If You Can Name All These Thrillers, You're Probably A Little Twisted

If you love movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, you're going to breeze through this quiz!

Movies have the ability to change our moods, don't they? If we feel sad, all we need to do is find the right film to watch and soon we know we'll be feeling better. If we want to laugh, we choose a comedy, if we're feeling angry, maybe something a little more violent, and if we're in the mood for adventure, films have the ability to transport us into new worlds without ever leaving our homes. But when we're in the mood for something different, something with a little bit of intrigue, a touch of mystery, there's always one genre sure to deliver: thrillers!

A good thriller will have your nerves on edge, it will have you sitting up in your chair, hanging on every whine of the violin and every move the characters make. You'll want to know the secret and a decent thriller will keep you guessing right to the end.

If you're a fan of thrillers then you might just be able to get 100% on this quiz. Prove you have mad skills by simply matching the clues and pictures to the correct movie title.

Question 1

In which movie does Javier Bardem play a hitman named Anton Chigurh?

In this 2007 Coen brothers film, a hunter comes across the scene of a drug deal gone wrong in the middle of nowhere. He picks up a suitcase full of money and takes it with him. He anticipates that someone might come looking for it and tries to make a getaway but he was no match for the cold-blooded hitman Anton Chigurh (played by Javier Bardem). Can you recall the name of this thriller flick which also starred Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones?

Question 2

Which of these thrillers featured a ballerina?

Do you still think ballet is a sport for sissies? Well, this movie might just give you a glimpse into what the world of professional dance is really like. It's just as competitive as any other sport and those who choose to do it really need to dedicate themselves if they want to succeed. It's all about landing those key roles and you have to be prepared to go the extra mile. Which of these movies featured a mentally unstable ballerina?

Question 3

Which of these thriller flicks was directed by M. Night Shyamalan?

In this 2002 movie, Mel Gibson plays the role of a farmer who wakes up one morning to find a crop circle in his fields. The crop circles turn out to be part of a larger phenomenon affecting almost everyone on the planet and his family (Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin) terrified of what this could mean. As with most M. Night Shyamalan movies, this one had a convenient twist weaved into the ending. Can you name this thriller flick?

Question 4

Which movie featured Johnny Depp as a crazy writer?

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywoods most recognizable and most bankable actors. He's appeared in over sixty (yes, you read that right, sixty) movies and played every type of character under the sun. He's been a pirate, a chocolatier, a mad hatter, a demented barber, even a man with scissors in place of hands, and so much more. But in this thriller flick, he played the role of a writer who loses his mind. Can you guess the title of this movie?

Question 5

Which of these thrillers starred Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling?

If you are looking for a seasoned actor to play the role of a villain, Anthony Hopkins is your man. The man who immortalized Dr. Hannibal Lecter pulls off the role of a bad guy with ease, every time. In this movie, he played the role of a husband who tries to kill his wife after he discovers that she is having an affair. But this isn't just any old crime of passion. Can you recall the name of this 2007 film?

Question 6

Can you match this picture to right movie?

If you discovered that your partner was having an affair what would you do? Leave? Fight? File for divorce? Or would you go to incredible lengths to frame them for your murder and completely disappear? The lead character in this movie, a woman named Amy, went with that last option. When she discovered that her husband (played by Ben Affleck) was being unfaithful she plotted cruel revenge. This film was based on a novel by Gillian Flynn - do you remember what it was called?

Question 7

Which of these thrillers starred Jake Gyllenhaal?

If you haven't seen this 2014 thriller, you're in for a treat! There's a reason why this movie is rocking a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes and it isn't just because Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead role. This movie is gripping and best of all, original; not a story you've heard a thousand times before. In this movie Gyllenhaal plays the role of an amateur cameraman, prowling the night, looking for crime scenes and accidents to film. Can you remember the name of this movie?

Question 8

Can you match this quote to the correct film? " The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

If you love movies with twist endings we're sure this 90's crime thriller is one of your all-time favorites! In this movie, a police detective interviews one of the only known survivors of a drug deal gone bad, a man known as "Verbal" Kint. Kint tells the detective a tale of how he and a group of conmen ended up pulling a job for a notorious (but mysterious) crime boss. Can you match this quote to the correct movie title?

Question 9

Which of these thrillers starred Dakota Fanning?

In this early 2000's mystery film a psychologist (played by Robert De Niro) decides to move his daughter (Dakota Fanning) to a house in the country following the death of his wife. His daughter is struggling to cope with the loss of her mother and he feels a fresh start would help them both. She battles to adjust to her new surroundings and can't make new friends, except for Charlie, who may be an imaginary friend, but maybe not...Can you name this movie?

Question 10

Which of these movies was directed by Stanley Kubrick?

Stanley Kubrick is considered one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, responsible for titles such as Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, and 2001: A Space Odessey. This film, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, was the very last movie he made. Just six days after he showed the final cut to the movie studio, he sadly passed away after suffering a heart attack. Do you recall the name of this sexually-charged movie about a man and his wife who find themselves in the center of a strange cult-like party?

Question 11

In which of these movies did Kathy Bates play the role of Annie Wilkes?

Kathy Bates is a Hollywood veteran and during her career, she's appeared in almost 70 movies. But it was her role in this 1990 Stephen King film that won her the Academy Award for Best Actress and it was well-deserved! In this 1990 thriller, she played the role of an obsessed fan who rescues her favorite author after a car accident but then holds him captive and forces him to write stories for her. Can you recall the name of the classic thriller?

Question 12

Which of these movies included time travel?

Can you imagine what it would be like if time travel were actually possible? How would that change the world as we know it? In this 2012 movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of a hitman who kills his targets as they appear from the future. He's good at what he does and never misses a mark, until the day that his future self (played by Bruce Willis) appears in front of him. Can you recall the name of this mind-bending thriller?

Question 13

Can you name this classic thriller movie?

This movie might be a little old (it was released back in 1960) but it paved the way for the thriller and slasher movies we enjoy so much today. It was directed by legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and told the story of a young woman who steals money from her boss because she wants to elope with her boyfriend. Things start to go wrong when she checks into a little motel and decides to take a shower... Can you name this classic flick?

Question 14

Which of these movies starred Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as police detectives?

In this 1995 crime thriller, a retiring police detective (played by Morgan Freeman) is partnered with a newly transferred detective (Brad Pitt). The pair investigates a strange murder but it soon becomes evident that they are dealing with a serial killer. This killer leaves no evidence behind, all his murders are carefully planned and each one seems to represent one of the seven deadly sins. Can you recall the name of this edge-of-your-seat thriller that also starred Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey?

Question 15

Can you match this character to the correct movie?

In this movie, a young Jodie Foster plays the role of an FBI cadet who is asked by her superiors to assist in a murder/kidnapping case. They are hunting for a man known as Buffalo Bill but the only person who may be able to help them find him is also a serial killer. Foster's character needs to try and get information out of him, but not fall victim to his manipulation at the same time. Can you name this 90's movie?

Question 16

In which 90's movie did Macaulay Culkin play the villain?

Most folks only remember Macaulay Culkin from the Home Alone movies but back in the 90's he appeared in quite a few other movies as well, including this 1993 thriller flick. In this movie, he played the role of a disturbed young boy who seems to be preoccupied with death. When his cousin (played by Elijah Wood) comes to stay with his family, he realizes what is happening and tries his best to warn the family before it's too late. Have you seen this one?

Question 17

Which of these psychological thrillers starred Nicole Kidman?

In this movie, Nicole Kidman plays the role of a mother who lives in a big country house with her two children. She claims that the children suffer from severe light sensitivity and that they can never be exposed to light so the house needs to be kept dark at all times and the doors must always be closed and locked. She's deeply religious but starts to become paranoid that other people are in the house with them... What was the name of this 2001 film?

Question 18

Can you match this picture to the correct movie?

Christian Bale is the type of actor who doesn't believe in half-measures when it comes to preparing for a role. For his role in this 2004 psychological thriller film, he lost more than 62 pounds to play the part of a machinist who becomes emaciated due to crippling insomnia. He actually wanted to lose even more weight for the role but the filmmakers were too concerned about the effects on his health to allow him to do so. Can you name this movie?

Question 19

Which of these movies was directed by Martin Scorsese?

Director Martin Scorsese has been making movies for more than 50 years including titles such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Gangs of New York. His characters are often Sicilian-American and Roman Catholic, and his themes often incorporate crime, gangs, and violence. In this 2006 thriller, an undercover state trooper tries to infiltrate a crime gang, while at the same time a mole inside the police force is leaking information. This film starred Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jack Nicholson - what was it called?

Question 20

Which of these thriller flicks starred Bradley Cooper?

In this movie, Bradley Cooper plays the role of a failed writer struggling to focus on his work. His life is falling apart and his girlfriend leaves him but then one of his old friends introduces to an amazing new drug. But this drug doesn't make him high, it actually improves his mental abilities and suddenly he finds himself able to focus. The more he takes these pills the better his life seems to get, but everything comes with a price... Can you name this 2011 movie?

Question 21

In which of these movies did Kevin Costner play a businessman/serial killer?

In this 2007 crime thriller, Kevin Costner plays the role of a businessman with a dark secret. To the rest of the world he seems like a charming family orientated man but beneath his cool exterior there lies an alter ego which urges him to kill. Every now and again he has no choice but to give in to his dark passenger. But his luck starts to run out when someone catches him in the act and starts to blackmail him... Can you recall the name of this movie, which also featured Dane Cook and Demi Moore?

Question 22

In which of these movies did the main character suffer from a rare form of memory loss?

You know those movies that are so intricately put together that one viewing is just never enough? Well, this 2000 film was one of those for sure! In this Christopher Nolan-directed film, a man suffering from a rare (and incurable) form of memory loss tries to track down his wife's killer but he needs to leave himself clues and notes all the time because he can't trust his memory. Can you remember the name of this film which starred Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano?

Question 23

In which of these movies did Leonardo DiCaprio play a U.S. Marshal?

In this 2010 thriller flick, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of U.S Marshall Teddy Daniels who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from a mental hospital located on a remote island. He and his new partner Mark Ruffalo travel to the island but soon find themselves trapped there as a storm makes the return journey impossible. The more questions they ask, the stranger things become... This thriller flick was directed by Martin Scorsese, can you recall the title?

Question 24

Can you match this picture to the correct movie?

In this classic thriller/horror flick, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Bruce Willis plays the role of a child psychologist who struggles to connect with his new patient Cole (played by Haley Joel Osment). Cole claims that he can see dead people but Willis' character believes that this is just a manifestation of deeper psychological issues, possibly due to his father leaving the home. This story is known for its incredible twist ending, but what was the title of this 1999 film?

Question 25

Can you match this character to the right film?

In this movie a man suffering from crippling insomnia returns from a business trip to find that his apartment (and all his worldly possessions) have been blown up. He goes out for a beer with a soap-salesman he met on a plane and the two of them end up living together in a dilapidated house. They start an underground boxing club that slowly turns into an army. This film starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in the leading roles. Can you name it?

Question 26

Which of these movies featured Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley?

This movie was disturbing, to say the least, but it kept you guessing all the way through. In this film, Josh Brolin plays the role of a drunken advertising executive who finds himself kidnapped and held hostage in a strange hotel-like setup for 20 years. During that time he manages to straighten himself out and once free he only has one thing on his mind - finding the person who stole so many years of his life. Can you recall the name of this 2013 film which also featured Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley?

Question 27

Can you match this picture to the correct movie?

This 2010 science fiction thriller was directed by Christopher Nolan, the same man responsible for titles like The Dark Knight, Interstellar, and more recently, Dunkirk. In this film, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a high-tech thief who is able to steal corporate secrets by using special dream-sharing technology. He gets offered a job, but this time, instead of stealing information, his client wants him to plant an idea in someone's subconscious in exchange for wiping his criminal history clean.

Question 28

Can you match this Brad Pitt character to the correct movie?

In this movie, Bruce Willis plays the role of a prisoner tasked to travel back in time and prevent the spread of a virus which wiped out almost all human life on earth and forced the survivors to take shelter underground. But when he arrives back in the past he is taken for a mental patient and struggles to complete his objective. This 1995 science fiction thriller inspired a TV series with the same name. Can you recall the name of this movie, which also featured Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe?

Question 29

Which of these movies starred Ashton Kutcher as a student with the ability to time travel?

Most of us think of Ashton Kutcher purely as a comedy actor but he can pull off serious roles just as well, as he demonstrated in this 2004 supernatural psychological thriller film. In this film, Kutcher played the role of Evan Treborn, a college student who suffers from crippling headaches which sometimes cause him to blackout and suffer from memory loss. He also has the ability, using his journals, to travel back in time and change things but it never seems to work out quite as he planned.

Question 30

Can you match this picture to the correct movie?

In this 2001 crime thriller, Ethan Hawke plays the role of a rookie narcotics agent assigned to a veteran officer (played by Denzel Washington). On his first day on the job the rookie soon realizes that far from fighting crime, this veteran officer seems to be involved in his own crimes. And when he starts to voice his opinion about these illegal activities he finds himself alone in a gang-ridden part of town and in serious trouble. Can you name this gritty police thriller?

Question 31

In which of these movies does Bruce Willis play a character who is the sole survivor of a train crash?

In this 2000 thriller flick, Bruce Willis plays the role of a security guard named David Dunn, who somehow manages to walk away from a high-fatality train crash, not only as the sole survivor but also seemingly without any injuries. With the help of an art gallery owner Elijah Price (played by Samuel L. Jackson), who learnt about Dunn from the news, he learns that he possesses superhuman powers that make him almost invincible. Can you name this movie, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan?

Question 32

In which of these thriller flicks does Alicia Vikander appear as a super intelligent robot?

She's only 29 years old but already this Swedish actress has earned herself a Screen Actors' Guild award, a Critics' Choice Movie Award, and an Academy Award for her role in The Danish Girl. You'll also remember her from her role as Lara Croft in the 2018 reboot of Tomb Raider. But in 2014 she took on the role of a humanoid robot in this sci-fi thriller which was recognized as one of the ten best independent films of the year by the National Board of Review.

Question 33

In which of these movies does Ellen Page play a teenage vigilante?

In this gritty 2005 crime thriller, Ellen Page plays the role of Hayley, a precocious teenager who meets up with an older man (played by Patrick Wilson) that she met online. The two of them go back to his house where she surprises him by drugging him and tying him down. She then proceeds to tell him that she knows he likes to prey on young girls and she is going to fix that once and for all. Can you name the movie where Page plays the part of a vigilante?

Question 34

Can you match this picture to the correct movie?

If there is anyone who knows how to give us the creeps (and twist endings) it's definitely M. Night Shyamalan. He wrote and directed this 2004 psychological horror flick which followed the story of a village where people live in mortal fear of the creatures in the woods that surround them. The fear leaving their village, even to try and procure life-saving medicine. Can you recall the name of this movie which featured Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sigourney Weaver?

Question 35

In which movie do a group of medical students stop their own hearts to explore the afterlife?

The first version of this medical thriller was released back in 1990 and starred Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon as a group of young doctors who use their medical expertise to induce death in order to explore the afterlife. This film was remade again in 2017 with Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton and Kiersey Clemons in the leading roles. The remake was not as well received as the first film but was still gripping. Can you name this movie?

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