Name These Netflix Characters And We'll Suggest A New Show To Watch

Netflix has been pushing out their own original series for over 5 years now and they've gotten really great at it! Netflix's first originals were House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Orange is the New Black. Two out of three of those series were hits! Those shows were only the beginning for the streaming giant! Now, they have a wide range of shows covering several different genres. plus, part of what makes Netflix's original series even more exciting is that the episodes come out all at once, which means you can binge watch them all, you can savor them a little at once, and you can always watch them again and again.

Meanwhile, a major part of Netflix's success comes from the wonderful characters that are in the original series. These shows quickly become fan-favorites because people can either relate to the characters or simply because they just can't help but love them! This quiz has some of Netflix fans favorite characters from a few top-rated Netflix original series. There are characters from Netflix originals such as OITNB, Stranger Things, Santa Clarita Diet, 13 Reasons Why, as well as a few characters from Netflix's original Marvel collections. A true fan would be able to name all of the characters on their favorite show. So, which one is the real fan-favorite? Find out now!

Question 1

Name this OITNB character!

This Orange is the New Black character is a prisoner at Litchfield Penitentiary. This New York native is funny, sarcastic, and a real ladies woman! She used to spend all of her spare time with another character with whom she's in love with. However, that character wasn't completely into women. She's a former addict who has relapsed at least once while incarcerated. What's her name?

Question 2

Who's this 13 Reasons Why character?

This character was a former best friend of the main character of 13 Reasons Why. The main character left tapes behind that revealed the 13 reasons why she felt that she had to die. This character was on the tapes because she'd ended her friendship with Hannah over a guy who was a mutual friend. She was on another tape later because the same person who hurt Hannah, had hurt her first. Who is she?

Question 3

Name this character!

This character didn't last very long on Stranger Things. She was the best friend of one of the main characters on the series. In fact, this character was killed after she accompanied her best friend to spend time with her best friend's new boyfriend, who was part of the popular crowd from school. She was kind, good-natured, and a really great friend. Who was she?

Question 4

Name this Netflix original character!

This character is a Marvel Superhero with his own Netflix Original series, who also showed up on Netflix's series, The Defenders. He was an ordinary person with a different name before he was falsely accused and convicted of a crime he didn't commit. However, he was changed through an experiment that gave him superhuman strength and unbreakable skin while incarcerated. Who is he?

Question 5

Who is this Santa Clarita Diet character?

This character is the next-door-neighbor of the main characters. She is oblivious to the fact that her neighbor has become a zombie. Her son has a major crush on their daughter, her husband was taken by them, and her new girlfriend is investigating the crimes that the family next door has committed. Aside from that, she's always popping up at the wrong times. Who is she?

Question 6

Name this character!

This guy is another character from 13 Reasons Why. He was the school photographer, although, he oftentimes liked to take pictures of girls when they didn't know that he was taking them. In some cases, he'd even take private photos of them from their windows at their homes. This caused him to get severely bullied after the tapes were made public. Which character was this?

Question 7

Who is this?

This character is an inmate at Litchfield. In fact, Orange is the New Black is based on the real her, in real life. She is a middle-class, white lady who got charged with money laundering, years after it actually happened. Prior to the series, she'd already changed her lifestyle drastically. She was quiet, polite, and had no backbone whatsoever. However, her behavior changed to adapt, the longer that she was incarcerated. Who is she?

Question 8

Who's this guy?

This was the doctor who was treating the surviving kid who was abducted by the Demogorgon on Stranger Things. This doctor seemed okay at first, but it turned out that he was sent to cover up the strange occurances that had happened in Hawkins the previous year. However, he had a change of heart later and ended helping out in the end. He even helped the sherif out with an adoption. Who is he?

Question 9

Name this Marvel character!

This old guy was a blind assassin, trainer, and martial artist. The first person he attempted to train was Electra. He basically raised her as his own daughter, yet her anger turned out to be too uncontrollable for him. Later, he met and trained Matt Murdock and they both joined up with The Defenders to take down The Hand. He was eliminated by Electra when he hesitated in ending her life first. Who was he?

Question 10

Which character is this?

This Santa Clarita Diet character comes off as being really bland, with little to no personality. However, this is what makes her scenes all the more comical. She's a zombie, the ex-girlfriend of the Hammond's neighbor, and she used to work customer service at a Rite Aide. She has assisted various members of the Hammond family on their many trips to Rite Aide where they went to buy stuff to cover up their crimes. Who is she?

Question 11

Who is this?

This character is a student at Hawkins High and the ex-boyfriend of a girl whose last name is Wheeler. At school, he was a part of the popular crowd, although, he kicked his old friends to the curb after realizing how cruel they were. He formed a close friendship and alliance with a group of kids trying to take down The Monster that crossed over from the parallel universe in their home town of Hawkins. Who is he?

Question 12

Name this Orange is the New Black character!

This guy is one of the most-disliked characters from any Netflix series, ever. He's a dirty correctional officer at Litchfield, who has oftentimes taken advantage of the prisoners. He spent some time in prison, himself, when he was set up by a couple of the ladies. They made it appear as if he'd gotten one of them pregnant, although, she was really covering up the truth about her pregnancy for another guard. Who is he?

Question 13

Who is this from the Netflix original series, The Defenders?

This character played a role in a couple Netflix originals based on Marvel comics. In one of the series, she actually helps her mentor and his other trainee against The Hand. In fact, she left us while sacrificing herself to save them in Daredevil. However, in The Defenders she was reincarnated as another, bad version of herself who worked for The Hand and in doing so, she ended her mentor. Who is she?

Question 14

Which character is this?

This guy was a former best friend of Hannah Baker's, who was also one of her 13 Reasons Why. He pitted Hannah and her former best friend against each other on a a very judgmental list, which circulated the school. Not only did the list lead to more problems for Hannah, but it also caused an argument between Hannah and her best friend, which was the final blow to their friendship. Who is he?

Question 15

Which Santa Clarita character is that in the middle?

This character is a friend of the Hammond family. His friendship with the dad in the Hammond household is really interesting because he's also a Santa Monica police officer. Like most of the Hammond's friends and neighbors, he tends to show up at the worst times. Plus, he spends most of the series hanging out with a zombies husband without even knowing it. Who is he?

Question 16

Name this character!

This character is a prisoner at Litchfield Penitentiary. She was known for having the most jacked up teeth in the place. That is, until she used a situation involving the prison counselor to get herself new teeth. She's the only prisoner with her own fan club. They consist of protestors who believe that her crime was a part of a protest against a clinic. However, in reality, she'd just lost her temper. What's her name?

Question 17

Who is this?

This kid is the main protagonist of Stranger Things. His friend was taken at the beginning of the series, which led to this character and his other two friends to search for him. They didn't find him, although, they did find a girl their age, who was able to help find his friend. He developed a strong relationship with the girl as they worked together. Who is he?

Question 18

Name this superhero!

This Marvel character has his own Netflix original series, along with a spot on Netflix's The Defenders. He is a superhero who was blinded as a child by a radioactive substance. Meanwhile, his other senses were magnified to superhuman status. He fights crime in two ways by being a successful lawyer by day, yet by saving lives as a superhero, or vigilante by night. Who is this superhero?

Question 19

Who is this character from Santa Clarita Diet?

This guy has got to be the absolute best husband in history! Sure, he's a little goofy, although, anyone who's can keep a happy perspective while helping his zombie wife commit crimes in order to survive, would have to be a little on the goofy side. He's also very friendly, even making friends with the head of his wife's first meal. He also has a friend who's a cop, and there is another detective who thinks he's suspicious. Name him!

Question 20

Who is this character?

This is the girlfriend of the protagonist from OITNB. They'd known each other before their incarceration at Litchfield. In fact, she was the one who asked the main character to smuggle a suitcase for her. They weren't convicted until years later and by then they'd split, although, they've since rekindled their relationship behind bars. She's a sarcastic, bad-girl type who the led character finds irresistible. Who is she?

Question 21

Name this 13 Reasons Why character!

This character became a close friend of Hannah's after she met him at a poetry group. The pair began discussing their personal poetry in private. This character thought one of her poems was really good. He wanted her to share it, yet she didn't want it to go public. He stole the poem from her book and printed it in the school paper without her consent. That's why he became one of her 13 Reasons Why. What's his name?

Question 22

Who/what is this?

This is the creature that terrorized Hawkins in 1983. The creature came from a parallel dimension known as the Upside Down. It was abducting the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. In most case, it killed and devoured it's victims. However, in one case it kept a victim. The main character, his friends, and the family of the victim worked together to find and rescue him with the help of a little girl, who killed this creature. What/who is this?

Question 23

Which of Netflix's Marvel character is this?

This is yet another Marvel character with her own Netflix original series! She also joined the other superheroes for Netflix's spinoff series, The Defenders. This character gained her superpowers, as a result of the same car crash that killed her parents. She gave being a superhero a chance, but Kilgrave caught her and used her through mind control. Afterward, she opened up her own PI business, until she was recruited by The Defenders. Who is she?

Question 24

Who is this?

This OITNB character didn't show up as a prisoner of Litchfield until the new company took over and brought in a slew of new prisoners. She had a big crush on the lead character and they eventually hooked up. However, it was later discovered that she was the one who was stealing from her girlfriend's panty business venture. The main character set her up to get thrown in max and that was the end of their connection. Who is she?

Question 25

Name this character!

This character was taken from us prior to the events of 13 Reasons Why. He was in an accident that was a result of another student running down a stop sign and fleeing the scene, and he sadly, did not survive. He appears in the flashbacks that are timed, prior to his demise and one of the tapes was about the person who ran down the stop sign. Hannah was in the car at the time and felt partially responsible for his death, even though she phoned in the incident. Who was he?

Question 26

Who is this?

This realtor went to bed human but woke up as a zombie. After throwing up at house showing, she began to show odd symptoms. This character has a husband and teenage daughter, who are super committed to helping her find a cure and to eat. It isn't initially known what made her change, only that it happened and her body is falling apart. Who is she?

Question 27

Name this OITNB character!

This character is a Litchfield inmate who transferred into population at the same time as Piper Chapman. Upon seeing her, another inmate came up and slapped her immediately. It was revealed by the character that the other woman was her mother. They'd both gotten caught up working with the mother's boyfriend. and covered for him when there was a bust. The other Latinos always tease her because she can't speak Spanish. Who is she?

Question 28

Which character is this?

This is the long-time best friend of Matt Murdock, who is a Marvel superhero. The character appears on several Netflix original series, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Defenders. He used to run a joint law firm with Matt Murdock before running for district attorney, which he won. This character and Matt Murdock have had an off and on friendship for years. Who is he?

Question 29

Who is this guy from Stranger Things?

This guy was born and raised in Hawkins, Indiana and eventually grew up to manage the local Radio Shack. He ended up in a relationship with an abducted boy's mom, sometime after her son was found and the Demogorgon responsible was eliminated. He helps the boy, his friends, and the sheriff to get away when they find themselves fighting a new evil. However, he didn't make it out. He was taken down before he could get away. Which Netflix character is this?

Question 30

Name this character!

This character ended up at Litchfield for buying food stamps through her convenience store. Her mother has been looking after her son while she is incarcerated. In the meantime, she's a mom to some of the Latino girls who she has taken under her wing. She tried really hard to look after a specific girl for that person's real mother after she was released, but things went bad fast and she had to worry about her son. What's her name?

Question 31

Who is Lisa's husband in Santa Clarita Diet?

This guy is the husband of the Hammond's nosey neighbor in Santa Clarita Diet. He was nosey, a cop, and he was the first to find out that the Hammond's had a secret which involved having to eat people. Instead of turning them in, he used the information to blackmail Mr. Hammond into ending people for him. He eventually threatened to turn them in, which led Mr. Hammond to end him instead. Who was he?

Question 32

Name this Defender!

This character has his own Netflix original Marvel series, plus he's a character on The Defenders. He was raised by Monks after his parents passed in a horrible plane crash that also injured him. The monks found him and raised him. Later, he fought his way to gaining a superhuman power of his own. It wasn't easy though. Mainly, because nobody thought he'd ever earn the right to such power as an outsider. Later, he joined The Defenders in fighting against The Hand. What's his name?

Question 33

Name this Stranger Things character!

This character had psychokinetic abilities since her birth, which led to her being kidnapped and raised by Dr. Brenner at Hawkins National Laboratory where he performed experiments on her. However, she escaped just as The Monster began to abduct residents of Hawkins and was a big part in in finding an abducted youth and defeating The Monster. Who is she?

Question 34

Who is this?

This was one of the most beloved characters on Orange is the New Black! The character was an inmate at Litchfield until she was smothered in an incident with a correctional officer during what was meant to be a peaceful protest. She was caring, helpful, and loved to read. Her best friend was another favorite character who sought out justice for her during a riot. She also left behind a girlfriend who made her a memorial library of books throughout the place. What was her name?

Question 35

Which Netflix character is this?

This is the main character's daughter from Santa Clarita Diet. She was an ordinary, well-behaved teenager, although, she began to live life more on the edge after finding out that her mom was a zombie. The fact that her parents suck at covering up their crimes to feed her mom isn't helping much either. She often ends up helping them. Aside from her troubled home life, she was also trying to find love. Who is she?

Question 36

Name the character!

This guy comes off as a not so good guy on Stranger Things. He is the older brother of a new student who arrived at Hawkins in season 2. He speaks down to her a lot and drives really fast. He also comes off as an unfair person, since he doesn't want her hanging around the boy that she likes because he is different. Later, it is discovered that his dad is also mean and abusive towards him, which is where a lot of his anger comes from. Who is he?

Question 37

Which Orange is the New Black guard is this?

This character is a former corrections officer at Litchfield. He had an affair with a prisoner and got her pregnant. She covered for him by framing another guard for her pregnancy so that he wouldn't lose his job. However, he felt bad for the other guard. He also spent time with her stepdad, which made him realize what he'd gotten himself into. He eventually came clean about being the baby's father and ran away. Who is he?

Question 38

Who is this character?

This is one of the main characters of 13 Reason's Why. Her end is the catalyst to the show, which happened prior to the start of the series. The series is based on the tapes that she left behind with a friend to distribute them. The tapes were about her classmates. They detailed the 13 Reasons Why she felt like life wasn't worth living and included things that each student did to hurt her. What was her name?

Question 39

Name this cop!

This police officer is heading up the investigation on crimes that were either committed or at least related to the Hammond family on Santa Clarita Diet. The mom is a zombie and has to eat people to survive. The family does their best to only hurt really bad people, although, the mom has moments where she blacks out and acts out of anger. Meanwhile, this officer is also dating the widow next door and she has suspicions that the husband is to blame. Who is she?

Question 40

Who is this?

This character just arrived in Hawkins, Indiana on the second season of Stranger Things. She is a talented gamer and has the high score on a game at the local arcade. Two of the boys in Hawkins had a crush on her. However, there was only one boy that she liked, which led to an argument between the two best friends who liked her. The groups leader wasn't accepting of her at first, but they are all friends now. Who is she?

Question 41

Name this Netflix character from The Defenders!

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson represented this character when she was framed for a serious crime. They helped prove her innocence and she ended up working as their secretary. She didn't know that Matt Murdock was a superhero and fell in love with him. Meanwhile, his friend and associate, Foggy Nelson was also in love with her. She appears in a couple of the Netflix Original Marvel series. Who is she?

Question 42

Who's this guy?

This kid is one of the four main kids from Stranger Things! He is funny, smart, and usually the most easy going character. This also makes in the peacemaker in most arguments between the guys. However, he and one of the other boys got into it in season two because they liked the same girl. The other kid ended up with the girl, but he got to dance with his other friend's older sister at the dance. He also had a pet creature from the Upside Down. What's his name?

Question 43

Which OITNB character is this?

This is one of the most comical characters from OITNB. She was the accountant for a dealer who used teens to traffic her supply. There was a bust and now she is an inmate at Litchfield. She was best friends with an inmate who passed during an altercation with a guard during a peaceful protest and led the demands during the riot in an attempt to get justice for her friend. Who is she?

Question 44

Which Netflix character is this?

This kid is a resident of Hawkins, Indiana, where he was taken by The Monster and taken to a parallel dimension called The Upside Down. His friends and family pulled together and found him with the help of a girl who had psychic abilities. In the second season, they realize that he is still linked to something in The Upside Down. Who is he?

Question 45

Name the Defender!

This martial arts expert started out as one of The Hand's soldiers. However, she ended up being torn between alliances after helping out Rand. She eventually had to make a choice and ended up choosing to help The Defenders. This character has been on a couple of the Netflix original series that are based on Marvel comics. What is her name?

Question 46

Who is this?

This character is a favorite among the prisoners at Litchfield. She's kind, funny, and a little scary at times. She has a mental disability, which landed her in Litchfield after she took a young child home to play with her. She didn't have any real friends and got upset when he wanted to leave. Her demeanor caught the boy off guard and scared him so badly that he fell off of her upstairs balcony. Who is she?

Question 47

Name this 13 Reasons Why Character!

This is the main character from 13 Reasons Why. He gets Hannah's tapes at the beginning of the first season. The entire season follows him as he listens to her story and provides these flashbacks, along with his classmates. This character's personality switches drastically over the course of both seasons as he learns more and more about the girl that he had a crush on. What's his name?

Question 48

Which Netflix character is this?

This character was an officer at the NYPD until she lost her arm in an explosion. Her arm was replaced with a bionic metal arm that has superhuman strength. She has since joined another Defender, who is a martial artist and used to be The Hand's soldier, in opening a PI business. She appears on two Netflix Original Marvel series, including Luke Cage and The Defenders. Name this superhero!

Question 49

Which 13 Reasons Why character is this?

This character was the person behind the beginning of the end for Hannah Baker. He was Hannah's first kiss, but his friends suspected that more had happened. He allowed them to spread a rumor that Hannah was easy. Later, he began dating Hannah's best friend. He also had a history of covering things up for his best friend who'd done really bad things. However, he eventually made the right decision and testified against him. Who is he?

Question 50

Name this character!

This kids lives in Hawkins, Indiana and is one-fourth of a group of kids that faced The Monster on Stranger Things, in 1993. He was skeptical about the girl with psychic abilities knowing how to find their friend at first. This caused a big rift between him and his best friend, Mike in the first season. However, they were able to work things out and find their friend. In the second season, he fell for the new girl in school as they fought a new horror. Who is he?

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