If You Don't Get Over 60% On This Movie Pub Quiz, You Don't Know Movies

Hey there! Welcome! Sit down here at the bar, grab a drink, and get ready to take part in this pub quiz. Today the topic is the star-studded world of the movie business so we hope you are a tried and true movie buff! You'll have to be in order to get 100% on this quiz.

If you love movies, you'll know that films are always a good way to relax and unwind. You can escape from the real world (if only for a little while) with your favorite characters and enjoy an adventure without ever leaving your home.

So what type of things will you need to know in order to make it through this quiz? Well, you'll need to know about all different types of movies, so if you find yourself sticking to just one genre, you might be in trouble already! You'll also need to know about the actors and actresses who make movies possible as well as the directors who bring the stories to life.

Well, it's time to get started! So put on those thinking caps and get ready to answer these movie trivia questions. If you manage to score 100% make sure to brag about it!

Question 1

Who directed the 2009 science fiction epic Avatar?

Here's an interesting fact: of the ten highest-grossing movies of all time, only two of them do not belong to movie franchises like Star Wars or Harry Potter. Those two movies are Avatar and Titanic, which rank number one and number two respectively. What makes this even more impressive is that the same man wrote and directed both movies, starting with Titanic in 1997. The film became the highest grossing movie of all time and remained in the top spot until Avatar came along in 2009. Who is the director?

Question 2

Who played the lead female role in Titanic?

Many actresses were considered for the role of Rose in Titanic including Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, and Reese Witherspoon. But when all these actresses turned down the part, a British actresses saw her opportunity and started to pester the director to give her a chance. He felt she wasn't quite what he had in mind but he invited her for a screen test with Leonardo DiCaprio. He was impressed by her performance but still not convinced. But when she continued to lobby him with notes and phone calls until he eventually cast her. Can you name this persistent actress?

Question 3

Which actress appeared in all three of these movies?

In the 2007 film Juno, a hard-headed teenage girl deals with an unplanned pregnancy. In Inception, a high-tech thief enters people's subconscious minds through their dreams in order to steal corporate secrets. Flatliners is a remake of the 1990 film of the same name and follows the story of a young group of doctors who attempt to find out what happens after death. One actress had a role to play in each of these three movies. Do you remember who she was?

Question 4

What year was The Lion King released?

At its peak, The Lion King was the second highest-grossing film of all time and the highest grossing film in its year of release. This animated Disney epic told the story of a young lion named Simba who finds himself in exile after his uncle kills his father. It featured an ensemble cast including Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Cheech Marin, Moira Kelly, Rowan Atkinson, Robert Guillaume, and Whoopi Goldberg. Do you remember which year this classic flick was released?

Question 5

Can you match this picture to the right horror movie title?

In this 2016 horror flick, two paranormal investigators travel to Enfield in London to assist a terrified single mother who fears that evil has taken over her home. And it's not her home that's being affected, her youngest daughter also begins showing signs of possession. If you enjoy horror movies, you're sure to have seen this one and you'll remember this terrifying scene where the little girl is trapped in a room full of crucifixes which all suddenly turn upside down...

Question 6

Which actor appeared in all three of these movies?

In The Amityville Horror, a young family buys a dream home at a dream price, but of course, there's a catch. The family that lived there before them was murdered and it seems to be the house that is driving people to violence. In R.I.P.D a deceased cop gets to work in the afterlife, and in the science fiction flick Life, a group of scientists discovers a new lifeform in Martian soil samples. Which actor played a role in each of these three movies?

Question 7

Can you match the correct quote to the movie The Usual Suspects?

If you're looking for movies with excellent twist endings, The Usual Suspects should be right at the top of your list. This crime thriller starred, amongst others, Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio del Toro, Kevin Pollak, and Kevin Spacey. In this movie, a suspected thief is being interrogated and he tells a story about how he and a group of men were forced to pull off heists after becoming mixed up with a ruthless, shadowy crime boss. Can you match the right quote to this movie?

Question 8

Who played Pennywise in the 2017 version of It?

Doesn't it seem like everyone is a little scared of clowns these days? Well, that began in the 1990's when Stephen King's novel It was adapted into a two-part mini-series. In the story, an evil entity named Pennywise returns every 27 years to kill children in the little town of Derry. In 2017, It was back but this time he was played by a new actor. Do you know which actor played the role of Pennywise the Clown in the remake of It?

Question 9

What was the first film Johnny Depp appeared in?

Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood and one of the most adaptable. He's able to pull off just about any character, from a crazy writer to rum-guzzling pirate and everything in between. This 54-year old acting veteran has appeared in more than 66 movies during his career, which began with a movie released in 1984. For his work, he's been nominated for the Academy Award three times and won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. But what was his very first movie?

Question 10

Which of these actors was NOT in The Wolf of Wall Street?

Martin Scorsese has been making movies for more than 50 years and while his films are infamous for their violence and bad language they are always entertaining. He's responsible for some of the greatest films of all time, including Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, and The Departed. One of his latest offerings is The Wolf of Wall Street (2013); based on the real-life memoir of a New York City stockbroker (and fraudster) Jordan Belfort. Can you recall which of these actors did not appear in this movie?

Question 11

Which actress appeared in all three of these movies?

The gritty crime flick Monster told the story of Aileen Wuornos, one of the world's few female serial killers. In Black Snake Moan an older man takes a troubled young girl into his home and tries to help her clean herself up. The Addams Family was a 1991 movie based on the TV series from the 1960's. Each of these movies had something in common. They each featured the same actress, can you tell us who she was? Who appeared in all three of these movies?

Question 12

What was this characters name?

You might remember Kelsey Grammer from his leading role in the hit TV show Frasier but he's appeared in quite a few movies too and lent his voice to a number of animated films. He was also the voice of Sideshow Bob in The Simpson and for his work on this show he was awarded his fifth (yes, fifth) Primetime Emmy. He's also been awarded three Golden Globes and one Tony Award. Which character did Grammer play in this 2014 Marvel flick?

Question 13

Which movie franchise does this character belong to?

Never, ever underestimate the power of a scored woman. A woman whose heart has been broken is a dangerous creature and when you throw supernatural power into the mix, the results can be terrifying. This character was one such woman. But where do you remember her from? Was she stalking around Hogwarts? Was she wreaking havoc on the open seas? Or was she trolling round Middle Earth looking for easy victims? Which movie franchise does this character belong to? Do you remember her?

Question 14

Who played the lead female role in Gone Girl?

What should you do when you find yourself in a miserable relationship? What should you do when you find yourself hating your partner? Well, most of us would just leave and start a new life but some people are more vengeful than others. The lead female character in the 2014 thriller Gone Girl decided to get revenge on her cheating husband by disappearing and framing him for her murder, and the lengths this sociopathic woman went to, chilled us all to the bone. Who played the lead role of Amy in Gone Girl?

Question 15

Which of these movies was NOT directed by Stanley Kubrick?

When it comes to movie directors Stanley Kubrick is considered one of the greats. Known for his attention to detail, use of music, and his demanding perfectionism, Kubrick had a style all of his own, and even now it seems impossible to recreate. He was a man who liked to have complete artistic control over his movies. He wanted every frame and every shot to be perfect, which made him hard to work with but the results truly speak for themselves. Which of these films was NOT one of his?

Question 16

Which of these actors never played James Bond?

Did you know that the character James Bond was created way back in 1953? That's right, the most infamous Secret Service agent, 007 was the brainchild of novelist Ian Fleming. In 1962, Bond left the pages of Fleming's books for the first time and was immortalized in the very first James Bond movie, Dr. No. The film was produced on a low budget but proved to be a huge hit with fans. Many actors have taken on the role of 007 over the years but which of these gentlemen is NOT one of them?

Question 17

Who played the role of V in V for Vendetta?

In this 2002 dystopian thriller, a masked vigilante (known only by the name V) fights against an oppressive new world government following a world war. One night he rescues a woman called Evey (played by Natalie Portman) from the secret police and while she stays with him he discovers that she could help him to fight the fascist government. But in order to do that he needs to blow up an important building and he can't do it alone. Who played the role of V in this movie?

Question 18

Which of these actors never played Batman?

Okay, so we all know that Batman is a comic book creation but do you know where (and when) he first appeared? That would be Detective Comics #27 (1939) where he was referred to as Bat-Man. And what would that comic book be worth today you ask? The answer is about $4 million! What makes this book so valuable is that it marks the first appearance of the caped crusader. Many actors have taken on the role of Batman over the years but which of these men is NOT one of them?

Question 19

Eva Greene was the Bond girl in which movie?

There are a few essential elements to any Bond movie. Firstly, of course, we need a Bond; a sauve and sophisticated secret agent with a love for ladies, justice, and vodka martinis. Secondly, we need cars - the more expensive and classy the better. Thirdly, we have to have at least one or two gadgets (preferably more) and lastly, it just wouldn't be a Bond movie without a leading lady. In which Bond film did Eva Greene take on the role of the Bond girl Vesper?

Question 20

In which movie did Sharon Stone play the role of Catherine Tramell?

Sharon Stone has enjoyed a long Hollywood career and has appeared in close to sixty movies, starting with Woody Allen's Stardust Memories (1980) where she made her film debut as an extra. In the early 1990's she became an international sex symbol when she played the role of Catherine Tramell in an erotic thriller. The role earned her well-deserved recognition and her first Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. Can you remember the name of the movie where she played this character?

Question 21

In which of these movies does Leonardo DiCaprio play frontiersman Hugh Glass?

While some actors find themselves typecast; playing the same type of character over and over again, others are able to move fluidly between different genres and roles. Leonardo DiCaprio is one such actor. He's played all kinds of different parts - from Romeo to island castaway to Wall Street broker and he always delivers an incredible performance. He's the recipient of various awards for his acting including an Academy Award for Best Actor and BAFTA Award for his role as Hugh Glass.

Question 22

Who played Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2?

It might surprise you to know that Ed and Lorraine Warren (the lead characters in The Conjuring films) are based on real people with the same names. They are American paranormal investigators who claim to have investigated 10,000+ supernatural reports during their careers. Their work has inspired dozens of films including The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, and Annabelle: Creation. Lorraine Warren claims that she is a clairvoyant medium. Which actress played the role of Lorraine in these two movies? Do you know her name?

Question 23

What was the name of the fictional blue diamond in Titanic?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and the bigger and more expensive they are - the better! The 1997 blockbuster Titanic featured a rare (but sadly fictional) gem and in the storyline, it was revealed that the 56-carat giant was once owned by Louis XVI and that it had been cut into a heart-shaped following the French Revolution. This one of a kind gem is not the sort of item you'd want to throw into the ocean, is it? Can you remember what they called it?

Question 24

What was the name of the pharmaceutical company in Resident Evil?

It makes sense to think that if a terrible virus was ever to break out in the world, the source would be an evil corporation like this one! In the Resident Evil movie series, a deadly virus/weapon escapes into the air vents of a secret underground lab and a team is sent in to neutralize the threat. But the corporation in question has a fail-safe in place, in the form of a massive supercomputer who kills anyone who tries to enter. Can you recall the name of the powerful corporation from Resident Evil?

Question 25

What was the name of Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club?

In this 1999 cult classic flick a depressed man, suffering from insomnia (and a serious case of existential dread) finds himself homeless after his apartment (and all his possessions) are blown up in a freak accident. He finds himself living in a run-down house with a soap salesman and together the two of them start an underground fight club, which slowly becomes an army. Brad Pitt played one of the leading roles in Fight Club, what was his characters name? It's okay, you can talk about it!

Question 26

In which of these movies did Matt Damon play an astronaut?

In this 2015 science-fiction movie Matt Damon plays the role of an astronaut sent on a mission to one of the planets in our solar system. But while he's there a storm blows in and in the confusion, his crew assumes that he is dead and leaves without him. But he survives the storm, only to find himself completely alone on an alien planet. The movie was based on a book written by Andy Weir in 2011 and starred Damon in the leading role. Can you remember the name of this flick?

Question 27

What was the name of the moon-based prison in Men in Black 3?

Where do you send criminals who have the ability to escape from any prison? Especially alien criminals that you really don't want on Earth? Well, how about the moon? In Men in Black 3, the villain is incarcerated in just such a place, but it does little good as he manages to find a way to escape anyway. And once he escapes he quickly finds a way back to Earth where he locates a time machine... What was the name of this prison in MIB3?

Question 28

Which actress played the lead female role in Cinderella?

Everyone knows the folk story about Cinderella. She is a poor girl living in tragic circumstances, a virtual slave to her cruel sisters when a fairy godmother comes along and changes her life by giving her a dress (and glass slippers) to wear to a fancy ball. Disney made the first Cinderella film in 1950 and in 2015 the story got an updated remake. It starred Richard Madden, Stellan Skarsgård, Holliday Grainger, and Helena Bonham Carter but who took the leading female role?

Question 29

Which actor appeared in all three of these movies?

In the 2010 action flick Red, this actor played the role of Marvin, a well-armed, well-trained but crazy man who helps the lead character. In Con Air, he played the role of a villain who takes control of a prisoner transport plane and in Burn After Reading, he played a drunken CIA analyst who decides to write a tell-all memoir, which he misplaces at the gym. Who was the actor who appeared in all three of these films? Can you name him?

Question 30

Which of these actors never played The Joker?

Every superhero needs a villain (or supervillain) or two to battle and over the years the caped crusader AKA Batman has had his fill of bad guys. There's been The Riddler, Bane, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Ra's al Ghul, Poison Ivy and of course, The Joker. Over the years a number of actors have taken on the role of one of Gotham's most notorious supervillains but which of these actors has NOT played The Joker? Can you pick the right name?

Question 31

What was the first film Jennifer Lawrence appeared in?

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted by a talent agent at the age of 14 and it didn't take long for her to start landing small roles in television shows. Today she's considered one of the most influential people in the world and her films have grossed more than $5.5 billion worldwide. Those films include titles such as The Hunger Games film series, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle. But what was her first film role? In which movie did Jennifer make her debut?

Question 32

In which Harry Potter movie did Cedric die?

When most people hear the name, Robert Pattinson they immediately think of the Twilight film series. In these films, he played the lead role of Edward Cullen and it was this role that helped Pattison establish himself as a leading man in Hollywood. But did you know that his first film role ever was that of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter? Sadly his character is killed off in one of the movies - do you remember which one it was? When did Cedric Diggory die?

Question 33

Which movie featured this character?

If you are looking for an actor to take on an eccentric role (and Johnny Depp isn't available) Crispin Glover is always a good choice. You'll remember him from his roles in films such as Back to the Future (as George McFly), Charlie's Angels, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. In this film, he played a character obsessed with a certain queen and he was willing to do anything for her. Do you remember in which film he played this strange character?

Question 34

Who was the voice of Gru in Despicable Me?

In the 2010 film Despicable Me the story centers around a luckless supervillain named Gru. Gru manages to pull off a few daring robberies but a rival named Vector keeps one-upping him. With the help of his minions, he plans he plans to steal the moon to show the world once and for all that he is the best. But he ends up adopting three little girls who make him rethink his life choices. Who was the voice of Gru? Do you remember?

Question 35

Which of these movies did Ian McKellen not appear in?

Sir Ian McKellen began his professional acting career in 1961 with stage performances. Since then he's been the recipient of every major acting award in the UK and received two Oscar nominations, five Emmy Award nominations, and four BAFTA nominations. He's performed in all types of genres from Shakespeare to science fiction and fantasy and he's well known for playing powerful characters. McKellen has appeared in more than forty films but which of these titles is not one of them?

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