Only True Fans Can Name 100% Of These Famous Actors

All movies, whether long or short, memorable or forgettable, count with the same element: a cast of actors to bring them to life. The film industry has had hundreds of them since its beginnings: from the days of "Gone with the Wind," "Sunset Boulevard," "A Street Car Named Desire," "Psycho," the era where "A galaxy far, far, away," became a phenomenon," to the current movie trends of superhero anthologies, horror film franchises, and coming-of-age film adaptions; all movies become a reality due to the actors and actresses devoting their entire selves into their stories.

Some of these performers are selective, specifically concentrated on one or two specific genres, and others take-on whatever project comes their way. Some are on every tabloid, others are known for solely through their movies, heard about once a year at best, and others are just known because they're in a major motion picture every year. For movie buffs, their names are complementary to their starring movies.

Are you an all-knowing critic of film-making. Do you sit through all the credits after every movie? Are you good with remembering names? If so, take the following quiz to see if you can correctly name all of these actors and actresses!

1What's this actor's name?

The movie stars Olivia Newton along with another actor who went on to act in another major musical three decades after. In this movie, this actor portrays Danny Zuko, a high schooler who is part of The T- Birds, a gang of rebels who spend their days smoking, engaging in debauchery, and riding around in a vehicle called Greased Lightning. Danny's troublemaking attitude is put to the test when he meets Sandy, a 'good girl' he falls in love with. After many misunderstandings and some iconic musical numbers, Danny and Sandy come together. What's this actor's name?

2What's this actor's name?

This actor is best-known for his roles in Disney movies, romcoms, and musicals. He started off his small screens days in High School musical alongside Vanessa Hudgens. After the success of this trilogy, he slowly broke away from Disney Channel and made it to the big screen, his first notable movie is "Hairspray,". Though he's done some romcoms, it seems musicals are to his liking as he was recently in "The Greatest Showman," alongside Hugh Jackman. What's this actor's name?

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