Only 1/10 Fans Can Remember All Of These Big Bang Theory Characters

Who doesn't love The Big Bang Theory? There is no other cast that lets us nerd out and relax like the antics of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and of course- Penny! The characters in this show showed that smart is the new cool and that the geek will really inherit the Earth. With eleven hilarious seasons and a whole host of memorable plot lines, The Big Bang Theory is one of the most successful and beloved shows of our generation. We know all of the major plots and characters, but only a true fan can remember all of these Big Bang Theory characters.

Yup, we are digging in deep here to really separate the fans from the posers. Only a mere ten percent of so-called fans can remember the names of all of these Big Bang Theory characters. Casual viewers really won't stand a chance, but we invite those who really know their stuff to prove it with this quiz that really is not for the faint of heart! Who is ready to prove that they are a true Big Bang Theory superfan by stepping up to the plate and identifying these characters from all eleven seasons? Let's get started!

Question 1

Who Is Watching Sheldon Greet A Surprise Guest?

This character plays himself and is a reoccurring nemesis of Sheldon Cooper (although the two eventually come to an uneasy alliance). Sheldon's dislike of this character was based on a childhood incident where he (the character) did not show up for the '95 Dixie Trek Convention. Sheldon Cooper, never one to give up on a grudge, carried the dislike for this character well into adulthood. Sheldon came face to face with this character during the Mystic Warlords of Ka'a where he was tricked into losing the competition.

Question 2

Who Is On The Right, Just Hanging Out With Raj?

This character is the perpetually tired owner of The Comic Center of Pasadena, which is frequented by all four main male characters of The Big Bang Theory. He is portrayed as a smart guy whose encyclopedic knowledge of comic books makes The Comic Center of Pasadena one of the major hot spots for fans like Sheldon, Raj, Howard, and Leonard. Other qualities that define this character are his talent for drawing and his kind and supportive nature. Who is he?

Question 3

Sheldon And Penny Drop In On A Special Guest. Who Is He?

This character played himself on a special episode where three of the four main characters get to meet him... and the notable exception is that Sheldon is left out. Sheldon missed the meeting because he was in court for a traffic infraction that was indirectly Pennys fault. Since this character is one of Sheldon's heroes, he was not happy to be excluded! Penny and Sheldon wind up taking drastic measures to help Sheldon meet his hero. Of course, these measures have hilarious consequences!

Question 4

Who Is This Smarty Pants?

This character is one of the primary female leads on The Big Bang Theory- along with Penny and Amy Farrah Fowler. She originally met Penny when the two worked together as waitresses at The Cheesecake Factory, but since got her degree in Microbiology and began work at a pharmaceutical company. She is involved in a relationship with Howard Wolowitz and the two eventually wind up getting married. She is portrayed as bright, bubbly and a woman who knows what she wants.

Question 5

Name This Title Character Who Is A Fan Fave!

The character is the undisputed stand out star of The Big Bang Theory. He is really the reason why there were eleven successful seasons of the show and has become a fan favorite for his catchphrases, quirky manner, and hilarious plot lines. He was a child prodigy who grew up misunderstood but blossomed as an adult when he landed a coveted job as a Theoretical Physicist and found a group of like-minded friends, including his roommate and bestie Leonard. Who is he?

Question 6

Who Is This Lovable Main Female Character?

She is the primary female lead in The Big Bang Theory. Portrayed as funny, sensitive, engaging and self-sufficient, she would love to be an actress but has to settle for a job at The Cheesecake Factory... for now. She is the love interest of Leonard and also has flings with some other members of The Big Bang Theory cast including Stuart Bloom. She forms an unlikely friendship with Sheldon and even helps him meet his hero, Stan Lee. Who is she?

Question 7

What Character Plays A Fellow Associate At Caltech?

This character works with Leonard and Sheldon at Caltech as a String Theorist. He has a minor speech impediment which manifests itself in pronouncing "r" and "l" as "w". Like many minor characters on The Big Bang Theory, his relationship with Sheldon Cooper is on and off. He is a consistent, reoccuring presence throughout many of The Big Bang Theory seasons and is responsible for some funnier plot lines like introducing the gang to the sport of fencing. Who is he?

Question 8

What Famous Scientist Went Head To Head With Sheldon?

He plays himself in "The Apology Inefficiency" where he clashes with Sheldon Cooper about Pluto's status as a planet. During a chance meeting at Caltech, Sheldon meets this scientific titan and accuses him of demoting Pluto. This character tells Sheldon that the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto, not him specifically, but Sheldon does not agree and tells him so. What follows is one of the funniest Sheldon Cooper driven storylines in the entire Big Bang Theory series. Who is this character?

Question 9

Which Character Is Only Known By Her Voice?

Not pictured here, this character is known best by her voice and overbearing manner. She is mostly played for laughs as the overbearing mother of one of the main characters. Even though she often butts into this character's life, she always seems to mean well and the other characters often have positive things to say about her. This character can be seen (or heard!) throughout most of the series. Who remembers the name of this audible character? Choose one below.

Question 10

What Is The Name Of Sheldon's Mom?

Some of the funniest plotlines in The Big Bang Theory are those that delve into Sheldon Cooper's past. His childhood in East Texas is often referenced, such as when he is able to explain football to Leonard. The dichotomy between his past and present is one of the most charming things about Sheldon's story! Sheldon's mother is a born-again Christian who still lives in Sheldon's childhood town but sometimes comes to visit him in the big city. Who is she?

Question 11

Who Did Raj Meet On Valentine's Day?

Raj, one of the main characters on The Big Bang Theory, is known for his lack of success with dating and romance... that is until he meets this similarily awkward character at a Valentine's Day party at the comic book store. The party, which is singles only, proves to be the romantic catalyst that sparks the relationship between these two socially awkward characters. They date throughout most of season six but their relationship ends when Raj becomes too much for her.

Question 12

What Character, Pictured Here With Mary Cooper, Is Leonard's Mother?

This character is Leonard's mother and one of the central secondary characters of The Big Bang Theory. She is portrayed as being logical and a little bit careless. Leonard indicates several times that he was unable to please her during his childhood and also that he didn't celebrate his birthday growing up because only accomplishments should be celebrated. She gets along well with Sheldon but clashes with Penny and some of the other characters. What is this character's name? Choose below.

Question 13

Who Is This Female Leonard?

This character is the female answer to Leonard and the two even date on and off throughout the first and second seasons. She is disliked by Sheldon, a rival of Penny's and portrayed as being petty and childish. She also tends to use the lab equipment to prepare food, a hilarious side plotline that irritates the others in the lab but makes all of us viewers laugh. After the second season, she doesn't appear much but briefly returns in season nine.

Question 14

Which Late Actor Is Beloved By Sheldon?

This character didn't appear in The Big Bang Theory as himself.... not technically. He is someone that Sheldon is obsessed with and over the course of the series we learn that a napkin once used by him is one of Sheldon's prize possessions. He also manifests himself as a figurine of Spock, who he portrayed on Star Trek. The figuring Spock chastises Sheldon for pulling a trick on Leonard and reminds him to do the right thing. Who is he?

Question 15

Who Is This Main Female Character And Love Interest Of Sheldon?

This character is the love interest of Sheldon Cooper and the best friend of Penny, as the accompanying picture shows! She and Sheldon met online and immediately hit it off. She is a neurobiologist and a Harvard graduate who only decided to try online dating to please her mother. Prior to Sheldon Cooper, it is unclear whether or not she had any romantic relationships. The two go through a series of ups and downs and break up momentarily. Who is she?

Question 16

Who Is This Main Character And BFF Of Sheldon, Leonard And Howard?

This main character and member of the core group of The Big Bang Theory guys is known for being shy and having troubled relationships with women. His parents are known for being overbearing and highly critical of their son and we see many of their conversations through Skype. He is a primary character who is prominently featured in every season of The Big Bang Theory and is known for some of the more interesting subplots of the series, such as his crush on Bernadette (Howard's girlfriend).

Question 17

Who Is This Main Character And Roommate Of Sheldon?

He is one of the central characters on The Big Bang Theory. Often overshadowed by Sheldon, this character is sensitive, smart and extremely loyal. He is Sheldon's roommate and best friend. He also carries a torch for Penny throughout much of the series and eventually winds up dating and marrying her. He loves comic books, works at Caltech and is the voice of reason for his group of friends. Even casual fans of the show should be able to get this one.

Question 18

What Famous Actor Of Star Wars Fame Met Sheldon At A Sushi Restaurant?

This character also played himself on The Big Bang Theory. Known for being the voice of Darth Vader, he runs into Sheldon at a sushi restaurant and guesses correctly that Sheldon is a Star Wars fan. What ensues is a fun night of sushi, ice cream, karaoke, and a carnival. The night is concluded when this character and Sheldon prank Carrie Fisher, known for playing Carrie Fisher on Star Wars. Who played this real-life Star Wars star? Choose an option below.

Question 19

Who Is This Main Character And BFF Of Sheldon, Raj And Leonard?

This character is one of the four mains that make up The Big Bang Theory core cast. He is known for having gone to space (which he holds over the rest of his friends) and for having a slightly overbearing mother. His fashion sense always tends to be a little bit more on the questionable side, but he is a loyal friend and responsible for some of the funnier plotlines on The Big Bang Theory. Who is this main character?

Question 20

What World-Famous Scientist Made A Debut On The Big Bang Theory?

This character played himself on an episode where he was visiting Caltech. Raj, Sheldon, Howard, and Leonard were all excited to meet this brilliant mind who had been one of their heroes for many years. Sheldon managed to impress him with a paper that he'd written, leading to an amazing exchange between the two brilliant minds. Unfortunately, this character discovered a mathematical error in the paper, leading Sheldon to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of having to admit that he was wrong!

Question 21

Who Is This Dermatologist And Love Interest Of Raj?

This character, along with Lucy, is one of the only women that Raj dates in The Big Bang Theory. She is a dermatologist who loves movies and has a ton of tattoos. She finds Raj on a dating site and pursues him online. He responds through Amy and the two start dating, but for Raj who is always unlucky in love, it does not last very long. This fiery redhead is responsible for some of the funnier subplots in The Big Bang Theory.

Question 22

Who Is Love Interest Of Amy Farrah Fowler And Rival Of Sheldon?

Stephen Merchant, pictured here, plays this post-Sheldon Cooper boyfriend of Amy Farrah Fowler. After Sheldon and Amy break up, she agrees to have coffee with this character who is known as a "gentle giant". Things go well between Amy and this character until it becomes clear that he is obsessed with all things Sheldon Cooper. He spends much of their dinner date asking about Sheldon and his work and his interest in Sheldon eventually results in their breakup. Who is he?

Question 23

What Star Wars Actress Played Herself On The Big Bang Theory?

This character plays herself in an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and James Earl Jones bond over sushi, ice cream and a shared love of Star Wars. She is famous for playing Princess Leia in the original Star Wars films and has a small cameo in that episode as the target of a prank by Sheldon and James Earl Jones. Who remembers the name of this character who played herself? Choose the correct option from the four below.

Question 24

What Famous Television Scientist Is Pictured Here With The Cast?

This character plays himself on The Big Bang Theory. He is the third famous person to take out a restraining order against Sheldon Cooper when the two butt heads at Caltech. Sheldon Cooper strongly favors Professor Proton, this character's rival and winds up tricking this character through a series of hilarious events that center around a convention at CalTech. Known outside The Big Bang Theory for his children's science shows, this character is beloved by generations. What is his name?

Question 25

What Mild-Mannered Geologist Takes A Shine To Amy Farrah Fowler?

This character works at Caltech with the rest of the gang, but he is involved with the Geology Department. He takes an interest in Amy Farrah Fowler and winds up giving her lots of different, interesting rocks as gifts. Amy Farrah Fowler does not understand this character's crush until Raj and Howard let her know what his true intentions are. Once she understands, she tells him about Sheldon but winds up attending a Geology event with him anyway. Who is he?

Question 26

Which Romantic Rival Of Penny's Is Pictured Here?

This character is the younger sister of one of the main characters and winds up butting heads with Penny in season four. Penny sees her as a romantic rival. As it turns out, Penny is right. This character and Leonard start a relationship but it can't get very serious because her parents would never accept him. Eventually, after plenty of ups and downs with Leonard, this character returns back home. We learn in later seasons that she is married and has a successful career.

Question 27

What Character, Also Known As Professor Proton, Is Beloved By Leonard And Sheldon?

This character is also known as Professor Proton and who once a famous children's entertainer in the vein of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Sheldon and Leonard both loved him as children and wind up forming a relationship with him during the later seasons of the show, where they hire him to perform a science show for them. Professor Proton often shows up in strange locations, like the comic store or the supermarket. What is his alter-ego name? Choose below.

Question 28

What Human Resources Manager Gave Sheldon A Crash Course In Company Etiquette?

This character played the Human Resources Director of Caltech and was responsible for teaching Sheldon Cooper how to conduct himself properly at work during the infamous "The Egg Salad Equivalency" episode of Season Six. Sheldon's quirks prevent him from being able to understand a complaint by a fellow employee and this character spends quite a bit of time trying to make sure he is clear about where he erred. Of course, getting through to Sheldon is no easy task! Who is she?

Question 29

Which Character Interested Both Stuart And Raj?

This minor character will only be recognized by the most elite Big Bang Theory fans. Let's separate the casual fans from those who really know their stuff! This character worked with Bernadette and first appeared in Season 11. She attracted the attention of Stuart and Raj, who both were interested in dating her. Ultimately, her real motivations were revealed when she was prompted to admit that she was stealing Bernadette's ideas while Bernadette was out of the office. Who is she?

Question 30

What Is The Name Of Leonard's Dad- Pictured Here With Leonard?

This character is Leonard's dad, an anthropologist whose harsh parenting techniques left Leonard feeling as if he could never please his parents. Leonard's dad does not appear much in the show, unlike his mother Beverly, so only true fans have a chance to correctly guess what this character's name is. We eventually meet Leonard's dad in season nine and then he briefly appears again in season ten. Who remembers the name of Leonard's dad? Choose an option from the ones below.

Question 31

Who Is This Character Who Acts As Sheldon's Assistant?

This character is Sheldon Cooper's assistant and a doctoral student at Caltech. She is also the reason why he gets into some hot water with Human Resources! Sheldon often asks her to do menial tasks and does not let her get close to his important research. She also develops a crush on Leonard, who is totally oblivious to her interest- but Penny is not! She is known for making exaggerated facial expressions when asked to do tasks that she feels are below her.

Question 32

What Character, Pictured With Raj, Was One Of His Love Interests?

This character is one of Raj's love interests in season nine, and part her storyline revolves around a love triangle between her, Raj and Emily. Raj goes back and forth between the two women and eventually this character gets sick of it and breaks up with him. She is a bartender and screenwriter who is known for being direct. She and Raj clash over the children's film "Frozen" and wind up getting together around Valentine's Day. Who is this character?

Question 33

What Character, Pictured With Penny, Was One Of Her Old Flames?

This character was once a romantic interest of Pennys and the two even got married in Las Vegas on a whim. He is portrayed as Leonard's opposite- a slightly dim, athletic guy who is nice enough on the surface but really does not have much going on for him. Despite appearances, this character is interested in science and is always pleasant to Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Sheldon. Who remembers the name of Penny's former flame? Choose the correct answer below.

Question 34

Who Is The Group's Boss At Caltech?

This secondary Big Bang Theory character play the boys' boss at Caltech. He is super professional and insists upon calling them all "Dr". He takes a special liking to Raj, who he sees as a kind of undiscovered prodigy, but routinely butts heads with Sheldon. Really, is anyone surprised that Sheldon's boss butts heads with him? Sheldon does not see him as a "real scientist" because he hadn't produced original research in a quarter of a century. Who is he?

Question 35

What Character From The Air Force Became Interested In The Group's Navigation System?

This character shows up in the later seasons of The Big Bang Theory. He is a United States Air Force engineer who shows up in season ten because of his interest in a navigation system that Raj, Leonard, Howard and Sheldon have invented. He is both an engineer and an officer and winds up double-crossing the guys and using their invention and knowledge against them. Sheldon takes it hardest of all, but all of the gang are affected. Who is he?

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