Name These Flicks and We'll Tell You if You're Basic or Unique

With footage from the recently aired Golden Globes taking over the internet, and the highly anticipated 2018 Oscars around the corner, we all likely have the film world on our minds. But there is more to the industry than flashy Hollywood flicks, big budgets and designer dresses: what about the underground world of independently produced film? What defines an "indie movie", and what is it that people so often love about them?

This quiz is here to tell you if your cinematic tastes are mainstream (or, if we're being blunt, kind of basic) or a little more refined. Are you more likely to spend a Friday night at a movie theatre, popcorn covered and watching the latest X-MEN, or are you more likely to be found at an independent showing of Lady Bird in your poet friend's basement?

Independent films are defined as films produced outside of conventional studio systems (Hollywood), and often with lower budgets. But that doesn't make them unrecognizable, and we bet that you might be more "indie" than you think. In fact, some of Hollywood's most recognizable actors got their breaks from Indie films, or took a break from Hollywood to star in one later in their career. This quiz will tell you all about them and more.

So: are you basic or unique?

1Would you rather: watch a movie at the theatre, at a screening, or on Netflix

There are so many places to watch movies now. You can go the classic route and pay for a ticket to see a movie at a theatre. You can go to an independent showing, which is usually cheaper and smaller scale. Or you can stay in the comfort of your own home, and watch whatever, whenever, and at no extra cost. Which is most you?

2Pick an Ellen Page Movie

At only 30 years old, Ellen Page has already left a huge mark on the Hollywood movie scene. Her movies have ranged, and we have watched her develop as an actress. Which Page flick is your fave? Are you more into old Ellen or new Ellen?

3Name this movie

This movie can be found on Netflix, but it was only submitted to independent film festivals. Coming out in 2015, it follows two texan lovers as they navigate coming into adulthood having only ever been with each other. The movie was poorly received, but credited for its good actors and attempt at looking deeply at a very human (if simple) topic.

4"Get Out", "A Ghost Story", and "The Big Sick": How many of these acclaimed indie films from 2017 have you seen?

At the end of 2017, the website Indiewire came out with a list of 2017s greatest indie flicks. They ranked "A Ghost Story" at number one, "Get Out" at number two, and "The Big Sick" at number three. How many of these top three 2017 independent flicks have you watched?

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