There's No Way You Can Name The Characters From The 100

In 2014, The 100 series premiered on CW and took surviving an apocalypse to the next level. It began by telling the story of over 2,400 survivors who fled to space in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. You quickly come to realize that the survivors have spent 97 years living on a space station known as The Ark. However, The Ark's life-support systems had begun to fail. The chancellor of The Ark knew that before long there wasn't going to be enough oxygen for the survivors to survive. The only remaining option was for the survivors to find out if the earth had become habitable, but someone was going to have to risk going down there and risk dying from radiation to do so.

That's where The 100's first season kicked off by introducing us to 100 juvenile delinquents who had broken various laws on The Ark. They became the chosen ones to be sent down to earth. The juveniles found that the earth was habitable, although, there were a lot of other obstacles, such as other survivors who weren't all that welcoming. By season 2, only 48 remaining of the originals had survived. Meanwhile, the remaining survivors from The Ark came down to try and take over the reigns. Needless to say, there are a lot of characters on The 100. There are the 100, the people who stayed on The Ark, the clans of Grounders, and the Mountain Men. Fortunately, the Reapers weren't named or there'd have been more. How many of these characters from The 100 can you name?

Question 1

Can you name this lead character from The 100?

This character was a juvenile prisoner being held for treason before being sent to earth as one of the 100. Her father had found out about the oxygen crisis on The Ark and planned on telling the rest of the survivors on The Ark about their fate. She knew about her father's plan and was planning on assisting him, but he was caught and floated. Once she made it to earth, this character became a co-leader to the other juveniles when they began facing hard decisions. Who is she?

Question 2

Which character from The 100 is this?

This guy was arrested after covering for his girlfriend who desperately wanted to spacewalk but wasn't allowed due to a heart condition, despite passing the tests. He helped her steal a spacesuit and covered for her when they were caught. He was sent down to earth as one of the 100 and thinking that he'd never see his girlfriend again he started a relationship with another girl. However, his girlfriend was later sent down to check on the 100. This made things uncomfortable for all three parties involved. Who was he?

Question 3

Do you know who this is?

This was the chancellor of The Ark in The 100. He often faced making the most horrible decisions while the survivors were still in space, although, he wasn't always left with the best choices. One of those decisions was to hide the oxygen crisis from his fellow survivors. This left many people outraged when the truth came out. Another of his decisions was to send the 100 down to earth. Later, he helped the artificial intelligence by passing out chips for the survivors to eat that let her control their minds. Who is he?

Question 4

Can you name this character from The 100?

This character would've been floated on her 18th birthday had it not been for her boyfriend covering for her illegal spacewalk. Then again, the stolen spacesuit and walk was all his idea, to begin with. She didn't go down to earth with the others but joined them later when all of the juveniles took off and destroyed the bracelets that were meant to let the chancellor know that they had survived. She quickly became the delinquents mechanic, helping them to restore contact with The Ark and blow things up when needed. Who is she?

Question 5

Which character is this?

This character was put in The Ark's juvenile lockup for stealing herbs with his best friend. He's one of the original 100 sent to earth and a key player. He was the one who helped to get communications with The Ark up and running. He's got a great sense of humor and was mildly upset when his best friend's newfound popularity on earth goes to his head. However, this character was also one of the few originals to follow the new chancellor of Camp Jaha. Who is he?

Question 6

Do you know which character this is?

This young lady was one of the original 100 as well. She was sent to earth after being caught as the second child of one of the survivors. There was a one-child rule on The Ark, so she spent most of her entire childhood hiding under the floor. Following her arrival on earth, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. She joins the Grounders after falling for one and being trained by another. She won the battle between clans and decided that a certain number from each clan could go in the bunker during Praimfaya. Who is she?

Question 7

Which character from The 100 is this?

This guy is goofy, geeky, and a chemist. He was caught stealing herbs from the garden on The Ark, which led him and his best friend to be among the original 100 delinquents sent to earth. Once on earth, he becomes popular among the other juveniles, which caused problems with his best friend. He was also captured and held by grounders leaving him traumatized for a while and overcame it, only to become severely depressed after losing people including a possible love interest in Mount Weather. Who is he?

Question 8

Can you name this character?

This character was a Nightblood who chose to flee rather than fighting the rest of the Nightbloods in the conclave. She raised to fight for the position of commander, although, her first battle was her brother who she killed. She is sought after by a group of the original 100, now known as Skaikru, in order to make sure the flame goes to a Nightblood who wants peace instead of war. However, she still doesn't want to fill the position of commander. She also fought at the clan battle but wished to make humanity extinct. Who was she?

Question 9

Which character is this?

This character is only shown in the pilot episode of The 100. She was an officer on the Ark and a friend of the doctor who was about to be floated for using extra medical supplies to save the chancellor's life. She was also romantically involved with the person ordering the doctor to be floated somehow, as she asked him to pardon the doctor due to their relationship. She was also relieved when the chancellor came to stop the order to float the doctor. Who was she?

Question 10

Do you know who this character from The 100 is?

This character wasn't supposed to go down to earth in the dropship, although, he traded a spot by agreeing to assassinate the chancellor. He shot the chancellor, with what would've been fatal wound had the doctor not used the extra supplies that almost got her floated. Meanwhile, he got the spot to go down on the dropship along with his little sister. Once on earth, he was the one who convinced the others to rid themselves of the tracking braclets. However, he also became a co-leader of the juveniles. Who is he?

Question 11

Can you name this 100 character?

This woman was the chief medical officer of The Ark and the main council member to follow the progress of the 100 juveniles sent to earth. Later, she worked with Raven Reyes to get her down to check on the group of delinquents, which included her daughter. This character was also one of the survivors to make it down to earth alive. Once there, she became chancellor for a while. However, the adults found that they knew less about survival on earth than the juveniles.

Question 12

Name this character from The 100!

This character was the son of the chancellor and still got sent down to earth with the 100. He was also a close friend to one of the other juveniles and her only confidante before she was arrested for helping her father blow the whistle on The Arks oxygen problem. She blamed him for her father being floated and her arrest, thinking that he'd given her up. He got himself arrested when he found out that the 100 juveniles, including his friend, were being sent to earth. He was killed by another one of the delinquents. Who was he?

Question 13

Who is this?

This guy had been exiled by his mother, who was Queen of the Ice Nation clan of Grounders. His banishment was the only way that Ice Nation would be accepted into the coalition of Grounder clans. He captured a wanted person for the commander of the clans in order to have his banishment lifted. However, the commander killed his mother, making him King of Ice Nation. Later, he died at the hands of Luna during the final battle between clans. Who was he?

Question 14

Which character is this?

This character was first introduced in a cage at Mount Weather, where Bellamy had just been captured to be harvested himself. (The people at Mount Weather were using the Grounders and others who'd developed resistance to the earth's air, for their bone marrow so that they to would be able to go outside.) Bellamy helped her get out of Mount Weather only to be betrayed by her later as a spy for her clan, Ice Nation. Who is this Grounder?

Question 15

Can you name this character?

This guy was spying on the original 100 from the time that their dropship landed, or crashed. He captured and held one of them captive for a while. However, she didn't feel threatened by him and felt like he was trying to help. They ended up falling in love, although, not before her brother tortured him for information. She helped him escape. He eventually became an ally between the 100 and Triku, bringing them together to discuss treaties. He was killed by Pike when he took over as chancellor of Arkadia.

Question 16

Do you know who this is?

This character is one of the original delinquents that were sent down to earth. His father had risked stealing medicine when he was sick with the flu and was floated for it. Afterward, this character was arrested for setting fire to his father's arresting officer's quarters on The Ark. On earth, he was later blamed and nearly hanged for Wells Jaha's murder. He took the lives of two of the responsible parties and injured others. This left him as an outcast among the 100. Who is he?

Question 17

Who is this character from The 100?

This is one of the original 100, although, he doesn't play a big role in events until Lincoln was captured by Bellamy. He's one of the guys who helps Bellamy restrain Lincoln. He was the one who went through Lincoln's things, finding the book and vials which they hoped were anecdotes for the poison that was killing Finn. Later, he played a big role as one of the Arkadia guards, even though his boyfriend wasn't happy with the new chancellor's decisions. Who is he?

Question 18

Can you name this little girl?

This little girl was one of the original 100 sent down to earth. She had been arrested for assaulting an officer on The Ark, while her parents were being floated for their own crimes. Once on earth, she kept having nightmares about her parent's deaths. It was her who killed Wells Jaha with Murphy's knife, accidentally making it appear as though Murphy had done it. She admitted to killing Wells, just as Murphy was about to be hanged and jumped off a cliff. What was her name?

Question 19

Which character is this?

This guy was the chief engineer on The Ark. He was the one who was about to push the button to kill everyone in section 17, before the chancellor stopped him so he could do it himself. He's also the one who is charged with finding out which part of the 5% of The Ark will stay intact to get the remaining survivors to earth alive. He's one of the characters that made it to earth alive along with Abby and one other survivor. Who was he?

Question 20

Can you name this Grounder?

This Grounder plays a large role in working with the original 100 after the treaty was made between the Sky People and her clan. She wasn't happy about the treaty and is very vocal about it, although, she's very loyal to her commander. She became a mentor for Octavia, by molding her into an excellent fighter and teaching her the Grounder way of life. She was badly injured in an attack which left her defenseless in combat. Who is she?

Question 21

Who is this?

This guy was the only healer of the Trikru clan and a close friend of Lincoln's. He was the Grounder who saved Octavia from the poison and almost mercy killed Lincoln when he was a Reaper. He saved Octavia because she had saved his life once before by rescuing him and Lincoln from the Reapers. He is also the Grounder who was trying to save his friends against Finn's attack and he was there at the Grounder and Sky People's alliance feast. Who was he?

Question 22

Which character from The 100 is this?

This Nightblood might look sweet and innocent, but she murdered her all of her rivals in their sleep, before the conclave. Afterward, she became the new commander, despite missing the flame which was needed for the ceremony so the Grounders would except her as such. She kept Murphy with her because he helped her carry on the charade that she had the flame, along with Roan's help as king of Ice Nation. She was made brain dead by Thelonious when the artificial intelligence told him to kill her. What was her name?

Question 23

Can you name this character?

This was the daughter of activists who lived among the mountain men in Mount Weather. They didn't believe in their people taking the bone marrow from the Grounders and Sky People. She helped hide Jasper and a bunch of other juveniles that were being kept for their bone marrow. She also helped them escape, despite knowing that she wouldn't survive with them outside the mountain. Jasper became depressed by her death and others that he felt responsible for. Who was she?

Question 24

Do you know who this character is?

This Grounder was the commander of all of the clans. She was a Trikru Nightblood who killed all but one of the Nightbloods, although, the remaining one's life was possibly only spared because she decided to run rather than fight. She called for all of the survivors from The Ark to flee or die, before working with Clarke to free their people from Mount Weather. However, she betrayed Clarke and made a deal with the Mountain Men behind her back. They became involved in a romantic relationship later, just before this character was killed. Who was she?

Question 25

Can you name this character?

This character wasn't a real person at all. She was an artificial intelligence created by the ancestor of both the Sky People and Grounders. Thelonious came across her in The City of Light and was used by her to pass out chips that take over everyone who eats the chips minds so that she can control them. She appears to Jaha as a hologram and is planning on ending humanity because her belief is that there are too many people. What was her name?

Question 26

Do you remember this character's name?

This unlucky character was one of the original 100 that were sent to earth. She was also one of the Sky People that got picked by the Mountain Men for her bone marrow, early on. She died as a result of them taking all of her bone marrow so that they could live outside the mountain. Jasper also felt bad about her life because he'd promised her that they'd safely get away before anyone else was taken. Do you remember her name?

Question 27

Can you name this character from The 100?

This guy was a medical officer and doctor both on The Ark and for Arkadia. He worked with Clarke's mother, Abby and was a close friend of hers as well. Despite their friendship, he refused to break the law with Abby when she used the extra medical supplies to save the chancellors life. Later, he is the one to console her when she breaks down about her relationship with Clarke. On earth, he was one of the survivors who willingly took the chip from Jaha. What was his name?

Question 28

Which character is this?

This guy was the council member who was always in Chancellor Jaha's ear about making the hard decisions with life and death situations. This character was pushing Chancellor Jaha to kill the people in section 17 of The Ark, in order to save oxygen for themselves. He was the one who was to be appointed chancellor when Jaha was shot, and later when he stayed behind on The Ark. Luckily, his past mistakes made his think before making tough decisions based on the lives of others. Who is he?

Question 29

Name this character!

Thelonious and Murphy came across this girl while on their search for The City of Light. She acted as though she was in need of help, although, she was with others who were waiting to help rob them. Despite this, she ended up traveling with them and becoming romantically involved with Murphy. Later, she attacked a guy claiming that he'd attacked her before. However, it turned out that she was lying because she thought they'd use her to test the Nightblood. What's her name?

Question 30

Do you know who this guy is?

This guy was a part of the group of survivors who everyone thought didn't make it. It turned out that their part of the space station had landed somewhere else and they had survived. However, they had faced problems with Grounders from a different clan. This character was voted as the new chancellor, only to destroy the relationship that the original 100 had made with the Trikru clan of Grounders. He was also responsible for the death of Lincoln, which Octavia avenged later by killing him. What was his name?

Question 31

Can you name this character?

This young lady wasn't seen much on screen, although, she was one of the original 100 juvenile delinquents sent to earth at the beginning of the series. She survived the battle with Trikru and was among the 48 survivors who were held captive by the Mountain Men. However, she chose to stay behind at Arkadia with Jasper and his followers who all committed suicide rather than face the end of the world. She partied her way to the end of her life. What was her name?

Question 32

Which 100 character is this?

This original 100 character made it through as one of the 20 gunners at Camp Jaha, only to have some of her bone marrow harvested by the Mountain Men. Luckily, she was rescued, along with Monty who became her boyfriend. She almost stayed behind with Jasper and his following of suicidal partiers, however, Monty wouldn't leave without her. She eventually caved and the pair headed to the bunker to hide out with the rest of the clans through Praimfaya. Do you know her name?

Question 33

Who is this?

This Grounder was a warrior and one of the leaders of a unit of Trikru. This character's unit leadership assignment was well earned as she was the mentor of Lexa, who was the former commander of all Grounder clans before her death. She was the Grounder who came on horseback to meet with Clarke and Bellamy in order to discuss a treaty on the bridge. She was killed later outside of the Sky people's camp, by a Camp Jaha guard. Do you remember her name?

Question 34

Name this character?

This was the Commander of The Ark who was really against the chancellor, instead, his loyalty went to Diana Sydney. Diana was a former chancellor of The Ark who was planning to seize power. In order to do so, she used this character to plan Bellamy's assassination of Commander Thelonious Jaha. He assured Bellamy that he'd get a seat on the dropship if he shot the chancellor. Afterward, he snitched and told Chancellor Jaha that it was Bellamy who shot him. Later, Diana had this character killed to protect her secret. What was his name?

Question 35

Can you name this character's nickname?

This character started off as Clarke Griffin. The daughter of Dr. Abigail Griffin and the co-leader with Bellamy of the original 100 delinquents that were sent to earth. She took off to live on her own, following her part in a lot of the deaths based her and Bellamy's decisions. Despite her odds, she survived and became a wanted person by the Grounders, who came to believe that by killing her they will command death. The name they gave her is a symbol of this theory and means Commander of Death. What name did the Grounders give her?

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