Name As Many Of These Movies As Possible In 90 Seconds Or Less!

Alright movie watchers, time to see who has been doing their homework! Since even before the first black and white motion picture hit the big screens, we have been obsessed with watching actors and actresses play out incredible roles and stories right before our eyes. It is one of the world's greatest escapes. No matter what we are dealing with, when we decide to watch a movie, we can leave it all behind for an hour or two. That being said, it is time to see who the truly devoted cinema fans are!

In today's movie-themed quiz, we will be going through 50 films one by one. They are all from different genres and were released at different times. While some people may be experts on action films or romantic comedies, this quiz will require a knowledge of all types of movies! We will give a photo and a description for each one, but picking out the right title will be left to everyone else. This will not be an easy quiz, but at least everyone will pick up a few new movies to watch! Get the corn popped and the candies out, this is going to be heck of a movie night!

Question 1

Name this movie

Aron Ralston was no stranger to the rocky canyons of Utah. He would regularly leave his daily stresses behind, and head out into the great outdoors for some biking and mountain climbing. One afternoon, after clearing his schedule and packing his bag, Aron headed off on an adventure. Little did he know, this adventure would be so very different from all of his others. While moving through the canyons, Aron's arm got pinned down by a boulder. No place to go, no way to escape, Aron had to remain in place for 5 days. On the fifth day, he made the biggest decision of his life.

Question 2

What is the name of this movie?

Ryan Bingham is a corporate downsizer. For those who do not know what a job like that entails, he is basically a man who travels around firing people. Clearly, this is not a job for everyone. After his new work partners make a suggestion that would limit the amount of traveling they both must do, Ryan decides to take her under his wing to help explain the ins and outs of their position. Ryan knows the importance of traveling to people for face to face interactions. It's the kind of knowledge that comes after years on the job. Any guesses?

Question 3

Pick out the right title

Every single student studying at Harvard was there because they wanted to do something big. Sure they were some of the smartest kids out there, but they were all looking for a way to cash in. All of them except Mark, that is. Mark very possibly was the smartest kid studying on campus, but he had no desire for fame or for riches. He knew he was smart, knew he could change the world, and basically did so out of pure boredom. What Mark did from his Harvard dorm room, has changed the world forever. Can anyone name this movie?

Question 4

Which answer is right?

Breakups are hard, but divorces are harder. Tess and David had been married for a few years and even had a beautiful daughter together. Naturally, when they decided to go their separate ways, the divorce took a toll. Tess has been struggling with this reality, and finding out that David has just moved in with a new fiance, well, that is a bit too much for Tess to handle. She will play nice in front of their daughter, but the gears inside Tess's mind are turning as she prepares a plan to make this new girl wish she had chosen someone else.

Question 5

Does anyone recognize this film?

Sutter and Aimee came from two completely different circles. Sutter was a wild party animal, with very little motivation for anything else in his life. Whereas Aimee was a determined student, who spent most of her time preparing for the future. Talk about an unlikely pairing, right? One morning, when Sutter dazedly woke up on a strangers lawn, their two paths crossed. Neither of them could explain their interest in the other, but there is something to be said about opposites attracting. Has anyone here seen this film? Try picking out the only correct title from the four listed options!

Question 6

Match this movie to its title

It is something that so rarely gets talked about, but back in the 70s when women began taking up all kinds of jobs, it was pretty tough on the men. Just look at this crew of guys. They spent years building their news team, and worked so hard to get their station to the number one viewing slot. Imagine how it must have felt to have a woman storm in and take up the position of co-anchor! Outrageous! These men did not go down without a fight though. They weren't ready for the times to change, and they made that very clear.

Question 7

Pick out the correct title

When we learn about animals, we learn the difference between predators and prey. However, in this animated film, we learn that things are not always as simple and as black and white as the lessons may have taught us. Young Judy Hopps is only a small rabbit, but she wants nothing more than to be a police officer in the big city. Nick Wilde would make an excellent detective, but since the world views him as a sneaky fox, he's only ever been encouraged to live a sneaky criminal life. Stereotyping can have some pretty big consequences, and this movie teaches us that!

Question 8

Which of these titles is right?

When a kind young alien found himself stranded on our planet, things did not look great for the little guy at all. Luckily, he was found by a nurturing boy named Elliot. Deciding it would be best for both of their causes to not inform any adults, Elliot instead decided to sneak the alien into his home and introduce him to his brother and sister. While everything was fine with their new best friend for a while, it wasn't too long before the alien fell ill. Elliot must now race against time and grown-ups, to help his friend get back home.

Question 9

Name this movie

In this film, we meet a man who lives a pretty simple life. Not a huge risk taker by any means, he instead prefers to live out his daily tasks, while taking breaks here and there to let his mind wander off to all kinds of incredible places. When a new boss arrives at his work though, everything about his life daily life changes. He has been sent on a real-life mission to acquire something for this new boss, and for the first time in his life, his body (not just his mind) will be along for the heart pumping ride!

Question 10

Pick out the right answer

Billy Beane had a knack for seeing things differently than other people did. The game of baseball was an old game with traditions and rules. However, Billy was thinking it was time to shake things up a bit. Being the general manager for the Oakland A's, he was in the perfect place to test out a few of his theories. He was not going to break the bank by signing top recruits, but instead was going to go after the players who others thought were flawed. The game maybe didn't need fixing, but why not try and improve on a good thing?

Question 11

Match this movie to its title

Nicolas used to be one of London's finest. He had given some of his best years to ridding the city of its criminals, yet still, he has just found himself reassigned to what must be the most boring town in the world. While Nicholas tries to adjust to this new slow-paced lifestyle, he also tries to form a bond with his new (slightly dim) partner. None of this was going too great for him, but just when he thought he would give up for good, a string of brutal crimes took place right in the middle of his sleepy town.

Question 12

Pick the right answer

While looking through history books, there are millions of stories of the men who held power over the centuries. However, in this movie, we get to learn a little bit more about one of the very few stories in our history, where not only one, but two women held immense power. One was young and fertile, the other aging and refusing to marry and have children. Both of their claims to the throne were good, but we all know that when it comes down to it, there can only ever be one true ruler. Can anyone here name this one?

Question 13

What movie is this?

Way up high on a snowy mountain top somewhere in the world, there lives a small community of Yeti. They are a peaceful clan, but they know very little of the world, as they try their best to remain hidden from the unknown. Migo, a young Yeti, ventured out one afternoon and saw the impossible. Sure he had heard the legends and the old wives tales before, but never in a million years would he have guessed that humans are actually real! Now Migo knows the truth though, and if his fellow Yeti won't believe him, he will find a way to prove it!

Question 14

Select the correct title

Susie Salmon was a bright young woman. She was kind, funny, and had a family who loved her dearly. On the day Susie did not return home from school, her family knew instantly that something was very wrong. While they would never get to see their daughter again, Susie was able to watch them from the afterlife she was stuck in. She was not only watching her loved ones, but the man who had taken her from them as well. From this heaven-like place, Susie has to decide if she wants her family to find revenge, or if she wants them to move on.

Question 15

Which title is right?

Sitting at the top can be a very lonely seat indeed. For Michelle Darnell, the loneliness never really bothered her all that much. She had everything she ever wanted, plus, she was able to boss people around all day long. Her life was perfect. Or at least it was, until she got busted for insider trading. She was sentenced to hard time, and had to give up her company along with all of its perks. Now that she a free woman again, she is going to have to get creative about how she climbs her way back to the top.

Question 16

Name this film

Kate, a single mother of three, works endlessly to support her family. She takes on whatever job she can find, always up for the task as long as it pays. When she got hired to clean the boat of a wealthy man, she figured it was just another day at the office. However, this man was rude, selfish and downright mean. After unjustly firing kate from the job, this man found himself in a pretty tricky situation. He fell off of his fancy boat, and awoke with no memory at all. Not skipping a beat, Kate swooped in and convinced him she was actually his wife.

Question 17

Does anyone know the right title?

Back in 1960 Mississippi, young Skeeter was returning home after having graduated from college. Excited to start her new life as a writer, first thing on Skeeter's to-do list was finding the perfect story. After considering her options for a moment, Skeeter decided on interviewing all of the black women who had been working for the prominent white families in her community. The ball rolled slowly at first, but once she got one of them talking, the others followed suit. We never know what people really have to say, until we actually take the time to ask them. Name this movie!

Question 18

What movie is this?

When a big-time alien boss decides he needs a new attraction for his amusement park, he sends his flunkies down to earth to capture Bugs Bunny and all of his Looney pals. His flunkies, not being the brightest of the aliens out there, agree to a deal with Bugs and Daffy. They will play them in a basketball game. Should the aliens win, all of the Looney Tunes will go work for them in space. However, should Looneys win, they will all be free to go. This was already shaping up to be an interesting game, then the Looneys went and recruited Michael Jordan.

Question 19

Match this movie to its title

Here, we are looking at the most famous (not to mention talented) dog in the entire world. This canine marvel can run faster than the speed of light, plus, his magical bark can be heard from miles and miles away. Truly an impressive little guy, right? Well, while some of these powers may have been exaggerated to make his television show more interesting, this little pooch is none the wiser. He truly believes he has all of these awesome powers, and when he finds himself on a real-life adventure, you better believe he is going to use them! Name this film!

Question 20

Pick out the right answer

Audrey and Morgan were just a couple of 30 year old best friends, who thought their lives were pretty ordinary. To be fair, they had been pretty ordinary up until they got tossed into this crazy story. When one of their ex boyfriends showed up to their home one afternoon, they quickly learned that he was on the run from some serious bad guys. Before even taking a moment to think things through, these two besties jumped into action. They do not have a clue what they are doing, but the unlikely heroes never know what's going on until the end anyway!

Question 21

Select the correct title

Here we have a movie that was based on some real-life events. Back in the 1950s, Ray Kroc had been working as a door-to-door salesman. He was a good salesman, but his product wasn't moving as well as he had been hoping. After stopping for lunch one day, he met two brothers who owned and operated their own burger joint. Ray was instantly impressed with their speedy service and tasty food. Seeing a ton of potential in their business, Ray found a way to sell himself as their business partner, knowing full well that he was eventually going to push the brothers out.

Question 22

What is the name of this movie?

Has anyone ever wondered where all of this new technology is going to lead us someday? In this movie, we see an interesting take on what can come from all of these new toys and gadgets constantly being released. Theodore is a romantic at heart. He was always good with words and emotions, and he actually managed to make a living off of writing personal letters for others. When his own personal life hit a snag though, Theodore found himself looking for comfort in a new type of operating system. He talks, the voice talks back, and slowly they grow closer.

Question 23

Name this film

Michael Oher was just another kid who seemed to slip through just about every crack. For years, this teen drifted in and out of the school system, never having a constant place to call his home. That was his story, until he met Leigh Anne Tuohy anyway. She was a wealthy woman from a good part of town, and for whatever reason, she decided to take him in. While Michael bonded with her family and slowly became a member himself, he also discovered his talent and passion for the game of football. All it takes is one day for everything to change!

Question 24

Match this movie to its title

Dave was not an angry guy. He was usually very skilled at not showing emotion in general, but on one particular flight home, something in him snapped. After that minor meltdown, Dave was sentenced to anger management classes. Thinking these classes sounded like just the kind of thing that would anger him further, he reluctantly attended. After meeting his slightly crazy instructor, Dave knew this program was not going to end well for anyone. To make matters even worse, this instructor was now saying that the only way to cure Dave, was for the two of them to move in together.

Question 25

Which of these titles is right?

Dan has made a living off of writing family advice for a local paper, but his job used to be much easier back before he lost his wife. Now struggling to raise his three daughters on his own, he is finding it tougher and tougher to give helpful advice. While taking his kids to visit their grandparents one day, Dan slipped out to get a little alone time. He found himself browsing through a used book store and was surprised when a friendly conversation started up between an attractive woman and himself. Thinking he had finally caught a break, Dan was pretty disappointed to find out this woman was his brother's new girlfriend.

Question 26

Pick out the right title

Before Mia and the rest of her family even got into the car crash that changed everything, she had been struggling with some pretty tough decisions. Her dream had always been to attend Julliard to perfect her music, but after meeting and falling in love with her boyfriend, she began contemplating skipping school and going on tour with him. Even though this choice was impossible, it was nothing compared to the choice she had to make after the accident. Stuck between our world and the afterlife, Mia has to decide if she even wants to survive in a world without her family.

Question 27

What movie is this?

We all know that family time is something to be cherished, yet sometimes, spending time with our family can drive us completely mad. In this movie, we watch a large family all pile into a van for a road trip across the country. The goal is to get their daughter to a contest she so desperately wants to win, but that is something much easier said than done. Forget about surviving the drive, surviving each other is going to be the real challenge! Does anyone know what movie we are talking about? Pick out the right title from the given options!

Question 28

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Danny and Wheeler were not exactly grown ups. Sure they were both over 30, but these guys had the mind's of particularly immature 10 year olds. Naturally, these minds gave them the brilliant idea to trash their company truck. The courts decided to give them an ultimatum. Face hard time, or give back to the community. Choosing the community service route, these two guys have just found out that they will be mentoring underprivileged children. It seems like the courts were less concerned about them influencing the kids, and more hopeful that the kids would maybe influence them. Any guesses?

Question 29

Name this film

Kim Baker was a news producer who was growing tired of her everyday routine. She knew how much was going on in the world, since she reported on it, so she was feeling like she just wasn't doing her part. Looking to make a change, she accepted an assignment right in the thick of everything. Arriving in Afghanistan ready to make a difference, Kim quickly found herself in the middle of an active war zone. Luckily, she met a friend who knew the ropes and who was willing to share her wisdom. Does anyone know what movie we are talking about?

Question 30

What movie are we talking about?

Pete and Ellie had been toying with the idea of children for years. Feeling the pressure growing day by day, largely thanks to their family members who kept telling them their time was running out, the couple decided to look into fostering. Why not help a child in need of a home, while also fulfilling their desire for a family? Well, even though this started off as just a simple idea, Pete and Ellie wound up taking in 3 children! Nothing like learning to swim by being tossed into the lake, right? Can anyone here pick out the right title?

Question 31

Does anyone know the right title?

In the world of rats, there are a couple of rules that must be followed. Stay out of the view of humans as much as possible, and grab any piece of scrap available. These rules are not exactly hard to understand, yet Remy finds himself breaking them on a daily basis. Remy doesn't fear the humans, but what's more, is the fact that he has no desire to eat scraps at all. Remy wants to cook delicious meals that can be enjoyed by the masses. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the only right answer from the listed options.

Question 32

Match this movie to its title

Maureen and her twin brother always had a fascination with the afterlife. They both considered themselves to be mediums, so they made each other a promise. Regardless of who went first, they would try to send a message to the surviving twin from the afterlife. When Maureen did lose her brother, she looked for his sign everywhere, but never found it. Her brother's ex girlfriend is now asking her to inspect their old apartment, to see if his spirit is there before she sells the palace. Maureen is fining no presence of a spirit, but she is receiving some strange text messages.

Question 33

Pick out the right answer

In an not so distant future, some very bright minds have finally figured out the secret to time travel. However, it is only available through the black market. Naturally, this means that the mob has the majority control over it. When these master criminals decide they want to finish off a target, they simply send them back in time to where one of their men is waiting to do the job. It is the perfect system. Or it was, until they decided to try it on one of their own. Knowing the system so well himself, getting one over on this guys isn't going to be easy.

Question 34

Select the correct answer

Malorie was out for a normal day of errands with her sister when the entire world fell into utter chaos. An otherworldly presence arrived on Earth, and while nothing was known about it, one thing was for sure. The second someone saw it, they lost their mind. Within a matter of hours, almost all of civilization was gone. Malorie, somehow avoiding the sight, has found her way to a small group of survivors. Picking up two children along the way, Malorie is now heading out to find a supposed safe space. Her only hope is to stay blindfolded the entire way.

Question 35

What movie is this?

To most, mall security is a big joke. Paul knows this, but that has never stopped him from giving his job 110% every single day. Sure, he may be laughed at and pushed around by the mean teenagers who like to hang at his mall, but Paul always felt like he was serving a purpose. His hunch was confirmed on the day a group of criminals entered his beloved mall. With the villains taking hostages and making threats, Paul is now the only guy in the world with the knowledge and skills needed to save the day. Name this movie!

Question 36

Does anyone recognize this movie?

When it came to racing in the 70s, James and Nikki were the very best. They were intense rivals and their showdowns took place on the race track. As exciting and as glamorous as their lives seemed to the fans, these guys knew all too well of the risks they were taking every time they got behind the wheel. Every single lap they drove, their bodies and minds were pushed closer and closer to the breaking point. How much is winning really worth? Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four titles, but only one of them is correct!

Question 37

Name this film

There are some people out there who take their jobs very seriously. For these two lifeguards, there is nothing more important than keeping their beach and it's guests safe. When a string of crimes threatens the beach they have so valiantly been protecting, these guys are ready to find the culprit. While the cops just wish they would leave the job to them, these lifeguards know that it doesn't take a badge to save the beach! Look out criminals, these guys mean business! Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about? Try picking out the only correct title!

Question 38

Match this movie to its title

For the most part, trolls are pretty happy creatures. Poppy, is maybe the cheeriest troll that has ever lived. That being said, Branch, is just about the grumpiest troll in the whole world. When their village fell under attack, these two barely just made it. Now, if they want to find and save all of their troll friends, they are going to need to partner up. It's a good plan in theory, but their clashing personalities are definitely going to cause an issue or two along the way. Can anyone here figure out the right title to this film then?

Question 39

Pick out the right title

Back in the 80s, the country went through a real crisis. People were being diagnosed with AIDS left and right, and not even the doctors knew what to do about it. When Texas raised Ron Woodroof got his diagnosis, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was given 30 days to live, but he was determined to beat the odds. If his own country was not going to approve any drugs to help cure his disease, he was going to go looking for them somewhere else. Does anyone here recognize this film? Try picking out the only correct title!

Question 40

Which of these titles is right?

18-year-old Jamal somehow finds his way onto an Indian version of the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". Originally, he was only looking for a way to find his long lost girlfriend, but as the show plays on, Jamal surprisingly knows a lot of the answers. One by one, the kid knocks the questions out, eventually making it to the million dollar question. While authorities start to question how this kid from the streets could possibly know these things, we get to see flashbacks of Jamal's life. Each flashback shows him picking up a bit of the information that has helped him win the game.

Question 41

Name this movie

Gretta only moved to New York because her boyfriend and music partner was offered a record deal. While she thought it was going to be a romantic adventure for them both, Gretta quickly got left behind when her boyfriend decided he was now too famous to be tied down. While Gretta was sad for some time over this, she did eventually meet Dan. He was a has-been record producer, but he saw something in Gretta. The two grew closer while they worked on creating Gretta's very first album. Who here knows which of these titles actually matches to this movie?

Question 42

Does anyone know the name of this film?

To be the best at something is a feeling only a very few people ever get to experience. Back in 1991, Tonya Harding got to feel this. She was the first ever figure skater to land a triple axel during a competition. For a brief time, she was the very best figure skater in the entire world. However, her time on top could only last for so long. As the pressures of her upcoming Olympic Games grew, her ex-husband decided to take matters into his own hands. So, does anyone here know which of these titles is the right match?

Question 43

Pick out the right answer

Willowdean knew she would never be the daughter her mother wanted her to be, but over the years she grew to accept this. Her mom was a reigning beauty pageant queen, and Willowdean was just never going to fit into that pair of shoes. However, when her mother's lack of interest in her life pushes her to her breakpoint, Willowdean figures the only way to get her to listen, is to speak her language. Look out queens, there's a new hopeful on the scene! Looking at the four listed titles, does anyone here know which one actually matches to this movie?

Question 44

Match this movie to its title

When flipping through old history books, the names of these three incredible women probably won't be found anywhere. Even though they were not the face of the project that first launched man into space, they were the brains behind it! While the white men once working for NASA loved to take credit for the work of others, these women knew that regardless of the credit, they were changing the world. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them actually matches to this film. Does anyone here know which of them is right?

Question 45

What movie is this?

Jon is a man of many interests. He loves his car, his friends, his family, and of course, the ladies. However, as many ladies as he has been with, he has never actually dated any of them. Having a preference for quick and easy interactions, a relationship never even crossed his mind. That being said, after meeting the gorgeous Barbra, Jon is thinking it may be time to change things up. Barbara won't be won over after a single date, this girl is going to need to be wined and dined. Does anyone here know which title is the right match?

Question 46

Name this movie

For years, Diana has lived a luxurious lifestyle all on the dime of others. She may not be the brightest bulb, but when it comes to making fake credit cards under the names of strangers, well she's a bonafide genius. After emptying the bank and ruining the credit of a family man named Sandy Patterson though, she may have finally met her match. He is not going to let her get away with what she's done, not when the livelihood of his family is on the line. Looking at these four titles, can anyone here figure out which one is right?

Question 47

Which of these titles is right?

Julie was going through a rough time in her life. While she was in a loving relationship, she couldn't stand to work her job for even one more day. Looking for an escape, Julie discovered the world of blogging. If she couldn't write anything of importance at work, well then, she would do it in her free time. All she needed was a topic. Before she knew it, she had signed on to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's famous cookbook, while updating her blog every step of the way. Is this ringing any bells? Pick out the right title!

Question 48

Select the correct answer

After his girlfriend left him and he lost his job, Eddie was pretty certain that his life was over. With no more motivation to do anything, his old friend decided to step in with an idea. He had an unapproved chemical that could enhance a man's brain power. Eddie happily took the chemical and truly could not believe its effects. Before long, he was back on top both personally and financially. However, just like the rest of these things, the side-effects were dangerous and the supply was limited. Does anyone recognize this film? Try picking out its title from the four options!

Question 49

What movie is this?

Just because two people have been friends for ages, does not always mean they are a good pairing. Rachel and Darcy had been best friends since they were just kids. As much as they had changed over the years, somethings were still exactly the same. Rachel was a pushover, and Darcy loved to take advantage of her. On Rachel's 30th birthday, their friendship got put to the ultimate test. After one too many cocktails, Rachel found herself lying next to her best friend's fiance. Yikes! Who here knows what movie we are talking about? We have listed four titles, but only one is right!

Question 50

Can anyone name this movie?

Back when Walt Disney was a very real man, he made a promise to his daughters. Their favorite books in the world were the Mary Poppins stories, and all they wanted was to see their father bring the characters to life in one of his movies. For more than 20 years Walt tried to buy the rights to these stories from the author, but she would not budge. However, once money started getting tight, she was forced to reconsider his generous offer. Can anyone here correctly name this family film? Try picking out the right title from the listed options!

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