It Will Take Some Real Smarts To Pass This Fact Or Fiction Quiz

With so much information floating around out there, it might be difficult to know right off the bat, what is truth and what is "claimed" truth.  That's using kind words to describe it.  Ever wonder if people have a bunch of "false" information that they live by every day? It's easy to get a bunch of potentially untrue information thrown around.

So, here is a chance for our loyal and studious readers to get some clarity on a few things.  Many people may find that they already know the truth about most of these things.  Or, they might find themselves surprised with a wrecking ball of newfound epiphanies.  Anyway, doesn't everyone owe it to themselves to know the truth or to find out some myths they may have been blindly believing all of their life? So many old wives' tales make it into our curriculum so there's no worry if some of us have been duped.

That being said, this quiz has so many intriguing things to find out! Don't miss the chance.. By taking this quiz one can find out if they already know-it-all, or if they are too easily fooled! Quiz-takers who score over 50% are  good to travel their paths.  Those who score below 50% might have to retake this quiz to prove that they are fool-proof! Let's get started!

Question 1

Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice

Here is a widely used expression! It's so widely used, it is actually a global saying! And Lightning does strike all around the globe, so can this saying actually hold some real life merit? For the readers who already know if this saying all too well, make your selection and move on to the next one. For those who are sitting there contemplating, just think about the times you witnessed some lightning, think about science class, think about those National Geographic episodes and Bill Nye the Science Guy......

Question 2

It Takes 7 Years For The Body To Fully Digest Swallowed Bubble Gum

Surely most people can say that their parents or grandparents scolded them for swallowing gum. And most can also say that their loving caretakers took it a step further with stories of unpleasant happenings if one were to swallow too much gum. So the legend goes, if one swallows chewing gum, it will stick to their organs ( usually the intestines) and stay there for a grand total of seven years while the body tries hard to digest it. So this is a matter of believers and skeptics. Does it take 7 years for the body to fully digest swallowed bubble gum?

Question 3

It's Safe To Wake A Sleepwalker

Is it?... It has been widely said that if you wake a sleepwalker, they could go into a state of surprise, panic or even develop forms of mental, emotional or physical harm. Well for people who have experienced sleepwalking for themselves or who have grown up or cared for family members who sleepwalk, this may be a very easy answer. On the other hand, for those who have no experience with sleepwalkers... going with ones personal belief on this one is the only option. So what's it gonna be? Fact or Myth?

Question 4

Salty Water Boils Quicker

"Add a little salt to it, it'll boil faster" Ever heard this famous saying? When cooking, most people have been told that salty water will boil faster than regular fresh water. It is said that the salt reacts with the water and causes a higher temperature .. and something about ions and all that scientific mineral compound kinda stuff.. Well the best bet here is to think back to science class and to all those times of boiling water vs boiling salty water. Does Salty water really boil faster than regular fresh water?

Question 5

Toilets Flush The Opposite Way In Australia

Here is a very much talked about topic. Which way the water turns in which parts of the world has surprisingly been very much a focal interest point. There is something called a Coriolis Effect. For Science-heads out there, this is a very known effect. For the rest of humanity, this effect is what makes Hurricanes rotate in opposite directions in the two hemispheres of the world. So if this effect making toilets flush in opposite directions as well? It's a very common saying but is it a fact or a myth?

Question 6

Dogs Can Sweat

Well here is a question that many have wondered at some point in their lives... And for those who own pets or have owned a furry friend before, the question may have already been answered. It's only logical to assume that with all that fur, there must be some real high temperatures boiling up under there. So how can a dog release some of that steam? does this mean that dogs really do sweat somewhere we just don't see or notice? Or are they breaking sweats all summer days long and we just haven't done a thorough inspection?...

Question 7

There Is No Evidence That Vikings Wore Horned Helmets

The whole Viking culture, era, and civilization has had such a profound impact on history as well as in modern culture around the world. The creative ideas surrounding it have also taken root and taken flight into great stories and depictions. Most people can say that they are aware of the culture and know some things about it. Most people can also see them depicted in T.V. shows, movies and even popular children's animations. So is it Fact or Myth that evidence proves that the Vikings wore horned helmets?

Question 8

If A Person Touches A Baby Bird The Mother Will Abandon It

This has been a long standing belief about baby birds and mother bird relationships. The statement claims that the mother bird will protect her baby birds and that she can always recognize her babies. Yet, if a person touches the baby birds, the mother will smell the human scent on them and abandon her young., just like that. Pretty hard to believe that any mother would leave her babies just like that, but then again, the animal kingdom hold many surprises. So what's it gonna be on this one? Is this a Fact or a Myth?

Question 9

All The Colors Of Froot Loops Have The Same Flavor

Most people are looking at this statement like, "No Way! This is Bogus!" Have most people literally sat there and tasted each fruit loop color individually? The answer is most likely , yes. Because these things matter especially for Hard Froot Loop fans. So the verdict here should be very easy in that case. Do each and every fruit loop color have the same flavor or they individually flavored and colored? This only goes one of two ways. People will be surprised or people will be reassured. Make the selection, Fact or Myth?

Question 10

Columbus Discovered America

Here is one taught in all of the history books in the U.S. Many people have came to truly believe the textbook records while others have become skeptics of these books and would likely question the validity of such historical claims. So here is one to contemplate. Did Christopher Columbus, the great explorer, discover America? Or is there a claim in the textbook that isn't accurate to real historical events? Something a little more research could clear up but fora lot of people, this information dropped out of mind after high school.

Question 11

We Only Use 10% Of Our Brain

It has long been claimed that humans only use 10% of their brain. Why? Well there are an array of concepts for this, one being that we would not be able to handle more use of our brain. Humans would go out of their minds in other words. So How does this sound? Is it a fact or myth that we only use that small fraction. Many people will argue that claim and say there is no way that people have this size of a brain and only use 10%, why have a brain where 90% is not even being used? This definitely deserves some looking into. Unfortunately it's time to make a choice now! What's it gonna be? Fact or myth?

Question 12

There's Evidence That Shows That Paid, Skilled Workers Built The Pyramids

As the history books would say it, there is a way that history is learned and passed down. So having done some research on ancient Egypt, most people might remember what they leaned about the construction of these magnificent building and the many opinions and ideas of where the blueprints came from and who actually put in the labor to create them. There is a popular belief that Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves but by contracted workers. Is this a Fact or a Myth? Time to choose!

Question 13

Bananas Don't Grow On Trees

"Hahaha that's a laugh!" Some people out there may be thinking that of course bananas grow on trees, where else?! And others may very well differ on opinion about this. If it's a matter of concept or dictionary meanings, there are a lot of ideas and arguments floating around about this common saying. Do bananas really grow on trees? For those who are skeptics or have absolutely no clue, there's only one way to find out now. Choose Fact or Myth?

Question 14

Cracking Ones Knuckles Too Much Will Cause Arthritis

Many people crack their knuckles for so many different reasons. Some common reasons are, stress reaction, nervousness, uneasiness, anticipation, pride, excitement, tense hands, tight muscles, boredom, etc... The list goes on and on and on... So id there are so many reasons that make people react by cracking their knuckles, could this unknowingly be causing arthritis? Or that just looking way too much into it, and there is really nothing to worry about when cracking ones knuckles? Which one is it?

Question 15

There Is An Island That Is Inhabited Only By Friendly Bunnies

This may sound ridiculously adorable and dreamy and oh so wonderful. But, is it true? And if so, where can one find such a fairy tale place? Well this quiz is for each person to decide what they believe to be a fact or a myth, so going with first instincts might be the best option here. Is there an Island that is purely inhabited by a bunch of happy hopping friendly bunnies fluff-a-ly jumping about? It sounds just so cute!

Question 16

The Voice Actor for Mickey Mouse Got Married To The Voice Actress For Minnie Mouse

Well this definitely sounds like a fairy-tale dream come true. And coming from Disney? That should prove that true love really does prevail. Take a look at this statement that has been claimed as a true fact. Most people know that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are undoubtedly and madly in love. So does this mean this claim could be true then? Did the voice actor for Mickey Mouse fall in love and marry the voice actor for Minnie mouse at some point in time? Fact or Myth?

Question 17

Different Parts Of Ones Tongue Can Detect Different Kinds Of Tastes

Moving something around in the mouth may feel like the tongue is tasting different ingredients more strongly at different locations on the tongue. So this bring forth the common belief that different parts of ones tongue can detect different kinds of tastes. Some people may know very well if this is true or false. Especially if one is ..say an ENT doctor or some sort of "taste specialist". If the answer is evading then why not got try eating a snack now and testing this theory out. Is is a Fact or a Myth?

Question 18

People Do Not Need To Wait 24 Hours Before Filing A Missing Persons Report

As everyone has frequently heard, whether through media, news, friends or just floating around, you must wait 24 hours before filing a missing persons report with the police. Well read this claim carefully as it states that "People do not need to wait 24 hours before filling a missing persons report to the police". Can this be true or is it just a misconception. For those who have experienced an angry teenager friend or sibling running away from home, how does this statement apply? Is there a 24 hour waiting requirement or not?

Question 19

Cats And Tigers Have 95% Of The Same DNA

For those Animal channel fans out there, this may be an easy one! Of course it is not very common at all for the average public to own tigers as pets. So their behavior and any information regarding them can be learned through study and watching some videos. On the other hand, most pet owners will go for a domestic cat. So looking at these two wonderful creatures, it's time to choose Fact or Myth. Is it possible that cats and tigers have almost the same DNA? The claim is that they share 95% of the same DNA. True or false?

Question 20

Ketchup Was Once Sold As Medicine

Most medicines are commonly known to be either flavorless or completely distasteful. So here as an easy going thought. If people heard, "A little ketchup a day, keeps the doctor away", perhaps many people would be quick to find genius and inventive ways to get their daily dose of ketchup. Well, there are some healthy ingredients in ketchup such as herbs and tomatoes. But these days, we can't be too sure what's in our ketchup exactly? So what's it gonna be? Was ketchup once sold as medicine?

Question 21

Wolves Can't Help But Howl At The Moon

This legendary belief has been long lived and still continues to make it's way into our conversations, media and society. So let's inspect it a little closer, shall we? Wolves howl, that is a known fact. It is the action and sound that they make naturally as wolves. So then, as they have been depicted on an incredibly large scale, it is common belief that wolves are captivated by the moon and will howl directly at it. Is this a fact or is this just an urban myth? Do wolves really howl at the moon because they just can't help it?

Question 22

Shark Cartilage Can Cure Cancer

Curing cancer has been one of the most wide and universal medically studied diseases. Due to slow progress and traditional practices, there have been alternative forms of treatment. Here is a very prevalent concept. It is commonly said that Shark Cartilage can cure cancer. The statement comes from a published book many years ago that stated that Sharks cannot contract cancer and that the treatment for the cure of cancer could be found in shark cartilage. So what's the final verdict here? Fact or Myth?

Question 23

Bats Are Completely Blind

It's very well known that bats have echolocation. So it comes as no surprise that the common legend is that all bats are completely blind. Who needs vision when echolocation does all of the work? So the best thing now is to really put some thought into this statement. After all Batman can see, right? Thinking back to all of your animal studies during grade school, Is it a fact or myth that all bats are completely blind?

Question 24

Bulls Are Color Blind

Ever heard of a "Matador"? Let's start with the common statement that bulls by nature are infuriated and obsessed with the color red. The claim states that for this reason that in the matador sport it has came to be that using a large red cloth will posses the bulls to attack. Yet, there is another claim that bulls by nature are actually colorblind, so that there is no way that it can feel anything for the color red. So how does this all make sense? Well the time has come to choose. Are bulls really color blind? Or is it just all talk?

Question 25

Chameleon Camouflage Can Exactly Match Any Surrounding

A lot of people just adore chameleons and the way they can change colors and go unseen or unnoticed by their environment. It's no secret or debate that chameleons can change the color of their bodies. The contemplation comes to most people when it comes to why and how they change colors. So here we have a moment of truth. Weather people have thought of this before or not, this curiosity can finally be put to rest. Do chameleons camouflage to match their surroundings? Or is there something else going on with them?

Question 26

Fermented Beverages Extinguish Brain Cells

Here is an all to common saying about spirited drinks consumption. Is it scientific and medical knowledge or is it all just a ploy to keep people from drinking too much? Well since most people have experience with this type of activity, what can possibly be the final verdict here? Do spirited beverages completely extinguish brain cells? Or are some other medical changes happening with brain cells when people intake these kinds drinks? There is only one way to really know. Take a pick, Fact or Myth?

Question 27

There Is Only One Letter Of The Alphabet That Is Not Used In Any U.S. State Name

If some people happen to be experts in the makings of America, then this is probably a no-brainer and they have already made the correct selection and moved on. But for the average forgetful person who didn't pay that much attention in U.S. government and history classes, well this might present a challenge. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. This claim states that there is only one letter of the alphabet that is not used in any of the 50 U.S . state's names. Is this Fact or Myth?

Question 28

It Is Illegal To Own Only One Guinea Pig In Switzerland

For the quiz takers who just happen to be from Switzerland or who just just happen to have traveled there and learned some interesting customs, this amusing claim has probably etched a big smile on those faces. Guinea pigs are a very common pet in this day and age and especially children love to keep them as pets. So thinking about country laws. Is it Fact or just a funny myth that in Switzerland it is illegal to own only one guinea pig? After all, these furry friends are just too cute to live all alone.

Question 29

A "Butt-Load" Is A Real Measurement Of Weight

For those that grew up with a few of those very comedic trendy sayings, this should definitely bring up some great memories. The way to use this expression was when talking about a large quantity of something. For example, "After that hike, We had a butt-load of blisters on our feet." Or "I wish I had a butt-load of money." It's actually very fun to use. Well with the humor aside, here's something to decide. It is claimed that a "butt-load" is an actual measurement of weight. Fact or Myth?

Question 30

The Original Story Of Cinderella Comes From France And The Slipper Was Made Of Fur

Cinderella is the girl with the glass slipper! Why would any one want to change that? Well no one is changing that these days as the whole story has become a childhood classic. But is it true that it was actually changed from an original story where the slipper was made from fur? Hmmm.... For those who happen to be into the fairy tales of old, they might know this answer all to well. So here are two things to contemplate, Is the original story of Cinderella from France? and if so, was the original slipper made of fur and not glass?

Question 31

There Is A Famous Soft Drink That Can Dissolve A Mouse Almost Completely

This may not sound interesting in the least to some people. But it had to get thrown in here for those who are really into the curiosities of ordinary things with extraordinary abilities. So here is a common saying. There are a few claims of the sort of things carbonated sugary drinks can do. Most of those claims involve explosions or things dissolving. So here is one of them. Is it a fact or is it just a myth, that there is a very popular soft drink out there that can actually dissolve a mouse to almost nothing?

Question 32

Humans Only Have 5 Senses

Every child will learn at a young age about senses. It's part of humanity and growing up that people realize their own abilities and the things that stimulate them in both positive and negative ways. So here is a concept for contemplation and decision making. Do humans truly have only 5 senses through which life is experienced? Or is it possible that there is a longer list of senses that humans have and experience every day? Think carefully on this one. Many may be surprised by the outcome.

Question 33

The Full Moon Affects Behavior

Ever fell "strange" on the night of a full moon? It has been and still is very widely stated that the full moon actually affects peoples psyche and therefore can influence their behavior. It may be true that looking at a full moon may give one butterflies in the stomach or even other feelings such as euphoria or uneasiness. Dos this mean that people's behavior is affected and altered? What about animals? Are they affected? Does the full moon really affect behavior? Can this popular legend be a Fact or is it just a Myth?

Question 34

There Are Trees That Exist That Can Produce More Than One Kind Of Fruit

Could this be possible? For anyone who actually studies any agriculture, nutrition, or pomology, this has already been long answered. The rest of humanity learns of these sort of things through thought and experience. It would be nice to visualize a tree that had specifically all of one's own favorite fruits growing on it. One could could simply pick the fruit they crave at that moment. A orange now, an apple later. But, all jokes and thoughts aside. Does a tree like this really exist or is it a wonderful creation of the imagination?

Question 35

Sloths Are The Slowest Animals On Earth

What an adorable creature!!! Yes, that is definitely a matter of opinion! Recently sloths have gained a little more popular with the coming of the cute children's animation, Zootopia. They are usually now depicted as quite a funny, friendly and cute creature. And no one can forget or deny their extremely slow pace at life. So, does this mean they are the absolute slowest animals on Earth? Ever look it up? Well there no time now! Time to make a choice. Is this common belief a Fact or a Myth?

Question 36

Hydrogen Peroxide Helps Wounds Heal Faster

Many people might have fond memories of sweet grandmothers or other caring adults taking care of them as children. Part of taking care of loved ones, especially young loved ones, is taking care of their wounds, cuts and scrapes. Or "boo-boos" if that was the word used. Hydrogen peroxide has been one of the first things to come to mind for many families. It was and still is so common in fact, that there must be some long standing good reason behind it. So is hydrogen peroxide a good aid in helping wounds heal faster? Or is all just in the mind and it actually doesn't help wounds heal fast?

Question 37

McDonald's Once Made Bubblegum Flavored Broccoli

Hmmm... interesting little idea here. Well it makes all to much sense for anybody who has children in mind to attempt such a feat. Looking at the picture here, anyone can see the stress, contemplation, the string of excuses, the loathing, the wrenching, the unbearable impending parental demands.... it's all too much for these little cuties. So with all that in mind, Is it true that McDonald's once made bubble gum flavored Broccoli? For sure we can believe that Willie Wonka did ... So how about the great ole Mickie D's?

Question 38

Bagpipes Originated In The Middle East

So where did bagpipes originate?... There are a list of countries that have used bagpipes traditionally... To make this easier, here is a list to help narrow some readers ideas. The list includes : Britain, Scotland, Middle East, Rome, New Zealand, etc... As bagpipes are depicted as a very traditional instrument for the original culture, one has to really think hard on this one. Unless that is, the answer is starring one in the face! Where did bagpipes originate? Is the answer very evident!? Or a little more complicated than most people think??...

Question 39

Pangaea Was The Name Of The Earth's First Continent

Many people must be thinking, "DUH!!!! Everyone knows that!!!" Hopefully if most readers here payed attention in school, Pangaea is a familiar name. It is believed to be the very first ever continent to originate on the planet Earth when all else was covered in deep ocean. It is also believed that from Pangaea the rest of the continents connected as a whole, eventually became the separated seven continents. So what is this? Is Pangaea being the first continent ever common knowledge or is there something more to know about the Earth's history?

Question 40

Vincent Van Gogh Didn't Completely Cut Off His Ear

Some people have a firm belief that Vincent Van Gogh was a bit off his rocker and chopped off his ear. Then gave it to a lover he had. It is true that many artists who have been famously recognized are sometimes a bit out there, so it is easily believed that Van Gogh fit right into that category and went at his entire ear in an out-of-mind moment. With Van Gogh there is a matter of contemplation. As many also believe he only cut off a small part of his ear and there was never a lover involved in that event.

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