Name As Many Pop Stars As Possible To Win The Title Of Number 1 Fan

When we were younger, we used to get pretty crazy about music. It was one of the only art forms, beyond literature, that we had spent a lot of time with, and so we used to get pretty protective. What we didn't realize is that we were being horrible to the people around us who we felt listened to music that was beneath not only us, but the entire human population. Having spoke to other people, it would seem this was a pretty common problem for a lot of people, but it still doesn't excuse how we were.

In an effort to make amends, we've decided to put together a quiz that allows people to test their knowledge on pop stars. As we've got older we've realised that, obviously, people are allowed to listen to whatever they want, no matter what the genre of music is. If you're the sort of person who has been listening to pop stars for years and refuses to stop, then this is exactly the sort of quiz you're looking for. All you have to do is name the famous pop stars we've put together from over the last few decades.

So, ready to test your popstar knowledge? Think you're better than anyone else at naming popstars? Well then, it's time for you to prove it!

1Can You Name This Pop star?

This is a woman who, when compared to most other popstars anyway, seems to keep a relatively low profile. Apart from her horrific abuse at the hands of Chris Brown, we're not sure that we've seen her in the news for a very long time now. She's started to dedicate her time to her makeup, and fashion line. Both have made the news over and over again for being so inclusive to all women, every shape, size and skin tone.

2Can You Name This Pop star?

If you want to take a look at what can happen if you take a young man and then hand him fame and money before he's ready to deal with it, then all you have to do is look at the career of this man. Seriously, he has quickly gone through every stereotype that surrounds popstars in such a short amount of time that you could write a case study on this guy about why we shouldn't give children fame.

3Can You Name This Pop star?

There is a deep obsession with this woman. Seriously, she's absolutely adored by so many people and there are too many reasons as to why. We would be lying if we said that she didn't have a great voice, and her music has tried to empower women all around the globe, with her 'single ladies' anthem and 'who run the world?' (the answer she gives is 'girls'). Married to Jay-Z, they have become quite the power couple in the world of music.

4Can You Name This Pop star?

We may have come a long way over the past few decades when it comes to equal rights and stopping problematic behavior in the entertainment world, but that doesn't mean we don't still have a long way to go. This singer you know from her famous songs 'I Kissed A Girl', and 'California Girls'. She is now a judge on American Idol and recently apologized to Taylor Swift for their feud and everyone was happy to see the fight finally ending.

5Can You Name This Pop star?

While we certainly don't like her music, we have to say that we think this woman gets a lot of underserved hate. She's said and done some problematic things, but people seem to talk about her as if she's the coming of the antichrist. When you put her actions next to the actions of everyone else in showbiz, she's not the one that we have to be directed all of our hate at. Honestly, we think we should give the poor girl a break.

6Can You Name This Pop star?

If you want to be famous, or if you want to make your child famous, then it would seem that showbiz has offered you a system that you can go through to ensure that they eventually start making a lot of money. The Disney Corporation are picking up children at an alarming rater, and these kids then end up in the system for the rest of their life if they want. They're all offered lucrative careers in entertainment from their childhood.

7Can You Name This Pop star?

Fame has different effects on different people in this world and we can never know how people will react until they're so deep that it's too late. While she seems to be a lot more stable these days, that doesn't change the fact that she has been through a hell of a lot in her time. Throughout this time, she wasn't exactly helped by the world around her either, being laughed at by the media rather than looked after by those making money off of her.

8Can You Name This Pop star?

Another woman that has spent her time in the system due to her younger years in fame. Honestly, how can we expect these people to get by in life if we've been handing them everything since they could walk? We're not sure that this is something we should ever do to anyone. We should wait till people are adults and they can make a genuine decision on how they want to live their lives and be seen in this world.

9Can You Name This Pop star?

While she may have started out like so many before her, finding fame as a youth while working for Disney, we feel she has been able to shed the stereotypes that have followed her throughout her life. She has finally reached a point where she can do as she pleases and create what she wants, not having to worry about the way that the rest of the world will perceive her. It took a long time, but she finally got there.

10Can You Name This Pop star?

It has got to the point in the modern entertainment industry that we struggle to see the difference between most of the people involved. They all just blur into one, turning into this mass of human beings that are doing very little to impress us. This probably has something to do with the fact that what's popular means these women sadly have to conform to something very specific, both in their look and music, to ensure they'll get sales and fame.

11Can You Name This Pop star?

This singer has made a splash in the rapping scene, by being the fastest rapping woman currently in the entertainment world. She has sang with the likes of Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Drake. She is also quite known for her body and the extra junk in her proverbial trunk. She confidently sings about all the things that her 'Anaconda don't', and she's been in the spotlight as someone who speaks out about drama and personal issues. Do you know her name?

12Can You Name This Pop star?

When it comes to success stories in the world of fame, they're usually marred with sad stories and unpleasant realities, but we don't think this woman has had to compromise in anyway to get to where she is. She's a genuine creative, somebody with amazing talent who is writing about who she is and how she feels. You don't often see that in popular music, so we couldn't be happier when a woman like this comes along to change that.

13Can You Name This Pop star?

The black and white photo may give it away, but this singer hasn't been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, we lost this talented man way too soon. He is know as 'The King' and he brought us a beautiful mix of bluegrass and Memphis Swing. He was considered quite the handsome man back in his day, as you can see. Do you think you can remember this dancing demon, that we lost way too soon, from just this photo?

14Can You Name This Pop star?

As we don't spend too much of our lives dwelling on celebrity news, we find ourselves often getting surprised at finding out where celebrities are ending up in the entertainment world, or surprised at where they started. We're never too sure. It's as if we can never know where people got their start in the world of showbiz, or where they'll be able to end up. It's as if showbiz is the only place where you can get any job you want.

15Can You Name This Pop star?

The fact that people can do the things that we know this man has done and the world of showbiz will protect them makes us sick. Unfortunately, this artist has not done the greatest things, and he doesn't have the best reputation for containing his temper. He made the news, and is better remembered from what happened in his relationship with Rihanna, and how he hurt her. She ultimately, seems to have forgiven him, but he hasn't done much to redeem himself.

16Can You Name This Pop star?

Some people shoot to fame at such a speed that it must feel like they've got whiplash. They move from obscurity to infamy in one fell swoop. They would've never been able to guess that the world had this in store for them, so anything that happens to them both good and bad, will likely be a huge shock for them. It's different for people who are born into this sort of thing, they know what to expect and when.

17Can You Name This Pop star?

It's hard for anybody who finds themselves in the public eye to maintain a healthy air of self-confidence and ego, but it's arguably even worse for women, who it would seem are scrutinised to an awful degree. Every change in their body size, weight or shape is pointed out to them on the front of glossy magazines and commented on by anonymous people hiding behind keyboards who have no idea about the pressures that come with fame and fortune on this scale.

18Can You Name This Pop star?

Some people want to be out there, want to be slap bang right in the middle of the spotlight, while others are happier to take a backseat and make the money, which many would argue is the smart choice when it comes to entertaining people. This guy became famous for writing songs for other people, penning hits that other people then get public recognition for, but he's sitting in the back collecting royalties and still able to leave the house.

19Can You Name This Pop star?

We're not too sure how to feel about Drake on the whole. Sure, he's had a couple of good songs here and there, but he's a man from a privileged background that seems to like to pretend otherwise. Not only that, but he seems like one of the goofiest men to ever make it big. He has a way with the ladies and has created quite a few songs trying to do well for the women he loves. Can you recognize this canadian singer?

20Can You Name This Pop star?

This woman is famous for letting the power she's been handed go to her head, despite the fact that her ability on stage has been publicly declining for around a decade at this point. In a way, we don't even really feel like we can blame her either. So many people worship this woman, heap praise upon her, even going so far as to say that they like how arrogant she is, so how do we expect her to act?

21Can You Name This Pop star?

This man recently announced his retirement from music, which is probably a good thing considering the fact that he's getting old and he has a family constantly waiting for him off stage. It's not like he'll ever have to worry for money either, as he has been able to make an obscene amount of money during his time in the music industry, creating some of the most recognisable tunes out there. To this day, some people still don't realize he doesn't write his own lyrics!

22Can You Name This Pop star?

The life of an entertainer is one in which you can never let your guard down, never let the mask slip and always be making sure that your audience is happy with the performance that you're giving. It's no surprise then that these people will often turn to drugs and other methods to try and keep themselves level and steady when they're not performing. It sounds like an amazing life, money and fame, but it definitely comes with its own set of worries.

23Can You Name This Pop star?

There was a time when it seemed as if people with genuine talent would end up being found out, but after the invention of things like the internet, it's hard to trawl through the terrible people to try and get to the diamond in the rough. Shows like American Idol, which this musician appeared on, don't help the matter either, as they make everybody think they have just as good a shot as Beyonce of getting to the top of the charts.

24Can You Name This Pop star?

It's a hard world out there for anybody trying to make it into the popular music business, as it would seem that pretty much every angle has been worked at this point. Even the angle of the misfit and the outcast has been used to propel pop stars into fame throughout the years, so you can't even use to your advantage anymore, which you think would be something that a lot of people would be able to make some money off of!

25Can You Name This Pop star?

This woman is quite possibly best known for her work on the Titanic soundtrack, to the point where it's impossible to mention her name without a single song getting stuck in your head, as well as a specific image of the two at the front of the ship. Crazy to think that a single song could throw you into stardom, and make sure you don't have to worry about money for the rest of your life. What a place of privilege!

26Can You Name This Pop star?

If you're looking to pull in a young audience, then you can do a lot worse than really leaning into the concepts of unrequited love, emotional stress and heartbreak when you're writing your music. Make sure your look also follows the same logic, and you've got a real chance that young women across the world will start to pick up what you're throwing down. You will speak to the disaffected before they end up becoming truly disaffected and throwing you on the scrapheap.

27Can You Name This Pop star?

The showbiz world has a problem with dynasties, in the sense that entire families seem to be able to make it big when other people, who may be more talented, have no way of getting into the industry as they don't have a foot in the door in the same way. Honestly, we wish that this sort of stuff could stop so that we would get a better look at the sort of talent that exists in the world outside of what we already know!

28Can You Name This Pop star?

No matter what genre of music you're in or how much money you can make for people, starting out on a solo career after becoming famous for being in a band can be really difficult, something that a lot of people fail to do when it comes to the music industry. For whatever reason, people find it really difficult and usually end up releasing one or two mediocre singles, maybe a full mediocre album, before slinking off until the band comes back together a few years later.

29Can You Name This Pop star?

Getting into a band with your family members always seemed like such a recipe for disaster if you ask us. We find it difficult to sit with our siblings for longer than a couple of hours so the thought of having to try and navigate the world of entertainment with them is something that gives us the shivers. We know that other people have different relationships with their family, but it still must be pretty tense sometimes if you ask us.

30Can You Name This Pop star?

Another singer that we haven't seen much of in modern years, we can only imagine how much money this man must be sitting on after his numerous successes. That being said, while we know many different singles he's been a part of, we couldn't actually name you a single one of his albums, highlighting just throwaway some of these artists are. For a lot of them, it's about getting in, making their money, and then getting out before they lose it.

31Can You Name This Pop star?

The thing about the entertainment world and showbiz in general is that it allows people to reinvent themselves as much as they want, as long as that reinvention is going to be making either you or somebody else some money. This is often met with suspicion from the audience, as it seems inauthentic, but we think this can be pretty cynical sometimes. It is a shame if it is inauthentic, but sometimes it's just an artist trying to grow and evolve.

32Can You Name This Pop star?

People like this are a genuine inspiration to the rest of us, showing that no matter what cards life may hand to you, you can always find a way to overcome if you try your hardest. Having to work your way up from the bottom is hard in and of itself, but through in the fact that you have a problem with your health and it makes the entire thing a true ordeal. We cannot even imagine what that's like.

33Can You Name This Pop star?

After breaking a record in 2012, there was no doubt that people at the top would be pushing this woman as much as possible, as it was clear that she could start making money for people if she was given the chance. That being said, we've never been a fan, so despite the fact that we imagine she'll be around for quite some time, we can't really even name you a single song. Weird to think that people can be so divisive and yet so popular.

34Can You Name This Pop star?

It feels like this woman will never slow down, no matter what age she gets to. If we were to hear that she was retiring, we would be genuinely surprised by the information. This woman looks like she's around sixty years old and she's pushing eighty at this point. Can you believe that? There are not many people out there that could claim they've aged this well. Hopefully her insides are looking just as good as her outsides and she has a lot of time left to entertain people.

35Can You Name This Pop star?

If you don't already know, this woman is essentially hated in the world of music as it would seem many people in the audience don't feel she has the credentials to back up her place in the music world. You only have to go and find that video of her attempting to freestyle rap live to see that she's often in over her head with this sort of stuff. That doesn't mean she should be hounded out of showbiz though.

36Can You Name This Pop star?

While we may not like him, this guy has managed to be a part of eleven platinum selling singles, so it's impossible to claim that he hasn't been successful in the world of music. That being said, is being successful all we should care about? Let's not forget, this is an art form at the end of the day, something we should be using very carefully, rather than something that is worth desecrating for the sake of making some good money.

37Can You Name This Pop star?

There are some people in this world who seem destined to end up getting on everyone's nerves, and this is one of those men. As soon as he blew up on the scene with his album filled with maudlin tracks about love, it was if the entire world took a sudden dislike to him. Not only that though, but he received years worth of hate while also managing to keep up a successful career in music. How is that possible?!

38Can You Name This Pop star?

We always thought it was funny how celebrities were able to get away with giving themselves one name, but if somebody normal did that they would be laughed at. It just shows how different all the rules are depending on where you are in society and how much money you're making. If you're making enough money, we don't think it's going too far to say that you can pretty much get away with anything you want if you go about it right.

39Can You Name This Pop star?

We don't think we've thought about this artist in around a decade, but believe it or not, he's actually one of the best selling musicians of all time. This comes from putting yourself on numerous successful singles and then spending less time on the album itself. Not only is this a great way to get popular with the casual music listener, but you end up absolutely raking it in as well. Might not be too fulfilling, but it's a great business model.

40Can You Name This Pop star?

Some people are calling this guy the new Michael Jackson, which we can honestly see when you take a look at his most recent hits. He has spent his time in the music business putting out hit after hit after hit of catchy music, while also showing off his ability to dance as well. If you ask us, this is exactly what Jackson managed to do for decades. Let's hope this lad doesn't go the same way that poor Jacko did.

41Can You Name This Pop star?

If we're being honest, everything that this woman does has already been done by somebody else, and it wasn't even interesting when they did it. The concept of forcing a weird aesthetic or shocking for the sake of it has never really appealed to us. People have to do something interesting with it if they expect us to grasp onto it or respect them for trying it. This woman seems to be doing it so that she can be rich and famous.

42Can You Name This Pop star?

If you haven't seen it, then you are in for a treat when you look up the video for hello after finishing this quiz. The men helped bring into this world one of the most ridiculous videos we've ever seen, a horrendous mix of saccharine feelings and insane premise. How do you manage to take a simple love song and take it so literally that that's the sort of video you end up coming up with. How did he sign off on it?!

43Can You Name This Pop star?

Some people just ever quit, their lives essentially forever about their work. They refuse to give up, no matter how old they get. Most people do not live out their laters years in the public eye, instead attempting to retire so that they can have a relaxed time before their death. People like this woman seem to be saying that they will continue to do what they've done their entire lives until the moment that they drop dead. Got to have respect for that.

44Can You Name This Pop star?

It's such an odd phenomenon that women like this end up finding themselves thrown into a world that they never truly knew by a single song. Their fame is immediate, and it's almost certain that they won't be able to capitalise forever on the fame they found off their first single. How sad then that we do this to so many women in the world, that their lives are so easily disposed of in the name of cash and fame.

45Can You Name This Pop star?

If you have your fingers in all the pies so to speak, you have to be careful that you don't let your career slip in any aspect whatsoever, as there will be people focusing on a single pie that will start to overtake you. This woman seemed like she could do no wrong, would always be pumping out the hits while acting on the side, but we haven't heard much from her in a few years now, and her last album release was ten years ago.

46Can You Name This Pop star?

If you ask us, it would seem that back in the day was all about grouping together a bunch of people, one of which had the most talent, and then managing them to take over the world, which is exactly what this woman's band did back in the day. In the modern world, you could play young people the records this woman sang on during her early years and they would know the tune. That is an impressive legacy to leave behind.

47Can You Name This Pop star?

Girls may just want to have fun, but this image shows exactly what can happen when women have a little bit too much fun. They start to look pretty rough and seem to be unable to grasp the fact that we all age, and as we age, we look more and more ridiculous with pink hair. We're not exactly people who enjoy judging people for how they look, but why is it that no celebrity has ever heard of ageing gracefully?

48Can You Name This Pop star?

Quite possibly one of the most iconic and impressive voices of a generation, this is a woman that you have to listen to. When we say that, we don't just mean her music though. While she had an absolutely amazing singing voice, one thing that she excelled at was orating, bringing her major voice to the world of civil rights activism. Seriously, this lady did a lot of work towards making sure that black people would be treated right in this world.

49Can You Name This Pop star?

We're really getting into the niche popstars towards the end of this quiz aren't we?! Unless you're a big fan of pop from before the last decade, it's unlikely you'll know who this woman is, but she has enjoyed relative fame and popularity while also managing to keep her cool cult status intact as well. It's amazing how some musicians are able to walk this tightrope so well. How do they manage it? Do they have an agent doing it for them?!

50Can You Name This Pop star?

Some men out there seem destined for stardom. Not only do they have a serious amount of looks about them, they also have the voice of an angel. Throw in a likeable personality and you've essentially handed somebody a ticket to fame. Honestly, we're not sure how we feel about people like this because they're essentially making the rest of us look terrible. We know we should be happy for them, but we're just not if we're being honest. Why can't we all be better?!

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