Pick Your Movie Hero And We'll Tell You Who Will Save You

Who doesn’t want to be saved by their favorite movie hero? Whether you are male or female, we’ve all dreamed it at some point. It’s a common fantasy that stems from our love of these characters who risk their lives saving others for the greater good or strive to reach some seemingly unobtainable goal. In this day and age, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be young, old, tall, short, skinny, muscular, or any one of these combinations. Attribute-wise, they can be fast, strong, powerful, smart, or just have plain common-sense.

While ideal heroes may be flawless and represent some version of ourselves that we strive to be like, there are those who are flawed and shouldn’t be seen as role-models. But we love the latter kind of hero anyway because despite their questionable actions, they either ultimately have good intentions or were driven to do bad things because of a tragic backstory. This in turn makes them more sympathetic and relatable than the idyllic hero, which is why we’ve seen a rising popularity in the ‘antihero’ character in various media including movies. What we’d like to know is who your favorite movie heroes are in order to determine which one is most likely to save you!

Question 1


Also known as the Man of Steel, Superman is the alien savior of planet Earth whose powers are unrivaled making him the greatest and most dangerous superhero of all. His weaknesses are few, but easily exploitable in the wrong hands.

Question 2

James Bond

Classy and charming, with a bunch of gadgets at his disposal, James Bond is MI6’s best and most reckless spy. He’ll foil bad guys threatening to take over the world, or blow it up in some cases, while also attracting several women both good and bad to him.

Question 3

Edward Cullen

The mysterious boy Bella Swan can’t get her mind off of, Edward Cullen is nothing more than an alias for a vampire who's lived over 100 years with a clan of vampires in Seattle. Yet Bella soon becomes Edward’s obsession as well, despite his constant thirst for her blood.

Question 4

Black Widow

A highly skilled assassin who doesn’t go down easily, Black Widow stands as an equal among the predominantly male Avengers despite lacking any special powers. She’s tangoed with aliens, HYDRA goons, outrun the Hulk, and even foiled Loki the God of Mischief during an interrogation.

Question 5


Waking up with amnesia, Alice finds herself in a mansion that holds an underground laboratory owned by the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical company, that’s infested with zombies. From there, the virus that caused the zombie outbreak spreads all over the world forcing Alice into a series of never-ending battles.

Question 6


Losing his family and being forced into slavery as a child, Conan grew to hate the man that did this to him and became a formidable warrior. Winning countless battles against various foes including evil sorcerers, his iron-willed determination drives him forward.

Question 7

Jake Sully

A wheelchair-bound veteran with nothing else to live for, Jake Sully is shipped to Pandora with the intention of replacing his brother for the 'Avatar' experiment. But it is on Pandora that he finds true love and a place worth saving from greedy generals and businessmen alike.

Question 8


An Elf of Mirkwood who serves its king Thranduil and the prince Legolas, Tauriel’s loyalty is tested when she ends up getting involved with a group of Dwarves and a Hobbit heading towards the Lonely Mountain to reclaim the Dwarves’ treasure which was stolen from them by a greedy dragon.

Question 9

Newt Scamander

Future author of the book Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, Newt Scamander traveled the world collecting magical creatures that end up running loose in New York City forcing him to capture them before the ignorant Muggles start noticing and a Dark Wizard gets ahold of one.

Question 10


Once an ordinary cop, Alex Murphy becomes the unwilling test-subject for a cybernetic body dubbed ‘RoboCop’. Programmed to protect and serve the people, RoboCop efficiently cleans the crime-ridden streets of Detroit but soon uncovers a conspiracy that involves the corporation who manufactured his body in the first place.

Question 11

Jason Bourne

Suffering from amnesia, the man who decides to call himself Jason Bourne after finding a passport that supposedly belonged to him goes on an extended search for his true identity while also being targeted by the CIA for crimes he does not remember committing.

Question 12

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor’s life was never the same after learning that her future son would be the one to stand up against an invasion of cyborgs controlled by a powerful AI. Then as Terminators both good and bad start showing up, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands.

Question 13

Anastasia Steele

An ordinary college girl, Anastasia “Ana” Steele’s life is turned upside down when she catches the eye of multi-billionaire Christian Grey who’s haunted by dark secrets that plague his family. But that doesn’t dissuade Ana as she tries to make their relationship a happy and successful one.

Question 14

Jack Sparrow

One of the most notorious pirates in the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow is constantly being underestimated by his peers and enemies alike. And yet no matter how unobtainable the treasure is, or how great the foe, Jack Sparrow will always find a way to get what he wants.

Question 15

Rick Deckard

One of the best Blade Runners who ‘retired’ Replicants, Rick Deckard met his match when the latest models got loose forcing him to hunt them down. To complicate things further, he falls in love with one named Rachael and then their daughter gets targeted by a Blade Runner years later.

Question 16


The Dark Knight himself, Batman is the tough-as-nails crime-fighter that insights fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere. Having lost his parents at a young age, he will do everything humanly possible to prevent others from suffering like he did and protect the world from greater threats.

Question 17

Noah Calhoun

An elderly man visits an older woman in a nursing home and tells her the story of a young lad named Noah Calhoun who fell in love with Allison "Allie" Hamilton, a teenage girl who comes from a rich background, despite her parents’ disapproval.

Question 18

Scarlett O'Hara

A Southern Belle with a feisty temper, Scarlett O’Hara had an easygoing life on her family’s plantation. But then the Civil War came, and everything changed. In one fell swoop, she lost everything which in turn forced her to use any means necessary to regain what was stolen.

Question 19

Elizabeth Bennett

Whether fending off zombies or living the life of an average Victorian lady, Elizabeth Bennett isn’t afraid to speak her mind especially when it comes to marriage. She then meets Mr. Darcy, a rich bachelor whose opinions differ from hers, and the two fall in love despite their own biases.

Question 20


Thomas Anderson was an ordinary businessman who also moonlighted as a hacker called Neo. After having a run-in with another hacker named Trinity, Anderson is called into question by some strange men in black suits wearing dark shades who seem to know everything about him.

Question 21

The Bride

After nearly being killed by the man she thought she loved and losing her unborn child in the process, the Bride takes it upon herself to get revenge on her fiancé by tracking down the members of his elite assassination squad and killing them.

Question 22


Stirring up controversy before her big-screen debut, Hit-Girl is a violent costumed vigilante that follows in the footsteps of her father Big Daddy. Formerly a cop, her father’s reputation was ruined by a mafia boss which got him jailed and forced them into a life of crime-fighting.

Question 23


The Shield Maiden of Rohan, Éowyn is no stranger to combat as she spent most of her life training in the art of sword-fighting along with her brother Éomer. Because of this, her uncle King Théoden leaves his kingdom in her charge despite Éowyn’s desire to fight alongside him.

Question 24


In an alternate Batman universe, Catwoman was not the first vigilante of her kind. Throughout history, several women were given cat-like abilities by a representative of Bast, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Cats. With them, they would protect the innocent from those who can't defend themselves.

Question 25


A simple farmhand who went off to prove his worth to the woman he loved, Westley was presumed dead when his ship was attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts. In truth, though, he actually assumes Roberts’ identity to rescue his beloved Buttercup from the prince she’s being forced to marry.

Question 26


Richard B. Riddick is a notorious criminal with surgically modified eyes that allow him to see in the dark. While being transported through space, the ship crashes on an alien planet filled with deadly creatures forcing him to save the remaining passengers when one of them promises freedom.

Question 27

Lara Croft

Rich heiress and freelance archeologist, Lara Croft has got the goods and the looks to make any man fall for her but all she cares about is going on wild adventures to uncover the most obscure artifacts in human history.

Question 28

Danny Zuko

Greaser Danny Zuko falls in love with nice girl Sandy Olsson during one summer at the beach. However, they cannot be together forever and must go their separate ways. But through a series of coincidences, they end up attending the same high-school together though their different lifestyles severely clash.

Question 29


Stranded on a planet that lies at the center of an uncharted nebula, Jaylah was once a prisoner of the would-be galactic conquerer Krall but escaped his base and became a scavenger seeking shelter in the USS Franklin, a starship that was reported missing one century ago.

Question 30


The Mutant simply known as Logan (aka Wolverine) has had a long and tumultuous life filled with constant battle seeing many loved ones die while also attracting new allies in the never-ending struggle between Mutants and those who seek to destroy them.

Question 31

Red Sonja

Having lost her family to the evil Queen Gedren, Red Sonja is given heightened strength and agility by the Goddess Scáthach with the catch being that she’ll lose these things if she sleeps with a man. After training with ‘The Grand Master,’ she sets off to get her revenge.

Question 32


Being an ordinary teenager is difficult enough, but for Peter Parker it’s made even more complicated by these powers he developed after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Deciding to use them responsibly, Peter becomes a superhero which this turns out to be more complicated than previously thought.

Question 33


Abandoned on the desert planet Jakku as a child, Rey has spent many years resenting her parents (whom she barely remembers) while making a living selling scrap metal. But destiny had other plans for Rey as she gets involved in a growing conflict between the Resistance and the First Order.

Question 34

Snake Plissken

After World War III, Special Forces Operative S. D. Bob “Snake” Plissken became disillusioned by the U. S. Government and committed several crimes that got him imprisoned in New York which has now become a high-security prison. He’s then tasked to save the President in exchange for being pardoned.

Question 35


The daughter of a rich businessman, Elektra Natchios was struck by tragedy twice. First, her mother was assassinated when she was a child and later her father was killed by a crime-lord. Being a martial arts protege, she trains herself in the art of assassination to avenge them both.

Question 36


A hopeless Romantic who’s suffering from depression, British writer Christian recounts the time he stayed in Paris across from the Moulin Rouge cabaret where he fell in love with star courtesan Satine despite her being promised to a wealthy patron.

Question 37

Katniss Everdeen

Living in the poorest district in the nation of Panem, Katniss Everdeen makes do with what she has which gets threatened when her sister is chosen to participate in the deadly Hunger Games. So she volunteers to take her sister’s place and ends up fighting for her own life.

Question 38


Egotistical and charismatic, Tony Stark is the kind of hero everyone hates but loves at the same time. Having gone through a near-death experience at the hands of weapons that were developed by his company, Stark decides to dedicate his life saving others as the superhero Iron-Man.

Question 39


Living in a fairytale land, Giselle dreams of meeting the perfect man when she encounters Prince Edward. The two fall in love and decide to get married the following day when Edward’s evil stepmother interrupts Giselle and throws her down a well where she ends up in the real world.

Question 40


Having returned from Vietnam over a decade ago, John Rambo has been wandering around the United States as a drifter. But after getting into trouble with the law, he’s forced back into combat by undertaking dangerous missions in exchange for his freedom.

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