Name As Many 90s Movies As Possible From Just Three Hints

Good times, good music, and GREAT movies!  The 1990's may not have been as flashy or colorful as the '80s were, but WOW, did they have some great flicks!  A lot of things were happening as far as motion pictures were concerned.  "Pixar" was just beginning to make a name for itself; working along side of Disney.  And, with all that going on, animated graphics and special effects were really on the rise everywhere!  We were also seeing a lot of first instalments of motion picture franchises we had no idea were coming.  Movies like "Silence of the Lambs," which would go on to give us three more films in the series.  Or "Mission: Impossible," which would spawn at least five more sequels.  In the '90s, action movies were everywhere you looked: "Cliffhanger," "Total Recall," and "Die Hard With a Vengeance."  Monster box office records were being broken nearly every year with billion-dollar films, like "Jurassic Park," "Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace," and "Titanic."  The '90s were great for movie buffs everywhere, and beyond the horizon, things were only looking better.  So, all those reasons and more are why this is such a great quiz!  This is THE quintessential, 50 question, blockbuster, '90s movie trivia quiz!  Not to mention the fact that there are three hints with every question.  Anyone CAN SO do this!

Question 1

Convicts on a plane, Nicholas Cage, save the day

Everyone ready? Take a deep breath. Hint #1: There's a whole lot of mean and nasty convicts all on one plane, and they have an escape plan. Hint #2: Nicholas Cage is determined, despite the odds being against him, that he's going to save the day and deliver all the criminals to justice. Hint #3: The guys (on the ground) in charge of orchestrating this flight have decided the only thing left to do is shoot down the plane and end it once and for all.

Question 2

Framed, high-security info, negotiation

Hint #1: Tom Cruise is the head of a very elite team that has been framed for a crime they did not commit. Hint #2: In order to clear his name AND save the day, Tom's character has to recruit a team of the wretched refuse and break into one of the most secure government buildings around! Hint #3: In order to get the information they need, this crew has to get into a room that is touch, sound, and temperature sensitive.

Question 3

New York cop, Samuel L. Jackson, gold robbery

Hint #1: Bruce Willis is a down on his luck, cynnical cop, who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time ... all of the time. Hint #2: Samuel L. Jackson is a local store owner, who's not too fond of cops like John McClane and, therefore, doesn't trust him. Hint #3: There is a terrorist in New York who is randomly destroying tons of things and trying to commit a major robbery at the same time.

Question 4

"Say 'what' again!", four stories, glowing briefcase

See, three hints is more than enough! Hint #1: There's one, big, mean gangster dislikes a particular word Hint #2: They key to this movie is to remember that there are actually three or four different stories going on at one time and that they're all out of order. Hint #3: This movie has an incredibly large and incredibly talented cast of well-known stars all looking for a glowing birefcase; all of whom are directed by Quentin Tarantino (who also wrote the movie).

Question 5

Undercover operatives, Crooked art dealer, Simon the car salesman

The '90s were a really good decade for Arnold, but we're talking about one, specific movie. Hint #1: Arnold Shawrzenegger and his best friend are secret, undercover agents who work for the U.S. government. Hint #2: While investigating a crooked art dealer, they get tangled up with a terrorist group known as the Crimson Jihad. Hint #3: While all this is going on, Harry (Arnold) believes that some washed-up car salesman is trying to seduce his wife away from him.

Question 6

Buddy cop film, one female witness, ex-cop villain

Hint #1: This particular buddy-cop film (staring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) takes place in the hot and happening city of Miami, Florida. Hint #2: While trying to solve the crime, these guys also have to protect the only murder witness they have, who kind of suspects that neither one of them is who they say they are. Hint #3: While trying to keep their cover and protect the witness, the two sleuths also find out that there is ex-cop involved.

Question 7

Dead bus driver, cat-and-mouse, 50 miles per hour

Keanu has certainly come a long way from "Bill & Ted," and this movie is no exception! Hint #1: Unfortunately the bus driver expires fairly early in the movie and Sandra Bullock has to take over for him. Hint #2: Keanu is suckered into a long, drawn-out, and dangerous game of cat and mouse; most of which takes place on a bus. Hint #3: In order to keep everyone on the bus alive, they have to keep it going at 50 miles per hour, or else it will explode!

Question 8

Time travel, John Connor, cyborgs

Ahh ... just one of the great many sequels to come out in the 1990s! As if the first one wasn't scary enough! Hint #1: This time, a robot is sent back from the future to protect John Connor, not to stop him. Hint #2: There IS another robot that is sent from the future to STOP John Connor, Sarah Connor, and the other robot from the future! Hint #3: Arnold Shwarzenegger only plays one of the cyborgs from the future.

Question 9

Surfing bank robbers, undercover FBI agents, Keanu Reeves

What a '90s powerhouse! Keanu Reeves AND Patrick Swayze! Hint #1: Patrick Swayze plays an international bank robber who loves to surf with his crew all over the world! Hint #2: Gary Busey and Keanu Reeves play top notch FBI agents who are hot on the trail of a bunch of bank robbers ... who also love to surf? Hmmm ... Hint #3: When they finally get a break in the case, Keanu goes under cover to expose the bad guys. And ... learns to surf? Is there a pattern here?

Question 10

Surprise beginning, cases of money, mountain climbing

One of, if not THE best Stallone action movie of the decade! Hint #1: The movie opens with a truly gripping, truly unexpected scene that pulls you in right from the start! Talk about the one you didn't see coming! Hint #2: A plane full of government funds is hijacked; and, quite unexpectedly, crashes into the mountains. Hint #3: Now the group of hijackers is holding the rescue climbers hostage until they can get all of their "stolen" money back.

Question 11

Crazy weather, force of nature, love triangle

Man vs. Nature, how can anyone not love it?! Hint #1: One of the movie's main characters witnesses her own father's death due to a force of nature; and is traumatized by it. Hint #2: Years later, that same character is now obsessed with chasing, tracking, studying, and understanding that very same force of nature. Hint #3: In the midst of pursuing her obsession, this character (Jo) gets caught up in a bit of a weird, twisted love triangle and decides maybe things weren't as bad as she previously thought.

Question 12

Insomniac Ed Norton, freelancer Brad Pitt, shared love ineterst

This one is just chock-full of twists and turns! Hint #1: Edward Norton stars as an insomniac office worker who feels like his life is falling into a never-ending pattern and goes looking for a way to change it. Hint #2: Brad Pitt is a freelance, devil-may-care, caution-to-the-wind soap maker who introduces Norton's character to a whole new, twisted way of life. Hint #3: Like most movies of this caliber, there is a love interest that unwillingly gets caught up in the middle of it all.

Question 13

Dinosaurs, remote island, everything goes wrong

One of the most remarkable things about this movie, in particular is that it was one of the first few to join the billion dollar club. Hint #1: A wealthy investor/historian decides that there must be a way for the world to experience a part of history that was long-thought unreachable. Hint #2: The mammoth-sized park is located on a remote island, far away from prying eyes; but of course, there are prying eyes. Hint #3: As hard as it is to believe, things get a little out of control.

Question 14

Tom Hanks, shrimp boats, Jenny

Yes, "... stupid is, as stupid does." Hint #1: The main character (played by Tom Hanks) is a bit of a dimwit, but seems to understand the world and the people around him surprisingly well. Hint #2: Tom Hanks' character goes through a tremendous amount of life experiences in the span of just two and a half hours! Hint #3: Like most great movies, there has to be a love interest; and like most great movies, she regularly breaks his heart and toys with his emotions.

Question 15

Most popular home-video rental, deceived heir to the throne, hakuna matata

Hint #1: This unique film held the distinct title of the most rented (back when people still went out to rent movies) home movie of all time. Now, on with the quiz! Hint #2: A young, heir to the throne is deceived by a jealous member of the family and decides he has to run away from his responsibilities. Hint #3: The young, ostracized boy is befriended by a couple of happy-go-lucky travelers who teach that life is not meant to be taken so seriously.

Question 16

Poor boy meets rich girl, rich girl meets poor boy, disaster strikes

Yet another, fledgling member of the billion dollar club to come out of the '90s! Hint #1: As usual, a down-on-his-luck kind of guy falls for the rich girl that everyone tells him is out of his league. But, of course, he won't listen. Hint #2: Inadvertently (which really just translates to that fact that he was in the right place at the right time), the rich girl meets the poor boy and they fall in love. Hint #3: There is a great disaster that threatens both their lives and their love.

Question 17

Young FBI agent, kidnapping, psychotic prisoner

Oooo ... this one is just so creepy! Hint #1: A young, fresh, and up-and-coming FBI agent is unexpectedly assigned to a chilling and complex case, that involves the kidnapping of an important politician's daughter. Hint #2: Interestingly enough, the villain that she ends up spending the most time interrogating is not the same villain they're trying to apprehend. Hint #3: In some weird, twist of fate, the FBI agent and her prisoner develop what is almost considered an intimate relationship.

Question 18

Small-town singer, engaged waitress, love against the odds

Okay, yes ... we did say this was quiz about the 1990s and not about the '80s. But this question is about a movie about the '80s ... made in the '90s. Hint #1: One is a small town entertainer and one is a small town waitress and an unforeseen love affair begins to blossom. Hint #2: Believe it or not, one of these two, star-crossed lovers is already committed to someone else! Hint #3: Despite the odds being against them, things really do work out in the end!

Question 19

Outgrown toys, lost toys, reunited toys

Truly, truly ... the spark that started Pixar's climb to the top! Hint #1: A young boy is beginning to face some of the harsh realities of growing up; as are some of his favorite toys. Hint #2: By way of a completely freak accident, young boy and his two, most treasured toys are inevitably separated. Hint #3: Those two childhood treasures now have to find out where their owner has gotten off to and how to get back to him before it's too late!

Question 20

Haley Joel Osment, supernatural gift, psychiatrist

Hint #1: Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment star in what is considered (by most) to be one of the greatest horror films of all time. Hint #2: A young boy possesses a rather odd, rather supernatural gift, and is (surprise, surprise) shut out and repudiated because of it. Hint #3: Young, outcast boy is befriended by (surprise, surprise) a misunderstood and melancholy psychiatrist and hopes that there might just be a light at the end of the really, really dark tunnel.

Question 21

Nice guy, green item of legend, bad guys

The 1990s were, without a doubt, the Hollywood honeypot for Jim Carrey and this movie only helps to prove that! Hint #1: The central character of this movie is your average, run-of-the-mill nice guy, who does almost always finish last. Hint #2: The protagonist suddenly and inexplicably finds an item (of unique value) that helps him to bring out his inner bad boy and start finishing first, instead. Hint #3: The wrong guys find out about this little trinket and it's up to our guy to save the day!

Question 22

Boy genius, beautiful girl, boy pursues girl

At the time, this was considered one of the most unique and original ideas to come out of Hollywood is long time. Hint #1: An orphaned, small time janitor just happens to also be a bit of a boy genius. Hint #2: Boy genius decides that it might, possibly be worth it to take a chance on that otherwise forbidden romance. Hint #3: Boy genius's friends confront him and convince him that his abilities are no joke; and, that if he really respects them, he can't simply ignore the gift he's been given.

Question 23

Las Vegas, enforcer, millions lost

Absolutely one of the greatest mob/mafia motion pictures of our time! Hint #1: Our protagonist is one the country's great sports handicappers and the boys in charge decide that he should try his odds on running one the biggest casinos (for the biggest dollars) in Las Vegas. Hint #2: On the off chance that things might get a little out of hand, the top brass decide to send in an extremely heavy-hitter. Hint #3: The "enforcer" gets a little too big for his britches and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

Question 24

Will Smith, aliens, governments unite

Aliens, spaceships, and explosions ... how could anyone really need anything more?! Hint #1: One day, out of the blue, there is a clear and present danger of alien invasion. Hint #2: Our government suddenly realizes that they are seriously and sadly outgunned by the coming invaders. Hint #3: Will Smith plays one of the military's greatest pilots, who, quite understandably (along with one of the world's greatest minds) volunteers for the suicide mission that might, just possibly, save the whole planet from destruction.

Question 25

Young girl, enchanted castle, creepy monster

Undoubtedly, one of Disney's greatest achievements of the late 20th century! Hint #1: A young girl, with a well-educated mind of her own is looked down upon for also having ideas and a will of her own. Hint #2: On one, dark and rainy night (due to unfortunate circumstances) this young girl ventures out into the dark and creepy forest and finds a dark and creepy castle. Hint #3: The dark and creepy castle has a dark and creepy occupant who falls madly in love with our heroine.

Question 26

Government agency, new recruit, alien conquest

Hint #1: Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are two secret government agents who work for a (you guessed it) secret government agency that is unbeknownst to the rest of the world. Hint #2: Almost as soon as Will Smith is recruited to this extraterrestrial task force, there is a new alien threat that holds the fate of our world in the balance! Hint #3: One, rogue alien is also in a race against time to ensure the destruction of our planet.

Question 27

Supernatural beings, interview, death and destruction

Hint #1: Tom Cruise surprised us all by seriously stretching his dramatic wings in this supernatural 1990s blockbuster hit! Hint #2: The overall theme of the story is actually an interview with one of our lonely protagonists who just wants nothing more than to tell his life story. Hint #3: During the ebb and flow of our story we are told of how our subject came to be and of all the distrust and death he has left in his wake.

Question 28

Orphaned boy, love lorn girl, love vs deformity

Another sad, but oddly unique tale of love and love lost from the mind of Tim Burton. Hint #1: Our poor, lovelorn boy is finally discovered by a tender and caring soul and taken into her home. Hint #2: Our poor, love lorn boy immediately falls in love with the one girl that he knows he can't have because of his rare deformity. Hint #3: Poor, love lorn boy's girl finally realizes that she might just love him, too; but those around them simply won't stand for it.

Question 29

Young boy, family disappears, robbers

John Hughes makes movie gold, once again! Hint #1: A young boy is quite fed up with his rather large family and the way that they all treat him and look down on him. So one night he wishes them all away. Hint #2: Unfortunately, while wishing them all away, our young, capable kid was unaware that there were burglars casing the neighborhood. Hint #3: Our young hero decides to take it upon himself to defend himself and his home from being ransacked and the comedy ensues!

Question 30

Giant meteor, deep-core drillers, personal sacrifice

"Earth's darkest day will be mankind's finest hour." Hint #1: Unbeknownst to the nearly eight billion people on the planet, there is a meteor "the size of Texas" that is about to hit the Earth and wipe us all out forever! Hint #2: The government unwillingly looks to a crew of deep-core drillers to see if they can offer any kind of solution to the problem. Hint #3: Despite almost everything working out (against the odds), a great personal sacrifice has to be made.

Question 31

Poor woman, millionaire, true love

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts set a new standard for romantic comedies in 1990! Hint #1: Poor, little match girl is fortuitously picked up by millionaire, Edward Lewis, and the two end up spending the night together, but end up with an even more unusual morning. Hint #2: Edward decides, that since he's in town for a few days anyway, to make Vivian an offer she can't refuse. Hint #3: Boy and girl fall in love, but uncertainty and doubt nearly bring things to a crashing halt.

Question 32

Sports agent, fired from work, secretary with a crush

Another home run for Tom Cruise in the 1990s! Hint #1: A successful sports agent decides that things are getting too disconnected when it comes to the personal relationships they have with their clients and it's high time somebody said something. Hint #2: Once he says something about it, things really go awry and he's forced to go out on his own. Hint #3: The only person willing to follow him is a single mom who secretly harbors a crush. Will love conquer all?

Question 33

Jim Carrey, Aspen, ransom money

Hint #1: Things can't get much sillier than this off the wall comedy by the Farrelly Brothers. Hint #2: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels star as two roommates who decide to put their dreams of owning a worm farm on the back burner and follow Lloyd's dream girl all the way across the country to Aspen, Colorado. Hint #3: In the midst of their wacky road trip, our two boys are unaware that they're carrying someone else's ransom money. And so the antics begin.

Question 34

British spy, wildly inappropriate, Mike Myers

The opening musical number alone is worth watching the rest of the movie for. Hint #1: The main character is a British super spy from a another decade long gone; but has been frozen for just such an emergency as this. Hint #2: He socially awkward and wildly inappropriate to pretty much everyone that he meets. And that's only the beginning. Hint #3: Mike Myers manages to skillfully play both the villain and the hero in this weird, wacky misadventure.

Question 35

Looney tunes, Michael Jordan, galactic basketball

Animation and live action come head to head in this "Looney" motion picture! Hint #1: Some of our favorite cartoon chums are about to be taken prisoner and used as sideshow attractions when they decide on an interstellar game of basketball to win their freedom. Hint #2: It becomes quickly (and painfully) obvious that their only hope lies with NBA superstar, Michael Jordan. Cue the live action. Hint #3: Jordan decides to join their cause and finds out that anything is possible if you're animated enough.

Question 36

Implanted memories, former spy, a trip to Mars

Schwarzenegger scores again! Hint #1: An everyday kind of guy decides that his everyday life is just kind of, well ... everyday; and decides he wants some more exciting memories implanted in his brain. Hint #2: To the surprise of everyone in the audience, this does not go well! And it turns out that our everyday kind of guy is actually a former agent. Hint #3: Now that the secret is out and the reality has sunk in, Quaid realizes it's up to him to save the planet Mars before time runs out!

Question 37

Dishonest attorney, a birthday wish, brutal honesty

Jim's face is all over the '90s! Hint #1: Jim plays a very successful (and conniving) attorney who pretty much believes in putting his own needs ahead of everything else; including his family. Hint #2: For a birthday wish, his son wants him to not be able to lie for 24 hours. Mostly so he'll stop disappointing people all the time. Hint #3: The wish comes true and poor Jim has to spend the rest of movie realizing that, while the truth hurts, sometimes honesty IS the best policy.

Question 38

Sam & Molly, murder, spirit medium

Hint #1: Sam and Molly are two people in love as much as any two people can be, when Sam is tragically murdered by his business partner; and hearts everywhere break wide open (not literally, of course). Hint #2: Sam Wheat happens to come across a spiritual medium who warns Molly that she's in great danger. Hint #3: Molly is skeptical, but changes her mind just in time and her life is saved; therefore giving her one more chance to say goodbye to Sam.

Question 39

Reclusive author, unstable woman, crippled hostage

Stephen King struck horror movie gold with this hit. Hint #1: James Caan is a famous, but somewhat reclusive author who mistakenly gets into an accident on the side of the road during a terrible snowstorm. Hint #2: He is, unfortunately, rescued by an isolated and extremely unstable young woman who claims to be his biggest fan. Hint #3: She quickly becomes obsessed with him and insists on nursing him back to health, while we writes another best-seller that is more to her liking.

Question 40

Cuban military base, inexperienced lawyer, obnoxious colonel

No one, in 1992, had any idea just how quickly this would become a courtroom drama classic. Hint #1: A young man on U.S. military base is accidentally killed and one of the superior officers is suspected of having a hand in it. Hint #2: Daniel Kaffee is the inexperienced lawyer who is purposely assigned to the case so it will never actually see the inside of a courtroom. Hint #3: The obnoxious and condescending colonel is backed into a corner on the witness stand and is caught ... red-handed.

Question 41

Deliquent Dad, divorce, disguise

Robin Williams truly showed his comedic talents in this '93 comedy hit! Hint #1: The main character is a somewhat lay-about Dad, who's more concerned with being his kid's friend than he is with enforcing the rules. Hint #2: Mom does not approve of a Dad who's not into playing by the rules and asks for a divorce. Hint #3: Dad realizes just how big of a mistake he's made and is determined to find a way to be with his kids. Even if it involves a little big of disguise.

Question 42

Richard Kimball, one-armed man, U.S. Marshall

Hint #1: Richard Kimball keeps trying to convince them all that they've got the wrong man. And, it's true. They do. He's the wrong man. But, he just has to prove it. Hint #2: Richard does know who did killed his wife. It really was a one-armed man. But, he just has to prove it. Hint #3: The U.S. Marshall who spends the entire movie trying to catch Kimball, soon realizes that he may actually be innocent after all. But ... he just has to prove it.

Question 43

Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, kidnapping

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are the new comedy cop duo in this 1998 motion picture! Hint #1: Jackie's character comes all the way from Hong Kong to rescue the Consul's daughter and take down a drug lord at the same time. Hint #2: Jackie is almost immediately partnered with an LAPD cop who doesn't like him from the start. Hint #3: Miraculously, the two find a way to put their differences aside and do mange to save the day at the last minute!

Question 44

Local murder, lawyer cousin, loud-mouthed fiancée

"For truth, justice, and the Gambini way." Hint #1: Bill and Stanley are two New Yorkers on their way back to college when they are mistakenly accused of a local robbery and murder. Hint #2: Fortunately, Bill has a cousin who just happens to be a lawyer. A real loud-mouthed lawyer. Hint #3: Bill's cousin agrees to take their case and brings his fiancée with him; and she actually ends up being the one who saves the boys from the long arm of the law.

Question 45

Kiefer Sutherland, life after death, cardinal sins

"It's a good day to die." Hint #1: Kiefer Sutherland plays one of five premed students who become obsessed with knowing what lies beyond, after their patients pass away. So obsessed, in fact, that they decide to experiment on themselves. Hint #2: Once one of them tries the experience and does manage to come back from being dead, what was once an innocent experiment soon becomes a deadly bidding war. Hint #3: Not so surprisingly, things start going bad and get pretty dark before they start getting better.

Question 46

Martin Blank, old flame, hitmen

Hint #1: John Cusack is Martin Blank, a hit man for hire who finds himself unwittingly drawn back to his hometown for both his High School class reunion AND to a job. Hint #2: When Martin is unexpectedly reconnected with his old flame, some of his competitors begin to wonder if he's still on the up-and-up. Hint #3: When Martin realizes that his feelings for his ex are real, he also discovers just who is after him and that he has to put an end to it if he wants this relationship to work.

Question 47

Undercover reporter, High School, crush on a teacher

Drew Barrymore wins our hearts in yet another hilarious romantic comedy. Hint #1: Josie Geller is a fledgling newspaper reporter who has been waiting forever for her chance to break a big story. Hint #2: Her chance finally comes when she goes undercover as a High School student and is told uncover a scandal. Any scandal. Hint #3: As hard as it is to believe, her journalistic integrity comes into question when she finds herself falling for the very teacher that she's supposed to be investigating.

Question 48

Undercover cop, rowdy kids, villainous father

Hint #1: Arnold is a no-nonsense cop who goes undercover in order to try and locate a dangerous criminal's ex-wife, who may or may not have the information he needs. Hint #2: This particular role that he's had to take on is not quite as easy as he'd first expected it to be. Hint #3: Turns out that woman he was looking for was right under his nose the whole time; but, now that she knows who he really is, things aren't going quite as smoothly.

Question 49

Matthew McConaughey, deep south, controversial case

Hint #1: Matthew plays Jake Brigance, a young lawyer who's pretty much down and out on his luck. In other words, the bills are piling up and the money's getting low. Hint #2: He agrees to take on a controversial case that ends up putting him and his family in danger. Hint #3: In the end, he delivers a heart-wrenching summation that makes all of us realize that justice may not be truly as blind as we'd like to think it is.

Question 50

Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, late-night radio show

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in the Nora Ephron stellar romance movie of the decade. Hint #1: Tom Hanks is a widower who decides that he needs to make a change and decides to move to Seattle. Hint #2: Meg Ryan is Annie Reed, a woman who hears Sam (Hanks) on a radio show and slowly becomes obsessed with idea that he might be the man of her dreams. Hint #3: After several near-misses, the two finally meet up and romance is redefined.

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