Name As Many Singers As Possible And We'll Reveal Who's A True 90s Kid

We're all born into different generations, and let's face it, some of them are better than others. But, nevertheless, there is something that every single generation has in common, and it's music. Music drastically changes every decade or so, making way for new artists to emerge onto the scene. Throughout the years, we've seen it all, from funk to jazz to rock to pop and back again. Classic artists don't care which generation they're born into. Because to them, it's all the same! In the end, they just want to have the freedom to create their own sound and create a fanbase that allows them to perform on stage, night after night.

Funny enough, just because someone is born into a certain generation doesn't mean that they're going to fall in love with its music. Knowing this, it's common for people to backtrack a few decades until they find some tunes that warm their soul. Just because a person is born in the '90s doesn't mean that they're going to enjoy listening to R&B, pop stars, and grunge bands. But, it shouldn't make naming the artists responsible for these genres too difficult either. So, who's ready to quiz their musical knowledge and find out if they're a true '90s kid after all?

Question 1

Name this classic singer:

If there's one singer we all know and love, it's this talented blonde woman right here. She emerged onto the scene in 1993, causing all of our jaws to drop due to her amazing voice. She was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania, in 1980, and quickly found out that her set of pipes was very impressive. So, her parents encouraged her to follows her passions and before long, she was a huge star. She's a singer, a songwriter, and a television personality.

Question 2

Name this popstar:

Few people in this world aren't aware of this brilliant singer's existence, and that's okay, we guess. She was born in Houston, Texas, in 1981, where she started to discover her hidden talents and put them to use. She became a celebrity in 1997, and has won so many awards we have trouble keeping track! She's an R&B, pop, and hip hop singer who always brings her own flavor and style to her musical endeavors. She's married to Jay-Z and used to be a part of Destiny's Child.

Question 3

Name this soulful singer:

This unforgettable singer is someone who is hard to miss out on. After all, he's responsible for some of the most classic hits in the world. He was born in Albany, Georgia, in 1930, which is why a lot of young people aren't too familiar with him. He was a soulful musician who played the piano and sang with all his might. He became a legend in 1947 and continued to deliver exceptional performances for over five decades. So, who can name him?

Question 4

Name this Beatle:

It's hard to believe that there are some people in this world who cannot name every single Beatle with ease. But, they sure do exist! This brilliant singer, musician, and songwriter was born in Liverpool in 1942, and quickly became fascinated with music. He became famous in 1957 and has yet to lose his touch. Every once in a while, this epic artist announces that he'll be playing a show, and the entire world jumps at the opportunity to buy a ticket.

Question 5

Name this master guitarist:

There was once a famous guitarist who was known for being one with his guitar, and he's gone down in history like we all expected him to. He was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1942, and started being recognized for his talents in 1963. He was a musician, a songwriter, and a producer, and he was loved by many and admired by all. His favorite genres were rock, psychedelic rock, blues, and R&B. So, how many of you know this artist by name?

Question 6

Name this legendary pop artist:

The world may have been robbed of this glorious man in 2009, but it's safe to say that many of us have yet to accept this fact. He was born in Gary, Indiana, in 1959, and didn't waste much time when it came to getting famous. This legend grew up in the studio with his brothers and sister, and he enjoyed every second of it. He was kind, talented, and known for doing the right thing. So, who can name the king of pop?

Question 7

Name this Rolling Stone:

He was born in Dartford, Kent, in 1943, where he learned to pick up a guitar and rock out relatively quickly. He became famous in the early '60s and is known for being the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. He sings, plays the guitar, and occasionally plays the harmonica. He's worked alongside big-shots like Peter Tosh and David Bowie, and let's just say that we're not surprised. He's a singer, a songwriter, an actor, and a film producer. Any of this ring a bell?

Question 8

Name this classic grunge artist:

He was born in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1967, where he began to play with musical instruments and test his voice. This singer, songwriter, and musician managed to invent a new genre that many of us refer to as grunge. He was the lead singer of Nirvana and the ex-husband of Courtney Love. Despite the hardships that this man faced, he is still remembered fondly and his music continues to be broadcast on the radio. He became famous in the early '80s.

Question 9

Name this reality TV star winner:

Many of us became aware of this amazing singer when she auditioned for a reality TV show in the early 2000s. She won the competition and quickly became a star. Despite being a pop artist from time to time, this little lady is a country-lover through and through. This isn't too surprising, however, as she is born in Texas after all. She's a singer and a songwriter who enjoys doing collaborations with her idols. She's been famous since 2002, and her fan base continues to grow.

Question 10

Name this beloved country star:

Few people will ever have the life that this talented singer has, and that's to be expected. After all, she's been famous for over fifty years! She was born in Pittman Center, Tennessee, in 1946, and as she got older, her musical powers grew with pride. She's a singer, a songwriter, a musician, a record producer, an actress, and the list goes on and on. She's well known for being a country artist. However, her music can be enjoyed by all types of people.

Question 11

Name this rockstar:

He was born in Manhattan, New York, in 1948, and he didn't waste much time before becoming a star. Alongside his friends, this great musician founded the popular band Aerosmith, which helped him become the famous musician he is today. He's the father of actress Liv Tyler, who is well-known for her contributions in the Lord of the Rings franchise. He's been famous since the '70s and is currently working as a talent judge on a reality TV series. Who can name him?

Question 12

Name this legendary pop singer:

This entertainer is one of the most well-known singers in the world. So, we'd be pretty surprised if you couldn't name her off the top of your head. She was born in Bay City, Michigan, in 1958. However, she currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal. She's an actress, a songwriter, a businesswoman, a record producer, and so much more. All in all, this woman is a legend when it comes to music, and her network is off the charts. So, what's her name?

Question 13

Name this talented singer:

This talented woman isn't for everyone, but her music sure is. She was born in Charlemagne, Quebec, in 1968, but currently lives in Henderson, Nevada. She started singing professionally when she was only twelve years old. And we're happy that she did because her talent helped her reach star status relatively quickly. Although she might be peculiar in interviews, she's one of the most talented singers in the world. And hey, she's pretty funny too. So, how many of you can name this classic artist?

Question 14

Name this rebellious popstar:

She was born in Belleville, Ontario, in 1984, and currently resides in Greater Napanee. She's an alternative rocker turned pop-rocker, who hasn't exactly had the easiest time in the limelight. She plays the guitar, the piano, and the drums, which proves that she's way more talented than she leads on. Her musical dreams took off in 1999, giving her a small amount of time to cope with the change. Although she might not be super popular today, she's definitely someone to remember.

Question 15

Name this Spice Girl:

She was born in Harlow, Essex, in 1974, and is commonly referred to as Posh Spice. She became famous in 1994 when the girl band Spice Girls first launched. And, sooner than later, she became one of the biggest stars in the world. Although she's left her musical endeavors in the past, she's still a very famous woman. In fact, she owns her own fashion line and is married to the famous soccer player David Beckham. So, who remembers her real name?

Question 16

Name this rocker:

This platinum blonde is someone who is easily recognizable, and this is especially true for anyone born in the '80s and '90s. She used to be the front-woman to the band No Doubt but ended up leaving to follow her independent dreams. She was born in Fullerton, California, in 1969. She has an amazing voice that many of us can recognize in a matter of seconds. She's a pop, ska, new wave, pop rock, R&B, and electro artist who knows how to appeal to the masses.

Question 17

Name this talented singer:

This talented woman was born in Victoria, BC, but she's of Portuguese descent. She's a singer and a songwriter who became a celebrity in 1996. And, although she hasn't been too active as of late, it's only a matter of time before she returns to wow us with her many talents. She's worked with artists like Timbaland and Justin Timberlake in the past. However, she tends to be more of a solo artist. So, who can name this well-known artist?

Question 18

Name this U2 member:

Is there anyone in this world who is nicer than this man right here? We highly doubt it. This famous musician never hesitates to put on a free show if it helps those in need. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1960, where he learned to have a deep appreciation for music. He became world-famous in the late '70s and had yet to step out of the spotlight. So, how many of you can name this U2 and Passengers contributor?

Question 19

Name this talented singer:

Few people in this world can break glass with one single note, but this musician is pretty close to accomplishing this task. She's known for having a wild range when it comes to singing, which is one of the few reasons that she's become a much-loved celebrity. She was born in Huntington, New York in 1969, making her forty-nine years old today. On top of being a singer, she's also an actress, a songwriter, and a record producer. So, what's her name?

Question 20

Name this classic singer:

This classic singer was born in Burnaby, BC, in 1975, making him forty-three years old today. He has one of those ballroom voices, making him the ideal match for many events. He's a singer, a songwriter, an actor, and a record producer. However, many of us would agree that he's most popular around the Christmas season. This man's a natural when it comes to singing oldies, but he's also a master at his own game. His jazz game is on point.

Question 21

Name this country singer turned popstar:

Whether you're a fan of this artist or not makes little difference, as she's one of the most famous women in the world. She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1989, making her twenty-nine years old today. She became famous in 2004 and became a pop-star overnight. Although she used to have a more country-vibe to her, it's safe to say that she doesn't partake in the genre any longer. She plays the banjo, the piano, and the guitar. What's her name?

Question 22

Name this unforgettable artist:

If there is one story that can make just anyone cry, it's the one surrounding this talented woman right here. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1979, and immediately started showing signs of stardom. Before long, she had a record deal and a handful of songs blowing up the charts. However, her success was cut short when she became the victim of an airplane crash. She became famous in the early '90s and her music will never be forgotten.

Question 23

Name this unique gem:

She might not be everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't make her any less amazing. If you're into sad music, then this artist is probably at the top of your list. She was born in New York City, New York, in 1985, where she became fixed on the idea of turning into a celebrity. Her melodramatic voice and honest lyrics have turned her into a megastar. She became famous in 2005 and continues to impress her fans with new material.

Question 24

Name this wonder woman:

If there's one celebrity who will never stop being amazing, it's this woman right here. Despite being close to fifty years old, she's in better shape than most of us will ever be. She's a singer, an actress, a dancer, and a producer. And, on top of all that, she's a mother too. She was born in The Bronx, New York City, back in 1969. She became famous in the mid-'80s and continues to follow her dreams today. So, go ahead and name her.

Question 25

Name this Beatle:

This musical genius is one of the most celebrated musicians in the world. He founded The Beatles alongside his other bandmates in the early '50s and found a way into everyone's heart in a quick and efficient manner. He's a legend who unfortunately didn't get to live out his days in an octopus' garden. Despite being someone who spread peace and love around the globe, he was taken from us in a very unexpected manner. So, how many of you know this man by name?

Question 26

Name this successful artist:

She may be forty-one years old, but she doesn't look a day over thirty. The Columbian superstar is adorable and talented, which is why she's managed to remain in the spotlight for over twenty-five years. She has a distinctive voice that many of us recognize without even trying. She's a great dancer and a humanitarian at that. However, she's so much more than that. This gorgeous celebrity is a record producer, a philanthropist, and actress, a model, and a Goodwill ambassador.

Question 27

Name this soulful artist:

She was born in New York City back in 1981, making her thirty-eight years old today. She's known for her soulful ways and incredible voice. She prefers to stick around genres like R&B, soul, jazz, and hip hop. However, she's as versatile as they come. She's a natural on the piano, which is something that isn't easy to forget. This songwriter and record producer always manages to impress us with her raw talents. So, who can name this big-time star with ease?

Question 28

Name this amazing singer:

This late artist knew from a young age that he was destined for greatness. So, he didn't waste much time before putting a band together. He first took part in the boy band Wham!, which helped him gain a following. But, before long, he decided that pursuing the solo-musician-life would be the best thing he could do for himself. He was a singer, a songwriter, and a record producer who became famous in the early '80s. Who can name him?

Question 29

Name this jazzy musician:

He was born in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1941, making him seventy-seven years old today. This man is a legend, which is why many of his fans just can't get enough of him. He's a singer, a songwriter, an artist, and a writer, and he managed to create his own special sound. His favorite genres revolve around folk, blues, rock, gospel, country, and some pop. He's a gifted musician who knows his way around the guitar, the piano, and the harmonica. Who is he?

Question 30

Name this popstar:

She's an extremely gifted singer who has never stopped performing for her fans. She's constantly coming out with new music and pushing herself to reach new boundaries. She was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, in 1979, making her thirty-nine years old today. She's a singer, a songwriter, a dancer, and the occasional actress. She became famous in 1995 despite only being a teenager at the time. She's a pop star who brings a certain edge to the genre. So, who can name this artist?

Question 31

Name this legendary singer:

Some people were born to put on a show, and others were born to become legends. Although he might not have lived to see his senior days, he lived to become one of the biggest stars this world has ever seen. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1935, and quickly realized that he had the voice of champions. Before long, he became a singer and an actor who never failed to make women swoon. So, how many of you know his name?

Question 32

Name this piano man:

He was born in Pinner, Middlesex, back in 1947, making him seventy-one years old today. This legendary musician, singer, and songwriter always knew that he would amount to great things. So, he followed his heart all the way to the stage. He's a master pianist who knows how to make his fans dance around a room. His favorite genres are rock, pop rock, glam rock, and blues. He's played alongside big-time artists like Eric Clapton, Bernie Taupin, and Billy Joel.

Question 33

Name the Queen frontman:

He was born in Stone Town, Sultanate of Zanzibar, in 1946. However, he soon migrated to the UK to pursue a life of stardom. His passions lead him to travel the world and become one of the greatest artists who ever lived. Despite not being a conventional celebrity, this star followed his heart and ended up becoming a legend. He became famous in 1969 and didn't stop performing until a health condition began to take its toll. Who can name this singer?

Question 34

Name this talented singer:

Few people in this world can say that they are more talented than this woman right here. She was born in Tottenham, London, in 1988, making her thirty years old today. Although she's only been famous for over a decade, she's reputed as one of the best singers who ever lived. She's a pop artist who is deeply invested in the blue-eyed soul genre. Her lyrics can bring anyone to tears, but then again, so can her voice. So, what's her name?

Question 35

Name this reggae artist:

Most people learn about this legendary artist when they are young, and before long, they know every single song he has to offer. He was born in Nine Mile, Jamaica, in 1945. However, he soon moved to Miami, Florida. He's a reggae artist whose music always succeeds in lifting our spirits. Although it's been over three decades since he passed away, he's still regarded as one of the best musicians who ever lived. So, who can name this classic musician?

Question 36

Name this international popstar:

Her road to success wasn't paved with rubies and roses, but she never let that bring her down. She was born in New York City in 1986, making her thirty-two years old today. She's one of the most celebrated artists of her time, and she has a knack for creating catchy pop songs. On top of being a wicked performer and artist, she's also an actress. All in all, this woman is the embodiment of stardom. So, what's her name?

Question 37

Name this jazzy legend:

It's been eight years since this fantastic singer was taken from us, and there isn't a day that goes by that her music is not listened to. Despite having her share of hardships, she never let her music slip through her grasp. In fact, some would say that singing was the only constant in her life. She's known for her cat-eyed eyeliner and big black hair. But, most of all, she's known for her soulful music and honest lyrics. What's her name?

Question 38

Name this international sensation:

Before she became the big-time celebrity she is today, this talented woman was elbows deep in the Christian community. However, when her first albums didn't take off, she knew that she had to change her tune. She was born in Santa Barbara, California, in 1984, making her thirty-four years old today. She was once married to Russell Brand. However, the marriage was short-lived. She became famous in 2001 and hasn't stepped out of the spotlight since. So, who can name her?

Question 39

Name this famous rapper:

He's a thirty-two-year-old-rapper who knows how to drop a beat. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, where he turned a curious eye to the film industry. Although many of us know him from the show Degrassi: The Next Generation, even more of us know him as the big-time rapper he soon turned out to be. He has his own style of music and loves to include his friends in his projects. Most people can name him without even trying. Who is he?

Question 40

Name this country-loving artist:

She was born and raised on country music, which is why her sound doesn't stray too far from the genre. However, that's never stopped her from taking on pop songs and turning them into something else altogether. She's married to Liam Hemsworth and currently living in Malibu. She got her big break when she landed the role of Hannah Montana on the hit Disney Channel TV show by the same name. However, she quickly became much more than that. What is her name?

Question 41

Name this R&B singer:

There was a time when this brilliant artist was the biggest celebrity in the world. And, although he might still be a big deal, he's not as popular as he once was. If you were born in the '80s or the '90s, then surely you remember hanging this man's posters on your wall. He's known for being a ladies man and being super smooth on his feet. He's the reason why the world knows who Justin Bieber is. So, what's his name?

Question 42

Name this country star:

He was born in Whangarei, Northland, in 1967, making him fifty-one years old today. He's a natural when it comes to creating music, which is why he's been famous since 1990. Although he still makes it a point to perform, this artist is currently a TV show judge as well as a record producer. He's knee-deep in the country community, and he's loved by all. Whether you like country or not shouldn't make a difference, because few people don't know his name.

Question 43

Name this one-hit wonder:

For as long as he can remember, this artist dreamt of becoming a star. However, stardom proved to be a lot more complicated than it looked. He collaborated with Pharrell Willians to bring us the track Blurred Lines. However, he soon faced a lot of criticism when his song was said to be a rip-off of an original track. Before long, this artist faded back into the background, deciding to deal with his lawsuits in private. So, what's his name?

Question 44

Name this soulful artist:

He may be small but don't let that fool you, because he's got a voice that can light up the world. His music is something else, which is why his success happened in the blink of an eye. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1985, making him thirty years old today. He's a singer, a songwriter, a record producer, and a dancer, making him all-around amazing. He's got the funk rooted inside of his veins, which is why we can't help but dance when his tracks come on.

Question 45

Name this international popstar:

This twenty-six-year-old-woman is one of the most famous singers in the world. However, some would say that it's for the wrong reasons. She's a singer, an actress, and a producer who enjoys trying new things and making great music. She became famous for acting on the Disney Channel, which helped her turn into a big star. She tends to stick to the pop and electro pop genres, and there's nothing wrong with that. So, who can name this beautiful lady?

Question 46

Name this popular artist:

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1990, making him twenty-eight years old today. He's a talented singer who knows how to pull his fans in for the long haul. He became famous in 2010 and has yet to take a step back from the spotlight. He's been known to work alongside with singers like Lana Del Rey, Nav, Daft Punk, and Drake. Although he might be young, he's well on his way to becoming a legend. So, what's this performer's stage name?

Question 47

Name this guitar-wielding popstar:

This big-time celebrity is someone who has managed to reach all ends of the earth. His music might be standard at times, but it's the type of stuff that appeals to everyone. He was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1991, making him twenty-seven years old today. He recently married his first love, Cherry Seaborn, and seems to be as happy as can be. So, does this mean that his sad love songs will be coming to an end? We guess only time will tell!

Question 48

Name this soulful artist:

He was born in Springfield, Ohio, in 1978, making him forty years old today. He's a singer, a songwriter, and a record producer who loves working with new talent. He became famous in the year 2000 and has since then made a name for himself. He's married to model Chrissy Teigen, with whom he has two children. He's known for his contributions to the R&B community. He's a gifted pianist who knows how to put a song together. Who can name him?

Question 49

Name this amazing artist:

No matter how much time passes by, there's one constant that remains the same; this musician is the boss! The late artist was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1958, where he quickly realized that he was different from other people. However, he didn't see this as a bad thing. So, he pursued his own style of music and never let anyone tell him what to wear. All in all, this loving celebrity left the world in better shape than how he found it.

Question 50

Name this soulful singer:

There are some people who are born for stardom, and others who are not. However, the latter statement doesn't apply to this flawless performer. His songs have left heavyhearted people in shambles, only to help them pick up the pieces one by one. He's a soulful artist with a background in the country. This musician is fond of playing the piano as well as the saxophone. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. So, how many of you can name him?

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