Pick Your Movie Hero And We'll Tell You Who Will Save You

Who doesn’t want to be saved by their favorite movie hero? Whether you are male or female, we’ve all dreamed it at some point. It’s a common fantasy that stems from our love of these characters who risk their lives saving others for the greater good or strive to reach some seemingly unobtainable goal. In this day and age, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be young, old, tall, short, skinny, muscular, or any one of these combinations. Attribute-wise, they can be fast, strong, powerful, smart, or just have plain common-sense.

While ideal heroes may be flawless and represent some version of ourselves that we strive to be like, there are those who are flawed and shouldn’t be seen as role-models. But we love the latter kind of hero anyway because despite their questionable actions, they either ultimately have good intentions or were driven to do bad things because of a tragic backstory. This in turn makes them more sympathetic and relatable than the idyllic hero, which is why we’ve seen a rising popularity in the ‘antihero’ character in various media including movies. What we’d like to know is who your favorite movie heroes are in order to determine which one is most likely to save you!


Also known as the Man of Steel, Superman is the alien savior of planet Earth whose powers are unrivaled making him the greatest and most dangerous superhero of all. His weaknesses are few, but easily exploitable in the wrong hands.

2James Bond

Classy and charming, with a bunch of gadgets at his disposal, James Bond is MI6’s best and most reckless spy. He’ll foil bad guys threatening to take over the world, or blow it up in some cases, while also attracting several women both good and bad to him.

3Edward Cullen

The mysterious boy Bella Swan can’t get her mind off of, Edward Cullen is nothing more than an alias for a vampire who's lived over 100 years with a clan of vampires in Seattle. Yet Bella soon becomes Edward’s obsession as well, despite his constant thirst for her blood.

4Black Widow

A highly skilled assassin who doesn’t go down easily, Black Widow stands as an equal among the predominantly male Avengers despite lacking any special powers. She’s tangoed with aliens, HYDRA goons, outrun the Hulk, and even foiled Loki the God of Mischief during an interrogation.

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