Pick Or Pass On These Movie Songs To Get A High School Musical Duet Partner

High School Musical premiered in 2006 on Disney channel. Over time, it has become the most successful Disney Channel Original Movie of all time. The film ended up becoming the first of a trilogy, which was created after the first film's success. High School Musical has an all star cast featuring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman. Many of these actors and actresses went on to have extremely successful and popular careers past High School Musical.

High School Musical has many popularized songs, that have grown in popularity due to cultural references, such as memes, over the years. For example, Getcha Head in the Game and We're All in this Together. But, one of the main focal points of the film are the many duets incorporated throughout. Troy and Gabriella sing romantic duets such as The Start of Something New, Breaking Free, and the slow version of What I've Been Looking For. What I've Been Looking For is also performed by Sharpay and Ryan, although their version is much more cheerful and upbeat. Sharpay and Ryan stick with their theme of upbeat duets throughout the film. For example, their final audition for the spring musical is Bop to the Top.

Play "Pick or Pass" on these famous songs from some of the most memorable movie musicals of the past century to find out which of these High School Musical singers would make the best duet partner.

Question 1

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen is a fun upbeat number from Mamma Mia. Mamma Mia is a musical in which many of Abba's greatest hits are used to frame a story line. Dancing Queen is a lighthearted number about getting in touch with the fun days of youth. Who can't help but dance to this song?

Question 2

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is from the Disney musical movie Beauty and the Beast. It is the fun upbeat number that is often looked forward to when watching the film. Be Our Guest is when Belle sits down for dinner, while she is still afraid of the beast and the large musical number helps to make entertained, distracted, and feel safe.

Question 3

Take Me Or Leave Me

Take Me Or Leave Me is a famous duet from the musical smash hit Rent. It is a high spirited duet between two ladies singing about the trials and tribulations of jealousy in an adult relationship. This duet has a lot of sass and soul. So, who is taking this hit and who is leaving it?

Question 4

Bend and Snap

Bend and Snap is a hit musical number part of Legally Blonde the Musical. This musical is slightly more unique as the musical came after the film, instead of having a film created based on the musical. This fun number is based off a way Elle uses her femininity to attract the opposite sex.

Question 5

Greased Lightening

Greased Lightening is the upbeat number that involves the male cast of Grease. They work together to shine up an old beat up car, to be able to race it against boys from another high school. This fun number transforms the vehicle so that it flies on film. This magic attitude and image of brotherhood bonding is fit with the themes of Grease.

Question 6

I See The Light

I See The Light is from a more modern Disney adaptation, Tangled. This film tells the story of Rapunzel, a young woman that is growing up and begins to rebel against the person and tower that had kept her isolated for so long.

Question 7

Let It Go

Let It Go is the song from Disney's smash musical hit Frozen. This song marked the second wave of the Disney renaissance being in full swing. Idina Menzel musically can do no wrong, and her performance as Snow Queen Elsa further proves it. This song represents independence and self acceptance after being put down for so long.

Question 8

Master of the House

Master of the House is a from the musical Les Miserables. It is one of the only consistently upbeat and light hearted numbers throughout the entire film. And even this supposed fun duet is about stealing. Is this song master of the playlist or are we simply moving on?

Question 9


Agony is a male duet between two brothers from Stephen Sondheim's musical Into The Woods. This film has recently been turned into a live action musical featuring big time actresses such as Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick. Many people were a little less than impressed with this offering but some people absolutely loved it.

Question 10

No One Is Alone

Yet another song from Into The Woods, No One Is Alone is a musical number that incorporates four of the remaining characters that survived the giants attacks. They sing this song as they attempt to understand what life will be like once they get used to the idea that all they will have is each other.

Question 11

Hopelessy Devoted

Hopelessly Devoted is a heart warming ballad from Grease. Sandra Dee acknowledges the heart break that many others have likely faced at the hands of heart throb Danny. This song represents Sandy loving Danny in spite of his flaws and the way he has treated her in the past. Still, this song gives audiences hope to continue to root for Sandy and Danny as a couple.

Question 12

If I Were A Rich Man

If I Were A Rich Man is a fun playful song from Fiddler on the Roof. This song is the father figure singing about what his life would be like if he were a rich man, and how he would use his money for his family and fellow village members. This song also has a special dance move where he shakes his shoulders to the sound of the beat in a comedic way.

Question 13


Roxie is one of the many well known songs from Chicago the musical. This musical is about a well known jazz singer and a relatively unknown jazz singer clashing over artistic differences while facing time in the joint. Both are working with the same lawyer to gain their freedom, but everything turns into a competition.

Question 14

Make Em Laugh

Make Em Laugh is from the classic musical hit Singing in the Rain. This song is from two of the main actors giving advice, saying that the key to successful in everything, including fame, is to make people laugh. That making people laugh is the easiest way to become successful because it makes people happy.

Question 15

On My Own

On My Own is a heartbreaking ballad from Les Miserables. This number results in a sad female character singing about the woes of loving a man who does not love her back. She walks the streets at night considering whether or not she should help the man she loves win over a beautiful blonde woman that has caught his attention

Question 16

Something's Coming

This song is a male lead solo from West Side Story. This song takes place rather early on in the film. It depicts Tony as he grows excited due to the feeling that something new and exciting is about to happen. This song is a nice change of pace for the film.

Question 17

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables is one of the many heart breaking ballads of Les Miserables. This song is sung by a character that is faced with the realization that he is one of the only men left amongst his friends and brothers. This song takes a lot of emotion to fully perform. A man breaking down over the loss of his fellow brothers is a powerful emotion, that demands to be met by a powerful performance.

Question 18

Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time is from the long standing show stopping musical Cabaret. This is a song of dedication in the face of difficult times. In spite of not being a "winner", she has faith that "it's gonna happen, happen sometime, maybe this time [she'll] win." So, is this song really winning or is it a hard pass this time?

Question 19

The Nicest Kids In Town

The Nicest Kids In Town is one of the beginning songs of Hairspray the musical. Coming home from school, Tracy races home to watch the Corny Collins show. This song is about how the kids on the show are the best of the kids in the town, the smartest, most talented, and the nicest. Tracy dreams of being one of the nicest kids in town.

Question 20

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Poor Unfortunate Souls is a villain song from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid. This song is sung by Ursula when she is attempting to convince Ariel to give up her voice to become human and have a chance with the man of her dreams. However, Ursula's intentions are mainly hidden from Ariel, who believes that Ursula has good intentions and just wants to help poor unfortunate souls.

Question 21

Don't Cry For Me, Argentina

Don't Cry For Me, Argentina is a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical smash hit, Evita. This song has been covered numerous times by big stars such as Patti LuPone and Nicole Sherzinger. This song is about longing to be admired by others. It takes a lot of vocal technique to pull off this powerful musical number.

Question 22

Ladie's Choice

Ladie's Choice is one of many upbeat numbers from Hairspray the musical. During the film version, it is sung by actor Zac Efron, who as most people know, plays Troy Bolton in the high school musical film franchise. This song represents how everyone thinks Link/Troy/Zac is a total dreamboat.

Question 23

All That Jazz

All That Jazz is the introductory song to Chicago the musical. It is one of, if not the most, iconic number from the musical. This musical has a strong emphasis on dance elements. This film praises Jazz artists while showing how hard it is to be down on your luck in Chicago, when trying to make it big as a jazz singer.

Question 24

The Time Warp

The Time Warp is a crazy instructional dance number from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rocky Horror is widely regarded as an extremely odd musical. The plot line can be confusing, and the themes are pretty mature, to say the least. Despite the plot, the music is so catchy that it is often enjoyed by all ages.

Question 25

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain is the title song to the movie musical of the same name. The main character dances and singing in the rain while others rush past him on the street. Except, the main character is taking his time and enjoying the rain by himself. This is an iconic dance number that emits joy from the song.

Question 26

Consider Yourself

Consider Yourself is a song from Oliver! The hit movie musical based on Dicken's novel Oliver Twist. In this film, Consider Yourself is the song sung by Dodger to Oliver while convincing him to join him where he lives. Oliver ends up alone in a city and must scavenge to survive. Luckily, he finds Dodger and finds a place where he can consider himself at home.

Question 27

Love is an Open Door

Love is an Open Door is a problematic love song in the beginning of the Disney movie musical, Frozen. Anna is excited about meeting Hans and begins to fall for him almost immediately. She has no prior history with meeting people, especially in a possible romantic setting.

Question 28

(Look at Me) I'm Sandra Dee

(Look at Me) I'm Sandra Dee is yet another fun number from Grease. During this scene, Rizzo is making fun of Sandra Dee for her reserved personality and shy demeanor. Rizzo is much more blunt and outspoken, and this leads to the two of them not getting along. When Sandra Dee emerges, she sees Rizzo wearing a wig and making fun of her.

Question 29

Cell Block Tango

Cell Block Tango is a fun dance number with dark lyrics, if you pay enough attention. Sadly, the women singing have ended up behind bars, and they are singing about how or why it is unfair that they had ended up in this predicament, since their male victims "had it coming". This is a passionately angry song that takes a lot of heart to pull off.

Question 30

Don't Rain On My Parade

Don't Rain On My Parade is from the 1968 musical film Funny Girl. Although it has recently become re popularized by Rachel Berry's performance of it on Glee. The musical, Funny Girl, represents the struggles of being a female actress and comedian during a difficult time as she attempts to pave her way to stardom.

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