Most Fans Can't Remember All Of These Grey's Anatomy Nicknames

Grey's Anatomy is a medical show which has been going strong for many years. In fact, season 15 has just been launched and already has fans sitting on the edge of their seats! There is just something about this show that keeps viewers coming back for more every season! Grey's also has some interesting cases and characters. There is always some interesting medical story happening, which keeps folks tuned in. Then, there are many personal issues which every person is facing, most often related to their personal relationships. These stories can become very complex and confusing if one isn't paying attention.

What can make this more complicated is the many nicknames which are often thrown around in various conversations... The trick is to know exactly who is who and what their nicknames might be. That's right - many of these doctors actually have more than one nickname, which can complicate matters for a newbie. This short quiz will help refresh the memories of old fans, and it will also teach new fans things that they may not have known. Let's see how many fans know who the Wicked Witch is, or perhaps who was called Sugar back in the day? Ready, set, go!

Question 1

Who is McDreamy?

This was one of the first nicknames which we were introduced to when we fell in love with Grey's Anatomy. The nickname was given to a male doctor, who really was dreamy! Let's just say that this doctor had no idea what he was getting himself in to when he took on the role at Seattle Grace Hospital. Of course, fans are glad that he did, otherwise the show would never have been as McAmazing as it was! Who is McDreamy?

Question 2

Who was Dr Model?

There can only be one correct answer for this question. This is also a question which can only be answered by someone who watched the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy. It's not something we hear about in the newer seasons. Dr Model was someone who obviously had good looks. This kind of nickname sounds like it could have been made up by someone who was a tad jealous of their peer... Is this a possibility? Who would do such a thing?

Question 3

GI Joe was the nickname given to...

GI Joe was a nickname given to one of the men who we didn't meet right from the beginning. He came in one night, like a knight in shining armor and started saving lives. He had an attitude which the other doctor's didn't really appreciate because he was a tad unorthodox. Initially, he was the type to really just get the job done no matter what. He didn't always follow the rules, in fact he may have made them up as he went along.

Question 4

The Wicked Witch is...

This nickname could have been used for a few different ladies in the show, there's no doubt about it. Although, there was one lady who was particularly deserving of the title. She was someone who we met right in the beginnig, and someone who didn't get on well with Izzie... In fact, she really did try and make things as difficult as possible for Izzie. Why was this the case? Who can remember that far back anyway? Who was the Wicked Witch?

Question 5

Medusa was the nickname used for...

Medusa is actually a monster from Greek mythology. Instead of hair on her head, she had a head of venomous snakes... It was beleived that anyone who looked at her would turn to stone. Not a very pretty thought, actually. But this was the nickname given to one of the female doctors listed below. None of these ladies seem to have snakes for hair, so perhaps it was the thought of turning others to stone which earned her the nickname?

Question 6

Shane was best known as...

Shane was one of the gentlemen who started his internship with Jo and Stephanie. While he wasn't everyone's favourite person at first, he did eventually grow on us. He often used to try and be the centre of attention. Often it didn't matter who got hurt in the process. After a while, Cristina and Shane developed a romantic relationship. This was a bit out of character for her, but as long as she is happy, we are happy too - right?

Question 7

Denny was known as...

Denny was a handsome male patient that Izzie fell head over heels for. At first it seemed like harmless flirting, but it soon became more than that. In fact, these two got engaged. Sadly, they never had their 'happily ever after', but with the money Denny left Izzie, she opened a clinic in his honor. It was a free clinic that she felt was desperately needed by the local community. It sure did help to save many lives as well.

Question 8

Nate is also known as...

This name refers to a young, newer doctor. He goes back a few years, in terms of his relationship with some of the other doctors, like GI Joe and Teddy. He has his own speciality when it comes to medicine, he is a cardiac surgeon. One of the other ladies thought that they would be able to have a romantic relationship with this doctor, but he had other ideas and he preferred a different lady altogether. That relationship also didn't last.

Question 9

Who was Patient X?

Patient X was an anonymous patient - go figure! But this was done to protect the identity of the actual patient, who just so happened to be a doctor at the hospital. The doctor gathered all the resources possible to try and find a conclusive diagnosis. Of course, not everyone was sensitive to the case, which was hurtful. But all who were involved in the process soon discovered what kind of an impact their words had on their sick patients.

Question 10

McSteamy was actually...

McSteamy was the name given to another doctor who made an appearance in the earlier seasons. Initially, he was thought to be the root cause to a few unhappy relationships. To be fair, maybe he wasn't the only one to blame... McSteamy was also from another town, but somehow he ended up in little old Seattle. No matter where he went, he seemed to create a stir. Sometimes this was a good thing, and sometimes it was a really bad thing.

Question 11

Who was Little Grey?

There was more than one Grey that we got to meet. In fact, it was like a new one came with every new season! One of these lovely ladies was dubbed Little Grey. Not really because she was smaller than anyone else, but because she was the younger sister and needed to be differentiated somehow. Little Grey came across as a quieter, reserved lady. Soon after her internship started, though, we got to see her wild and fun side too.

Question 12

Callie was also known as...

Callie also had a few different nicknames which she earned and one or two she may have given to herself. Callie, as previously mentioned, was married to George. They had an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas. When they got back, things didn't go as well as planned. George found himself falling for a fellow intern - Izzie. Of course, things went downhill after that but at the end of the day, Callie also found some love with another beautiful doctor.

Question 13

MerDer is short for...

This is a fairly easy question - they can't all be challenging! This nickname is a culmination of two other names. Of course, the joined name makes for interesting reading and fun conversations too. In all honesty, MerDer can really only be short for one particular couple. Which couple is it that was given this specific joined nickname? The correct answer is listed below! If it's answered incorrectly, best tart rewatching from season one, episode one as soon as possible!

Question 14

True or False: Syph Boy was the name given to Alex

There are plenty of love triangles which are found in this series. These are sometimes comical, and other times completely unexpected. But at least there is never a dull moment! There once were two male doctors who were romantically involved with a nurse. Neither one of them knew that the other was involved with her. Ironically, when the one gent found a rash, he went to the one guy who was also involved with the same nurse. THings ended badly, to say the least.

Question 15

Which of these were NOT given to George?

Sweet George always seemed to end up with the short end of the stick. But no matter what he was facing, he was always humble and willing to help others. He even gave his own life to save a complete stranger. In his short few seasons with Grey's Anatomy he earned himself a few interesting nicknames. Not all of these reflected the great person that he was, but we know he was still a sweetheart anyway. Which name was not his?

Question 16

Mrs McDreamy is...

In order to know who Mrs McDreamy is, one needs to know who Mr McDreamy is first. It's a pretty easy question for any avid fan. Don't be too hasty to make a decision though, it could be a tricky one if rushed in to. Mrs McDreamy was obviously married to Mr McDreamy at some stage. Was it a legit wedding and marriage? Or was it a quick fix with vows written on a little blue post-it note? Pick wisely!

Question 17

Stephanie was known as...

Stephanie was one of the interns who started with Jo and Shane. She was also fairly reserved but once she came out of her shell there was no going back. Stephanie also struggled with a difficult medical condition as a child. Her history also caught up with her eventually. She was also one of the lucky ladies who got to hang on the arm of the gorgeous Jackson Avery. Although this relationship was short lived, it was interesting to watch.

Question 18

Who were the Twisted Sisters?

This nickname was given to two ladies who seemed to be two peas in a pod. They both got dark and twisty, they both enjoyed relaxing together. This also includes 'dancing it out' when the moment called for it. Although their relationship was rocky, they became inseparable and developed a bond that would last a lifetime. These two ladies are the ones to have in your corner when things gets hectic. They always have each other's backs and never back down.

Question 19

Who was BCB?

This was not a nickname used all that often, and not everyone will remember it either. BCB is an acronym which was given to one of the more mature lady doctors. It came as a surprise though, because this was not the kind of behaviour which would have been expected from her. Of course, everyone changes, or perhaps the masks just fall off... It was exciting to watch this character evolve over the seasons, and her new side sure was entertaining.

Question 20

Which nickname was given to April by her sisters?

April Kepner was not one of the original interns. She was one of the interns from Mercy West Hospital who moved over during the merger. To say that this merger had a few teething problems would be a complete understatement. Things went south really quickly, and to some extent even got a little out of hand. Sadly, not all of the doctors from Mercy West Hospital carried on to new seasons. But those that did kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Question 21

Izzie was not known as...

Izzie Stevens was the blonde that made heads turn. Often she was mistaken for not being a doctor because of her looks. She even had one patient completely refuse her treatment. She pressed on though, and continued to be a great doctor. Izzie earned a few nicknames during her short career on Grey's Anatomy. Some of these were a direct result of her looks and previous pass times. She modelled her way through her studies, but this wasn't really public knowledge.

Question 22

Addison was also called...

Addison was a fiery red head which we met in the last episode of the first season. She casually walked up to Meredith and just about pulled the rug out from underneath her when she introduced herself as Derek's wife. Even viewers were surprised when this scene took place. She is actually also a doctor, but she and Derek were originally working and living in New York. Things ended badly but they gave it another try or two. Which didn't work either...

Question 23

The Annoying Twins are...

We've heard about the Twisted Sisters, but now we are moving on to the Annoying Twins. This nickname just makes these characters sound like they could be difficult to handle. Well, it's possible that's not the case and folks are just mean. Of course, the opposite is also possible too. No matter what the case, we know that there were no actually twins that worked together at the hospital. Which leaves us to believe that this was a name for two similar people instead.

Question 24

True or False: Alex was known as Dr Face

Alex was not a very pleasant person when we first met him in season one. In fact, he was really arrogant. Thankfully he aged like a good wine, and not like milk! He found his personality, or dropped the mask he first had on. Maybe it was the move in to peadiatrics which softened his heart a little bit? Alex Karev also earned himself some interesting nicknames. Some of them were not as pleasant as they could have been though...

Question 25

What did Mark name himself and Jackson when they were working together?

Both these guys were the object of many a girl's affection throughout the course of the series. In fact, they both had their eyes set on the very same girl for some time, splitting fans on who they wanted to ship with the quiet, wicked smart Lexie Grey. Of course, both wound up letting her go in their own way. Not surprising when they worked together on plastics, with Mark and a mentor and Jackson as an eager enough student.

Question 26

Who was Mousy?

Just the name 'Mousy' makes one picture a small, quiet person who was probably a little skittish too. It's not a very strong nickname, in all honesty. This nickname was given to a woman who kept to herself, was easy to please and ciuld have been a great neurosurgeon one day. Sadly, she didn't make it that far. That was lall due to circumstances which were out of her control, and it was rather wrong place at the wrong time.

Question 27

Arizona was also called...

Arizona is a blonde doctor who loves to keep the little children healthy and happy too. She is a loving young woman and also has a daughter. Although Sofia is not her own blood, she is her legal guardian. Arizona also earned a few different nicknames for herself. The thing is, the nickname mentioned below was actually completely unrelated to her personality, but rather to her first name. People used to often get the relation wrong as to where her name came from.

Question 28

Who is The Ruler Of All That Is Evil?

This particular individual is not every characters favorite. This person made life very difficult for everyone around them. Often it came across as though this was being done on purpose... The other doctors had a few other nicknames for this person, but the actually mentioned that they prefer the name which is listed above. Which character (or doctor) was it that used this as their preferred nickname? Was it one of the ladies or was it one of the gents?

Question 29

Jackson was also known as...

Jackson Avery, like April Kepner, was not one of the original few interns. He was also part of the merger with Mercy West Hospital. He joined the team with April, Charlie and a few others. Besides already being the 'enemy', his peers were not impressed when they discovered that he was Harper Avery's grandson. Then the teething problems really started to form! Of course, he earned his title by his own merit, but some think it was his grandfather's help.

Question 30

Who was The Gas Man?

The Gas Man is one guy who actually has a few interests. He spent some time working as an anaesthetist, but later decided to go in to surgery and started a surgical internship. Soon after this an interest in fire fighting was sparked. This gent left the hospital life and decided to pursue other things. Of course, the lady in his life was really not impressed with his decision but, she stood behind him anyway. Who was the Gas Man?

Question 31

Who was dubbed Rambo?

This guy's arrival shifted the tone of Seattle Grace quite a bit. He had a completely different approach to treating patients in the ER which was heavily influenced by his past serving for the US overseas. He also made quite the impression on Cristina and the two would go on to actually get married. Though they would eventually separate, there was no love lost between them. Some things simply don't turn out for the best. Who remembers who this nickname was for though?

Question 32

Who was The Big Kahuna?

The Big Kahuna must have been a nickname given to someone who had a lot of power, authority and was looked up to. This kind of nickname is not to be messed with, and the person who owns it is probably well respected within the medical community. It's also the kind of nickname which would be given to someone high up on the food chain, like a chief of some kind. Who was nicknamed The Big Kahuna at this hospital?

Question 33

Japril is short for...

Yip, this is another nickname given to another couple who viewers couldn't get enough of! Although both parties were involved with other people at some stage, their paths just kept crossing and eventually they couldn't help themselves. They ran off into the sunset together, got married and even had a child together as well! Their relationship has always been a challenge, like most. It really wasn't always sunshine and roses but most might say that they'd have been perfect together.

Question 34

Calzona means...

That's right - Calzona is a combination of two names! The question is, which two names? Callie is one of the ortho doctor who we met in the first season. She also had a very short lived marriage to George. Penny was the doctor who didn't speak up when Derek needed it mostly. Arizona is a doctor that works with the young children, and it's her passion. Mark was Derek's BFF who couldn't keep anything to himself, especially his hands!

Question 35

Alex was also called...

Alex Karev came in to the series as a little bit of a menace. He wasn't really a friendly face, and came across as rather arrogant too. He earned himself a few nicknames, some good and some not. Alex also had a rough start in life, but this was no excuse for his attitude. Thankfully, he grew out of that and actually turned into a really nice guy with a beautiful heart. He even found his passion in paediatric surgery.

Question 36

Who is the Junkie?

This nickname was given to one doctor who had a rough time with prescription medicine. Initially it was out of their control, and things escalated quickly. This person did their best to recover, and actually made it! Yes, it was difficult but it was worthwhile and now things are going much better for them, and of course, this person is also keeping other characters on track and on the road to their own successful recovery. Everything happens for a reason!

Question 37

Roller Girl was the nickname given to...

Roller girl is a woman who doesn't take nonsense, doesn't keep quiet and always does her best to keep the little people happy. They are her first priority, no matter what! This doctor had her fair share of difficulties - there's no doubt about it! But, what matters is that she never gave up, although she was tempted. Why did she earn this nickname? Did she roll around a lot? Did she race around roller blades from one place to the next?

Question 38

The Ovarian Sister is...

We have seen the Twisted Sisters, The Annoying Twins and now we are meeting the Ovarian Sister. This doctor found herself with this nickname after she lost an ovary due to an ectopic pregnancy. Only one other person actually knew about the pregnancy because she told them about it, and she needed a 'person'. The partner was not aware that his girlfriend was even expecting in the first place. This placed some strain in their relationship, to say the least.

Question 39

Preston was also known as...

Preston Burke is one of the doctors that we no longer see in this series. He was there in the beginning. He was the guy who helped coach George though heart surgery which took place in the elevator. He was also engaged to Cristina but he left her at the altar and then left town too. Before this happened, Cristina was literally his right hand lady who helped him with many surgeries when he couldn't do it on his own.

Question 40

Maggie was known as...

Maggie was the result of a relationship which Ellis and Richard had many moons ago. Both of them were already married to other people, but couldn't seem to stay away from one another. Maggie crawled out of the woodworks in a recent season. At first, she had a good idea of who her sister and mother were. But Meredith had no idea that she had another half sister wondering around the hospital walls. Although it was a rocky start, things improved.

Question 41

Jo is also known as...

Jo Wilson was not the lady we all thought she was when we first met her. She put up a front about who she was, but in reality she was still married to someone else and her name was different too. She ran away for her own safety, but her past caught up with her in recent seasons and the truth was revealed. She went through a really rough patch with Alex. But as we know, it all worked out.

Question 42

Little Miss is actually...

As these doctors got older and matured they also moved in to the various stages of life. Some of these are natural progressions like growing from a child to a teenager to an adult. Some progressions also include getting a partner, starting a family and so on. This isn't the course for everyone and this is also seen in Grey's Anatomy. That being said, it was an eye opener to see all the various routes one's life could go through.

Question 43

Who is The Secret Lover?

This is the nickname which was given to one of the newer doctors which we met in recent episodes. The gentleman who was given this title is a good guy who knows how to treat a lady. Sadly, he was once in the wrong place at the wrong time which got him in to some trouble. Nonetheless, viewers enjoy his sense of humor and he is easy on the eyes as well. So which of the below gents owns this nickname?

Question 44

Leah was known as...

Leah was a quieter lady who seemed to keep to herself most of the time. Well, that was until she got involved with a more senior doctor. Needless to say, this romance was short lived and caused some difficulty for all the doctors at the hospital. Leah eventually left the hospital all together. Then, out of the blue, she reappered in a later season. Some folks were super excited about it, and others not so much. We can only imagine why...

Question 45

Lexie was known as...

Young Lexie Grey had a few different nicknames which were given to her. They were all pretty boring though. One of the nicknames was 'Little Grey'. That's bland and not very creative. Then she was named after a number. For no other reason except that Cristina didn't want to take the time to get to know the names of the new interns. She had much more important things to do, like open heart surgery and very important doctor type things...

Question 46

Who was known as Mrs Impossible Tumor?

Mrs Impossible Tumor can only be someone associated with a tumor of some kind... The tricky question is, who was this? Addison was married to Derek at some stage, so perhaps she is Mrs Impossible Tumor? Meredith was also married to him, so this name throws a spanner in the works too... Nicole was a patient who also ended up having a brain tumor which nearly ended her. Amelia is a neurosurgeon, just like her brother, Derek. Pick the correct answer below.

Question 47

Ponytail McGee was another nickname for...

This was a nickname given to one of the lady doctors. It wasn't one we heard all that often, but it was mentioned at some stage! The person who was given this nickname probably wasn't even expecting it. But what choice did they have when it was made just for them? Many of the ladies wore their hair in a ponytail. It suited some, but not others. Remember that time when Meredith tried to impress Derek's mother and wore a ponytail?

Question 48

The Dud was..

This wasn't a nickname given by the doctors to another doctor, it was a nickname which this person was given as a child. Unfortunately, it followed them into their working days. As one can imagine, this is not a nice nickname to have to bare. So it's no surprise that the person who was given this nickname eventually flipped their lid. The nickname was really the complete opposite of the person that they had become, and a new nicer nickname was deserved!

Question 49

Dr Jr Butthole is...

This was a very short lived nickname. Imagine the scene... A young doctor decided that he was going to buy himself a new car - well, he tells Arizona that it's either the car or a boat. This is where the nickname is mentioned. Of course, this doesn't deter the doctor from wanting to buy the lavish car. Alex found himself in a very embarrassing situation when he referred to someone as Mr Butthole but it was the doctor standing right behind him...

Question 50

Ellis was also known as...

Dr Ellis Grey was a leader in the medical field. She was very well known and many doctors could hardly keep up with her. She was also Meredith's mother. She was actually Maggie's mother too, but she gave her up for adoption when she was born. Ellis was always pushing the boundaries of medicine and never gave up on her dreams, Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and everything went downhill from there. She will not be forgotten in the Grey's Anatomy world though!

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