If You Can't Name These Famous Celebrities, You're Out Of Touch

The world of the rich and famous can be extremely difficult to decipher when it comes to age, especially since Hollywood seems to be utterly obsessed with looking as young as possible. Older celebrities seem to be at the mercy of those looking to push out women of a particular age out to pasture and there are a number of famous faces that have ruined themselves in order to achieve the young look that will continue to make them marketable. The interesting thing is that people that have grown up with some of these A-list celebrities can sometimes lose track of how old they actually are after so many years on top.

While some people are still trying to keep tabs on former favorite leading ladies like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, there have been a whole new group of young Hollywood celebs that have taken over on the stage, TV and on the big screen. These new faces are a huge part of the Hollywood hunt to find the next big heartthrob or the next new "It" girl but not everyone knows their names. Test yourself on these famous celebrities and see if you can officially call yourself "old" because of your lack of knowledge.

1What is the name of this provocative celebrity formerly of the Disney Channel?

While there have been some young celebrities that have tried to shed their Disney Channel beginnings by going the provocative route, this particular celeb has gone a little overboard. Her social media presence is a constant barrage of scantily clad ensembles, see-through tops and a wide variety of different Halloween costumes that barely contain any real material to cover up her naughty bits. Her social media presence is a far cry from her former role on Shake It Up. What is the name of this provocative celebrity formerly of the Disney Channel?

2What is the name of this 50 Shades of Grey actress?

When Hollywood was on the search for an actress to portray the virgin, Anastasia Steele, character from the 50 Shades of Grey book series, there was a lot of criticism when this particular actress garnered the coveted role. Fans of the book series put huge expectations on the film adaptation and it wasn't clear whether or not this actress could truly own that character. Yet, all of those expectations seem to have been met with each new installment in the franchise. What is the name of this 50 Shades of Grey actress?

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