Name As Many Singers As Possible And We'll Reveal If You're Actually A Music Genius!

There are a lot of different people who consider themselves music lovers but can't tell you anything outside of a specific genre or time frame. How many kids today can name three artists from the 1970s? How many people who watch only country music videos can name three hip-hop stars? These people may be experts in their specific area, but it's probably not correct to call them a true music buff.

Being a music buff is about more than just liking a variety of tunes. It's about appreciating the time, place and state of the world when that music was created, and in many cases, why it was created. You've got to a student of history to be a real music buff and you have to be willing to be open to listening to music you don't completely enjoy.

We could load up a quiz with plenty of musicians from the 1930s and then nobody would pass this test, so we made it more conducive to a younger, modern audience. The definition of music buff should change over time and we think it should always start with knowing about what is popular in that moment. Enjoy, good luck, keep you feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

1Who is this popular musician?

His real name is Donald Glover and that's all anybody knew him as early in his modestly-successful acting career. It wasn't until the TV show Community was over when he went public with his first commercial album, which was a huge success. He recently said that his most recent effort is going to be his last as he thinks his music ship has sailed.

2Who is this popular musician?

OK, unless you've just been rescued from a desert island, you really ought to know who this woman is. She first was introduced to us on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana and her father is the one-hit wonder singer of the 1990s song "Achy Breaky Heart." While she went through a very public wild child phase, she seems to have chilled as a semi-regular judge on "The Voice."

3Who is this popular musician?

There are those things in life that you do early on that you sometimes get remembered for, no matter what else you accomplish from there on out. For this Canadian singer, there are a group of people who will always associate him with ultra-cheesy teen TV drama Degrassi, where he played one of the students. Sure, he's done a lot since then...but, still. Who is he?

4Who is this popular musician?

He's been making music as the lead singer of Green Day for over 25 years at this point, yet the tunes still sound as contemporary as ever. If you wonder what would have happened to Nirvana if Kurt Cobain has survived, you may get a good look by examining this singer's career. Who is the longtime leader of this Hall of Fame punk band?

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