Name These Characters To See Who's A Potterhead And Who's A Twihard

The Harry Potter film franchise took off in 2001 when J.K. Rowlings' first book from the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone first hit theaters. The series lasted a decade, with the last film being released in July of 2011. During its time in the spotlight, the Harry Potter franchise created a massive fanbase of people who were ready and willing to dress as witches and wizards in public. They crowded movie theaters in droves for every release and became known as Potterheads. It was unlike anything that had ever been seen before.

At least, until 2007 when the first book of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga hit the big screen. By then, it was not only Potterheads cramming into the theaters, but there was also Twihards. From that point on, the battle for which was the better franchise began. They both had their own styles for storytelling, magic, characters, friendships, and love. Both franchises had some phenomenal, record-breaking opening weekends to brag about! However, there was still the rivalry between which was better. Vampires and Werewolves, or Witches and Wizards? Luckily, this quiz is a great way to find out who's a Potterhead vs who's a Twihard. It'd take a true fan from either franchise to get the first name of each character correct, using only a short description and image. So get together with some friends and find out who's what!

Question 1

Can you name this professor?

This professor is a half-blood witch. She was born to Robert McGonagall and Isobell Ross on October 4, 1935. This character is tall and stern looking. She's a strict woman who is known for being both loved and feared by her students. Aside from being a Hogwarts professor, she's also a headmistress. Who is she?

Question 2

Who is this dad?

This guy is either the dad of a Hogwarts student, or of a Quileute shapeshifter. he's heavy-set, dark-haired, and always wears a black hat. He is a loving father who's been wheelchair bound since the start of the franchise, as a result of complications from diabetes. He used to have a red pickup truck before he sold it to another character. Who is he?

Question 3

Name this wicked individual?

This guy was born to be a dark leader. He is cruel and loves to see those around him suffer. Not only that but, he's also power hungry. He's short with blonde hair and has feminine features. This character isn't afraid to break away from living a peaceful existence. In fact, he definitely prefers war and bloodshed over the latter. Which villain is he?

Question 4

Who is this?

This character was rather annoying when it came to being a know-it-all. She was usually right, though. In fact, her way of thinking oftentimes kept her friends from making the wrong decisions. She's also rare to the franchise in that she was born a pure-blood muggle. She wasn't the kind of girl to dress up much or wear makeup, only putting forth the effort on special occasions. Who is she?

Question 5

Can you name this guy?

This character is described as being elderly with long silver hair and a beard, both of which hang below his belt. He's a half-blood, meaning one parent was descended from ordinary parents, while the other was born with unique blood. He had a very cheerful personality, yet those who knew him well feared him when he was angry. This character was one of the most powerful of his kind, even being the only person who was feared by the worst villain of the movie franchise he was from. What's his name?

Question 6

Name this girl!

This character was got her abilities as a preteen. She is short with blonde hair and has a twin brother. She is a member of the largest organized coven of her kind. The character is powerful and has a jealous, sinister personality. She loves using her powers to torture those who do not follow the guidelines set by her coven in order to keep their kind a secret. Which girl is she?

Question 7

Who is this?

This is a short female character with dark hair and great fashion sense. She can forsee an individual's furture once they've made a decision, although, this talent isn't always accurate depending on if the individual makes a last-minute decision to change his/her mind. Her personality is upbeat and friendly. She is part of a group that is lead by her adoptive father and mother. Who is she?

Question 8

Do you recognize this student?

This student has blonde hair and pale-silvery eyes. She is friendly, even though others from her school often made fun of her because of her peculiar fashion sense and beliefs. The character once wore a Butterbeer cork necklace, which got the other students talking. Despite this, she has isn't judgmental toward the other students. Initially, she wasn't a major character but became one after getting close to the leading characters of the franchise. Who is she?

Question 9

Which dad is this?

This guy is 6 feet tall, with a dark hair and brown eyes. He is the father of a character off of either Twilight, or Harry Potter. The character is the Chief of Police in the small town where he lives. This makes him a pretty responsible guy. He's also known for being mostly a loner, who only has a couple of friends. His wife left town with his baby daughter, but his daughter returned to live with him as a teen. Who is he?

Question 10

Can you name this doctor?

This guy is a small town doctor. He is 23 years old, with medium height, and he has blonde hair. Aside from being a town doctor, he is also the adopted father of a group of teens, who are inhumane just like him. His family survives off of blood, rather than food, but he has exceptional self-control, which has helped him when he is around human blood. Who is he?

Question 11

Do you know who this is?

This character is half-human with blonde hair and blue eyes. She's quite beautiful, which catches the interest of men and oftentimes makes the females that she interacts with jealous of her. Her beauty comes from her Veela blood, which also makes her come off as arrogant. She is extremely gifted in charms and non-verbal magic. What's her name?

Question 12

Which guy is this?

This character is a shape-shifter from the Quileute Indian Tribe. He is tall with dark hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. His hair was once long, but it was cut short by the end o the franchise. The character spent nearly the entire franchise chasing a girl that loved someone else. He is charming, sweet, and considerate, although, he can also act really smug. Who is he?

Question 13

Can you name this little girl?

At the start of her movie franchise, this character was younger than the main group of characters. In fact, she is the younger sister of the lead character's best friend. The character is a pure-blood with red hair and brown eyes. She is a professional Quidditch player, who eventually married the main character. Who is she?

Question 14

Who is this?

This guy was once a human, but isn't anymore. He has the ability to read minds and is one of the leading characters of the movie franchise that he is in. He is tall, with bronze hair and pale skin. He fell in love with a human, who he eventually married and had a half-blood child with. Meanwhile, his wife was changed to save her life. What's his name?

Question 15

Do you know who this is?

This is the lead character of the movie franchise that he is from. He has dark hair and green eyes. He is a half-blood whose parents died when he was very young. He didn't know that he had powers until he received a letter when he was 11 years old. Which character is this?

Question 16

Which guy is this?

This guy is tall with long blonde hair. He has been 19 years old for a very long time. He is a great fighter, who has had military experience from his previous life. Aside from that, he also has the ability to sense what others are feeling. He is one of the adopted sons of the leader of his coven. Who is this?

Question 17

Who is this character?

This kid was raised by his grandmother, after his parents were driven insane by a Deatheater. He is a pure-blood, who is short, with brown hair, a chubby build, and brown eyes. He was also very shy and unsure of himself. However, as he grew up, he slimmed down and proved himself to be a great asset against enemies. Not only was he courageous, but he was also strong. Which guy is this?

Question 18

Which leader is this?

This vampire leader is very tall, with black hair, and is ancient. He has the ability of relationship identity, which allows him to sense the relationship ties between others and their weaknesses. He was once married, but his wife's life was taken by her brother, in order to keep this character from leaving their coven. He is the most peaceful leader of the coven. Who is this?

Question 19

Can you name this character?

At 17 years old, this character's franchise began when she moved from her mom's house in Pheonix, Arizona to live with her dad in the rainy, boring town of Forks, Washington. However, it turned out that a lot of the town's residents weren't exactly human. She is short with brown hair and her eyes were brown once, but now they are mostly gold, yet they turn black when she's hungry. Who is she?

Question 20

Do you know who this girl is?

This character was a beautiful student at a magical school, who was popular and had the attention of several boys from her class. She even dated the lead charaacter of her franchise, but only for a short period of time. Aside from that, she was also intelligent and could fly very fast. In fact, her fast flying skills got her the position of seeker on a team sport from her franchise. Who is she?

Question 21

Who is this guy?

This guy almost lost his life to a bear, but then a beautiful vampire took him to her adoptive father, who saved his life by turning him. He married the beautiful vampire and has lived with her and the rest of her adoptive family ever since. He's a big football-player sized guy, with dark curly hair. He has been described as having piercing blue eyes as a human. Which guy is he?

Question 22

Which of these guys is this?

This character is the best friend of the lead character in his franchise. He is a pure-blood wizard. The character has red hair, freckles, with a tall, thin build. His sense of humor often helped his freinds relax, but could also get him into trouble. Aside from all of this, he's also very talented at Wizard's Chess. He's also the youngest of five brothers and the older brother of one sister. Who is he?

Question 23

Which bad guy is this?

This character was first seen with a small coven of three vampires, including himself. They ran into the Cullen's while they were playing baseball during a storm. The leader of the coven caught the scent of a human admist the Cullen's and they began tracking her, which also meant going against the Cullen's. This vampire survived that war, only to lose his life to the Shapeshifter's later. Who is he?

Question 24

Do you know who this gentle giant is?

This cheery guy is half-giant, half wizard. He's super-tall, with dark hair, mustache, and beard, which nearly covers his entire face. He was originally a student at a school, although, by the time the franchise began, he was the groundskeeper. He is exceptionally kind, loving, and he loves animals. He's also very gentle, yet doesn't always remember his own strength. What is his name?

Question 25

Name this character!

This character is known for her beauty. She was already beautiful before she was turned into what she is today, but was assualted by her fiancé. A vampire came across her and turned her in order to save her life. This only further enhanced her beauty. She is tall, with blonde hair, and porcelain skin. Her beauty has made her a bit narcissistic and self-centered, although, she is extremely loyal to those close to her. Who is she?

Question 26

Who is this?

This creepy-looking guy was a Potions Master, Headmaster, and teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He's a half-blood wizard, who is initially suspected to be on the bad side of the wizarding world, but it later turned out that he was acting as a double-agent and lost his life as a hero. He was tall, with long, dark hair, and had a creepy look about him. Which character was he?

Question 27

Can you name her?

This vampire was a part of her partner's coven. It was a coven of only 3 members, who were tracking the Cullen's during the first couple films of the franchise. Her partner lost his life after successfully tracking and capturing the human comapanion of one of the Cullen's. She spent an entire film building a newborn vampire army in order to get revenge. Who is she?

Question 28

Who is this?

This character was a Deatheater and avid follower of Lord Voldmort. She was a pure-blood witch, who was tall and thin, with dark long, curly hair. She was a prisoner at Azkaban, until she escaped in 1996 during the mass break-out. The witch took the lives of several allies to the main character of the franchise, before her life was ended by Molly Weasley. Who was she?

Question 29

Which character is this?

This little fellow was a house-elf, who was a servant of the Malfoy family. The Malfoy's were a dark wizard family in the franchise that this character is from. He was eventually set free by the main character of the franchise and became an ally. His life was taken by Bellatrix. He was extremely short, with huge green eyes, and a long pointy nose. What was his name?

Question 30

Can you name this guy?

This character is one of few non-magical humans from either franchise. He is African-American, tall, and has black curly hair. He's a fellow student of one of the main characters and had a major crush on her in the beginning. The character obviously loves sports as he played basketball, football, and ran track at the high school. He almost hit the main character with his van, but she was saved by a vampire. Who is this guy?

Question 31

Do you know who this is?

This pure-blood wizard spent 12 years locked away at Azkaban, after he was framed for the betrayal of the main character's parents. The person who framed him also made it appear that this character took his life, as well as the lives of 12 muggles. This character is also known as the only person to escape Azkaban without assistance, which he did in the form of a black dog. Who is he?

Question 32

Which guy is this?

This wizard attended the Durmstrang Institute and was a seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team. He is tall and thin, with dark hair and brown eyes. The character wasn't around throughout the entire franchise, mainly appearing when there were Quidditch tournaments. However, he did take Hermione to the Yule Ball. What was his name?

Question 33

Name this guy?

This character was only in the first film of the franchise that he was a part of. He was tall with blonde hair and pale skin. The character was the leader of a small coven. It was his ego and arrogance that urged him to use his tracking ability to track and capture the main character. This led him to lose his life in a fight against the Cullens. Who is he?

Question 34

Can you name this villain?

This character had many names. As a villain he was known as Lord Voldemort, Dark Lord, You Know Who, and even as He Who Must Not Be Named. However, the name we want here is his childhood name, before he became the main villain of his franchise. he was the one to take the lives of the main character's parents when he was just a baby. What was his childhood name?

Question 35

Who is this?

This guy is the leader of all vampires in his franchise. He has two others who co-founded and lead the Volturi alongside him. However, the final decsions come from this character. He is medium-hight, has long, black hair, with chalky, almost onion-like skin. He is stronger than most vampires and has the ability of tactile telepathy, meaning he can read every thought, feeling, or memeory that a person has ever had, but only through touch. Who is he?

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