon?

Check out the depths of sheer fright we've unearthed in this question. This trickster Pokemon likes to mess with trainers and other Pokemon species alike, though deep down we suspect it isn't as bad as it wants us to believe.

25Who's that Pokemon?

The great stink that consumes our quiz here is coming from this pure Poison type, and it doesn't even have the good decency to excuse itself. While we attempt to vacuum its Poison Gas away, try clicking on its name.

26Who's that Pokemon?

A bulky Water and Psychic type, this Pokemon has been a main face on the competitive battling side ever since it was first released in gen 1. When it Calm Minds up, it becomes virtually indestructible, not to mention super potent.

27Who's that Pokemon?

This gen 1 starter is unleashing a full power Hydro Cannon attack right at us, and we might not have time to dodge it! If we get hit by this one, we might be blasted way up into the sky. Maybe clicking the right name will produce a miracle here.

28Who's that Pokemon?

Despite how incognito this next starter might want to be, the fact is that he's one of the most famous Pokemon of all time, and is recognized pretty much everywhere he goes. It's not so bad, since he can always fly away to somewhere more private.

29Who's that Pokemon?

This Grass and Poison type starter Pokemon has a lot to offer in battle, being able to fill a number of roles in a team. It might just put us to sleep with Sleep Powder if we don't remember its name, so let's take our time for this one.

30Who's that Pokemon?

We can hear the tyrannical roar that precedes this next Pokemon before it enters battle - this must mean she thinks she's entering a battle! That's not good news for us, since we're not really into taking Crunch attacks for fun.

31Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon can spin and spin until the Miltanks come home, and it uses this ability quite effectively whenever it produces a Rapid Spin attack to rid its side of entry hazards. This is a gen 2 Fighting type all true fans remember.

32Who's that Pokemon?

This elephant makes the very ground beneath its feet shake whenever it starts to get riled up in battle. The ground shakes especially hard when it uses its powerful Earthquake attack, so let's not give it reason to use that today.

33Who's that Pokemon?

A famous Defensive wall, this Pokemon has made countless opponents cry as it stacks entry hazard upon entry hazard on their side of the field, all while laughing hysterically at the physical attacks being thrown at it.

34Who's that Pokemon?

This Water and Flying type is a fundamental Defog user in competitive play, its strong bulk allowing it to come in on a number of threats. Before it can fly - or swim - away, let's try clicking on the right name here.

35Who's that Pokemon?

This Dark and Ice type Pokemon can't be trusted, despite how initially cute it might seem. That adorable effect will soon wear off once it starts to Swords Dance up, at which point it might just be too late for us.

36Who's that Pokemon?

We all remember this Bug and Fighting type from gen 2, even if we haven't brushed up on this delightful franchise in a while. After all, there was a time when he was Ash's main 'mon - after little Pikachu, of course. Who's that Pokemon?

37Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon looks like it's primed to take a bite out of something, and hopefully it doesn't choose to eat up some of this webpage's coding. If it does, we all might end up getting stuck in the virtual void forever. Let's just click its name.

38Who's that Pokemon?

A pure Rock type monster, this next Pokemon likes to blend into natural environments by posing as a tree. It might look a lot like a tree, but we know that this is none other than a classic 'mon right here. Which one is it?

39Who's that Pokemon?

Who would have thought that the egg Misty was carrying around for so long would hatch into this formidable Pokemon right here? The best part is that this 'mon isn't even the end of the evolutionary chain. Let's name it.

40Who's that Pokemon?

When an assortment of these Pokemon get together, they can spell out pretty much any word using the traditional alphabet. They're a mysterious group, for sure, and we're likely to run into them in certain Johto caves. Just who are they?

41Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon is ripping and roaring through our quiz while surfing a high tide. It's a master of rough waters, and rough Water type attacks are what it uses in battle to thwart legions of opponents. We should all recognize this one.

42Who's that Pokemon?

This next Pokemon brings an eruption of fire with it as it enters this quiz, and the temperature has skyrocketed upward. We don't have any Water types on us at the moment, so we'll just have to take the heat while naming the 'mon.

43Who's that Pokemon?

The Grass type Johto starter, this Pokemon is seen by many to be the weakest starter Pokemon of all, throughout every generation. Despite that, savvy trainers can still find the utility in this one, especially since it gets Swords Dance.

44Who's that Pokemon?

Let's dive into the third generation of the Pokemon games in still with one of the most famous Legendaries of them all. A Dragon and Psychic type, this Pokemon has tremendous Special Attack potential on two ends, and it's not afraid to use it.

45Who's that Pokemon?

Just seeing this Pokemon enter a battle is enough to send trainers packing for the hills. The thing is, when this guy Mega Evolves, it's fast enough to catch up to any fleeing opponent, and strong enough to blast them upward with a Meteor Mash attack.

46Who's that Pokemon?

To this day, trainers still gawk audibly in sheer horror when they see this Pokemon enter the battle. Now that it has the Moxie ability, it has the potential to turn the tide of any battle - and that's not even bringing up its Mega Evolution.

47Who's that Pokemon?

A formidable Water and Ground type Pokemon, this Hoenn starter is not to be trifled with. Right now, it seems to want to boost itself up with multiple Power Up Punches in order to smash through our entire team. However, we won't make it easy for this guy.

48Who's that Pokemon?

This next Hoenn starter is so powerful, it was banned to the Ubers tier some generations ago, due mainly to its Speed Boost ability. Not all Pokemon are balanced, as it turns out - some are too strong to play for fun with.

49Who's that Pokemon?

As formidable as this next starter is in its natural form, it gets a huge boost once it Mega Evolves. Right now, it looks like it's readying up a ruthless Draco Meteor attack, and is looking to blast us away. Quick - let's send out a Fairy!

50Who's that Pokemon?

Even trainers who haven't kept up with the Pokemon franchise should definitely know who this is, since we're essentially looking at the god of all Pokemon. Out of sheer respect, let's take our time and click on the right name.

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