If You Can't Name These Movies, You Were Never A Kid

The mere fact someone isn’t a kid anymore hardly means they can no longer enjoy entertainment made for children. If anything, the older a person is, the warmer and more nostalgic a kid’s movie can feel, bringing back memories of their own youthful experience. Not only that, but some kids movies, especially those made by Disney or Pixar, are just plain entertaining for people of all ages, as reflected at the box office.

One of the biggest selling points to children’s movies is that they almost always contain outrageously memorable characters and scenarios. The point is to create something even a developing mind could remember, and the side effect is that adults never forget parts of their favorite movies from childhood. This also means parents raising young children can find themselves attached to the fun happening on screen, sometimes not even minding when the young one begs to watch the same flick over and over for weeks on end, as some children are inclined to do.

Add all this information together, and one could argue children’s films are the most visible and popular around. No matter what age you are, you could probably name more movies made specifically for children than those created for any other target audience. To test how many you know, take our quiz and find out if you can name all of these classic kids movies.

1What movie features a kid’s favorite dolls all coming to life?

If there’s any dream just about every kid in the world can relate to, it’s the idea their dolls, action figures, and various other trinkets were all secretly alive. It wouldn’t even matter what sort of journeys they went on; if Mr. Potato Head could really hang out with an astronaut and a cowboy, strange and interesting things could easily develop. That’s definitely the case in this film, it’s the two sequels, bringing these mere inanimate objects to infinity and beyond. Do you know what it’s called?

2What kid flick introduced the insane Gru and his Minions?

Unsurprisingly, it’s very possible that super villainy is the greediest occupation in the world. Take for example the story of Gru, a notorious monster amongst men who nonetheless finds himself extraordinarily down in the dumps when a hotshot young bad guy pulls off a massive heist. Apparently, someone stole the Great Pyramid of Giza, and a true villain like Gru needs to one up him. The plan is simple—stealing the moon. Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially when it’s up to Gru’s Minions to pull off the job. Do you know what the movie is called?

3What animated film brought a modern, child-friendly twist to the Día de los Muertos?

By and large, death is a concept that can be extremely difficult for children to comprehend. Throw in enough bright colors and catchy Latin folk songs, though, and families of all ages can enjoy the journey together. Amazingly, Disney and Pixar found a way to transport a 12-year-old into the Land of the Dead and make it a happy, uplifting story, due to the helpful friends he makes along the way. Mexican culture also plays a major role, allowing this one to teach younger generations about the world at large while smiling at the pretty colors. What’s the movie called?

4Which film stars an alien becoming friends with a young boy?

To many people, the idea of creatures from outer space suddenly coming to Earth is just a little bit scary, hence the high number of horror films about the subject. However, a curious child might overcome that fear and instead face an alien outsider with a sense of pure wonder. That’s the case with young Elliott, who immediately befriends a frightened foreign creature hiding in his garage. Of course, there’s nothing to fear, as the strange being simply wants to phone home. What’s the movie about him called?

5What movie is about a girl named Belle meeting a monster?

Whether we’re talking about the animated Disney classic from the early ‘90s or the live action musical that took the world by storm all over again in 2017, this story about a woman noticing a so-called monster’s inner beauty has always been a family favorite. In fact, there are also versions of this tale dating back to the beginning of film, and children and adults alike have generally considered them all incredible. No matter how much people hate the doomed prince and his magic castle, Belle’s willing to see his heart, a powerful message few can forget. Did you?

6What kids flick is about an infant who runs the show from his crib?

When a child meets a new baby in the family, they often feel like they’re being replaced, or at least losing their parents attention. That feeling would intensify significantly if infants could talk, as is the case in this DreamWorks picture. Not only are some children in this world blessed with speech, but this one also seems incredibly professional, suave, and talented beyond his years, making it easy for him to genuinely dominate the family’s time. There’s more to his story than meets the eye, though, detailing the longstanding war between babies and puppies. What’s the movie about it called?

7What animated film co-stars The Rock as a singing spirit?

Not everyone is capable of accepting their destiny, at least at first. That’s why a young Polynesian girl’s family doesn’t want her venturing out into the ocean to revive a powerful demigod named Maui. Granted, she’s still a baby when the island decides its her destiny, so maybe that made sense. As the girl grows older, though, her spirit of adventure a can’t be stopped, and before long, she indeed ventures on a journey to meet the fated spirit. Turns out he’s gigantic, sounds like The Rock, and can sing like an angel. What’s the movie about this girl called?

8Which kids movie mostly takes place in an emotional young girl’s head?

Children are notorious for having difficulty understanding their feelings, and movies like this one do their best to explain why. No matter what age a person is, they have many powerful emotions within them that can often come out when least expected. Certain stressful situations can make the situation particularly confusing, like a cross country move that a child has no control over. That’s what sets things into chaos for Riley Anderson, as the once well-oiled unit that was Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust falls into disarray extremely quick. What’s the movie about them called?

9What animated classic is about a scary yet affable ogre?

People paying attention to where children’s stories come from have long been aware there’s a darkness to most fairy tales. In addition to princes and princesses, there are also mean ogres and fire-breathing dragons. And, uh, sassy Donkey’s, but that last one might be exclusive to this particular story. Point is, it turns out this so-called monsters can actually get caught up in the general spirit of a fairy tale and go on epic quests of their own, as this series starring Mike Myers has proven three times over thus far. What’s it called?

10What movie is about a young cub growing into a leader?

For the most part, it’s hard to imagine anyone under the age of 10 sitting down to read William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Little do they know, many of them already know the story, as it closely matches this Disney feature about a pride of lions battling over who should reign supreme over the jungle. It also features unforgettable kid favorites Timon and Pumba, who taught everyone the joys of “Hakuna Matada.” Of course, the real star is Simba, who goes on an incredible journey to avenge his father. What’s this movie called?

11Which film features Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel-san martial arts?

Wax on, wax off. It doesn’t make much sense out of context, but the way Mr. Miyagi imparts this simple life lesson on Daniel-san convinced the world the scrappy inexperienced fighter could stand toe-to-toe with Cobra Kai. Naturally, it’s a long time before Daniel-san truly understands what the mysterious sensei is teaching him, but by the end, he’s truly a top class martial artist. It’s a Rocky for the younger generation, and Pat Morita earned a rare Academy Award nod for an actor in a kid’s film for his work as Miyagi. What’s the movie called?

12In what movie does Anna ask Elsa if she wants to build a snowman?

Many people with siblings have felt the sting of growing apart from someone who used to be their closest or maybe only friend. However, few real stories involve the same problems that drive Arendelle’s princesses Elsa and Anna apart. The two still wish to be friends, but it’s hard for them to connect with Elsa’s uncontrollable power to freeze things with her hand. In fact, her power is so out of control their once great kingdom is almost entirely covered in snow, making it that much harder for them to reconnect. What’s the movie about them called?

13Which animated classic is about a family of superheroes?

In an era of superhero films absolutely dominating the box office, it was inevitable that audiences would realize the destruction these so-called defenders of the earth can cause. That’s a problem for “Super’s” like Bob and Helen Parr, who need to entirely revamp their lives together after the government bans any superhero activity. Their children also suffer, forced to hide their true power for their entire lives…until a crazed former fan puts the fate of the world in jeopardy once more, and only these heroes can stop him. What do they call their team?

14What kids movie is about a boy defending his house from invaders?

In a certain sense, it’s every kid’s wish to do whatever they want without the overbearing presence of their parents. On the other hand, it’s also every child’s greatest fear that they’re parents won’t be there when needed. Therefore, it’s really a mixed bag for young Kevin McAllister when his parents go on a family vacation and forget about the poor guy. Things only get worse from there when burglars attempt to rob Kevin’s house, but the mischievous youngster sees this as an opportunity for mayhem, getting back at the robbers in hilarious fashion. What’s the movie about him called?

15Which movie is about animated vehicles come to life?

Despite the criticism NASCAR gets for essentially being a bunch of people turning left really fast, it turns out there could actually be a lot more going on beneath the hood of those vehicles. Well, that’s the case in this Pixar animated classic anyway, which tells the journey of rookie Lightning McQueen as he rises through the ranks of the Piston Cup. Things aren’t always great for McQueen, as street toughs accidentally got him in legal trouble, but the people he meets while making amends ultimately inspire him to win the big race. What’s the movie about this vehicle called?

16What film is about a group of kids who never say die?

Pretty much the greatest thing a kid, or group of kids, could ever find would have to be a treasure map. After finding an X marking the spot of unknown buried treasures, which may or may not have once belonged to the legendary pirate One-Eyed Willy, there’s no turning back. The stakes are raised considerably in the case of Mikey Walsh and his friends, as they could all lose their homes to foreclosure they don’t find the gold. It’s not great that a crime family wants to beat them to it, either. What’s the movie about this treasure hunt called?

17Which animated classic is about the journey of a young deer?

Majestic, beautiful, and a microcosm of all animals in the wild, there’s something about deer that make them more precious than the average animal. Then again, this reputation could just be caused by the lingering feelings people hold for this Disney classic, about a young fawn destined to become Great Prince of the Forest. Along the way, he also suffers truly unbearable tragedy at the hands of an evil hunter simply known as Man, but he also finds himself twitterpated with a nice doe, so it all evens out in the end. What’s the movie about this deer named?

18What film begins when Dorothy Gale realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore?

Tornados are scary enough on their own. Just imagine getting caught up in one and landing in an entirely unique land of strange, brightly colored inhabitants. That’s the fate of Dorothy Gale and her little dog, too, and the only person who can help them get back home is a fated magician in Emerald City. Along the way to find him, Dorothy finds a Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow, all looking for their own wishes to be granted by the mage should they finally find him. What’s the movie about their quest called?

19What animated classic is about a Chinese woman secretly joining the army?

Despite what a certain high ranking political figure may think, this story about a young Chinese woman doing whatever it took to enlist in the army is a perfect film to teach children about equality. Of course, many of them may not focus all that much on this particular lesson, preferring to instead focus on the antics of a silly little dragon named Mushu, who guides the young soldier on her mission towards greatness. And indeed, greatness is the only word to describe it, as she almost singlehandedly saves her empire. What’s her name?

20Which animated film is about a lost fish trying to get home?

Parents of all species would surely agree that learning their child’s missing is a horrible, unbearable fate. Things are especially tough for Marlin, who lost his son in the vast seas of the Pacific Ocean. Granted, he has the help of an extremely affable young friend named Dory, but her ridiculous memory loss problem makes her more of a burden in the long run. There’s also the fact vicious sharks, eels, and barracudas are constantly roaming about the waters, threatening both Marlin and the son he’s so desperately trying to bring back home. What’s the movie about his journey called?

21What animated classic is about a woman blessed by a fairy to be glamorous…until midnight?

For whatever reason, fairy tale tradition dictates that a person raised by stepparents is going to live a horrible life. Such is the case for the young woman at the heart of this film, who lost her real mom and dad at a very young age, and now must put up with some seriously jealous and vindictive stepsiblings. The plus side is that a Fairy Godmother can bless her with the perfect appearance, perfect staff, and pretty much perfect life, which she uses to catch the heart of a young Prince. What’s the girl in question and her movie named?

22Which films is about a thief who finds a magic lamp?

Even a lowly thief can become a prince under the right circumstances. Granted, in this case, that means finding a magic lamp with an all powerful (and all hilarious) Genie trapped inside. Immediately, the beggar turns into a man powerful enough to earn a meeting with the beautiful Princess Jasmine, yet it also draws the ire of an evil manipulator named Jafar. The good news is that the thief’s Genie knows how to keep him safe, and make audiences around the world laugh themselves silly to the very end. What’s the movie called?

23What animated classic features friendly demons trying to help a girl named Boo?

Most children who suffer nightmares about scary super creeps living under their beds would flee in terror if they actually met such a creature. Not so for the little baby Boo, who immediately follows working stiffs Mike and Sully back into their world of demons, monsters, and Abominable Snowmen. In fairness, they aren’t really evil or anything, but their entire job is scaring children to harvest their screams. Ironically, Boo shows no fear in this environment, but her accidental captors seriously freak out trying to bring the girl back home. What’s the movie about their adventure called?

24What animated film is about a young man and his dragon?

Life as a Viking isn’t meant for everyone. The legendary tribe of Norse warriors were big, tough, and destructive, which some softer souls like Hiccup don’t have the resolve for. Even so, it’s tribal traditional that Hiccup one day venture into the wild to find and kill a dragon. Once Hiccup finds a dragon, though, he decides killing it would be cruel, and befriends the fire-breathing beast instead. Before long, all the other Vikings have dragon buddies, too, leading to a number of sequels about the species living in harmony. What was the first film in the series called?

25Which movie is about a puppet boy come to life?

It’s an old cliché, but it’s definitely true for people living in children’s films: be careful what you wish for. In the case of an old woodcarver, this adage comes to life along with a boyish puppet he created, who a blue fairy sets on a quest to be “a real boy.” The woodcarver never expected his creation to fall down the wrong path…or for his nose to grow whenever he tells a lie. Luckily, it all turns out okay in the end, even after a whale eats everyone. What’s the puppet boy’s movie called?

26Which classic film is about a strange man and his candy company?

Just about every kid in the world loves candy, and especially chocolate, so the idea of exploring a factory that creates their favorite treats is pretty much heaven. That’s why they’d follow an eccentric businessman into his place of work, with parental supervision of course, sticking with the tour no matter how strange or confusing it gets. Only a few kids are lucky enough to earn golden tickets and be a part of this journey, but after seeing what they went through, not many others would dare follow. What’s the movie about this surprisingly dark journey called?

27What animated film is about a heroic giant healthcare robot?

Kids generally love comic books, but most of them are a little too gritty for young eyes when put on the silver screen. Inventive enough minds could make it work, though, and naturally, said geniuses all work for Disney. Taking loose ideas from Marvel Comics, specifically the character Baymax and his band of friends, this film was created to blend the best of both worlds. Toned down from the comics, this movie is mostly about a robot built to help people with medical issues, but he ends up saving the entire world. What’s the movie about Baymax called?

28Which children’s film is about a group of kids who play baseball?

Being the new kid in town is always tough, especially when you don’t share any interests with the children who were they first. That’s the fate suffered by Scotty Smalls, who has no idea how to fit in with a group of youngsters who seemingly only ever play baseball. Of course, Smalls has never ran the diamond, picked up a bat, or even caught a fly ball heading directly towards him. He also doesn’t know how dangerous big, mean dogs can be when a stray ball enters their turf. What’s the movie where he learns these lessons called?

29What movie is about the journey of a confused pig?

Every kid in the world experiences a moment when they realize those cute animals we all love so much are also treated as food by a large majority of people. Naturally, the animals would prefer this not be the case, which is why a young farm pig intended to become Christmas dinner wants so desperately to lead any other sort of life. Particularly, the pig would like to be a sheepdog, or should we say sheep pig, which would make him the very first of his kind. What’s his journey to achieve this status called?

30Which classic film is about the Pumpkin King?

In theory, Halloween is the one holiday that might be a little too scary to base a movie intended for children around. However, this stop motion classic is one of the most heralded kid’s movies of all time entirely for its ability to delve into the macabre without getting too dark. Okay, so it does get a little bit intense when a monster named Oogie Boogie kidnaps Santa Claus, but with a hero like Jack Skellington at the helm, kids knew Jolly Old Saint Nick would be just fine in the end. What’s the movie about Jack and Santa called?

31Which legendary animated feature takes place in a kingdom under the sea?

Life is much better down where it’s wetter, or so claims a certain singing crustacean in this Disney classic about life beneath the ocean shore. By swimming far enough out of the lifeguard’s reach, audiences discovered an underwater kingdom ruled by Triton, with his beautiful daughter Ariel always standing by his side. The young woman isn’t always happy about it, though, wondering if there were even better opportunities to be lived on the surface. What’s the story about her journey to find out if this is true called?

32Which animated film is about a trash collecting robot that falls in love?

Leave it to Disney to pull audiences of all ages’ heartstrings with a mute robot. Throughout this entire film, the titular trash collecting robot cleaning up humanity’s mess wears a look of heaviness and sadness rare to an animated kids film. This is because his universe is one of the most dire in movie history, with mankind outright destroying the environment and themselves through laziness and greed. Even so, this little robot never loses his soul, growing stronger as the film goes on and even falling in some kind of love. What’s the movie about him called?

33Which kids flick stars Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt as total blockheads?

Upon first glance, some critics cast off this film as a cheap gimmick, simply using an extremely popular toy brand to create an otherwise standard story. While it’s true the tale of Emmet Brickowski could have just as well been a normal cartoon, the creators nonetheless used their unique setting to create an experience no child could ever forget. The fact comic book legends exist in this universe helped out considerably, and lead to a number of spin-offs about Batman, Ninjagos, and more. What was the original film of the series called?

34What film is framed as a man reading a book to his grandson?

If every kid had a grandfather with tales as brilliant as this one, they wouldn’t even need to watch movies in the first place. In what must be the greatest bedtime story ever told, that grandfather tells the tale of a mysterious man in black hunting down three thieves who kidnapped Princess Buttercup. As the story continues, it turns out two of those three thieves weren’t all that bad, helping out the mystery man and indirectly saving Buttercup from her would-be fiancé, the evil Prince Humperdinck. What’s the movie about their story called?

35Which children’s film is about a family of pre-teen secret agents?

Let’s face it—there’s not a single child on the planet who could stand toe-to-toe with James Bond, not to mention any of the many villains trying to take him down. Well, not until Carmen and Juni Cortez hit the scene. Little did these two kids know, their parents had been secret agents in a past life, which is now coming back to haunt the whole family. With the help of their uncle, it’s up to the children to save the day, quickly adapting the skills they didn’t know their parents had passed down. What’s the movie about them called?

36What movie is about a young boy who befriends a group of mystical giant insects?

Following that old children’s film trope, a poor young boy’s parents are both killed when a rhinoceros ghost falls on the Empire State Building, so he’s sent to live with cruel and uncaring relatives. Okay, so the specifics of that one were a bit odd, and it only gets stranger from there when a mysterious vendor sells that boy magical “crocodile tongues” that promise to fix all his problems. Somehow, those tongues transform into a giant piece of fruit filled with friendly, anthropomorphic insects, who soon become the kid’s only true friends. What’s the movie about him called?

37What animated classic is about an evil witch trying to be the fairest of them all?

Talk about vanity. A certain Evil Queen living in a giant castle wakes up every morning and asks her mirror who the “fairest of them all” is in her kingdom. For decades, the mirror gives the Queen the answer she wants, offering the positive affirmation she’s still the most beautiful woman around. Unfortunately, the mirror inevitably names another woman as the Queen’s usurper in beauty, infuriating her to the point of madness. Though the Queen tries killing the girl, she survives with the help of inventive pint-sized people and eventually lives happily ever after. What’s the movie about her called?

38What animated film is about young girls making friends with wood spirits?

Blending the lines between traditional American children’s movies and concepts popular in Japanese anime, Hayao Miyazaki’s films are very much a genre of their own. Pretty much all of Miyazaki’s work is highly acclaimed, yet this movie in particular amassed an incredibly strong cult following that persists to this day. The story details two young girls with a sick mother and a stressed doctor father, who befriend a giant rabbit-esque creature alleged to be “the keeper of the forest.” What’s the movie about their choice encounter called?

39Which movie is about a magical nanny?

Not every family is a perfect picture of happiness, even in classic children’s films. In fact, at the start of this iconic film, George Banks and his kids are constantly getting in trouble, both with the law and each other. Luckily, Mr. Banks realizes there’s a problem and brings in a ringer to help them out in the form of a somewhat magical nanny who happily sings and dances as she does family chores. Along the way, she also helps the family grow closer together and finally find happiness. What’s the nanny and the movie about her named?

40Which kids film is about a boy who makes $1,000,000 in a day?

The younger a person is, they less likely they are to truly understand the concept of money. Preston Waters certainly doesn’t get the concept, especially because his businessman father refuses to let the kid spend a dime, even on his own birthday. As luck would have it, though, Preston gets a firsthand lesson in the nature of finance when he accidentally steals $1,000,000 from a group of thieves. He eventually gets caught, but it’s a wild journey before that happens, with a mansion and a giant water slide any kid would love to ride. What’s the movie about Preston called?

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