Only A True American Can Name Every Single One Of These Muscle Cars

Who doesn't love muscle cars? These gorgeous machines epitomize the best years of American car manufacturing; sleek, powerful, and a pleasure to take on the road. Classic muscle cars still have a devoted following, drivers who know that these beasts are still better than many of the lighter, fancier cars on the road today... and that even if you don't care about what's under the hood, a classic muscle car just looks so incredibly cool.

While the term 'muscle car' can apply to any American-made two-door vehicle designed for high performance driving, usually when we talk about muscle cars, a certain shape and style comes to mind. They are the cars of the '60s and '70s, the ones with massive, accentuated hoods that slope down to that iconic sleek shape at the rear. The ones that are a step forward from the tail fins of the '50s, but still believe in paying homage to the classic land-yachts that came before. Classic muscle cars are built for cruising, for pleasure drives and purring engines, and for grabbing the attention of everyone not lucky enough to be in the driver's seat.

If you love muscle cars, you've undoubtedly got a dream car in mind (or maybe even in the garage), you love seeing these beasts out in the wild, maybe you even like to hit up car shows on a sunny weekend... but can you name all of these classic muscle cars from just a photo?

1Name this model created by a racecar driver.

There are muscle cars built by a design team at the car company, and then there is this dream of a muscle car; designed by none other than Carroll Shelby, a racecar driver who was forced to retire in his 30s, and who went on to teach racing before moving on to building cars. It's no surprise, then, that this beast feels like its built to race - from the very start, it is inspired by speed, and not the need to be sensible.

2Name this muscular coupe utility.

When you think of a pickup, chances are you probably imagine a pickup truck... but that's not the only option (at least, it wasn't in the '70s, when this car was made!). There were several makes and models of this style of coupe utility/pickup, which looks like the typical muscle car from the front, but reveals an integrated cargo tray at the back. This particular model evolved from the Sprint, with a specific look, paintjob and decal for those who just loved the style.

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