Even Lisa Can't Name All These Secondary Simpsons Characters

Able to maintain a two week long, non-stop marathon without once repeating itself, it goes without saying that a whole lot has happened on The Simpsons over the past three decades. While the busiest residents in town are unsurprisingly Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and even little Maggie, now that the show has produced 639 episodes and a feature length film, plenty of smaller characters have had entire episodes dedicated to their lives, as well. Regardless of whether or not they get a spotlight, other Springfield residents are simply so ubiquitous in the Simpson family’s lives that their minor appearances alone make them familiar faces to the show’s legions of fans.

Of course, some side characters are far more memorable than others, and with the sheer volume of Simpsons based media that exists, it’s very easy for some of them to fall through the cracks. Chances are neither Homer nor Bart could remember half the people they met anyway, and even Lisa or Marge might struggle with some of the smaller characters in the background who don’t say much. However, true fans of the show have been studying the cast since 1989, so it’s entirely possible someone out there could indeed list Springfield’s entire phonebook. For that opportunity, keep reading to take a quiz on secondary characters from The Simpsons that not even Lisa could pass.

Question 1

Which legendary figure founded the town where The Simpsons live?

Everything has to become somewhere. For The Simpsons, the start wasn’t necessarily the moment Tracey Ullman took time out of her show to introduce Homer, Marge, and the kids to the world. Because the town the Simpsons live in is as important or more so than any of the characters who reside there, it could be said the true lore of the series begins with the flashbacks about how the town was founded. To this day, a large statue of the man remains in town square, reminding residents that “a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

Question 2

Who is Lisa’s simpleminded classmate?

Aside from Homer or Bart, it’s possible the most quotable character in all of Springfield is the police chief’s educationally challenged young son. Granted, none of his quotes make sense out of context, and few add much to the overall story, but that non-sequitur style is exactly what one should expect from such an aloof, absent-minded character. Despite his difficulties, this character once managed to become fairly close friends with Bart, and he even dated Lisa after she “choo-choo-chose him” to receive one of her Valentine’s Day cards.

Question 3

Who is Grandpa Simpson’s closest friend?

Even a cantankerous old coot like Grandpa Abe Simpson needs a friend to help pass the time in Springfield’s Retirement Castle. Luckily, one of Abe’s closest buddies from childhood has been left in the same nursing facility by his equally uncaring family, allowing the two to enjoy their glory days together. Well, when they aren’t keeping busy anyway, which both Abe and this barbigerous fellow manage to do in a myriad of ways. For example, he’s served as Lisa’s substitute teacher, and once froze himself in the Kwik-E-Mart freezer.

Question 4

What former Krusty sidekick has a vendetta against Bart?

Given how crazy the town can be, it’s hardly surprising Springfield has a rather rampant crime scene. By far the most vicious villain in town is this former slapstick comedian who stepped on rakes for the pleasure of Krusty the Clown. To get revenge on his boss, this character attempted framing the beloved entertainer for robbery, only for Bart and Lisa to catch on to his scheme and reveal the truth. From that moment on, his life has been dedicated to an even more devious form of retribution, repeatedly making attempts on Bart’s life.

Question 5

Which mad scientist keeps Springfield on its toes?

Everyone in Springfield is just a little bit kooky, yet few hold a candle to this mad scientist. Granted, aside from the Death Ray that introduced his character, none of the man’s inventions seem particularly nefarious, let alone meaningful or impactful in any way. If anything, his strange frog exaggerators and hamburger earmuffs seem more irritating than helpful, albeit in an ultimately harmless way. With such a high IQ and virtually nothing to show for it, there’s little wonder why he gradually fell apart into a mess of glavins and flavins.

Question 6

What town resident celebrates the ‘70s with his very existence?

With fans often pointing out the first several seasons of the show were better than the rest, it’s no surprise The Simpsons staff and audience are all fans of nostalgia. That said, few real people come close to celebrating the past in the same way as this rhinestone encrusted champion of the 1970s. Always ready to boogie down when he sees a crystal ball, this character nonetheless rejects a seemingly perfect throwback garage sale find when browsing the Simpson family’s secondhand goods, noting it’s not his style to advertise.

Question 7

Which psychiatrist observed the Simpsons in early seasons?

If there’s any one family on television that could seriously use some therapy, it’s the Simpsons. In addition to the constant yelling and arguing, Homer repeatedly throttles Bart’s neck in shockingly violent fashion, and Marge doesn’t even seem to care anymore. There is a catch, however, in that the therapy should be handled humanely, and not through a borderline tortuous session of electric shocks, which is how this shrink attempted to get the job done. On the plus side, when that method disastrously failed, he refunded his fee.

Question 8

Who is Springfield’s lead anchorman?

No town in television history has seen the same level of excitement as Springfield, so the local news crew needs to be on point at all times to cover the action. Unfortunately, the best residents have is this self-obsessed blowhard, who not only covers the nightly news, but also just about every other informative or educational series the town has to offer. Eternally greedy, he admitted a lack of interest in news and attempted to quit after winning the lottery, only to get lured back behind the desk with promises of even more money.

Question 9

What slap-jawed yokel lives in a shack with his wife their dozens of children?

On the surface, the Simpson family doesn’t exactly look high class. Notwithstanding a relatively large house in what seems to be a decent neighborhood, the family is as blue collar as they come, barely keeping afloat with Homer’s meager safety inspector salary. That said, they’re still nowhere near beneath Springfield’s poverty line, as any member of this yokel’s massive family would likely be happy to trade places with them in a heartbeat. With anywhere from 40 to 70 little kids running around his humble homestead, it’s hard to blame them for having such a desire.

Question 10

Who is Springfield’s competent doctor?

In most places, even fictional towns on television, the science of medicine is no laughing matter. The last thing a patient facing a serious illness or injury wants to hear is the sound of a doctor laughing at their misery, yet for some reason, this is how Springfield’s resident physician seems to respond to every single scenario. He’s also extremely blunt, gleefully telling patients he’s charging them large amounts of money when he doesn’t necessarily need to do so. Nonetheless, considering the only alternative doctor in town, he’s pretty much the only option the sick of Springfield have available.

Question 11

Which jazz legend teaches Lisa about the blues?

Misunderstood by her family and cast aside by her peers, Lisa is by far the most tragic member of the Simpson family. Even in her young age, the poor kid has already experienced the worst parts of depression and loneliness, and at times the only thing saving her from the edge of darkness is a love of the saxophone. Unfortunately, she lives in Springfield, which means almost no one in town can appreciate her gift…aside from this old blues legend who she twice meets during pivotal moments in her life.

Question 12

Who is Lisa’s second grade teacher?

Despite having the smartest kid in Springfield Elementary as one of her students, Lisa’s teacher is one of the least stable people in the whole town. From the very beginning, it’s clear this woman is desperately overwhelmed by her job, unable to bear the annoying kids who populate her classroom without a little liquid courage, and not even bothering to hide this fact. Granted, just about any teacher who has to deal with Ralph Wiggum two years after Bart Simpson would probably give up, too.

Question 13

Which real estate agent is number one on the west side?

Given the sheer size of Springfield, not to mention the always expanding number of residents, it could likely be assumed that real estate is one of the most lucrative professions in town. Well, for those who are good at it, anyway. This becomes apparent twice over when Marge briefly joins Red Blazer Realty and finds a half dozen clients in her first week alone. Even after Marge quits, the real estate market remains a background element of the show’s lore, with one of her former coworkers occasionally cropping up to continue selling houses.

Question 14

What uni-brow wearing baby is Maggie’s rival?

Because baby Maggie Simpson was raised in a particularly hostile environment, it’s hardly surprising she’s managed to find a rival before she even got out of diapers. In fact, Maggie probably would have ruffled some feathers regardless of her parentage, considering she’s an expert markswoman responsible for several shootings from both her car seat and crib. Oddly enough, none of her “victims” held quite the same grudge as the only other baby in Springfield, who scowls with anger each time he and Maggie cross paths.

Question 15

Who is the most successful action star in Springfield?

Entertaining as the town itself is to viewers, the residents of Springfield in turn need their own quality television shows and movies to help distract from the madness of their lives. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it would appear the town’s favorite genre is action, with Homer and Bart going crazy for any production that features a muscle bound hero blowing things up with reckless abandon while saying ridiculous one-liners. Known primarily for his incredible McBain series, the actor is also a noted stand-up comedian, though few audiences understand his humor.

Question 16

Which questionable foreign doctor caters to patients without much money?

Okay, so when someone in Springfield comes down with a serious injury and has a extra money to spend, they should probably head over to Dr. Hibbert’s high-priced officers to find the cure. However, should money be a serious issue, there’s still hope yet with this borderline insane foreign doctor, who also moonlights as a TV presenter selling both his medical services and whatever other products he thinks might “help” the public. Dubious as his credentials may be, there’s no denying this physician is extremely friendly and good-natured, and he does whatever it takes to keep his patients alive.

Question 17

Who is this perennial executive?

Any show that has been on the air half as long as The Simpsons has dealt with their fair share of TV executives who don’t quite “get it.” Responding to this sort of network interference, The Simpsons created a character who seemed to hold high ranking positions at every business the family encounters, and her overbearing presence typically makes the situation at hand harder for everyone else while serving her own interests. If there are any positives to her character, it’s that she always says exactly what she means, though this sometimes leads to disturbing admissions.

Question 18

What country singer did Homer once manager?

Lisa may be the only Simpson who regularly plays an instrument, but the whole family has proven to be extremely musically inclined when the situation calls for a show stopping number. Before this practice was commonplace, Homer revealed his knack for recognizing a hit song when encountering this female country singer. The two very quickly hit it off, and in no time flat, Homer turned her into a star thanks to her catchy love songs. Little does the Simpson patriarch realize, though, these songs are all about him, leading to an awkward departure when he discovers the truth.

Question 19

Who is Springfield’s Chief of Police?

Crime being one of the most bustling industries in all of Springfield, residents might hope their police force is at least attempting to deal with the problem. In stark contrast to this expectation, the laziest man in town this side of Homer Simpson has somehow been placed in charge of the department, and quite frankly, he doesn’t seem to happy about the fact this means extra detective work. He does take some pleasure in throwing around his authority, but this unsurprisingly hurts Springfield more than it ever helps.

Question 20

Which woman had an arranged marriage with Apu?

Spending 90% of his existence behind the counter of the Kwik-E-Mart, Springfield’s favorite cashier Apu Nahasapeemapetilon doesn’t exactly have all that much time for romance. Even after he enters an arranged marriage with a woman with whom he almost immediately fathers septuplets, Apu does whatever he can to stay away from home and dedicate his entire life to the art of commerce. As if that weren’t bad enough, Apu also steps out on her, but somehow he wins back her heart in an act of devotion that puts the rest of the town to shame.

Question 21

What Springfield resident just can’t catch a break?

On the surface, the madcap nature of Springfield makes it seem like just about anybody could wind up in that town and find a way to thrive. Turns out this isn’t the case, as no matter what he tries, there’s one resident who simply can’t hold down a job for more than a few minutes. This is probably because he’s dead set on being some sort of salesman, a job he’s absolutely terrible at performing. Not even Marge will keep the guy employed for more than a few seconds, but for whatever reason, he still won’t give up hope.

Question 22

Who is the head producer of The Itchy & Scratchy Show?

Wild as The Simpsons can sometimes be, the real series doesn’t hold a candle to the utter cartoon wackiness of Bart and Lisa’s favorite cartoon, The Itchy & Scratchy Show. At each other's throats for all eternity, this cat and mouse take Tom and Jerry’s feud to mortal levels, with poor Scratchy repeatedly defeated by Itchy for the enjoyment of children everywhere. While airing as part of Krusty the Clown’s show, the Itchy and Scratchy empire is owned by another greedy businessmen who shows a strange contempt for his audience.

Question 23

Which religious leader is Krusty the Clown’s father?

Known worldwide for entertaining the children of Springfield, one might expect Krusty the Clown comes from an especially joyful environment. Surprisingly, that wasn’t quite the case, and in fact, Krusty’s father has long decried his chosen profession as being beneath the family. His reasoning largely relates to the fact he himself is a Rabbi, and he long wished for Krusty to follow in his footsteps and continue the family’s connection with the Jewish faith. This lead to a long period of estrangement until the Simpson kids got involved and brought the family back together.

Question 24

What Simpsons neighbor once became close friends with Marge?

Rarely finding time to leave the Simpson home, Marge has significantly less of a social life than anyone else in her family. This doesn’t mean she’s entirely friendless, though, as the always affable matriarch is more than willing to stop and chat with any other females in town when they seem interested in doing so. Unfortunately, Marge’s naïve nature means this occasionally down some dangerous paths, especially when she hangs out with this rebellious former neighbor who has spent significant time in prison for all sorts of crimes.

Question 25

Who is Lisa’s schoolyard friend?

Similar to her mother, Lisa doesn’t have very many close friends in Springfield. That said, being a kid in school gives her plenty of opportunities to socialize, and fellow students have even been willing to spend a night at the Simpson house for a sleepover when invited. Unfortunately for poor Lisa, this doesn’t stop them from joining in with other kids when they start teasing her intelligence, vegetarianism, or any whatever else it is kids tease one another about. Maybe this girl is just jealous about her connection to Milhouse.

Question 26

What evil genius briefly stole Homer from the Nuclear Power Plant?

Grateful as Homer is to Mr. Burns for his job, the Simpson family has always been well aware the Nuclear Power Plant owner is, well, evil. He’s not just kind of mean to employees; the man literally attempted to block out the sun just to fill his already fat pockets. That said, it turns out Burns’ brand of villainy was relatively tame when Homer briefly switched over to the Globex Corporation, run by this man. Sure, he always had sugar in his pockets and let Homer lounge in a hammock, but he was also actively trying to take over the world.

Question 27

Which grifter tricked Springfield into building a monorail?

Quite frankly, if presented in song form, the residents of Springfield will buy just about anything. Upon learning the town has millions to spend after striking oil, this musically inclined huckster immediately hits the scene with a genuine, bona-fide, electrified 6-car monorail. Throw in the promise that brain-dead slobs will be given cushy jobs, and Springfield was more than happy to hand over literal bags of money without second thought. Unsurprisingly, this had disastrous results for all involved parties, except for Homer, who briefly experienced the glory of being a monorail operator.

Question 28

What does this Spanish language TV star call himself?

Kent Brockman may not be the most trusted name in news, but Springfield residents looking for educational television have another option with this Spanish comedian. Of course, the Simpson family don’t tune into his show to learn his language, but rather to laugh at the ridiculous slapstick antics he undertakes on a daily basis. Tragically, in one episode, fans learn he’s not entirely in on the joke, simply leading an extremely clumsy life in or out of the suit that defines his character.

Question 29

Who is Springfield’s no-nonsense female judge?

Truth be told, lovable as their ridiculous antics can be, it’s not out of the question to suggest Homer and Bart both belong in some form of prison for some of their harsher offenses, especially looked at in totality. On the other hand, neither of them are malicious; they’re just a little slow and impulsive, which is how they usually get off the hook. In later seasons, their luck starts to run out with the introduction of this harsher judge, who regularly sentences the family to some harsh punishments.

Question 30

What is Bart’s teacher named?

Once an earnest educator looking to make a difference, this woman’s hopes and dreams instantly faded away when Bart Simpson entered her classroom. Granted, her morale had already been taking a nosedive since her husband ended their marriage to pursue a relationship with their former counsellor. Surprisingly, these two issues dovetail with several episodes about Bart and the other Simpsons helping his teacher find love, though this in no way changes their contentious interactions within the classroom. Homer famously proclaims he'd been getting her name wrong.

Question 31

Which traffic reporter has a problem with Kent Brockman?

Considering how callous and disrespectful lead anchorman Kent Brockman can be, there’s no surprise to the fact other members of the news team kinda dislike the guy. Leading the charge against the network’s biggest star is this “eye in the sky” traffic reporter. Fans never learn much about him aside from his willingness to do whatever it takes to land a hot story, and the fact he thinks Brockman’s soul is “black as the ace of spades.” And we thought Homer didn’t like Mr. Burns. Yeesh.

Question 32

Who is the Springfield reverend’s rarely seen daughter?

A true rebel in every sense of the word, Bart Simpson is such an iconoclast he rejects even the idea of love and romance in all forms. Well, he tries to, anyway, but as a growing young man, he nonetheless finds himself attracted to a number of potential girlfriends. Bart first felt the butterflies in his stomach with this equally rebellious girl, who happened to be the reverend’s daughter, making her incredibly adept at hiding her true nature and appearing like a goody too shoes.

Question 33

What carny briefly tricks the Simpsons out of their home?

Of all the many jobs Homer Simpson held over the years, it could be argued the most appropriate was the couple hours he spent as a carny operating a ring toss game. Even so, Homer’s trademark incompetence not only caused him to lose the job in minutes, but the police went so far as to shut the entire operation down for clearly misleading the public. To make up for ruining his business, Homer then invited the game owner and his son into their home, which nearly resulted in them losing it all before beating the carnies at their own game.

Question 34

What does Homer name his pet lobster?

As the owners of a cat, dog, and sometimes pig, it sometimes feels like the Simpsons are operating a miniature zoo within their home. Adding to the mix, Homer once became strangely attached to a lobster he intended to eat. The original plan was to breed the lobster to a large enough size that Homer would have a hearty meal, only for Homer to start showing the crustacean more love than he ever gave to Santa’s Little Helper. Unfortunately, the friendship quickly reached its boiling point when Homer absentmindedly gave his buddy a hot bath.

Question 35

Which detective attempts to enforce Springfield’s prohibition?

When an archaic law threatens to bring back prohibition, pretty much the entire town is immediately willing to break the law by any means possible. Homer in particular takes a stand against the new ruling, smuggling homemade contraband to Moe’s through a complicated series of pipes and bowling balls. Amazingly, despite this a hotshot detective coming to town and trying to stop him, Homer basically gets away with it. Who is this detective who tries to put an end to Homer's antics.

Question 36

What is Mr. Burns’ long lost son named?

Despite the millions of dollars Mr. Burns has at his disposal, for many years, it could be said he gave his only son no regard. Of course, in Burns’s defense, he never knew he had a kid, as he child in question’s mother never even told him she got pregnant. After years of separation, Burns’s son notices him while selling pet rocks near a railroad track, quickly heading to Springfield for a long awaited reunion. Unfortunately, he still don’t get no respect from the old man due to their vastly differing personalities.

Question 37

Who is the leader of the Stonecutters?

Everything in Springfield is pretty weird, and it turns out there might actually be an explanation for the rampant insanity. For what appears to be decades now, a secret underground organization called the Stonecutters has been quietly controlling the entire world. If the alien members are to be any indication, their reach might even extend further than that. Either way, it all comes crumbling down shortly after they learn Homer is “the chosen one,” and his bumbling incompetence as the old leader’s replacement causes everyone to leave the fold.

Question 38

Which fellow Retirement Castle resident once dated Grandpa?

Rambling, incoherent, and spending the vast majority of his life complaining about absolutely everything that comes to mind, it’s a wonder Abe Simpson ever got along with Homer’s mom long enough to win her heart. Amazingly, the elusive Mona Simpson wasn’t even the only woman Abe loved, and in fact, he even got married at least four additional times, all as a senior citizen. Before any of those flings, there was also this co-resident at the Retirement Castle, who later left Abe a six-figure fortune in her will.

Question 39

What pop singer does this man pretend to be?

Looking at Homer Simpson’s life, there any number of reasons why the man should be committed to an institution for at least a few days of observation. Surprisingly, it’s simply wearing a pink shirt that causes this to happen, as Mr. Burns mistakes the wardrobe change as a sign he’s counter culture. On the plus side, Homer’s roommate at the institution is a seriously interesting guy, especially when taken on face value—he claims to be one of the biggest pop stars in music history. Naturally, Homer is the one guy on earth who actually believes him.

Question 40

Who is Bart’s German exchange classmate?

Look, we get it—just about everybody loves chocolate. However, it shouldn’t make up the foundation of anyone’s diet, which seems to have been the case with Springfield’s joyful German exchange student who can’t get enough sugary goodness. This fact is prevalent enough to have effected his every day life, once causing him to fail a school project on Charlie and the Chocolate factory when he ate it before his teachers could give him a grade. Worse than that, he apparently disappeared in later seasons, and none of the school faculty seemed to care.

Question 41

What two twins are in Bart’s class?

Being a menace in the classroom might get Bart in regular trouble with Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner, but the other students tend to enjoy his ridiculous antics. Although they also tease him, two of Bart’s biggest fans are these twins, who at times have both professed to have crushes on Springfield’s top prankster. In turn, Homer has suggested Bart is interested in one of them, though nothing has come of this seemingly mutual attraction. Oh, well. The twins probably wouldn’t be willing to split their attention from one another, anyway.

Question 42

What character does Homer play on The Itchy & Scratchy Show?

Kids might love Itchy and Scratchy for their incredibly simplistic nature, but the show’s writing staff is well aware the product has been extremely repetitive over the years. For this reason, executives convince Roger Meyer, Jr. to introduce a hip new character who can speak to Generation X. The result was this smooth talking dog with a skateboard, and to put it bluntly, fans were not pleased with what they saw. This was especially unfortunate for Homer, as he was hired to voice the role.

Question 43

Who is Krusty’s sidekick chimp?

The Simpson family are hardly the only residents of Springfield to keep pets. Even the typically curmudgeonly Krusty the Clown has his own tiny furry friend, or perhaps we should say he’s had quite a few of them, as his act has long outlasted the average monkey’s lifespan. Amazingly, the high turnover rate doesn’t stop each subsequent ape from being just as good a sidekick as the last, doing whatever it takes to protect Krusty and keep true the old motto, “the show must go on.”

Question 44

What female coworker once shared a hotel with Homer?

For all his faults, one thing that can always be said about Homer Simpson is that he’s a devoted husband deeply in love with his wife (or at least he tries to be). That said, the man is only human, so when he meets a new coworker who seems to share absolutely everything in common with him, while Marge is sick no less, the temptation nearly gets the best of him. Luckily, thinking about Barney and remembering what Marge means to him helped Homer overcome the beautiful stranger’s allure.

Question 45

Who is the leader of Bart’s schoolyard bullies?

When it comes to their impact on the Simpsons directly, the biggest bully in Springfield is probably Nelson Muntz. Not only has he terrorized Bart for years, but Nelson also briefly dated Lisa, giving him close ties to both members of the family. However, in the grand scheme of things, Nelson is merely a foot soldier for a slightly older and significantly tougher bully. Like many bullies, this character actually comes from an affluent home, and he also instantly falls apart when the tables are turned and Moe attacks him with a knife.

Question 46

Which boxer once fought Homer?

Quite frankly, the fact Homer nearly lost his life in the boxing ring was pretty much his own fault. Sure, Moe pushed him into the ordeal, but anyone else would have recognized they were way out of this former world champion opponent’s league. Nonetheless, a brief career based on tiring down his opponents and then pushing them over somehow earned Homer a match with the champ, where he proceeded to get absolutely obliterated in a manner of seconds, as expected. Luckily, Moe had a change of heart at the last minute and saved his friend from further injury.

Question 47

Who was Marge’s high school prom date?

In many respects, Homer and Marge Simpson were destined to be together forever from the day they met. Of course, there were plenty of bumps along the way thanks to Homer’s personality, and early on, it even looked like they may not make it. Originally, Marge and Homer planned to attend prom together after meeting in high school, only for plans to change when he lied to her in disastrous fashion. Nonetheless, Marge’s second choice for a date was a total creep, leading her back to Homer for good.

Question 48

What two aliens always come to Springfield near Halloween?

Starting in the second season, The Simpsons have taken time out of their schedule once per year to treat fans with a spooky Halloween themed episode known as the Treehouse of Horror. Part of the tradition generally includes these two snarling green aliens heading to Springfield for one reason or another, usually to cause some sort of havoc. After a while, they even started popping up in regular episodes, once even inviting the Simpson family to their home planet Rigel VII for an extended tour.

Question 49

Who was Homer’s short lived work rival?

Let’s face it—funny as he is to an audience, actually living anywhere within the proximity of Homer Jay Simpson would be an absolute nightmare. Working with him would be even worse, as his brash incompetence has lead to multiple nuclear meltdowns that surely caused significant injury to his coworkers, if not outright taken their lives. For the most part, Homer gets away with it, but every so often an outlier comes to town and can’t handle the madness. Never was this more memorable than in the case of this coworker, who Homer drove bonkers.

Question 50

What did Bart name his elephant?

Okay, so it was pretty weird when Homer adopted a pet lobster, monkey, and pig (and let’s not forget the fact he named a family of opossums, either). Still, each of these animals is relatively small, and thus feasibly possible for a regular person to care for. That’s not quite the case with a gigantic African elephant, which Bart manages to win in a radio contest. Within weeks, the Simpsons are responsible for thousands in damages, and they have to give the pachyderm away to a wildlife reserve, much to Bart’s chagrin.

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