Name As Many Vampire Diaries Characters As Possible And Get A Hunky Hubby

The Vampire Diaries is a popular supernatural TV series that first aired in 2009. It was based on a novel series written by the writer L. J. Smith (Goodreads). The show ended in 2017, after the release of eight seasons and 171 episodes. Fans of the series are without doubt aware that this enthralling show focuses on humans, vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

Season one of the series starts with a human girl bumping into a centuries old vampire. They take a liking to each other immediately and naturally start dating. However, their relationship is complicated and the arrival of the vampire's brother does not help in the slightest. He too soon develops a crush on the human girl and a love triangle ensues.

A number of other characters - members of the Town Council (who want to get rid the town of vampires), Original Vampires, sirens, warlocks and creators of Hell - make an appearance throughout the show too, and they all have their own agenda. What follows is an intricate plot full of intrigue, betrayal and of course, plenty of romance.

As far as TV shows go, The Vampire Diaries was incredibly successful. As such, it comes as no surprise that two spin-offs - The Originals and Legacies - have since been created. But let's not complicate matters any further. Who thinks they can name all the characters from The Vampire Diaries?

1Name this protagonist.

This character is the show’s protagonist. When we first meet her she is a human girl but in season three of the show she is turned into a vampire. She falls in love with two vampire brothers and eventually chooses one. At the end of the series she takes the cure to vampirism and reverts to her human form.

2Name this vampire.

This character was one of the male protagonists of the show. He was a 171-year-old vampire who was born and raised in Mystic Falls. He had an older brother but their relationship was strained. Both this character and his brother at one point loved the same vampire. Later, they both fell in love with the same human girl.

3Name this Original Vampire.

This character is an Original Vampire. She has four vampire brothers and one hybrid half-brother (who daggered her after she chose a man she was in love with over him). This character has always wanted to live a happy human life. She was once in love with a vampire hunter who betrayed her and later she fell in love with a human.

4Name this villain.

When this character was a teen – all the way back in 750 B.C. - it became apparent that she had psychic abilities. As such, she was taken away from home by villagers and thrown into the sea. Later she was turned into a siren by Arcadius. Her immortal life came at a price however – the feasting on the flesh of sinners.

5Name this vampire hunter.

Initially this character works as the new history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. However, it soon becomes apparent that he is actually a vampire hunter who is out to get revenge on the vampire who took away his wife’s life (or so he thinks).

6Name this witch who has been turned into a vampire.

This character is the mother of one major character on the show. She is a witch who has lost her powers due to performing very strong magic. She is later turned into a vampire. While we don’t see this character much on the show, it is at one point implied that she is enjoying her new life.

7Name this Mystic Falls High School student.

A former student at Mystic Falls High School, this character was not around for long. Indeed, her appearances in season two and season three were very brief. Her life was eventually taken by a vampire (who was compelled by another, more powerful vampire).

8Name this character.

A Mystic Falls High School student and the sister of one major character on the show, this character was the first one to be turned into a vampire. Eventually she had to be staked because she could not control her hunger.

9Name this member of the Heretics.

The very first and the very last living member of the Heretics, this character was at one point of her life stuck in an alternate plane of existence with no hope of escape. She was also once in love with one of the male protagonists of the show but they were never meant to be.

10Name this hybrid.

At the start of the series this character is arrogant and selfish. However, he grows a lot as a person during the course of the show. He is initially a werewolf and is later turned into the first successful hybrid by a powerful Original Vampire (and Original Hybrid).

11Name this witch.

The grandmother of one major character on the show, this character was a powerful witch. She was the one who told her granddaughter that she too was a witch and taught her how to control her magic. She passed away from exhaustion after performing a very strenuous spell.

12Name this former Mayor of Mystic Falls.

This character was the Mayor of Mystic Falls and a member of the Town Council. He was also the carrier of the werewolf gene which he passed onto his son (but which he never himself triggered). He passed away during Founder’s Day celebration – the Gilbert Device affected him negatively which led others to believe that he was a vampire.

13Name this character.

Unlike most major characters on the show, this character is never turned into a vampire. We learn that he was once involved romantically with the show’s protagonist and later we see him in a relationship with an Original Vampire. However, he at one point becomes a medium and then later a ghost (but not for long).

14Name this werewolf.

We first met this character in season two of the show, when he returned to Mystic Falls for the funeral of his brother. This character was a werewolf. He was also the uncle of one major character on the show. His life was taken by a vampire.

15Name this character.

This character was the sheriff of Mystic Falls and a member of the Town Council. She was also the mother of one major character on the show. Initially she could not deal with the fact that her daughter was turned into a vampire but eventually learned to accept her for who she was.

16Name this character.

This character first appeared in season eight of the series. After she got into a car accident she momentarily went to hell. Once back in the human world, this character spent some time behind bars and learned all she could about hell.

17Name this vampire.

This character was a centuries old vampire. She was best friends with one of the male protagonists on the show. Indeed, her best friend was the reason she came to Mystic Falls in season one – she wanted to celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately, her life was taken by her best friend’s brother.

18Name this Original Vampire.

One of the Original Vampires, this character is known for his bad temper. He is the half-brother of the Original Vampire. He also has a few other brothers and a sister (with whom he is particularly close). At one point during the series he ends up stuck on the Other Side.

19Name this Original Hybrid.

This character is not only a vampire (an Original Vampire, to be exact) but also a werewolf. As such, this makes him the Original Hybrid. He is very mistrustful of people, including his own family (and has daggered his siblings on numerous occasions). He falls in love with a major character on the show.

20Name this vampire.

This character looks a lot like the protagonist of the series but don’t be fooled. She was actually a centuries old witch who had no morals and who only looked out for herself. That being said, she was not completely heartless – she was in love with one of the male protagonists.

21Name this human.

Initially we all believed that this character was the female protagonist’s uncle. However, it eventually was revealed that he was actually her father. This character was a member of the Town Council and was well aware of the existence of vampires. He sacrificed his own life so as to save his daughter.

22Name this vampire hunter.

This character is the half-brother of the protagonist. Just like his half-sister, he quickly realizes that Mystic Falls is inhabited by vampires. He eventually becomes a vampire hunter and a member of the Brotherhood of the Five. He is also at one point a medium (which means that he can communicate with those on the Other Side).

23Name this character.

This character made only a brief appearance on the show. He was a distant nephew of two vampire brothers and a member of the Town Council. He lived at the Salvatore Boarding House in Mystic Falls. His life was taken by his distant vampire uncle.

24Name this human.

The maternal aunt of two major characters on the show, this character had no idea that Mystic Falls was inhabited by supernatural beings for a very long time. She was in a relationship with a vampire hunter but her life was taken by the Original Hybrid.

25Name this character.

Most of us were incredibly surprised to learn that this character was the maternal mother of the female protagonist. She was a member of the Petrova family and was married to a vampire hunter (whom she left so as to become a vampire). Her life was taken by the Original Hybrid.

26Name this werewolf.

This character is a werewolf. She initially comes to Mystic Falls so as to see her werewolf friend, thus making his girlfriend incredibly jealous. This character is incredibly tough and protective. She is also a bit of a tomboy and ends up pregnant with the Original Hybrid’s child.

27Name this vampire.

In the 1950’s this character was the cellmate of one of the male protagonists of the show. The two were captured by the Augustines and while the protagonist managed to escape, this character was left behind. Nonetheless, he survived and returned to Mystic Falls to visit his friend who had betrayed him.

28Name this witch.

A very powerful witch, this character was the ancestor of one of the major characters on the show. She lived during the 19th century and was a handmaiden to a manipulative vampire (who turned her in as a witch to the Founder’s Council).

29Name this Original Vampire.

An Original Vampire, this character was, for a long time, obsessed with the female protagonist of the show because she was a Petrova Doppelganger. This character can be ruthless but he is nonetheless rather honorable and very responsible. He is the half-brother of the Original Hybrid.

30Name this vampire.

One of the male protagonists of the show, this character has very questionable morals. He is the brother of another male protagonist. He never wanted to become a vampire but over the course of his life embraced his new life, taking pleasure in the act of feasting on humans. He ends up winning the heart of the girl of his dreams.

31Name this human.

This character was the mother of a major character on the series (who was a werewolf). She was a member of the Town Council and after her husband passed away, she inherited his position of mayor of Mystic Falls. Her life was taken by the Original Hybrid.

32Name this character.

When we first meet this character she is quite annoying but over the course of the series she really grows as a person. She is turned into a vampire pretty early on in the show, and she loves her newfound strength and confidence.

33Name this witch.

This character is a major character on the show and a powerful witch. She is best friends with the show’s female protagonist. At one point during the show she was a ghost and at another point she was the Anchor to the Other Side. In addition, she was also a supernatural huntress.

34Name this psychic.

This character appeared in the final season of the show. He was the world’s first psychic. He was born before 750 B.C. and he was burned at the stake by the inhabitants of the village that he lived in. This act of betrayal enraged this character and he ended up creating Hell.

35Name this vampire.

This character was a vampire who came to Mystic Falls so as to free her mother from a mystical chamber known as the Vampire’s Tomb. She ended up falling in love with the female protagonist’s half-brother. However, she was later staked by the protagonist’s father.

36Name this witch of the Gemini Coven.

A witch of the Gemini Coven, this character attended Whitmore College where she manipulated a powerful witch by pretending that she was a novice witch and by asking her for help. She had feelings for a werewolf character (who in the end took her life as per her request).

37Name this vampire.

Initially no one knew that this character – who was the mother of the two male protagonists on the show – was alive. Indeed, it later came to light that back when she was a human she fell sick with consumption and was sent away to a TB ward where she was turned into a vampire.

38Name this vampire.

The former protégé of the Original Hybrid, this character ends up running New Orleans (a town that was formerly run by the Original Hybrid until he had to go on the run). He appears to be a good leader and he is well able to control the witches.

39Name this news reporter.

We’re not going to lie, this question is a tough one. This character made a very brief appearance on the show. He was a news reporter and a member of the Town Council. He was eventually turned into a vampire. His life was taken by a vampire hunter.

40Name this vampire.

This character, along with her boyfriend, helped the Petrova Doppelganger escape the clutches of the Original Hybrid. Because of that, she ended up on the run for centuries. After her boyfriend passed away this character teamed up with the two male protagonists. However, she was bit by a werewolf. He life was then taken by one of the male protagonists so as to shorten her pain.

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