Only A True Vampire Diaries Fan Can Name All These Characters

The Vampire Diaries is an eight-season fantasy show about supernatural beings living in the human world. Elena Gilbert is still mourning her parent’s death when she meet the new student, Stefan. Immediately the two share a connection and it doesn’t take long for them to start a relationship. But something seems off about him, and she learns that he’s a 162 year old vampire – and he isn’t the only one. His crazy older brother is too, and he isn’t afraid to kill anyone. Shortly after, she discovers that her best friend is a witch, and her other best friend gets turned into a vampire. Throughout the series, more supernatural creatures come out of nowhere including people she grew up with, who didn’t know what they were until it was too late. It seems every episode there is a new vampire, werewolf, hybrid or witch who is determined to kill one of the main characters in some way, shape or form. While characters come and go, there are a number of memorable ones who are either main characters themselves, supporting characters, or just play in a few key episodes and offer a plot twist of some kind. Do you think you’re a big enough fan to name them all? Take this quiz to find out.

1Name this Vampire Diaries character:

This character is a part of the main cast on the show. He appears in the first episode and is portrayed as the “villain,” however he’s more like an anti-hero. He is a century old vampire who has no problem feeding on humans or killing whoever threatens him, his brother or his friends. He causes a lot of unnecessary trouble in Mystic Falls, but he does manage to worm his way onto the secret council and be-friend the sheriff – without them even knowing what he really is.

2Name this Vampire Diaries character:

This character makes a recurring appearance throughout the show – both in flashbacks and in current day. She is much older than the typical vampire (not as old as the originals of course) but she has a lot of experience when it comes to surviving. She was lovers to the Salvatore brothers, and was also the one who turned them. When she was first introduced to the show, it was believed that she was locked up in a tomb for nearly a hundred years.

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