Every 90s Kid Should Be Able To Name These TV Shows

We don't get to choose which generation we're born into, but we can choose to be proud about our upbringing. If you're like every other Millennial in the world, you're constantly battling the stereotypes that previous generations have pinned against you. Well, pay no mind to these haters, because being a Millennials is great, and we're going to tell you why.

First of all, we got to see the best of both worlds, and by this we mean that we can still remember life before iPhones and flat screen TVs. Millennials got to enjoy a childhood free of technological clutter, one where the outside world still beckoned for us to go outside and play silly little games with the neighborhood kids. Before long, however, we started to hear a promise of advancement, one that came quickly and intensely.

If there's one thing we should also be grateful for, it's having been born into a generation where old school toys and incredible TV shows were still being broadcasted on the chunkiest TV sets the world had to offer.

If you think back to your childhood and smile ear to ear, then surely you know what we're talking about. Are you ready for the most nostalgic ride of your life? If so, this quiz awaits you!

1Can you name this 90s show?

Moving to a new country and starting a new life isn't an easy thing to do, but the main character of this show seemed to think it would be. It wasn't until he left Australia and entered the United States that he realized how hard it would be for him to cope with the change. For starters, he now had a lot of annoying neighbors that wouldn't leave his side, and on top of that, he was still trying to master washing his own laundry.

2Can you name this 90s show?

When you're the daughter of two wild life enthusiasts, it goes without saying that your upbringing will differ from the average person's. In this awesome cartoon, we meet a family who makes their bread by photographing and documenting animals in the safari. While their youngest daughter might enjoy this lifestyle, their oldest daughter would much rather be chilling on a beach in L.A. As for their youngest child and only son, it seems that he's more of a wild animal than anything.

3Can you name this 90s show?

Well, well, well, if it isn't everyone's favorite brothers and lemur. You might not remember what this show was all about, but surely you'll remember how crazy the lemur got after being fed. This show was created on the basis of education, however, it was so fun to watch that it never felt like an educational activity. This show's purpose was to teach children about animals in a positive and hilarious way. Do you remember what this 90s show is called?

4Can you name this 90s show?

Finding out that your family is not who they seem to be can be a shock and a half. However, at the end of the day, family is family. Besides, finding out that you have magical powers isn't necessarily a bad thing, right? When a young teenager turns 16 years old, her two aunts fill her in on a family secret. Despite her initial shock, this revelation starts making sense in more ways than one. Can you name this TV show?

5Can you name this 90s show?

Arnold might be a weird kid with a football-shaped head, but he has more friends than most of us ever will. Arnold lives in the fictional town of Hillwood, where he encounters many adventures on a daily basis. Arnold lives with his grandpa and has a room we all envied. Do you remember what Arnold's bedroom looked like? If so, you probably couldn't get enough of this cartoon back in the day. Can you name this old school show or not?

6Can you name this 90s show?

Life can be difficult when you're a spoiled brat, especially when things stop going your way. This TV series came about after the airing of a movie with the same title. Seeing the success that this movie brought forth caused producers to recruit the original actors and create a TV series. Cher and Dionne are two best friends who happen to be the coolest girls in their high school. While they might be high end, they know how to take care of business when it comes their way.

7Can you name this 90s show?

By now, we've all heard a story or two about twins being separated at birth. However, none of them have been as entertaining as this show right here. When Tia and Tamara were born, they were immediately separated. Over a decade later, however, the sisters ran into one another at a clothing store and couldn't believe their eyes. After confronting their parents about it, Tia's father agrees to let Tamara and her mother move into his house. Can you name this show?

8Can you name this 90s show?

Some people quickly find out that being deemed popular is the only thing that matters to them. This is very much the case for this cartoon's protagonist. While she may be on the dorkier side, she'll do just about anything to be seen as cool at her school. Despite having two best friends who couldn't care less about their social status, this red headed pre-teen goes above and beyond to be recognize, even as far as gossiping like there's no tomorrow.

9Can you name this 90s show?

Does this picture cause your mind to take a stroll down memory lane? If so, it's probably because you once loved this Japanese anime with all of your heart. When an 11 year old boy named Genki gets transported into a new world, he's scared and alone. Before long, however, Genki meets a human girl and a pair of monsters he can see eye to eye with. Does the concept of a big yellow eye ball ring any bells? Well, it should.

10Can you name this 90s show?

This TV series aired from 1989 to 1993, meaning that only the older generation of Millennials will have gotten a chance to watch and understand it. While many of us still caught re-runs of this epic show, this didn't make it our favorite thing to watch. This TV series is about high school kids and their daily struggles. While it is usually a fun show with light content, it has been known to showcase some important themes that helps kids grow up with good morals.

11Can you name this 90s show?

If there's one thing every 90s kid should remember, it's how much Lunette loved her dear friend Molly. As a matter of fact, some would even go as far as saying that it was her baby. Whether or not Lunette was supposed to be a child is besides the point, as she came off as something else altogether. Do you remember the adventures that Lunette and Molly used to go on? If so, you might remember the Dust Bunnies who lives under the couch.

12Can you name this 90s show?

It may be difficult to name this TV show with this picture alone, so allow us to help you out. The first thing you should know is that a bunch of kids are sitting around a camp fire and telling each other scary stories. Does this ring any bells? Some big time actors like Ryan Gosling got their first-ever gig on this show, when they were no older than 10 years old. This TV show is famous for telling multiple stories per episode.

13Can you name this 90s show?

If there was one TV show we could all get on board with when we were kids, it was this one right here. While this show was directed for a younger audience, this doesn't mean that you older Millennials won't remember it being broadcasted. When a human meets an animated dog, he instantly gets attached to it. Better yet, he starts working alongside him to find some startling clues. This hilarious show should strike a chord in your childhood heart.

14Can you name this 90s show?

When a group of pre-teens and kids go to camp for the summer, the last thing they expect is to get sucked into another world. One second they are playing outside, and the next they've been thrown into a scary and forgotten place. After the transportation is complete, each and every character gets to meet their new 'friend', who seems to be half-animal and half-monster. After learning about their abilities, a strong friendship is formed. Can you name this show?

15Can you name this 90s show?

Growing up can be tough when you don't get along with everyone in your school, and let's face it, no one gets along with everyone. This cartoon is about a young girl and her three best friends trying to get through life a day at a time. While they have a wonderful friendship, there is a girl at their school who enjoys making their life a living nightmare. This may be a Canadian show, but it was broadcasted in America by means of the Fox Kids channel.

16Can you name this 90s show?

Growing up happens so quickly that one day you're playing with Legos and the next you've forgotten how to play in general. While some nostalgic shows might evade our memory, most of them will stick around for the chance to be remembered. This TV show belongs to the latter group. Do you remember when a team of teenage superheroes put their forces together and teamed up against the common enemy, over and over again? If so, naming this 90s show will be a breeze.

17Can you name this 90s show?

It's strange to think that some people are living and breathing but have managed to escape any mention of this timeless cartoon. Back in the day, this cartoon was one of the most successful ones to ever hit the market, but today, we hardly ever hear it get mentioned. This show is based in the prehistoric ages, and there's a lot of fun stuff going on. Two families, who live side by side, go through the motions of daily life in a hilarious way.

18Can you name this 90s show?

You knew you were in for a treat when this hilarious cartoon's theme song started ringing through your living room. While this show didn't run for too long, millions of children got to watch it and haven't forgotten about it just yet. When a young boy gets a pet for his birthday, he starts to notice that it has some strange powers attached to it. For starters, it becomes a human-like entity when no one else is around. Can you name this cartoon?

19Can you name this 90s show?

You know that life has sent you a curve ball when you're born with a head where a butt should be. While it is said that dogs and cats don't get along, these two animals never had a choice in this matter. Sure, they might bicker from time to time, but in the end, they are conjoined so there's no use in trying to complicate things more than they already are. This cartoon was watched by millions of 90s kids, did you watch it?

20Can you name this 90s show?

Some people get cursed for no reason at all, and this curse can follow them for the rest of their life. This was pretty much the case for a young boy who would turn into a blue monster every time he sneezed. The only way to get him back to his normal form would be to make him sneeze once more. On top of all this, this little boy and his sister were followed by a friendly ghost that no one else could see.

21Can you name this 90s show?

Being stuck in the friend zone is never a good thing, especially when all you want is to be seen for the hunky man-candy you are. Unfortunately for a lot of guys, getting stuck in the friend zone can happen if they don't act quickly. This is pretty much the case for this show's protagonist, who has been in love with his neighbor since he was a kid and has never mustered up the courage to act on it. Can you name this series?

22Can you name this 90s show?

Have you been hearing rumors about this show being rebooted? If so, you aren't the only one. However, it would seem that this notion is nothing more than a rumor, as it's been years since we've heard this talk and haven't seen anything 'walk'. This epic cartoon shaped the childhood of many Millennials, and also set hopes and aspirations for the future of technology. Bob, Enzo, and Dot Matrix join forces to fight off the viruses sent over by Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

23Can you name this 90s show?

This cartoon was mostly used for educational purposes, but it was also a joy to watch. Do you remember watching these elephants walk around in human clothing? Well, we sure do. When a young elephant's mother is poached by a hunter, he wanders the jungle until he finds a civilization of elephants. During the same time, this civilization's king perishes and a new king is needed. This responsibility falls to the young elephant, who grows up to have a family of his own.

24Can you name this 90s show?

Most of us haven't paid this cartoon any thought since it stopped airing in 2004, however, we all should remember it. This cartoon was created by the same people who created the Rugrats, so you know it must be good. A group of four friends hang out together on a daily basis, and choose to engage in a number of extreme sports. Otto and his older sister are the leaders of the group, and they know how to get themselves in and out of trouble.

25Can you name this 90s show?

This cartoon quickly became a favorite amongst Millennials, and it isn't hard to see why. A group of four buddies are followed throughout their day to day lives, where many funny situations are met. Tino, Tish, Lor, and Carver are best friends who live in California and can't wait to hang out on the weekends. While Tish may be an opinionated vegetarian, this doesn't stop her from getting along with tomboy Lor, sports-fanatic Tino, and cool-guy Carver. Can you name this show?

26Can you name this 90s show?

Some shows will never be forgotten, and this statement can very much be applied to this TV series right here. When a young girl starts seeing strange beings walking around town, she instantly recognizes that something is wrong. Problem is, no one seems to be spotting them out like she is. After being attacked by a large number of vampires, she sets her school gym on fire to get away and gets expelled. This leads her to having to move to Sunnydale.

27Can you name this 90s show?

Life can be tough when you're in elementary school. This is especially true when your imagination is the size of a ferris wheel. When this young girl meets her two best friends, they quickly find out that they have a shared love for costumes and skits. While this cartoon makes the viewer believe that this trio does in fact have special powers, it's quite obvious that they don't. Do you remember watching these buddies save the day, over and over again?

28Can you name this 90s show?

Xena is a tough cookie who never lets people walk all over her. Because of this, she sometimes steps out of line and does something drastic. In order to keep her in line and help control her powerful temper, her friend and bard Gabrielle joins her on her missions or waits for her to arrive home at the camp. Xena might be a dangerous person, but in the end, all she wants is to rid the world of evil. Can you name this show?

29Can you name this 90s show?

If you aren't immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia when looking at this picture, it's safe you say that you aren't a 90s kid. This hilarious 3-minute show used to play between some of our favorite cartoons, so most of us have seen this little green puppet before. While this mini-cartoon was originally created and broadcasted in Canada, it eventually reached the United States by means of the Nickelodeon channel. Do you remember Mona and her grandma Bea's backyard?

30Can you name this 90s show?

You may not remember this TV show at first glance, but it's only a matter of time before you do. This cartoon was seen as weird by many people, and with good reason too. Before it became a cartoon, this show was actually a series of books, most of which were translated into more than 8 languages. This cartoon was about an army of forest animals who were trying to take their castle back from the evil snake who stole it.

31Can you name this 90s show?

If there was one show that could stop you from sleeping soundly in your bed at night, it was this one right here. Choosing a picture from this show might be challenging, and this is because every single one of its episodes told a different scary story. Many of us grew up reading this show on paperback, which is where it first began. Before long, however, these books were adapted into a TV show. Do you remember this dog from the opening credits?

32Can you name this 90s show?

The only thing this cartoon's protagonist wants to do is befriend every living being in the forest. This includes a little girl named Emily, who he often plays with. While playing with humans can be looked down on, this bear cub doesn't seem to care. Emily is a sweet and kind person who this cub has come to love, however, her parents would freak if they saw her hanging out with a bear of any sorts. Can you name this show?

33Can you name this 90s show?

Do you remember the band S Club 7? If so, you probably remember how crazy every Millennial went for this group's musical talents. These British singers might have been in abundance, but their voices meshed well together and that's all that mattered. Once the group gained enough popularity, it was decreed that a TV series would be put out into the world. This show was loosely based off of the singers' personalities, and it aired in England, Canada, and the United States.

34Can you name this 90s show?

If there's one show Millennials couldn't get enough of, it's this one right here. As a matter of fact, many of us begged our parents to add this channel onto their cable plan, because living without it just wasn't fair. Amanda Bynes was the star of this show, and she made sure to keep her audience laughing like there was no tomorrow. Do you remember the hilarious skits she put on with her cast? If so, you'll be able to name this show.

35Can you name this 90s show?

When you were a child, did you ever wish that you would stumble across some magical land and leave reality behind? If so, it's probably because you watched one too many of this cartoon's episodes. When a sister and a brother find a strange-looking gem in their nightstand, they quickly find out that it has transportation-powers. After chanting the words that came written with it, they woke up in a land that they did not recognize. Can you name this cartoon?

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