Name As Many Original Pokemon As Possible And We'll Reveal What Kind Of Trainer You Are!

Let's hop onto the S.S. Anne for a relaxing cruise ride to Kanto. There are plenty of trainers you can face here to pass the time - if you're in the mood for a side quest, you can even obtain the HM Cut from the ship's captain. Whatever you plan on doing, make sure you relax and enjoy yourself, because there's some hard work ahead of you when we finally reach Kanto. Once we get there, you'll have to correctly identify 50 original Pokemon species.

That's right - 50! But the number won't seem too intimidating for real Pokemon trainers, especially if there's a Pokemon master attending the cruise. After all, these are original Pokemon, totally recognizable by all real Pokemon trainers. But if you're a complete Youngster, then you may very well find some trouble in this quiz.

In fact, this might be the quiz that exposes you as a Youngster - or a real Master, if that's what you are. Let's see how well you do at naming all these original Pokemon, and by the end of the quiz, we'll have a good idea about the kind of trainer you really are.

The ship is ready to dock - time to name all these 'mons.

1Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon is just hanging out and eating berries in his jovial, but little does he know that someone is going to guess the daylights out of his name! If you can't get this one right, you might have to train and come back.

2Who's that Pokemon?

Everyone knows about the original starter Pokemon. Of course, this is the Water type representation, and it looks like he's ready for a fight! You won't need your backwards cap to get this one right, but it would help.

3Who's that Pokemon?

There's a rodent scurrying through the tall grass, thinking we wouldn't notice it. However, with our experience and yours combined, there's no way this Normal type could evade us. Guess her name before she gets away.


4Who's that Pokemon?

Easy now - there's a Poison type right over there. If we make any sudden movements, we might just incur her wrath. Then what? You'd better hope you have a solid Ground type move on deck. What's this 'mon called, again?

5Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon should definitely not be out in the rain, given how his life fibers are connected to that flame on its tail. While we find this guy some shelter, let's see if you remember his name. Again, this one should be super easy.


6Who's that Pokemon?

There's a storm a brewin', and it's only made worse by this fierce flock of Flying types. The Flying type pictured here is known to not give a Wormadam about boundaries - it will peck you all the way down to Cinnabar Island.

7Who's that Pokemon?

We were so busy defending against that storm of little birds, we didn't even know that poppa was right around the corner. There's no way that we'll be able to outrun this fierce beast of the sky - name him while we distract him.


8Who's that Pokemon?

This next Pokemon is here to get the party started. Being an original generation classic, there's no way a real trainer would get by without knowing its name. If a real trainer is what you are, this will be a breeze.

9Who's that Pokemon?

It looks like a little girl has found her favorite starter Pokemon. She obviously favors the Grass type - a wise choice. Grass type 'mons usually play the long term game in battle, though this little guy can get offensive when he wants to.


10Who's that Pokemon?

There's a shrieking sound in the sky, and it looks like a famous Poison and Flying type Pokemon has caught on to our trail. These devils are known to be persistent, especially in caves. We're not in a cave now, though.

11Who's that Pokemon?

That's right - it's this Pokemon, right here. If you've seen any episode of the anime, then this little cat should definitely look familiar. There's only one Normal type, talking Team Rocket mascot, after all. Who is it?


12Who's that Pokemon?

We've been meeting this Pokemon in caves since gen 1. As much as we like seeing him the first few times, it doesn't take long before we pull out the repel. Regardless of that, what's this classic Rock type's name?

13Who's that Pokemon?

A foul odor has breached this quiz, and we know just who the culprit is - it's a nefarious Poison type from Team Rocket! That must mean Jessie and James aren't too far behind. Name this 'mon before they can unveil their master plan.


14Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon might not be the fastest Water and Psychic type around, but don't underestimate the potential of its Special power. Before you know it, this 'mon can have you hanging upside down, twenty feet above the ground.

15Who's that Pokemon?

Here's a wild Fire type who clearly doesn't want to be named. Just look at her running with the wind out in the open plain. Little does she know that she's frozen in frame, so you have plenty of time to click the right button.


16Who's that Pokemon?

This Fire type Pokemon was born to be a warrior. As powerful as it is now, there's a world of potential awaiting in its fully evolved forms, not to mention two further Mega Evolutions. We're not there yet, though - who's this Pokemon?

17Who's that Pokemon?

We thought we were going for a peaceful stroll through the forest, but it looks like this nasty plant doesn't feel like standing still. In fact, it just boosted its Attack with Swords Dance, and is ready to strike! Quick, enter it in the Pokedex.


18Who's that Pokemon?

It's nice to see Sabrina and her star Pokemon laugh for once. These two are normally quite the serious pair, and their potential Psychic output demonstrates that. While they're distracted, what's this Pokemon's name?

19Who's that Pokemon?

Once again, we've stumbled upon a Pokemon who does not come in peace. In fact, he looks ready for an epic battle. Too bad for him that he hasn't been presented with the Fire stone yet, and is stuck in this form. What's his name?


20Who's that Pokemon?

Because of this Pokemon's Arena Trap ability, we might be stuck here until you're able to answer the question. Thankfully though, the ability was banned from standard play, and there's no cheating allowed in this quiz. You'll still have to answer, though.

21Who's that Pokemon?

If you chose the Grass type as your starter in the original Pokemon games, and you trained it well throughout your journey, you'll eventually end up with this behemoth over here. Since he's such a classic, you should know his name.


22Who's that Pokemon?

Another classic Pokemon and the evolved form of an even bigger classic, this Pokemon was recently given the additional Fairy typing in gen 6, making it a decent check against Dragon types. What's its name, again?

23Who's that Pokemon?

This is a fiery quiz indeed - we have yet another Fire type 'mon from the original games, and we've caught this one mid flight. It can't really fly, but here it is doing just that anyway. Let's see if you can name this one.


24Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon has always been a bit of a mess, but Pokemaniacs show it love anyway. Being part of the original roster is something that demands respect alone, and let's not forget this little guy's potential in battle.

25Who's that Pokemon?

No one wants to be around if this Pokemon decides to charge, so let's get this over with quickly. If its face doesn't ring a bell, try thinking of its evolved form, and the Pokemon that once aimed for its horn.


26Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon means business - serious business. Looks like she's equipped with the Thick Club, which means any attack that comes out will likely be a one shot knock out. In order to avoid that, let's click a name.

27Who's that Pokemon?

Don't be fooled here - this is not a beach ball party. Each one of these bouncing Pokemon possesses a tremendous amount of Electric energy, not to mention they're all lightning fast. Careful not to click on them.


28Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon is known for his signature enthusiasm, which isn't an aspect you might expect from him. Ash had one in his party who eventually evolved into a true legend in battle. What's this little guy's name, again?

29Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon might be happy, but she's definitely not happy go lucky, and she isn't a pushover, either. If you wrong her or her trainer, you'd better be ready for a truly shocking battle. Let's see if you can click the right name.


30Who's that Pokemon?

This small army of shells looks like it's been waiting here for a while. Really, whether they wait here or anywhere else, it's all the same for them. All these 'mons can really do is hang around until they evolve.

31Who's that Pokemon?

We have yet another link to the original starter Pokemon chain, this one part of the Water type section. He's a soldier in battle for sure, despite the fact that he isn't yet fully evolved. If you know Pokemon, you know his name.


32Who's that Pokemon?

Despite this Pokemon being a bit of a no show in competitive battling, you have to give it some respect for being a classic bird. We're not sure where he got that piece of vegetation, but we know he'll never let it go.

33Who's that Pokemon?

This Bug and Flying type Pokemon doesn't even have to unsheathe his swords in battle - his arms are his swords! Aside from his insane Attack stat, this Pokemon has super high Speed to boot, so let's be careful.


34Who's that Pokemon?

Here is another original Fire type and a Pokemon that Gym Leader Blaine keeps in his back pocket for when the battle starts to get serious. This 'mon is known for its dazzling fire tricks, and it wants to show you one.

35Who's that Pokemon?

Uh oh - looks like one of us angered this crazy Electric type, and it has a Thunder Punch locked and loaded. Furthermore, she's coming right for us! Click the Pokemon's name while we send out our Arceus.


36Who's that Pokemon?

Here is an Ice and Psychic type that we all know and love. She loves us right back, though right now she seems a bit confused. If you haven't brushed up on your original 'mons lately, you might be confused here too.

37Who's that Pokemon?

You knew this one was Pokemon, and he knew it as well. That's why he's letting out a huge Flamethrower attack in celebration. There's no way you even know what Pokemon is if you don't know this guy. Come on, now.


38Who's that Pokemon?

This rare Normal type Pokemon has been a fan favorite for a full generation now. She's cool enough on her own, but she also happens to evolve into three other gen 1 classics. But more on them later.

39Who's that Pokemon?

Here's a Psychic type Pokemon who seems to have put herself in a trance. That just goes to show how huge and uncontrollable her Special Attack is. While she just sort of paces around, let's click her name.


40Who's that Pokemon?

Officer Jenny has gotten her hands on a pesky Ghost type Pokemon who was probably off terrorizing everyone in town. That's just this guy's nature, so we're not too surprised. We'd be surprised if you didn't know his name, though.

41Who's that Pokemon?

We're near the end of our Pokedex now - time for some legends to join the fun. The first is the Electric Flying type and part of the Legendary bird trio of Kanto. It's supremely rare, but you'll know its name for sure.


42Who's that Pokemon?

The Fire and Flying Legendary Pokemon from Kanto is up next, and thankfully, it doesn't seem to be in a bad mood today. With this Pokemon's fiery temperament, you can never really tell. Hopefully though, you can at least tell us its name.

43Who's that Pokemon?

Rounding out our Legendary bird trio of Kanto, we have the Ice and Flying variation. If the temperature seems to have taken a slight drop here, you probably know exactly why. Before it gets too cold, let's name this legend.


44Who's that Pokemon?

If you present the Old Amber to a certain scientist on Cinnabar Island, he'll pass it through his EZ Bake Oven in order to manifest this monstrous Rock and Flying type. Being such a famous 'mon, you should definitely know who it is.

45Who's that Pokemon?

Let's look to the skies one more time for our last Flying type Pokemon of this quiz. This one also shares the Dragon typing, which makes it a force to be reckoned with in battle. If you don't know who this guy is, do you even have a Pokedex?


46Who's that Pokemon?

Digging back into Pokemon's ancient history, you'll eventually find this Legendary Psychic type 'mon in the textbooks if you did deep enough. Any trainers who have done a modicum of homework should know who this cat is.

47Who's that Pokemon?

This next cat was designed after that last one - quite literally, in fact. He was created in a laboratory based off the DNA of the original, ancient Psychic type Legendary 'mon. Here is version 2.0 - better, faster, stronger.


48Who's that Pokemon?

You didn't think we'd send this quiz out into the world without featuring Eevee's three evolutions, did you? Of course not. Here is the first, representing the Water typing. A formidable 'mon, for sure - what's her name?

49Who's that Pokemon?

A jet of fire precedes this next Eeveelution's entry into the quiz - better dodge it before you get burned! While we try to dampen this 'mon's flame for a second, let's see if you're able to pick its name out below.


50Who's that Pokemon?

We'll end this quiz with a bolt of lightning - a dazzling show from the Electric type Eeveelution. Given this Pokemon's status as a true classic, we're pretty confident in your ability to end this quiz the right way.

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