Name As Many Disney Channel Actors As Possible And We'll Guess Your Sign

While Disney does have some pretty great shows currently on the air, it can be said that the late nineties to around 2010 was the best era of live-action shows. This era gave viewers classics such as That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical. This era of Disney paved the way for some of the most popular actors and singers today! Really, any channel that gives viewers an actor like Zac Efron or a singer like Miley Cyrus is a good one! The Disney Channel is a channel almost everyone has watched at one point in their lives. It just provides so many great opportunities to watch something wholesome with a good message! (Plus some pretty wacky outfits, sorry Disney stylists!)

Of course, some shows do come with heartbreak. For example, finding out that Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus weren't best friends during the Hannah Montana filming and only became close after the filming of the movie was heartbreaking (realtytoday)! Luckily they remained friends after the movie, so stay assured that everything turned out fine. Luckily, most Disney shows have a good message and a happy ending, so don't stress! Now it is time to take this test and get an astrological sign, then see if it aligns with the truth!

Question 1

Who is this pop star?

This actress got her start on the Disney Channel when she played the main role in the show “Hannah Montana” where she played Miley Stewart, a tween girl who is also superstar Hannah Montana. She juggles being a teen with also being a pop star, when being a teen is difficult enough! This actress went on to have a successful music act as herself and still maintains her musical interest today. She recently got married to her beau, Liam Hemsworth. (Wikipedia)

Question 2

What is this actresses name?

This actress is undoubtably the star of “Wizards of Waverly Place”. She plays the only Russo daughter, Alex. Her and her brothers all have magic powers as they come from a Wizard family. However, the big twist is that eventually they will have to choose someone between the three of them to keep their powers while the other two lose them. Despite that, the three Russo siblings get along great and really care about each other and are protective over the ones they care about.

Question 3

Who plays Liv and Maddie?

This Liv & Maddie actress was incredible in the fact that she played both Liv and Maddie! Liv and Maddie are twins who couldn’t be more opposite. One is a basketball star who lived in the Midwest, and the other is a Hollywood superstar all about the glitz and glamour. The twins come to live together and find that its much more difficult than they had imagined. Liv struggles to adjust back to life, no longer living the life of the rich and famous.

Question 4

Whats this Wildcat's real name?

This actor plays one of “High School Musical’s” main characters Troy Bolton. He’s a basketball star who decides to turn his interest from basketball to singing when he finds out that the girl he likes is interested in trying out for the school musical. After trying out, he finds that he really likes it and continues with it. Through the whole movie he does his best to figure out which he prefers. This actor’s other credits include “Charlie St. Cloud” and “Neighbors”.

Question 5

Who is this actor who went from Disney to stardom?

One might be surprised to know that this famous actor got his start on the Disney channel in the Disney Original Series “Even Stevens”. He played Louis, the son of the dysfunctional Stevens family. Louis was a character who was always getting himself into trouble and pulling pranks on his family members. This actor moved away from Disney eventually and went on to star in roles like Sam Witwicky from the “Transformers” series, or as Kale Brecht in the film “Disturbia” (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Which Jonas Brother is this?

This Jonas Brother was on the television show “Jonas” which followed him and his brothers at their art school while also being famous rockstars. It shows their trials and tribulations as they balance being famous along with going to school and maintaining friendships. It proves to be more difficult than they imagined and they struggle but with the help of their friends and family they’re always able to get through it. This particular Jonas brother just got married to actress Priyanka Chopra.

Question 7

Which Disney star went by 'Baby V'?

This actress is also of “High School Musical” fame. She got her start as Gabriella Montez, the love interest of Troy Bolton. She encouraged him to pursue his interest in singing. This actress also had a Disney singing career, with her hit song “Sneakernight” which would play between different Disney shows. This actress was also well known for dating Zac Efron once HSM had finished. She still stayed in the musical genre by recently playing Rizzo in the NBC Live version of “Grease”.

Question 8

Which Sprouse twin is this?

This Sprouse twin was part of the dynamic duo that starred in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. This twin played Cody who was the more academic and rational of the twins. He was often seen helping his mother with housework or doing homework while his brother Zack went around the hotel causing mischief. Except both of them would often be caught in the lobby either talking to Maddie or causing problems for Mr. Moseby, the uptight hotel manager.

Question 9

Who is this actor?

This actor shared the screen with Selena Gomez on the hit Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place” He played the oldest brother Justin Russo. Justin is the shy but nerdy older brother. He is the best with his spells and is the most academically inclined when it comes to school and wizard school. This actor has also played roles in “How I Met Your Mother” and “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2”. Hes a well-rounded actor who, since his teen years, has transitioned to mostly acting in movies. (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Who is this actress?

This actress made her breakthrough into acting on the Disney Channel series “Sonny with a Chance” where she played the titular character Sonny. Sonny gets accepted to be on her favorite live comedy show ‘So Random’. The show follows her encounters with her co-stars, the show itself and actors who work on the same lot. This actress also starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock” and its sequel. She is also has an established singer and she’s had a number of very successful singles. (Wikipedia)

Question 11

Who is this 'Teenage Drama Queen'?

This is another actress that one might not realize got her start in Disney. This actress started as a child model but got her breakthrough when she starred in the Disney remake of the film “The Parent Trap” where she played both twins, just like the original. She also starred in the Disney remake of “Freaky Friday” playing the daughter who gets switched with her mother when they have an argument. She’s also starred in films like “Mean Girls” and “Herbie: Fully Loaded”. (Wikipedia)

Question 12

Which star really shook it up?

This actress got her breakthrough on the Disney Channel show “Shake It Up” where she played Cece Jones, a back up dancer on a fictional television show. It chronicles her and her best friend’s time on the dancing show, and their lives at school and with friends as they vie for a chance to be featured dancers on the show. This actress has also starred in films such as “Blended”, “The DUFF” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip” (Wikipedia)

Question 13

Who played Lizzie McGuire?

This actress is also from the early Disney Channel days. She starred in what was arguably the most popular Disney show of its time, Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie McGuire was the girl everyone in the early 2000s wanted to be. With her great style and great group of friends, we were all envious! This actress even went on the star as Lizzie in the Disney film “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”. This actress has also had starring roles in films “A Cinderella Story” and “Raise Your Voice”.

Question 14

Who played the title character on 'Jessie'?

This actress has spent most of her acting life on Disney! She got her start as Bailey Pickett on the Disney show “The Suite Life on Deck” which was the spin off of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. She then went on to star on her own Disney show as the titular character on “Jessie”. It involved her character moving from Texas to New York to be a nanny for a rich family who has an abundance of comical children. (Wikipedia)

Question 15

Who played Oliver Oken?

This actor got his breakthrough on the Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana” playing Hannah’s friend Oliver Oken. Oliver is known to be quite the dork, always trying to impress the ladies. Like Lily and Miley, he has an alias which is Mike Standley. This actor has also been on Disney shows “Phineas and Ferb” and “Pair of Kings”. This actor has released music also. Some through Disney and some on other labels. His most recent work has been on the Disney XD show “Milo Murphy’s Law” (Wikipedia)

Question 16

Who is this psychic star?

This actress is from the earlier days of The Disney Channel. She starred as the titular character on the show “That’s So Raven” which followed her life as a teenage psychic. Raven had the gift of being able to see the future, which often got her into trouble when she tried to change the future from happening, having her family and friends often pulled into the shenanigans. The show was reprised recently to show an adult Raven raising her children. (Wikipedia)

Question 17

Who is this actor?

This actor can be seen playing the basketball-loving character, Chad in "High School Musical". His role in the film was being Troy’s best friend and one of the Wildcat’s best players. Throughout the movie, he feels a lot of turmoil over whether he should accept that Troy wants to sing. Luckily he’s a great friend and decides that he likes Troy for who he is and he needs to accept his friend’s hobbies. We see in the later movies that he even decides to join in on the fun!

Question 18

Who played Hannah Montana's best friend?

This actress had a supporting role on the Disney show “Hannah Montana” as Miley’s best friend Lily Truscott. She also had her own alias as socialite ‘Lola Luftnagle’ and was part of Hannah Montana’s entourage. She’s known for being Hannah’s goofy and entertaining best friend and is known to be very athletic. This actress has also starred in the “Spy Kids” franchise, the ABC film “Cyberbully” and most recently she starred in the Freeform television show “Young & Hungry”. (Wikipedia)

Question 19

Which Disney actress is this?

This actress also got her start alongside Bella Thorne on the show “Shake It Up”. She played Rocky Blue, an avid dancer who loves to dance with her best friend Cece on the show ‘Shake It Up Chicago’. This actress has also starred as K.C. Cooper on the Disney show “K.C. Undercover”. She has recently made her debut on the big screen in the movie “Spiderman: Homecoming” as love-interest M.J. She also had a leading role in the hit film “The Greatest Showman”. (Wikipedia)

Question 20

Whats the name of this other Sprouse twin?

This actor got his Disney start alongside his brother on the hit Disney show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” where he played troublemaker Zack. Zack was always busy moseying around the hotel, talking to Maddie behind the candy desk, riding luggage carts and giving Mr. Moseby a headache. He reprised this role for the spin-off series “The Suite Life on Deck”. He has since broken away from his brother and starred in various movies including the film “Dismissed”. (Wikipedia)

Question 21

Who is this 'High School Musical' actor?

This actor got his start in the “High School Musical” series as the second-in-command brother to the fabulous Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans. The character usually stars alongside her or accompanies her for her fabulous musical numbers. As the movies go on, he begins to push more forward to get his shining light. This actor also had a starring role as Toby Kennish on the hit ABC Family show “Switched at Birth” as the older brother of the pair of girls who were switched. (Wikipedia)

Question 22

Who played London Tipton?

This actress made her Disney Channel break in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Get a Clue”. She then made a few more movies before her breakout role as the stubborn London Tipton on the show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. She was the heiress to the Tipton Hotel, and spent most of her time shopping as she was very materialistic. She also went on to star in the Disney Film “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior” and she reprised the role of London on the show “Suite Life on Deck”. (Wikipedia)

Question 23

Which 'Good Luck Charlie' actress is this?

This actress is most well known for being from the television show “Good Luck Charlie”. It’s a show about a new baby coming into the family, so the oldest daughter decides to create video diaries for the baby, giving her advice on growing up. While the sister starts off the video diaries, throughout the show the rest of the family joins in to give Charlie different perspectives on things and make sure they’ve covered all of the bases. This actress also starred in the hit Disney movie “Lemonade Mouth”

Question 24

Who played Cory in the house?

This actor got his start alongside Raven-Symone on the Disney show “That’s So Raven” as Raven’s annoying little brother Cory who was always testing out different get rich quick schemes in an effort to make himself lots of money. He went on to have his own spin-off “Cory in the House” which was when the patriarch of the Baxter family went to be a chef in Washington and Cory tagged along, bringing along his mischievous ways and undeniable humor. (Wikipedia)

Question 25

What is the name of this 'Naturally Sadie' actress?

This Northern actress got her Disney breakthrough on the show “Naturally, Sadie” where she played the main character Sadie Hawthorne. Sadie was an aspiring naturalist who loved taking care of animals, even ones that might have come across as scary. The show followed her social life, her home life and her love of nature. This actress went on to star on the hit show “Degrassi: The Next Generation” as Holly J. Sinclair, where she was a regular for multiple seasons.

Question 26

Which R5 member is this?

This actor is also a singer, but his most well-known role is as Austin Moon on the musical show “Ally and Austin”. The show follows rockstar Austin and introverted Ally as they deal with viral stardom, making music and becoming music partners. This actor is also in his own family band called R5, as it consists of him and his siblings and all of their names start with R. Another notable Disney movie he was in was “Teenage Beach Movie” (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Who played this 'Life with Derek' sister?

This actress played a notable role as Derek and Casey’s younger sister in the Disney show “Life with Derek”. She played Lizzie the tomboy little sister who looks up to her big sister. While she does usually go and side with Casey, she finds that she has more in common with Derek’s younger brother Edwin, so the pair can usually be seen together. The most notable role for this actress was as Adam Torres on the hit teen show Degrassi.

Question 28

'Life with Derek' was great because of this actor.

This actor played the titular character in the show “Life with Derek”. This show followed Casey and Derek, the oldest step-siblings in a blended family and their inability to get along. The pair would argue frequently, often because Derek did something to bother his sister. The show followed the theme of The Brady Bunch being that the father brought three sons and the mother brought three sons together to make a family. This actor has also had a recurring role on Murdoch Mysteries. (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Who played Pim Diffy?

This actress is best known for playing Pim Diffy, the bratty younger sister to Phil from Phil of the Future. She is known for her hair-brained schemes to try and prank the people at school that she really doesn't like. Her number one enemy was Debbie Berwick, an annoying preppy girl who just wants Pim to be her friend. Pim also loved to pull pranks on her brother, but she care about him deep down. This actress also had roles on “Malcolm in the Middle.”

Question 30

Who played Cory and Topanga's daughter?

This actress got her Disney start on the “Boy Meets World” spin-off “Girl Meets World” where she plays the daughter of the ‘it’ couple of the 90s, Topanga and Cory. The show is very similar to the original, it follows Riley Matthews and her quirky best friends as they go through life as middle schoolers and face different life problems and discuss issues common amongst teens and tweens. This actress is also well known for her role in the film “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Question 31

Who played Maya on 'Girl Meets World'?

This actress/singer is best known for her role as Maya Hart in the “Boy Meets World” spin-off “Girl Meets World”. She plays the main character’s best friend and can often be seen causing trouble and shirking off school responsibilities. She is essentially the Shawn to Riley’s Cory. She’s the fun loving best friend who doesn’t have the best home life but finds a home with the main character’s family and friends. This actress is also a singer who is signed to Hollywood Records. (GirlMeetsWiki).

Question 32

What is the name of this 'Jessie' actor?

This actor is well known for starring in lots of family-friendly movies and television. One of his most notable roles is as Ravi Ross on the hit Disney show Jessie. Ravi is an intelligent boy who was adopted by the Ross family from West Bengal, India. His best friend is his lizard, Mr. Kipling who he spends a lot of time with. This actor has also had a supporting role in the hit movie series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” as Chirag Gupta (Wikipedia).

Question 33

Who played Phil Diffy?

This actor got his breakthrough role as the titular character on the show “Phil of the Future”. The show showed his family from the year 2121 as they cope with life in 2004 after their time traveling vacation goes wrong. Phil works hard to make sure that he is able to hide the fact that he is from the future. This actor went on to also star in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Pixel Perfect” where he played one of the main roles, Roscoe. (Wikipedia)

Question 34

Who is this actress?

This actress got her breakthrough role in the show “Life with Derek” where she played the main character Casey McDonald. The show chronicled her life with school, friends and her dealing with her annoying step-brother Derek. Casey and Derek struggle to get along through the series but eventually become more civil with each other. She went on to star in the movie special for the show called “Vacation with Derek”. This actress is also a star on the stage.

Question 35

Who starred on ANT Farm?

This actress got her start on the Disney show “A.N.T Farm” playing the main character Chyna Parks. The show followed Chyna and her friends as they were middle schoolers in the advanced program at a high school. Chyna was best known for her talent in music and was considered to be a prodigy. This actress has also put out a number of songs that have been successful and she has had roles in numerous Tyler Perry movies. She’s a multi-talented star! (Wikipedia)

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