Name These 90s TV Studs To Find Out Which Of Their Shows To Star In

In the 90s, TV was full of teen dramas, family sitcoms, and sitcoms full of young adults just trying to figure out their futures. The female characters were always women and girls that we could relate to. The guys were always studs, who we dreamed about or wished we could have in real-life. Back then, poster companies probably made a fortune just off of the ones of guys from shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Dawson's Creek, My So-Called Life, Family Matters, and Saved by the Bell. Meanwhile, young adults and women tuned into the shows with studs like Friends, Full House, and Living Single. 

Is this fan one of those 90s girls, or women? If so, fans should be able to name every character from these fan-favorite shows! In fact, only the truest fans would know not only the characters from these 90s TV sitcoms and series but also the actual studs who portrayed the characters. After all, how can fans have a Luke Perry, Joshua Jackson, or  Jared Leto poster and not know the character they played on what show? Or, how could any true fan watch years of Friends,  Full House, and Living Single without knowing who the actor behind the character was? Naming these studs is the key to getting matched with one of their shows. Find out which of these 90s stud's shows this fan would end up in now!

Question 1

Name this stud

This steamy guy was at the center of his own teen drama. I would name the show, but that would also give away who this character is. He wasn't the most popular guy in his high school, although, he was charming, handsome, and a tad bit geeky. His best friend, Joey Potter harbored a crush on him from the beginning of the series. However, it took him a while to see it. Who is he?

Question 2

Name this stud

This guy was great at making fan-girls love him on and off the screen! However, he could also break hearts with his ego on occasion. He would talk directly to you through the screen at times. He was one of the most popular students at Bayside High, yet had a nerd for a friend who he used quite a bit and his longest running crush was on a girl named Kelly Kapowski, whom he eventually married. What's his name?

Question 3

Name this stud

Who could forget this 90's TV stud? He starred in his show as a fictionalized version of himself. The show was based on his move from his mom's home in West Philly to live with his Uncle Phil in Bel Air, which was quite a change for the character. Just imagine going from an apartment and public school to a mansion and private schools. Which actor was this?

Question 4

Do you know who this is?

Most 90's TV fans have probably had a crush on this guy at some point in their lifetime. He was hot, charming, and a little sweet all balled up into one guy. However, he did have some jealousy issues, yet it'd be hard to blame him with most of the women he dated throughout the series. The show was based on a group of friends. Who is this guy?

Question 5

Who's this guy?

No 90's teen should ever forget this face! He didn't have his own personal show, although, he was a big part of a 90's teen drama that only lasted for one season. The show was centered around the high school years of a girl named Angela and this character was her crush. Do you know who he was?

Question 6

Name this stud

This smokin' actor portrayed not one, but two characters in the same family sitcom. One of the characters was a clumsy, nerdy guy who was in love with his neighbor Laura Winslow. Laura wouldn't give him the time of day, so he transformed his DNA using "cool juice" and became this seriously hot guy. Who is the guy he became?

Question 7

Do you remember this brother-turned guardian?

Who could ever forget this handsome guy? To make matters worse, his character's storyline was both a tear-jerker and draw for teens and women in the 90's. He was the eldest Salinger brother, who'd ended up caring for his four younger siblings after their parents died in a crash. He did a pretty gret job of it, too! Do you know who he is?

Question 8

Can you name this character?

This 90's stud was a vampire and one of Buffy's worst enemies throughout the earlier seasons. Later, he joined her group in helping to fight evil, meanwhile, falling in love with her. However, his dark past kept them at odds until nearly the end of the series. Let's just say that Buffy wasn'tthe only female affected by this 90's bad-boy stud. Who is he?

Question 9

Which 90's TV stud is this?

This 90's stud starred alongside Shannon Doherty, Tori Spelling, and a few other big names on a show based around twins who moved to Beverly Hills during their high school years. He was seriously hot and charming, which left fans envious of his girlfriend Kelly, who was portrayed by Jenny Garth. Who was this stud?

Question 10

Do you recognize this guy?

This jock had just moved to Bayside at the start of the school sitcom that he was in. He wasn't the lead character, although, he was a friend of the lead character and at times his rival. They both harbored a crush on the same girl, Kelly Kapowski. However, he eventually fell for Jessie Spano, instead. He kept 90's teen girls swooning. Do you know who he is?

Question 11

Can you name this actor?

This guy portrayed the extremely preppy and nerdy character, who was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's rich ccousin. He wasn't much fun and always did what was expected of him. Besides that, he wasn't great with the ladies, either. However, he was still pretty hot despite his various personality flaws. He had a dance that most haven't forgotten even now. Who is he?

Question 12

Who is this?

Initially, no 90's TV fan would've expected Whitley Gilbert's stuck up personality to mesh with this handsome guy, yet they ended up in love. They were both characters on Denise Huxtable's spinoff from The Cosby Show. She was the eldest Huxtable daughter and this character's show followed her to college. This guy was one of her friends from college. Who is he?

Question 13

Name this stud

This was one of Dawson Leery's friends and the sarcastic, charmer of Capeside. They eventually ended bumping heads a lot when it came to Joey Potter, who'd always had a crush on Dawson, but ended up falling in love with this guy in the end. Could anyone really blame her, though. He was a romantic at heart and turned out to be a great guy despite his troubled childhood. Who was he?

Question 14

Who is this?

This guy probably wasn't the first stud to come to mind when fans think of the 90's TV drama based Angela Chase's teenage years. He was the guy that had a major crush on her, meanwhile, her heart was set on a different guy. In fat, this guy was semi-creepy in a Tyler from 13 Reasons Why kind of way. He was the school photogapher and loved to take pictures of Angela. Who was he?

Question 15

Can you name this famous uncle?

This was the hottest uncle in the Tanner home, on the sitcom that made the Olsen Twins a household name! He had dreamy dark hair, which resembled his role model, Elvis Presley's hair, and had a fun personality. Aside from from that, he was the bad-boy of the show until he met Rebeccca. He was DJ, Michelle, and Stephanie Tanner's uncle and the brother-in-law of their father. Do you remember who played this character?

Question 16

Do you recognize this nerd?

This was the clumsy, nerd counterpart of the super-hot guy from the DNA experiment that was named earlier. His crush was Laura Winslow from Family Matters. He might not have seemed so hot, yet behind those glasses and annoying voice was the same actor who played his "cousin". He was always causing accidents along with his usual response of "Did I do that?" Do you know who he is?

Question 17

Who played this guy in Party of Five?

This actor was the second eldest Salinger brother in the series that chronicled the life of 5 siblings whose parents has just past in an accident. This handsome actor often helped his older brother with raising their younger siblings. One of his younger sisters, Julia, was played by Neve Campbell and the girl he dated, Sarah, was portrayed by Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Do you remember who this actor is?

Question 18

Who's this resident advisor from Felicity?

It always seemed as though teen dramas had the lead girl chasing the wrong guy. This was the case with Felicity who completely switched her college course to chase a guy named Ben, who barely knew she existed. Her RA was this handsome fellow, who developed a crush on her. The actor that played this character is also pretty well-known. Who is he?

Question 19

Do you know who this is?

This guy wasn't the brightest out of his circle of friends, although, he was arguably the hottest of the guys. The actor who played him was initially supposed to make him macho and a ladie man, which he was. However, he also added in the character's dense personality. This turned out well for the sitcom, which was centered around a group of friends. Who is he?

Question 20

Can you name this vampire stud?

This vampire was so handsome and entertaining that he got his own spinoff show. He started out as a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who was Buffy's main love interest throughout the early seasons. He was a vampire with a soul. What more could a girl ask for? Who is he?

Question 21

Who's this?

This was the son of the Winslow family on Family Matters. He was charming, hot, and a little bit of a trouble-maker. Aside from all of that, he was also smooth with the ladies. He was the son of Carl and Harriet Winslow, as well as the older brother of Laura Winslow. His neighbor was a clumsy nerd, who stole the show. Who is this guy?

Question 22

Name this Beverly Hills 90210 stud!

Shannon Doherty's 90210 characcter, Brenda Walsh, met this hunk in Paris. He assumed that Brenda was from Paris and she played along with the illusion, even after he showed up in Beverly Hills. They ended up being couple, despite her fake persona. However, Brenda was still hooked on another guy and broke his heart. Do you know who he is?

Question 23

Do you remember who this is?

Thish character was portrayed by a popular rapper, producer, and DJ, who was the best friend of Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He also collaborated with him in music. His personlity was goofy and dense, pus, he was always getting himself thrown out of the Bel Air mansion by Will's Uncle Phil, who didn't approve of their friendship. Who is he?

Question 24

Can you name this nerd?

It's pretty safe to say that his Saved by the Bell co-star wasn't at the top of fans' list as a 90's hunk. However, he was adorable in his own ways. He harbored a major crush for Lisa Turtle throughout the series, although, like most popular girls on TV series, she didn't return his affections. To make matters worse, he was often used by his best friend, even if it earned him a spot with one of the more popular groups at Bayside. Who is he?

Question 25

Do you know who this is?

Every vampire slayer should have a best friend to confide in and this guy was Buffy's! He was yet another hot guy who wasn't fully appreciated by his crush, Buffy. This guy was also extremely jealous of the vampires who she chose to date, often not trusting them even when they were being helpful. Meanwhile, his brooding and sarcasm made him more dark and loveable than ever. Do you know who he is?

Question 26

Can you name this character?

It seemed like every 90's sitcom with a stud in the family had to have a goofball friend who was also handsome. This was the eldest son's best friend from Family Matters. He was cute, funny, and dim in the academic area. The character's name was the same as a searching game. Do you remember who this guy was?

Question 27

Who is this hunk?

90210 was another 90's drama full of handsome guys. This was the friend of the boy twin, whose sister's name was Brenda Walsh. He'd had a prior relationship with Kelly Taylor, which ended, leaving him feeling hurt and angry. However, this stud wasn't lonely for long though. After dating several women, he later ended up getting married to Janet Sosna. Who is he?

Question 28

Do you remember this guy?

This handsome guy from Friends was very sweet, yet he also had extreme commitment issues. In fact, everyone in their group thought that he'd be the last of them to marry, yet he suprised his fans by being the first when he married Monica. He was also one of the most succesful guys in the group. They eventually got a surogate and ended up adopting twins. Who is this 90's TV stud?

Question 29

Can you name this actor?

The actor who played this character from A Different World was a real stunner! His character was Dwayne Wayne's best friend and he dated several women throughout his college years a Hillman. He was a part of a fraternity in character and real life. The character was a confident ladies man who once cheated on his girlfriend with Freddie, who was also in a relationship at the time. Who was he?

Question 30

Who's this guy?

This hot guy worked with the Scooby Gang on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He'd met Buffy while he was part of the Initiative, although, he didn't tell her about his position and she didn't tell him that she was a slayer. They encountered each other in battle without even knowing it on at least one occassion. They eventually ended up dating once the truth came out. Who is he?

Question 31

Can you name this guy?

This man was unforgettable for fans of Full House. Not only did he have the looks, but he was also a funny, sweet, and caring guy. Maybe a slight bit goofy, yet still a winner. He was a childhood friend of the Tanner dad and became the best of his brother-in-law when they both moved in to help care for DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. What's his name?

Question 32

Can you name this stud?

Every 90's girl probably had a poster of this stud on her bedroom wall. Both his 90210 character and the actor behind the character were teen idols of the 90's. He played the boy twin's best friend in the drama series and dated the girl twin, Brenda. However, his character also cheated on her with their mutual friend Kelly. Who is he?

Question 33

Do you remember this guy?

This Living Single actor portrayed a character who was everything that sterotyped studs were supposed to be in the 90's. He was egotistical, smart, aarrogant, and above all else, he was seriously hot. He and Maxine had an interesting love-hate relationship that eventually exploded into a shocking great relationship. They got married and had daughter. Who was he?

Question 34

Can you name this stud?

Who doesn't love a dreamy, troubled guy in high school, am I right? That's just what the character that this actor portrayed was. He was smart, funny, and sweet, yet he also had some substance abuse problems. He'd started hanging out with the 90210 gang, instead of with his old best friend, Scott, during his freshman year. Later, they became friends again, only for Scott to accidently shot himself. He was Donna's boyfriend for much of the series, although, they broke up for a while after he cheated on her. Who is he?

Question 35

Do you know which character this is?

Yep, it's another hottie from Buffy! This guy was a werewolf, who dated Willow for a while. He was one of the good-bad boys of the series. The actor behind the character has also made a name for himself. He's been in several movies and he's the voice behind quite a few cartoon characters. Plus, there was that guest appearance on Grey's. Who could ever forget that? Who is he?

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