Most People Won't Get Over 60% On This Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is one of those amazing joys of life. We get to bring a brand new life into the world and watch them grow! Most people think that pregnancy is a true game-changer-- one that helps us learn as people more than anything else. It totally makes sense. We need to get smarter, more resourceful and honestly-- much more grown up overnight! We are also responsible for a little one who looks to us for all of the care in the world. It is a huge responsibility and one that we really should not take lightly!

Most people who are expecting think that they know just about everything about pregnancy. After all, how hard can it really be to bring a bouncing new baby into the world? The reality is- it can be very hard, and it is not for the faint of heart. New parents need to have a crash course in how to rear and raise a child and that starts with knowing the ins and outs of pregnancy. Who thinks that they are up for the challenge? It's time to see who has some serious pregnancy smarts and who is just not there yet. Let's get started!

Question 1

Ture or False: Babies need a special car seat

We all know that babies are our most precious cargo, but how do we get them from Point A to Point B? Some people think that babies need a special car seat in order to keep them safe on the road. Others think that babies are just fine sitting in regular seats. After all- they do have seatbelts too! Is having a special car seat just an old wives tale that people use to make new parents buy things that they don't need- or do these seats actually serve a very important function? Who knows the answer to this one?

Question 2

How many cups of coffee can pregnant women have per day?

Most of us think of coffee as the elixir of life- and we are really not too far off. Many people use coffee to get moving in the morning, and some of us even rely on it to get through those 3 pm slumps and dips in productivity. Also, can we talk about how awesome it is to warm up our hands on a steaming cup of coffee? Coffee is totally the best, but is it okay for women who are expecting a new baby? Can pregnant women drink coffee- and if so, how much? Let us know from the options below.

Question 3

True or False: Pregnant women can’t fly in planes

Here is another rumor that has been spread around like wildfire for the past several decades. Pregnant women are carrying precious cargo, so should they risk taking to the skies when they are expecting or stay grounded until they deliver the baby? Some people think that pregnant women should never fly under any circumstances- and others think that it is totally okay to fly when you're expecting a little one. Who knows what the real truth is? To fly or not to fly- that is the question. Let us know what the correct answer is by selecting the right choice below.

Question 4

How long is a typical pregnancy?

This is a tricky question because many pregnancies vary. Some women give birth prematurely and others have their babies hanging on in the womb for a lot longer than they anticipated. Each new mom and brand new baby is totally different, but there does seem to be one kind of standard for how long women are typically pregnant for. This number accounts for the number of months that most women can expect to be carrying a child- and women all over the world seem to fit into this particular pattern. How long is a typical pregnancy? Choose the right answer below.

Question 5

What is the class that teaches proper breathing for pregnant women?

Pregnant women sure have a lot to think about. First of all, there's the pregnancy itself and the ups and downs that come with being a brand new parent. There is a specific amount of trepidation that all new parents have to deal with- as well as the uncertainty and wonder of what's happening in the body! Fortunately, there are plenty of methods that are able to help guide pregnant women through this exciting but new process- and one of those ways is learning this important breathing technique that many pregnant women want to master for a smooth and healthy delivery.

Question 6

True or false: Fathers sometimes experience pregnancy symptoms too

This is a really tough one- but it's important for anyone who is expecting or thinking about getting pregnant to know the answer to! There is a possible myth (or possible truth!!) going around that fathers sometimes experience pregnancy symptoms! Those symptoms can manifest themselves in weight gain, mood swings, and even morning sickness. Is this a medical impossibility or do some fathers really get a little sympathy pregnant along with their partners? As wacky as it sounds, some people think that it is totally true. Who knows the real answer? Can dads get sympathy pregnant too? Choose an answer below.

Question 7

True or false: Sometimes pregnant women have trouble concentrating

Let's keep with the true or false questions and get into more old wives tales versus real truths! We all have problems concentrating from time to time, but pregnant women seem to have a harder time of it- at least that's what people would have us believe. There is a rumor going around that pregnant women have a harder time with basic concentration. Is this just a way to pick on pregnant women, or is there some truth to this concept. Who knows what the right answer is? Choose the correct one from the four options that we have listed below.

Question 8

True or false: Pregnant women shouldn’t bathe too regularly

Everyone likes to smell and feel fresh, but pregnant women might not have that option. That's because- according to this pregnancy fact (or is it fiction?) pregnant women should not bathe too regularly. Feeling just a little bit on the grimy side is a small price to pay when we're talking about welcoming a new life into the world, right? Many pregnant women would forgo a nice long bubble bath if it meant a healthy child down the line, but do they really have to? Is this fact just a piece of fiction masquerading as truth? Who knows the answer?

Question 9

True or false: Pregnant women get overheated quicker than those who aren't pregnant

We all know that pregnant women go through a lot of changes with their bodies, but this one really takes the cake. There is a rumor going around that pregnant women get overheated quicker than those who are not carrying babies. If this is true, it certainly means that pregnant women should be able to dictate when the air conditioning at the office is turned on high! They are medically more susceptible to being super warm! There are a lot of fake facts about pregnant women floating around. Who knows if this is one of them? Choose the right answer below.

Question 10

What is an epidural?

There are a lot of new terms and jargon to learn when we become pregnant. It seems like we have to learn a whole new language just to understand what is going on with our bodies. Some of these terms are downright confusing, some make sense in context and others are just a little weird. An epidural is a term that many expectant mothers will hear over the course of their pregnancy and even up to their delivery date. Most of them will hear it when they are about to give birth! The big question is- what does this mean?

Question 11

When a pregnant woman eats, who gets the nutrients first?

We have all heard the phrase "eating for two" but what does it really mean? When it comes down the nutrients in our food, does momma or baby get them first? We know that the baby takes many nutrients from his or her mother and that it's totally necessary for them to do this in order to grow in the womb. We want the baby to be healthy, so pregnant women have no problem sharing their valuable nutrients with their children. The question is- who gets first dibs on the nutrients? Tell us the correct answer from the four below.

Question 12

Pregnant women need a lot of protein, like the dish pictured here. What is it?

Pregnant women spend a lot of time thinking about food. After all, they are eating for two- so it totally makes sense that a portion of their time would be spent thinking about the delicious things that they could eat, like the dish pictured here. This tasty item is packed full of protein- something that pregnant women need a lot of in order to have healthy babies and a good pregnancy. Not only is the dish pictured delicious, but it is also actually super helpful for those who are expecting a brand new baby. What is the dish pictured? Choose below.

Question 13

What is one of the first signs of being pregnant?

There are plenty of ways to know that you're pregnant- from the morning sickness to the ever-expanding belly, but there is one thing that signals the start of a pregnancy like no other. Sure, this could be attributed to a number of different factors including exercise, what we eat and overall health, but generally, it is synonymous with expecting a brand new baby. Check out the four options that we've listed below and let us know which one is an early sign that a new baby might just be on the way. Choose the right now and show some pregnancy smarts!

Question 14

Can pregnant women work out?

Being pregnant is a totally natural thing- and it is also totally natural to want to keep your body in optimum shape during a pregnancy. After all, people who like to work out do not want to stop just because they are expecting a brand new edition to the family! There are some who say that pregnant women can't work out at all, and others who think that they can- but with some caution. Who is right? There is an old wives tale that pregnant women can't work out, but does it actually hold any water? Let us know below.

Question 15

Is it ever safe for pregnant women to indulge in five or more adult drinks in a sitting?

Some people think that pregnant women can't drink at all, but we know that small amounts of adult beverages are okay for those who are expecting. The common knowledge is that pregnant women should only imbibe small amounts of alcohol at a time. What constitutes small though? How do we draw the line between having a good time and also protecting our precious baby? Use your best judgment and let us know if it's okay or safe for pregnant women to indulge in five or more adult drinks in a sitting. A sitting, in this case, is defined as three hours.

Question 16

What common household products should pregnant women be careful around?

Life doesn't stop just because someone is pregnant- and that means that she will have to interact with certain things around the house. There are some things that pregnant women should really avoid though. We've listed a few common household products below- and one of them is something that is a big no-no for those who are expecting. Check out the list below and let us know which one you think pregnant women should stay away from. Should they avoid shower gels or shampoo? How about cooking oil? Perhaps cleaning products are the ones that they should steer clear of.

Question 17

What cat item should pregnant women avoid?

Cats are one of the joys of our lives. These little fur-balls are there when we need a little affection, a snuggle or just something cute to play with. It's hard to argue with the fact that cats totally rule! There are some cat-related items that pregnant women should avoid in order to make sure that their baby is safe and sound. This item has been proven to be sometimes harmful to pregnant women and should really be taken into account when one is expecting. Check out the items listed below and tell us which one pregnant ladies should avoid.

Question 18

Where is the baby first seen?

There is something so magical about seeing the brand new baby for the first time. Sure the first pictures come out a little fuzzy, but what can you expect when you're taking pictures inside of a womb? The mother's first visual interaction with her little bundle of joy is one that is facilitated through this process, which lets the mother be able to see her little one. What is it called? We've outlined four options below but only one of them is correct, so choose wisely and let us know how mommas can see their brand new babies for the first time.

Question 19

What quality indicates that someone is more likely to have twins?

Oooh, let's talk about something really interesting! It's always amazing when we have one little bundle of joy, but how about two babies at one time? Of course, we are talking about twins here! There are certain things that indicate whether or not someone is about to bring two lovely twin babies into the world. Who knows that one of them is? We've listed four options below, so simply pick the one that sounds most correct to you. We never said this quiz was going to be easy- so if you know what's a surefire indication of double trouble, let us know!

Question 20

True or false: Many pregnant women crave ice

We all know that pregnant women famously crave all sorts of different things. There is the stereotypical pickle/ice cream craving and plenty of others too! Ice is one of those things that we don't usually think about when it comes to cravings, but there is a rumor that a lot of pregnant women really love the taste and feel of ice. Maybe they need to get a little extra hydration? Who knows whether this rumor is a fact or just another piece of pregnancy fiction that people like to toss around? Check out the options below and let us know!

Question 21

What can pregnant women use on their skin to help minimize stretch marks?

Although nothing really prevents stretch marks, there are certain things that might be able to minimize the look or prominence of them. When a woman is pregnant it is no secret that her skin will stretch out. After all, it's only natural because the baby needs a lot of space to be able to grow! Pregnant bellies are totally beautiful things, but what happens once the pregnancy is over and the belly goes back to its normal size? Many women swear that this substance helps minimize the look of stretch marks and give their skin a luxurious and beautiful glow.

Question 22

What is a doula?

Here is another one of those pregnancy words that we hear from time to time. Most new parents hear a bunch of different terms when they find out that they're expecting- and the language can be super confusing. In fact, it's like learning a whole different dialect! Chances are if you are pregnant, you've come across the term "doula"- but what does it actually mean? Doulas are really helpful for pregnant women and definitely come in handy when it is time to give birth. Who knows what they are? Check out the four answers listed below and let us know!

Question 23

What is a baby that’s born early called?

Let's continue with the pregnancy terminology, shall we? There are some babies that just can't wait to come out and meet their parents- and the entire world! These babies are known by a special name and usually, need a little extra care in their first few days or weeks on earth. Who knows the special name of these beautiful bundles of joy? Chances are, you've heard the name for these sweet early arrivers before- so dig deep and check out the list of terms below. Give us your best guess as to what these gorgeous little babies are known as.

Question 24

What part of a pregnant woman's body often swells?

Pregnant women often experience a lot of changes in their bodies. It is totally normal to find that tastes in food have changed, mood swings happen with regularity and some parts of the body swell. We all know that pregnant women's bellies get much bigger when they are pregnant, but what other body part also tends to grow as the baby does? This doesn't happen with all pregnant women, but it is fairly common- so give us a guess as to which body part (of the four listed below) tends to swell when there is a new baby on the way.

Question 25

Which of the below items can be in a pregnant woman's go bag?

Most expectant parents know that one of the cardinal rules of bringing a new baby into the world is to be prepared. After all, this is why we have baby showers and stock up our homes with baby-related items well before the birth! While most parents will get everything ready for their little bundle of joy, some of them forget to take care of themselves during the delivery- in terms of having a "go bag" so momma is comfortable in the hospital when it's time to deliver. Check out the items listed below and let us know what belongs in the "go bag"!

Question 26

What do many new moms take to help with the pregnancy?

Pregnancy changes a woman's body in many ways! Most pregnant women need extra vitamins and nutrients in order to keep the baby happy and healthy, so many doctors recommend that women who are expecting take a little something to help with the pregnancy. Of the four options listed below what is commonly taken by pregnant women to help aid in them along in their journey? This substance is fairly commonly recommended and most- if not all- pregnant women have heard about it. Show off some pregnancy smarts and pick the right answer from the choices listed below. Choose one now.

Question 27

True or false: Pregnant women may have a heightened sense of smell

We have said it before in this quiz, but it totally bears repeating. Pregnant women go through a lot of changes in their bodies when they're expecting. There is a rumor and old wives tale that many pregnant women have a better sense of smell. Who knows if this is true? Like many things that we hear about pregnancy, it could just be a rumor or there could be scientific evidence to back it up. Who knows what the real answer is? Do pregnant women have a super sense of smell? Give us a best guess from the four choices below.

Question 28

How often should pregnant women give into their cravings?

The fact that pregnant women crave all sorts of interesting things has been well-known forever. People like to joke about expectant moms craving ice cream and pickles with a side of soy sauce. It's true that pregnant women love to indulge in all sorts of different flavor combinations that those of us who aren't expecting really don't understand all that well. The question is not whether pregnant women get some strange cravings- it is how often should they actually indulge them? Who knows the right answer to this important question? Give us a very best guess from the choices below.

Question 29

How can people find out if they're pregnant for sure?

There are plenty of signs that someone is pregnant- like missed periods, cravings or morning sickness, but there is only really one surefire way to know if you are expecting a brand new baby boy or girl in the future! Who knows the best way to take the guesswork out of figuring out if you're pregnant or not? We have listed four options below, but only one of them is the best way to find out for sure if you're expecting. Should we feel the stomach for the baby, or try out some wacky food combos to see if they taste good?

Question 30

Do pregnant women sometimes get the fringe benefit of really shiny hair?

Let's start off with a question about something really important- the way that we look when we're expecting. We know, we know, the baby is the real gift that we all get from a pregnancy but there are also some fringe benefits too- like having some gorgeous, shiny locks. The idea that pregnant women have hair that looks more phenomenal than it ever has is a really pleasant one- but how much truth is there to it? Are gorgeous, shiny locks just wishful thinking- or do pregnant women really have the best hair on the planet? Who knows? Choose an answer below.

Question 31

What is another name for a pregnant woman's womb?

Where does the baby live before it is born? This space often referred to as a "womb" is also known by this other scientific name. There is no doubt that many pregnant women have heard this term before- like when they first go to the doctor and get examined in the beginning of their pregnancy. It's one of those very common terms that gets thrown around when a woman is expecting! Who knows what the scientific name for "womb" is? Check out the four terms listed below and let us know which one is the correct answer. Choose one now.

Question 32

What is a C-Section

Speaking of pregnancy terms- let's talk about this one. "C-Section" is a very common term that is usually used right around the time that a woman is expected to give birth. It specifically refers to something that happens during the end of a pregnancy and many new parents are familiar with what it means. Are you? Check out the four options that we've listed below and give us a best guess as to what "C-Section" refers to. Is it the special hospital wing where pregnant women to give birth, an expert midwife, a breathing technique or a type of surgery?

Question 33

Does morning sickness only happen in the morning?

Morning sickness is something that many pregnant women often complain about. It's known as the sudden feeling of nausea that happens for no apparent reason. Although pregnancy can be a totally beautiful thing, it also comes with a few caveats- and morning sickness is one of them. Who knows whether or not morning sickness only happens in the morning? Is it something that can strike at any time of the day, or only during certain hours? More to the point- is morning sickness just one of those pregnancy myths that gets tossed around? Who knows the right answer? Tell us below.

Question 34

What’s something that can be done to prevent morning sickness?

Speaking of morning sickness, let's talk a little bit about prevention. There are certain times when pregnant women will be a little bit on the uncomfortable side- and nausea is one of those manifestations of a baby growing inside! Fortunately, there are certain things that can be done to prevent the dreaded morning sickness. Who knows what they are? We've listed four options below, so just tell us which one would help pregnant women be a little bit more comfortable- and stave off the morning sickness. Should they sleep with lavender under their pillow, eat lots of celery, sleep through the morning or take vitamins?

Question 35

What is the name of the cord that connects mom and baby?

Finally, let's end with something that tethers the mom and baby together- literally. We know that parents and children have a special connection, but moms and newborns also have a physical one! There is something that attaches the mom and baby together and gives the baby vital nutrients while he or she is in the womb. Who knows what it is called? We've listed four options below, but only one of them is correct. It's up to everyone to let us know what the name of the cord that connects mom and baby is. Pick the correct answer from the choices below.

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