Name The Final Fantasy Creatures And Enemies


It's been a long time since Final Fantasy first released back on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, it's been almost 30 years. The series has come an insanely long way from the simple sprite-based action that took the 80s by storm. Final Fantasy XV recently released, with gorgeous 3D graphics and a lengthy storyline filled to the brim with action, adventure, and stellar visual effects.

This amazing franchise has grown exponentially over the years, and not just in terms of graphics and gameplay. It's seen a slew of new characters and enemies with each subsequent release. Since most Final Fantasy storylines are "different," developers work hard to make each adventure seem like an entirely new world.

It can be difficult to keep up with all the fresh faces for each new title. Some enemies are more iconic than others, while some bosses and characters become instant fan-favorites.

We crafted this quiz for all of you die-hard Final Fantasy players out there, but don't be afraid to try if you're just starting the series! A lot of these creatures and enemies are so iconic that you may just surprise yourself with how much you actually know. So, how many of these can you name?

Question 1

What are these fuzzy little helpers called?

This is possibly the best way to start this quiz. We aren't saying this is a gimme, we're just saying these creatures have featured in almost every Final Fantasy game ever made. This mystical race has changed quite a bit over the years, seeing many visual differences and appearing through a variety of gameplay mechanics. You may find yourself summoning one of these cuties for a powerful attack, or simply collecting your mail from one dressed up like a postman.

Question 2

Who are these feathered mounts?

You'll find yourself utilizing a variety of transportation types as you venture through the Final Fantasy series. You may need to hop a train, cruise on a motorcycle, soar in an airship, or even blast into space with a rocket. Yet, even with all of these mechanical marvels, one of the best ways to see the Final Fantasy universe is on the back of a feathered friend. Many Final Fantasy titles have allowed you to ride these majestic creatures into the sunset. What are they called?

Question 3

What's this explosive enemy called?

The release of Final Fantasy II saw a new enemy type that would explode (pun intended) its way into the Final Fantasy universe. Since its introduction, this hot-tempered sphere has been driving players crazy with its timer-based attack. Its main damage dealing attack is "Self-Destruct," which usually inflicts massive damage (while simultaneously destroying its user). Throughout the series, we've seen many different variants of this particular enemy. Most are fire-based, but we've seen some elemental changes, like Ice and Electricity.

Question 4

Can you name this sexy ice summon?

One of the most entertaining aspects of Final Fantasy is the over-the-top attack sequences that happen during battle. Particular spells force the user to sit through a lengthy cinematic (sometimes even spanning through space) but the payoff is worth it. These attacks usually inflict massive damage. Summons are another great example of long-winded sequences that pack a powerful punch. This summon (who uses Ice as their main element of attack) is one of the most prominent creatures in the Final Fantasy universe. Do you remember her name?

Question 5

What is this hulking creature called?

Here we have another Final Fantasy enemy that is widely known across the franchise. You can find this four-legged beast in most Final Fantasy titles and spin-offs. Its massive size and imposing visuals usually strike fear into the hearts of players. Some iterations feature this mammoth horned-creature as a boss (or mini boss). You'll usually happen across these mighty foes in high-level areas. Some variants of this monster are bipedal and carry large weapons. They come equipped with powerful spells and can easily wipe out an unprepared party.

Question 6

What are these tiny "spineys" called?

May the Final Fantasy gods have mercy on your soul should you happen upon this innocent looking creature while venturing through the desert. These mobs don't look especially threatening, in fact, they look like they'd fall over from a strong breeze. Don't judge a book by its cover, these needle-filled enemies can lay waste to your party and are insanely difficult to kill. What's most infuriating is that they usually do devastating damage via their "1000 Needles" attack and then run away. Nothing worse than taking massive damage and watching the perpetrator escape.

Question 7

Who is this dastardly villain?

If you play video games and surf the web, chances are you've come across this benevolent character. In fact, he's so well known throughout the gaming world that you may recognize him without ever experiencing a single moment from the Final Fantasy series. He's the main protagonist from Final Fantasy VII and often herald as one of the most badass final bosses in gaming history. He even appeared as an optional (and incredibly tough) secret boss in Kingdom Hearts II.

Question 8

What is this powerful draconic summon called?

Of all the summonable creatures in each Final Fantasy title, this draconic being stands supreme. There have been some versions in which he isn't the most powerful, but for the most part, he soars above the competition. Although he's been around since the original Final Fantasy, many of you will probably recognize him from the PlayStation-era games. He comes equipped with a powerful attack called Mega Flare, which deals non-elemental damage that ignores defense (this is different in some games).He usually only aides those he deems worthy, meaning you have to defeat him in order to gain his favor. What is his name?

Question 9

Can you name these blobular baddies?

A lot of JRPG's featured cookie cutter enemies. In the early 90's, a variety of titles featured slimes and blobs, usually of varying elemental types. Final Fantasy was no different, but creators wanted something that was a little less frightening (most blobs were cute and non-threatening). This menacing creature was the end result. They come in a variety of "flavors" and have seen a few visual reworks. They share their name with a famous dessert, and earlier iterations had titles like Mousse and Jelly.

Question 10

Who is this benevolent clown?

There are a lot of iconic villains slithering throughout the Final Fantasy universe. Some are more recognizable than others. A good example is this devilish clown, who served as the main antagonist for Final Fantasy VI. Upon first glance, you wouldn't consider this individual much of a threat. He looks like a mix between an aristocrat and a court Jester. Yet, behind the painted exterior lies a benevolent psychopath bent on world destruction and the suffering of others. This is not the type of clown you'd book for a birthday part. Do you remember his name?

Question 11

What is this foul-mouthed enemy called?

To be honest, it was pretty hard to pick only 35 Final Fantasy enemies and bosses for his list. There are so many good ones to choose from. We figured we'd toss a few easy ones in there for those of you who haven't played through the entire series. If you played any of the PlayStation releases, you probably remember this fantastically annoying foe. These powerful (and smelly) creatures use a signature move called "Bad Breath," a move that infects your party with status ailments.

Question 12

Can you name this cute little companion?

You may not recognize this cute little critter, as it doesn't feature in nearly as many games as the other creatures we've seen so far. This fennec-like summon made its debut in Final Fantasy V, where it showcased as an option boss which would join you if beaten. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, it acts as the starter "pet" for the Summoner class. It recently appeared in Final Fantasy XV, where it would serve as a helper during any Easy Mode playthroughs.

Question 13

What are these slow-moving enemies called?

You should never judge a book by its cover. That's the lesson you'll learn if you ever come across one of these tiny terrors. Standing at no more than 3-feet (though they're sometimes bigger), these green creatures move at a snail-like pace during battle. They'll creep towards your party members and use their signature Chef's Knife attack if they manage to get close enough. This dastardly attack does massive damage or will sometimes instantly kill a character. They were introduced in Final Fantasy V and have cemented themselves in franchise history.

Question 14

Which Final Fantasy VII "Weapon" in this?

Final Fantasy 7 spanned three discs when it first released on PlayStation. This was due to the fact that the adventure was downright mammoth in design. The lengthy storyline lasted approximately 30 - 40 hours, but developers also added a slew of sidequests and hidden bosses. Deep into the storyline (and after a certain requirement is met) a series of "weapons" appear throughout the world. These foes are incredibly powerful and have massive health pools. Do you remember the name of this underwater weapon?

Question 15

Who are these cat-like creatures?

The world of Final Fantasy has a pretty unforgiving difficulty spike. You become accustomed to it over time, but players that are just discovering this iconic game series may find themselves dying numerous times. Sometimes you'll find yourself facing a new foe that seems abnormally strong. These cat-like creatures are a good example. They've been a main staple in the franchise since Final Fantasy II and are often encounter mid-game. They usually have a small health pool, but unleash a signature moved called Blaster. This skill inflicts massive damage and can even paralyze.

Question 16

Can you name these fish-like humanoids?

These fishy foes were first featured in the original Final Fantasy. They're humanoid in appearance (except for Final Fantasy X) and are capable of walking on land. At first glance, they seem pretty menacing, but these pushovers are actually some of the weakest creatures you'll encounter in the Final Fantasy universe. In Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX, these baddies come equipped with a turtle shell that they can use to avoid physical damage. Sadly for them, it doesn't protect against magic.

Question 17

What race does Freya Crescent belong to?

Freya Crescent is easily one of the coolest and most interesting characters to ever grace the Final Fantasy franchise. We were introduced to her in FInal Fantasy IX when she joins Tidus and crew on their quest to defeat evil. Her quest line is particularly heartbreaking, but definitely one of the better parts of the Final Fantasy IX experience (from a storytelling standpoint). Freya belongs to a race of anthropomorphic rat people that inhabit two zones in Gaia. What are these curious creatures called?

Question 18

What are these fire-breathing enemies called?

Every once in a while, a Final Fantasy enemy becomes too much for your party to handle. Developers did a great job adding certain enemy types that are so annoyingly difficult that fleeing battle becomes a viable option. This slithery enemy wasn't much of a hassle in Final Fantasy II, but the Final Fantasy III Nintendo DS version could be downright devastating. It came equipped with a powerful spell called Fire Breath and was capable of attacking twice in one turn. Anyone caught in a back-to-back torrent of flames was burnt to a crisp.

Question 19

Who is this lightning-imbued Summon?

If this hulking knight on horseback looks familiar, it's because he's a recurring summon throughout the series. He first appeared in Final Fantasy III, where he had three attacks (based on who was summoning him). He's best known for his massive sword and iconic helmet. In most Final Fantasy releases, he makes use of a powerful attack called Zantetsuken, which has a high chance of knocking out all enemies in one strike. In certain games, he is also capable of performing other attacks, if the enemies he is facing are immune to instant-death.

Question 20

Who are these petrifying enemies from Final Fantasy X?

It's important to note that these enemies have featured in a wide array of Final Fantasy titles, but we feel like they're most recognizable in Final Fantasy X. These enemies are especially unforgiving thanks to their ability to inflict Petrify, a horrible status effect that can send you to a Game Over screen pretty quickly. Stone Gaze will inflict this ailment on one of your party members (unless they're immune) and turn them into a motionless statue. This status has to be cured by an item or magic.

Question 21

What is this turtle-based enemy called?

Turtles aren't especially frightening (snapping turtles are) in real life. In the world of Final Fantasy, however, they're downright horrifying. We're speaking specifically about this hulking creature, which debuted in Final Fantasy II as the boss of the Snow Cave. With each subsequent release, these creatures grew in size. In fact, the one featured in FInal Fantasy XV is the size of a mountain. These baddies usually have massive health pools, tons of defense, and strong attacks, making them a menace for most players.

Question 22

Can you name this massive whale-like creature from Final Fantasy X?

Let's be honest, Final Fantasy X has a ton of awesome creatures and unique enemies. Although many players regard Final Fantasy VII as the franchise's magnum opus, we hold a special place in our hearts for Final Fantasy X. The character designs, the environments, and the gameplay, all culminate to create a fantastic RPG experience. The story is a bit strange, but that's part of the charm. Speaking of story, do you remember what this massive whale-like creature is called? It's the main part of the title's conflict and the final dungeon actually takes place inside its body.

Question 23

Who is this iconic boss from Final Fantasy VII?

This alien creature is sometimes referred to as the "calamity from the skies." It arrived on Gaia by way of meteorite, crashing into an area which would become known as the North Crater. This creature was hostile in nature and ended up laying waste to the Cetra civilization. Millennia after it went dormant, human scientists began using its cells to create super soldiers and weapons. This is how the mighty villain Sephiroth came to be. Can you name this important alien life form?

Question 24

What is this mixed-species monster called?

This foe first appeared in the original Final Fantasy, where it could be found roaming the Mirage Tower. Although the design changes from game-to-game, these mystical monsters are usually comprised of elements from goats, lions, snakes, and dragons. They favored fire-based attacks in earlier Final Fantasy titles, but are capable of a wide range of elemental magic in newer releases. These baddies are actually based on an ancient Grecian mythological creature. They've had a few different names over the course of the franchise, but most people refer to them as what?

Question 25

Do you know the name of this fire-elemental Summon?

We already had you name Final Fantasy's most popular Ice-imbued Summon, so we figured we'd contrast with a little fire. This muscular menace has featured as a summonable creature in many Final Fantasy titles and is always tied to the fire element. His signature attack is called Hellfire (sometimes Flames of Hell or Inferno), which deals fire-based damage to all enemies. Unfortunately, he's not the strongest summon available and he's usually given to you early in each game. Do you remember his name?

Question 26

What is this water-type Summon called?

Although it appears in many Final Fantasy titles, this water-based Summon leaves a big impression on Final Fantasy IX. You acquire this slithering creature during the main story, near the Iifa Tree. It comes equipped with a powerful water-elemental attack called Tsunami, which will damage all enemies on the screen. Although it may not seem strong at first, it's important to note that Tsunami's power is directly related to how many Aquamarine items the player has in their inventory. The attack can be rather strong in the right hands.

Question 27

Who is this powerful recurring boss from Final Fantasy XIII?

If you played Final Fantasy XIII, you likely remember this ominous face staring you down. Not only was this boss powerful, you ended up fighting him on three separate occasions. Each time he was much more difficult and featured an array of new attacks and abilities. You are even forced to face him right before the final boss, which can put a serious strain on your party. This menacing boss is so large, he has four separate areas which can be attacked.

Question 28

What's the name of this weapon-collecting man?

To date, this strange character has appeared in more official Final Fantasy media than any other. He's was originally planned to be an antagonist but ended up switching through a variety of roles as the franchise progressed. He's sometimes an ally and has even appeared as a Summon. Regardless of his alignment, he's always after the same thing, rare and valuable weapons. You'll often find him searching for the fabled sword, Excalibur. Unfortunately, he's not that good at sniffing out the original and usually ends up with remakes and duplicates. Who is this eccentric collector?

Question 29

Can you name this Final Fantasy VII "Weapon?"

It's time to name another Final Fantasy VII weapon. This monstrosity shows up near the Golden Saucer, which means you'll be battling it in the unforgiving heat of the desert. You don't want to face this menacing foe unprepared. It boasts an impressive 800,000 HP health pool, can inflict a variety of status ailments, and can even eject party members from battle. It can take a ton of damage thanks to its high defense and uses a variety of strong attacks that can quickly destroy a low-level party.

Question 30

What's the name of this trio of sisters?

These ladies are somewhat obscure in the Final Fantasy universe since they only show up a few times (in the main series). The first time you meet, they don't give a very good impression. In Final Fantasy IV, you'll face them as enemies (located at the top of the Tower of Zot). They can be especially annoying, since they're essentially treated as three different bosses, rolled up into one package. In FInal Fantasy X, you can recruit them as a Summon. Doing so will give you access to their powerful Delta Attack.

Question 31

Who is this wise-cracking octopus?

There are many strange enemies found throughout the Final Fantasy universe, but this purple octopus is in a league all his own. The first time you'll encounter this annoying enemy is in Final Fantasy VI, where he acts as a recurring boss. His appearance often relays a bit of comedic relief (to help break up the story) but he does have a few strong attacks. He's often found with his bodyguard Typhon, who provides the strength that this squishy cephalopod lacks. He's often spewing horrible comments at female characters and is filled with an abundance of corny jokes.

Question 32

What is this flying cyclops called?

These winged creatures became an instant fan favorite after being featured as a boss in Final Fantasy III. Since then, they've appeared in a variety of titles, pestering players with their strong attacks and annoying spells. They're generally classified as a powerful enemy type, although some versions are significantly weaker. Things can quickly go south if you find yourself surrounded by these bat-like enemies, as they make use of instant-down spells like Roulette, Doom, and Death. They've also been known to cast Petrify.

Question 33

Who is this iconic boss?

We're going super retro with this entry, all the way back to the Final Fantasy that started it all. This was the first boss you ever faced, kicking off a long tradition of difficult enemies that would test your patience and tactical skill. He was once a well respected Knight of Cornelia, who fell from grace. After enacting a plan to create a time loop, he is transformed into the god Chaos. He's appeared in a few other releases, but he's best known as the original antagonist of Final Fantasy.

Question 34

What is this massive robotic Summon called?

As far as Summonable creatures go, this one is easily the most eccentric. It debuted in Final Fantasy VI, as a hidden collectible found by searching the King's Throne in Doma Castle. It's capable of teaching Holy, Ensuna, Dispell, Protect, and Shell, making it a valuable asset. In each releas (that has featured it) it comes equipped with an attack called Judgement (or Divine Judgement) which deals massive Holy damage to all foes. In Final Fantasy XIII, it was featured as an Eidolon that bonded with Hope.

Question 35

Can you name this benevolent sorceress?

If you thought Sephiroth was bad for going on a world-ending power trip, wait until you see what this Final Fantasy VIII antagonist does. Final Fantasy VIII is a long game, but you won't actually meet this mystical woman in the flesh until the final battle. Strangely enough, you fight her on six different occasions, but she's usually in the "possession" of someone else's body. Her ultimate goal is to bend the very fabric of time and space so that she may ascend to god-hood.

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