If You Can Name These Shows, You Were Definitely A Cool Kid

Whether you're currently in high school or graduated years ago, it's hard to deny that there are some pretty good TV shows out there that focus on characters who are currently in high school. Surviving your teen years as a student while trying to balance school, a social life, and your own hectic personal life is something that everyone can relate to, so it's no surprise that there are so many TV shows about it.

Whether it's a drama in which the characters need to balance high school with something else in their life like a pregnancy, supernatural creatures, or a mysterious disappearance or a comedy where they handle their problems with laughter, high school shows are pretty great.

Only the biggest TV show addict will be able to remember the names of all of these high school-centered TV shows. If you fail this quiz, you were probably not part of the popular clique in school. Sorry, but that doesn't mean you can't hit Netflix harder than you hit the books in school and catch up on all these awesome shows!

Were you one of the cool kids in school? Do you think you've got what it takes to pass this teen TV show quiz?

Question 1

What's the name of this family show?

This series focuses on the relationship between a girl named Rory and her mom, Lorelai. They live in a small town in Conneticut and the show follows their life there as she goes to high school and eventually to college and the way that their lives intertwine with the lives of those around them. The show was a hit when it was on and even had a short Netflix reboot to show their lives after the series ended. Needless to say, we cried.

Question 2

What's the name of this eerie comic book adaptation?

Archie isn't just for the comics anymore. This series premiered on The CW in 2017 and is a dark adaptation of the Archie comics that began in the 1940s. The series follows the cast of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the other students at Riverdale High School and their families and has fans tuning in every week to see the next twist and turn that the plot will take. It's dark and a little creepy and totally worth binge watching.

Question 3

What's the name of this throwback comedy?

The producers of this series chose to begin it in 1976, citing that they wanted to set it late enough into the 70s for it to be recognizably the 70s with its political and social ideologies. Because of the year they chose, they were able to include iconic parts of the era into the show, like streakers, the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and even the first Star Wars movie. We've never wanted to live in the past as badly as we do when we watch this show.

Question 4

What's the name of this mysterious teen drama?

A year after their friend's disappearance, four friends have to come together to figure out who's tormenting them through messages and threats on their cell phones and in their personal lives. Um, talk about creepy! This show ended in 2017 after seven seasons and left viewers on the edge of their seats every single week with a new mystery to keep them guessing who might have been behind all the eerie messages. Do you remember the name of this show?

Question 5

What vampire drama is this?

After losing both her parents in a car accident, the main character in this supernatural teen drama's life becomes kind of complicated when she falls in love with a 162 year old vampire who has lived in her town since its founding. It goes from just a little complicated to very complicated when his mysterious older brother sets his sights on her and she learns more and more about their past and the supernatural forces at work in the town they live in.

Question 6

Which pretty little liar is this?

This character from Pretty Little Liars is the most competitive and academically driven out of their friend group. When it comes to solving a problem, she's the one who's totally on top of researching and working hard to figure out what's going on before everyone else. Unfortunately, her competitive nature and determined drive can sometimes be a negative in her life as her priorities can get out of sync or she can turn to unhealthy means in order to solve her problems.

Question 7

What's the name of this supernatural teen drama?

Imagine being best friends with someone for years when suddenly, they're a werewolf. What?! That would either be super cool or, honestly, super terrifying. For the friends of the main character in this remake of a classic movie, that's real life. After a mishap in the woods one night, the main character in this series is bitten by a werewolf and turns into one. Life gets pretty complicated when supernatural villains of all kinds become drawn to their small hometown in California.

Question 8

Which of The Originals is this?

Even living to be over a thousand years old doesn't make being one of the original vampires any easier or less complicated. In The Vampire Diaries and their spinoff series, The Originals, we're introduced to the first family of vampires ever, the Mikaelsons. The family includes their father Mikael, his sons Klaus, Finn, Elijah, and Kol and their one daughter. Even though being a vampire is probably cool, she's often said she wished she could be a regular human. Do you know her name?

Question 9

What's the name of this private school drama?

Until it ended in 2012, this show sparked the dream of attending private school for so, so many people who watched. Their lives looked so dramatic and glamorous and it was hard not to wish that we could all be living the scandalous lives of the wealthy characters in this series. Whether you read the book, watched the TV show, or loved both, odds are you probably remember at least the name of this dramatic TV show. Do you remember it?

Question 10

Which character from That 70s Show is this?

Before Laura Prepon played Alex on Orange is the New Black, she was playing this fiery redhead on That 70s Show. Living without Instagram and smartphones? Normally, we would totally have to pass on that... But this show just made it look like so much fun. Maybe if we had friends like Eric and Kelso, living back then wouldn't be so bad! Especially if we got to be as stylish and smart as this character. Do you remember her name?

Question 11

Which Riverdale girl is this?

In the beginning of Riverdale, this girl is a new character to Riverdale High School. She recently moved into town with her mother after her father's arrest and her edgy sense of style and personality are totally not what the town and some of the other characters are used to, but the change is definitely a welcome one. Before moving to Riverdale, she was definitely one of the mean girls, but she's chosen to start over and get a totally new reputation in Riverdale.

Question 12

What 90s comedy is this?

This hilarious TV series didn't just take place when the main characters were in high school. It started when they were in middle school and followed them all the way through college. Plus, it gave everyone in the 90s their favorite couple ever. Can you say #RelationshipGoals?! Seriously, these two were even adorable in the spin-off series that Disney aired about their children years later. Do you remember the title of this hilarious coming of age series from the 90s?

Question 13

What's the name of this 90s animated series?

After the apathetic, sarcastic main character of this series was a recurring character in MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head, the producers decided to give her a spin-off of her own. In 1997, the series aired its first episode. Although it's a spin-off of Beavis and Butt-Head, there was only oe actual reference to the original series in a voiceover by the main character in the very first episode. The rest of it is totally a series of its own. Do you remember the title?

Question 14

What's the name of this musical series?

Even though Ryan Murphy is now known for his work on shows like American Crime Story and American Horror Story, fans of teen TV shows will probably remember him for giving the world this musical series. This show was based around a school's choir club and focused on a large cast of characters who all had one thing in common: their involvement in that club. Although they may have all been very different, they came together for their performances there.

Question 15

Do you remember the title of this football-centered series?

In 2006, this teen sports drama first premiered. It focuses on the small town of Dillon, Texas and the main characters are a football coach, his wife, their family, and the high school football team that he work as a coach for. The show is an adaptation of a book and movie on the same name and uses the backdrop of the small Texas town for its setting. The plots of the show are mainly focused on football but are also commentary on a lot of social issues.

Question 16

Which Gossip Girl character did Taylor Momsen play?

Remember how cute the little girl who played Cindy Lou Who in the live-action version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas was? Can you believe that adorable little girl was Taylor Momsen? It's hard to imagine such a sweet little girl growing up to be such an awesome and edgy rockstar, but she did! In between being Cindy Lou Who and being the frontwoman of the rock band, The Pretty Reckless, she was an actress and played this character on Gossip Girl.

Question 17

Which 80s show were Kelly and Zack on?

This show originally had a different title before it was reworked into the iconic 80s series that it's known as today. When it was originally imagined with its first title, Good Morning, Miss Bliss, the creators wanted it to focus not on the teacher Miss Bliss, but on her students. In particular, they imagined the character of Zack. When Good Morning, Miss Bliss wasn't particularly popular, the creators chose to rework it into a different show that focused more on the students and drop the teacher entirely.

Question 18

Which Glee cheerleader is this?

In the beginning of Glee, this character is introduced as one third of the Unholy Trinity, the name given by the other students to the group of the three most popular cheerleaders in their school. Because of the fact that she tends to be slightly snotty and unfriendly to other students who aren't in her friend group, she's originally introduced as one of the main antagonists. As the series goes on, she opens up and develops into someone slightly more friendly.

Question 19

What was the name of Cory's older brother on Boy Meets World?

Although Cory, the main character in Boy Meets World, is often shown as being a student who isn't exactly popular or cool, his older brother is totally different. In the beginning of the series, he's shown as being a stereotypical popular teen boy who goes on dates with tons of girls and picks on his younger brother, but as the series goes on, he changes to become less of a ladies' man and more of a bumbling, incompetent character. Do you remember his name?

Question 20

What's the name of this creepy private school mystery?

While Gossip Girl made all of us that didn't go to private school wish we had, this show made us pretty glad that we didn't go to this private school. The series, which aired on Nickelodeon, is set at an English boarding school with a dangerous and dark secret past. When the American main character starts attending the school, she's accused of being behind another student's sudden disappearance. Yikes! Talk about getting a bad reputation at school. Being the new kid is never easy.

Question 21

What high school comedy were Seth Rogen and Jason Segel on together?

This show premiered in 1999 and had a lot of celebrities that later became incredibly famous and successful, such as Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and James Franco. The show was set in the 1980s in a fictional suburb of Detroit, Michigan, known as Chippewa. The show follows the main character, Lindsay, and her younger brother as well as their friends and their adventures as the outcasts in their high school. Do you remember the name of this comedic high school series?

Question 22

What's the name of this teen drama?

This teen drama is set in a fictional town in North Carolina and focuses mainly on the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott. In the beginning of the series, the brothers aren't particularly close, but this changes as the series progresses and they begin to develop to be closer to each other. For the first four seasons, the series focuses on their lives as high school students while the fifth through the final season have a time skip that shows their lives after college.

Question 23

Which Pretty Little Liars guy is this?

It's no secret that the characters in Pretty Little Liars had a lot of secrets. The thing that brought the liars together was the fact that they had told Alison their secrets prior to her disappearance and with her missing, they had to come together and work together without keeping secrets from each other to solve the mystery of her disappearance. But, even the guys in the series had some secrets of their own. Do you remember the name of this mysterious hunk who married Hanna?

Question 24

Do you remember the title of this teen drama?

Six years before Shailene Woodley broke all of our hearts in the movie adaptation of John Green's devastating young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars, she was on a dramatic teen TV series that focused around being a young mother. In the first season of the show, Shailene's character Amy learns that, at fifteen years old, she's pregnant. Uh oh, talk about drama! The series then follows her life as she tries to balance being a regular teen with pregnancy and motherhood.

Question 25

What's the name of this magical comedy?

Being a teenager is totally not easy. You know what's even harder? Trying to balance being a teenager with having magical powers! Whaaat?! In this series, which aired from 1996 to 2003 on two different networks, the main character gets a pretty crazy surprise on her 16th birthday. A car? Nope, even better. She learns that she's a witch! Honestly, we'd take that over a car any day. Do you remember the title of this magical comedy series from the 90s?

Question 26

Which character from The OC is this?

Nerds have never been as cool as this character from the iconic series The OC. Comic books may be all the rage now with movies from DC and Marvel coming out what seems like every weekend, but in this TV show, this character's obsession with all things nerdy wasn't exactly winning over friends or prospective girlfriends. Still, he won over the hearts of viewers everywhere with his witty lines and his charming interests. Do you remember the name of this character?

Question 27

What's the name of this Nickelodeon comedy?

Before Gage Golightly was on the dark supernatural drama Teen Wolf as the season two antagonist, Erica Reyes, she was on this Nickelodeon series as a high school student who hunted monsters. It seems like this blonde actress just can't get enough of dealing with monsters, whether it's because she transforms into one or because she hunts them. In this series, she's part of a secret society that hunts monsters and keeps the everyday world safe. Do you know the title of this show?

Question 28

What's the name of this dark teen drama?

While most shows keep basically the same character throughout the entire time its on, occasionally adding or writing off some characters as necessary, this show was pretty different. During the six seasons that this show aired, it had a pretty special twist to the cast in that every two seasons, it shifted the main cast to a new group of people. Although the casts were usually connected in some way, it was still a new group of people every two seasons.

Question 29

Which character from The Vampire Diaries is this?

This character in The Vampire Diaries has a pretty terrifying family secret: he's got werewolf genes. Being on the football team and being the son of the town's mayor doesn't mean that everything in your life is going to be as easy as movies and TV shows make it seem like it will be. Especially not when an original vampire wants to use you to make the first ever hybrid-vampire werewolf. Do you know the name of this character from The Vampire Diaries?

Question 30

What Nickelodeon show did Ariana Grande star on?

Ariana Grande may be a huge pop star now, but true fans of hers will remember that before all this, she was on a Nickelodeon show where she played a high school student named Cat who attended a performing arts high school. On the show, she starred alongside Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies, and Matt Bennett as some of her co-stars. She even had a spin-off series with another Nickelodeon star called Sam and Cat. Do you remember the title of this quirky comedy?

Question 31

Which Teen Wolf character is this?

Some people just seem to have everything. Like this character from Teen Wolf, she's smart, she's gorgeous, she's rich, she's the most popular girl in school... And she's a banshee?! What? Even though Teen Wolf's may character may be Scott, a high school student who just learned he's a werewolf, there are plenty of supernatural creatures roaming around the small town he lives in. Luckily, some of them are his friends and can use their powers to help him out, like this character.

Question 32

What city is this Gilmore Girls character named after?

In the beginning of Gilmore Girls, this character was one that we kind of loved to hate. She was a rival of Rory's due to the fact that she was one of the popular girls and was always trying to take over Rory's place as the smartest girl in the school. As the series went on, she became more of Rory's friend and they learned to get along and even lived together in college! Do you remember what city she was named after?

Question 33

Which Riverdale girl is this?

Things are complicated in Riverdale. At the beginning of the first season, this character's life is ripped apart by the death of her brother and her relationship with her family becomes incredibly strained due to the fact that her parents blamed her for her brother's death and believed that he was a better child and student than her. Still, it didn't stop her from being one of the most popular girls in school. Do you remember the name of this Riverdale girl?

Question 34

Which sunny SoCal show is this?

Is it possible to have survived the mid-2000s without having seen at least a few episodes of this show? The opening credits featured the iconic song California by Phantom Planet and totally set the scene for the show. It's a drama set in sunny Southern California and follows the lives of the four main characters, Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa, as well as their families and the other people in their community. Do you remember the name of this dramatic show?

Question 35

Which Skins character is this?

Unlike most of the other characters on Skins, this character is shown to be fairly naive and immature in the beginning of the series. While the rest of the characters are rebellious and party a lot, this character's overprotective mother has kept her from doing that. Once she befriends one of the main characters, her life changes and she starts to rebel against her mom's wishes and begins to lie to her about her behavior. Do you know her name?

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