Name As Many Cartoon Characters As Possible And We’ll Reveal Everyone’s Favorite

Who said cartoons were just for kids? Certainly not us. In fact, some of the most critically acclaimed shows on the air today are animated. Just look at a series like Rick and Morty, which has a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes with fans anxiously awaiting the next batch of episodes. Or a show like The Simpson, which has been on the air for nearly 30 years! And that’s far from the only animated series that has enjoyed an impressive run, as both South Park and Family Guy have both been on for nearly two decades apiece.

Unlike live-action shows, the characters never have to age, which helps these animated series stretch on for a lot longer than a typical sitcom. While one might think that keeping the characters the same all the time would start to make things a little repetitive, animated shows also aren’t bound to any reality — meaning the writers and animators can continuously shake things up in new and exciting ways.

As a result, the more consistent a character is, the more iconic they become. Anyone who's spent their fair share of time watching an animated show is bound to develop a connection to the characters — even if they still happen to be cartoons.

So let's find a favorite by seeing how many of these cartoon characters we can name!

1Name this cartoon character.

One of the most recognizable cartoon characters of all time, this character has been the protagonist of The Simpson since 1989 — though he actually made his first appearance in The Tracey Ullman Show a few years earlier. The character is known to be somewhat of a dimwit and a couch potato, often to great comedic effect.

2Name this cartoon character.

If you know the answer to the question “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”, then surely you can name this cartoon character, who made his debut back in 1999. Miraculously, the show is still running today, meaning that most people — even adults — have crossed paths with this childhood character at some point.

3Name this cartoon character.

Despite debuting all the way back in the 1960s, this character is still massively popular today. While the original series only ran for less than a year, the character has seen numerous incarnations since in revival shows and live-action movies. Despite being one of the few non-human characters on the show who doesn’t talk much, he is still the series protagonist.

4Name this cartoon character.

Speaking of characters that don’t talk much, this Family Guy character can only be understood by a few characters on the show. This is because — despite talking like a sophisticated adult — the character is actually a baby, which explains why the family dog is usually the only one who ends up responding to him.

5Name this cartoon character.

One of the main characters of Futurama, this character made his debut in the series pilot back in 1999. Though the character is a robot, he very much has a distinct personality of his own, which usually finds him engaging in some unscrupulous activities. He has been voiced by John DiMaggio throughout the character’s long life on the small screen.

6Name this cartoon character.

It’s not unusual for a young male character to be voiced by a female actress. But in the case of this character, who is a female teenager, she is still actually voiced by a male. This is what gives her a distinctly monotone and low-pitched voice, which makes the character seem all the odder and out of place.

7Name this cartoon character.

One of the most talked-about cartoon characters of the last decade, this mad scientist is one of the two title characters on the popular Adult Swim series. He is known for his erratic and self-centered behavior, which often finds him taking his fretful grandson on a number of off-color adventures across different realities.

8Name this cartoon character.

Early renderings of this character stretch all the way back to the 1930s, making it all the more impressive that many kids still know this character by name even today. While he has certainly undergone his fair share of changes in the last 80 years, he’s often depicted as a bit of a wisenheimer who’s capable of outsmarting anyone.

9Name this cartoon character.

With the amount of spinach that this character eats, it’s almost as if he was created simply for the task of making younger viewers want to actually eat their vegetables. The character first appeared in his own comic back in the 1920s, and he went on to enjoy his own animated series along with a live action film.

10Name this cartoon character.

The title character of the Netflix animated series, this anthropomorphized horse has been voiced by Will Arnett ever since the show debuted in 2014. The show has run for five season sense, which follows this character, who is a Hollywood actor who seems to be long past his glory days.

11Name this cartoon character.

Though he is one of the four main characters of South Park, this character is often seen as the series protagonist. This is rather unusual, considering that he is far from a sympathetic character — though South Park is also a very unusual show. But that hasn’t stopped this character, and the series as a whole, from being a massive hit.

12Name this cartoon character.

This cartoon character just goes to show that something doesn’t have to be amazingly well-drawn to become iconic. This dog is often seen as the face of the Peanuts series, which began as a comic back in 1950. Peanuts have since been the inspiration for a number of TV specials and movies.

13Name this cartoon character.

This character is far from the only cartoon to be voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, but he’s definitely one of the most famous. He’s the title character of his own FX series and somewhat of a parody of James Bond. The series debuted back in 2009 and it has turned out nine seasons and over 100 episodes to date.

14Name this cartoon character.

The main antagonist of the Masters of the Universe series, this character often finds himself facing off against He-Man in an attempt to break into Castle Grayskull and steal the fortresses secrets. Despite making his debut back in 1980, the character is still a favorite amongst many cartoon fans thanks to his iconic design and over-the-top personality.

15Name this cartoon character.

One of the main characters of SpongeBob SquarePants, this squirrel lives underwater with the fellow residents of Bikini Bottom. Because she is not an aquatic creature, she has to wear this underwater suit whenever she is outside of her home. She has a distinct Southern accent, as well as a long list of physically-demanding hobbies.

16Name this cartoon character.

One of the main characters of Rugrats, this toddler is known for being a bit of a scaredy cat. This often puts him at odds with his best friend, Tommy, who has no shortage of bravery. The character made his debut back in 1991, where he was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh and later Nancy Cartwright.

17Name this cartoon character.

The leader of the ThunderCats, this character made his debut back in the 1980s animated series where he was the story’s protagonist. Eventually, ThunderCats was brought back for a revival series, which aired for one season on Cartoon Network from 2011 to 2012. The modern redesign of the iconic character is pictured here.

18Name this cartoon character.

The protagonist of his own Fox series, this character was both created and is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. The show began airing back in 2005 and continues today. The character is a father and husband, who is often portrayed as extremely masculine while sporting what is quite possibly one of the biggest cartoon jaws ever seen.

19Name this cartoon character.

This character first appeared in the pilot of the Pokemon anime series, which debuted back in 1997. The series was based on the popular video game, of which this character did not originally appear in — though he has certainly shown up in his fair share of games since. The character’s last name is a play on the popular Pokemon catchphrase.

20Name this cartoon character.

Many could probably name the big screen incarnation of this character without a moment's hesitation, but when it comes to the original cartoon series, they might just end up drawing a blank. This character is the leader of the Autobots — the hero faction of the Transformers — who is often depicted as a semi truck before he transforms.

21Name this cartoon character.

This character has no shortage of tricks up his sleeve. Literally! He is a cyborg police officer who has countless devices attached to his body that often help him to catch the bad guy. Though more often than not, the devices end up backfiring and getting in his own way. The character first appeared in the 1983 animated series.

22Name this cartoon character.

Though this character originally appeared as a more stereotypical superhero back in the 1960s, he is probably better known for being the host of his own unorthodox talk show, which aired on Cartoon Network back in the 1990s. During this time, voice actor George Lowe provided his voice for the character.

23Name this cartoon character.

One of the main characters of Futurama, this mutant human made her debut back in the series pilot in 1999. She is an accomplished pilot who has a relationship with Fry throughout the series until the two eventually decide to tie the knot. She was voiced by Katey Sagal throughout the series.

24Name this cartoon character.

A best friend to SpongeBob SquarePants, this character is far from the sharpest tool in the shed, which often ends up getting him into a load of trouble. However, unlike SpongeBob, the character is known for being exceedingly lazy. If not for his friend, he would probably never go on any adventures of his own.

25Name this cartoon character.

Quite possibly one of the smartest cartoon characters ever, this character is one of the regulars on The Simpsons. Though she begins the series as a second grader, she has an extremely mature worldview, which eventually leads her to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and take up a number of other causes to help protect the planet and its in inhabitants.

26Name this cartoon character.

One of the sadder characters on Rick and Morty, this character is often trying to establish himself as the head of the house, which usually ends up backfiring on him. He sees Rick as his main threat, who is slowly gaining control over his family and pushing him out of the picture.

27Name these cartoon characters.

Some cartoon characters were simply meant to be part of a duo. Such is the case with these two, who first popped in their own animated series in 1995. The show was executive produced by none other than Steven Spielberg, and the original series ended up running for four seasons total, which follows these two genetically modified mice.

28Name this cartoon character.

The title character of his own series, this character actually has a middle and last name of Phillip Shortman.But even those who enjoyed the entire series will probably only know him by his first name. The character had previously appeared in a number of claymation shorts and a comics before he made his debut on the popular animated show.

29Name this cartoon character.

One of the main characters of the Scooby-Doo franchise, this character is largely seen as the most intelligent of the gang. In fact, she is usually the one to solve the case by the end of each episode. She is also known for losing her glasses on a regular basis, resulting in her barely being able to see.

30Name these cartoon characters.

Yet another two cartoon characters who are often lumped as “one,” this duo made their debut in the 1991 animated series. The early seasons of the show were both criticized and praised for its off-color sense of humor, which some thought was better enjoyed by teenagers and adults than it was younger children.

31Name this cartoon character.

Before he was the mastermind behind Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane launched his animation career by working on this show, which took its name from the series protagonist. This character spends the majority of his time trying to get women to hang out with him. But despite his masculine appearance, they usually end up turning him down.

32Name this cartoon character.

In the world of this TV series, this character is one of the smartest and most inventive individuals in the world. Pretty impressive for someone who is still a young boy. The character has a secret laboratory in his own house, where he carries out his various experiments which his sister Dee Dee usually frowns upon.

33Name this cartoon character.

One of the main character of Archer, this characters has been voiced by Aisha Tyler throughout the series. Much like, Archer, she is an expert spy and field operative who ends up forming a relationship with the series protagonist. The two go on to have one daughter together, who is named Abbiejean.

34Name this cartoon character.

This cartoon character is indeed part of a famous duo. But considering it might be the most iconic due in all of animation, giving away both of the characters’ names just might be too easy. Of course, this character is the mouse in the literal cat-and-mouse equation that serves as the basis of this cartoon.

35Name this cartoon character.

Much like Ren and Stimpy, this character serves as the protagonist for another animated series that was praised for its dark and surreal tone — though many agreed that the cartoon might not be the best for younger children. In the series, this dog lives with two elderly owners in a rural areas known simply as Nowhere.

36Name this cartoon character.

The protagonist of the Dragonball series, this character first appeared in a Japanese manga back in the 1980s. Though the character may appear to be human, he is actually a member of an extraterrestrial race, which results in him having superhuman strength and becoming an expert martial artists. But do you remember the name he is most commonly called?

37Name this cartoon character.

Some of the most iconic cartoons of all time have the simplest stories. Such is the case with this character, who would often find himself chasing after the Road Runner as part of the Looney Tunes series. But no matter how many times he chased him, the Road Runner could never be caught.

38Name this cartoon character.

What began as a simple comic centered around a cat, a dog, and their owner back in the 1970s, has since become one of the most recognizable cartoons of all time. This eponymous cat is at the center of it all. He is known for his love of napping, eating food, and poking fun at his owner.

39Name this cartoon character.

One of the main characters of The Flintstones, this red-haired toddler is the daughter of Fred and Wilma. She first appeared as a baby in the 1960s series, but she has also been portrayed as everything from a child to an adult throughout a number of Flintstones properties. But do you remember her name?

40Name this cartoon character.

Considering that this is quite possibly the most recognizable character of all time, this one is a bit of a freebie. The character’s first appearance came in the 1928 animated short film titled Steamboat Willie. While his appearance has changed a bit since, he still has the iconic look that has become the symbol of The Walt Disney Company.

41Name this cartoon character.

After appearing on a number of episodes of Beavis and Butt-head, this cartoon character was given her own MTV series. The character is extremely intelligent, though she has a tendency to also be cynical and sarcastic. The character and show went on to receive critical acclaim for its portrayal of teenage life.

42Name this cartoon character.

One of the few characters on Bob’s Burgers to actually be voiced by a female, this character is one of the three children of Bob and Linda. She is voiced by stand-up and comedic actress Kristen Schaal, who has also provided her distinct voice in the animated series BoJack Horseman.

43Name this cartoon character.

Though she certainly looks like a Smurf, this character was actually created by Gargamel to infiltrate the Smurf village. But the kind-hearted nature of the other Smurfs turns her good, and she is eventually made into a member of the race by Papa Smurf. But can you remember this character’s specific name?

44Name this cartoon character.

Despite being one of the most prominent Looney Tunes villains, this character far from comes across as an antagonist, as he is very small and quite. However, the character has been known to cause his fair share of destruction between his 1940s debut and today. Many may also recognize him from his appearance in the 1996 film Space Jam.

45Name this cartoon character.

A character from the Peanuts comic strip and animated specials, this character is the best friend of Charlie Brown. He is one of the smartest of the Peanuts characters, who often gives his friends a historical lesson. But despite this, he’s still a child who is often seen carrying around his security blanket and sucking his thumb.

46Name this cartoon character.

Even if someone doesn’t know the name of this character, they still might be able to take an educated guess if they know anything about different breeds of chickens. The character is a long-standing staple of the Looney Tunes who made his debut back in the 1940s. He is often portrayed with a sophisticated Southern accent.

47Name this cartoon character.

After enjoying success on the Disney Channel series Even Stevens, actress Christie Carlson Romano was brought on to provide the voice of this cartoon character, who served as the protagonist of her own series. The show ran from 2002 to 2007, with a live-action film adaptation set for release next year.

48Name this cartoon character.

Though the show usually revolves around the younger characters, this father has risen to become one of the most beloved characters on South Park. He is the father of Stan and Shelly and the husband of Sharon. At times, he proves himself to be more immature than many of his son’s friends.

49Name this cartoon character.

After already creating Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway came up with this character, who first made his debut in the 1940 short cartoon Knock Knock. The character is known for being perky and more than a little annoying, but that hasn’t stopped audiences from loving him.

50Name this cartoon character.

What would a cartoon family be without their trusty dog? This character certainly put a twist on the concept by making the dog the most intellectual and cynical character in the entire family. He was created and voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who ostensibly uses his own voice to portray the character.

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