Most 90s Kids Will Fail This Lion King Quiz

The Lion King was released during the 1990s as part of the Disney Renaissance. The movies released during this period were almost all originals and brought a new wave of energy into the Disney company.  The Lion King was a major commercial success. People flocked to the theaters to see it, and then purchased or rented VHS tapes to watch it at home! As technology changed, the way movies are watched changed too. Those VHS tapes turned to DVD's, and are now just online versions of the movie.

Since The Lion King was so popular, there have been movies to follow the storyline. A few years ago they released a 3D version of the film, to commemorate its 20th anniversary. This year, Disney is planning to release a live action version of the classic film!

This quiz will test knowledge of The Lion King. Does anyone remember it well enough to get over 70%?

Question 1

What year did The Lion King premiere?

The Lion King is one of the trademark films of Disney. It involves all of the normal pieces, a hero who has to overcome some challenges, an annoying villain, and some sort of love story mixed within. Aside from this, The Lion King is completely portrayed by animals rather than people! So what year did it come out?

Question 2

Who is born at the start of the movie?

At the very beginning of the movie, an important character is born and introduced. All of the members living in the community come together to celebrate the birth of the future king. He is just a baby, and doesn't really have a clue what is going on, or what his future entails.

Question 3

Who introduced Simba to the pride?

When Simba was first born at the start of the movie, the entire community came together to celebrate, regardless of species. They were all celebrating the fact that there is a prince in the Pride Lands. There is a specific character that is involved in all of the royal introductions, but who is it?

Question 4

Who is Simba's best friend?

From early in his life, Simba was a curious and rambunctious lion cub. Of course, he could not go on any of these adventures alone. He had his parents who were set on teaching him the ways of life and the ways of being a king, but this character taught him about having fun and being a little reckless.

Question 5

What is Simba's father's name?

Simba is born at the very beginning to two parents. His father is currently the king of the Pride Lands. Simba looks up to this character greatly. He inspires him to be a great king, and to always do the right thing. They have a very close bond, but what is his name?

Question 6

What is Simba's mother's name?

Simba is born at the start of the movie into his royal family. His father is the king, therefore his mother is sort of the queen. He gets along well with his mother, but occasionally feels like she babies him too much. Nevertheless, he loves her and looks up to her too.

Question 7

Which is not one of the Hyena's names?

Scar is the primary villain in The Lion King. He does not live in the Pride Lands, but actually in a location close by. These three hyenas are his henchmen. He can get them to do anything he asks, mostly because they are scared of him. But which of these is not one of their names?

Question 8

Which character watches over the young prince?

This character acts as the majordomo to Mufasa. He is in charge of looking over Simba while Mufasa or Sarabi are unable to do it, or he is too busy with other things. This character, a red-billed hornbill, is less than thrilled about this assignment. He feels his time is better spent elsewhere.

Question 9

Who is the villain in The Lion King?

This character is the primary villain in The Lion King. He is the younger brother of one of the main characters, who also happens to be the king. He has always been jealous of his brother's throne, that has just moved further away from him with the birth of Simba.

Question 10

Who causes Mufasa to lose his life?

Because of his jealously, this character enacts a plan that would lead to the loss of life for both the king and the prince. He lured Simba into a trench, and causes a stampede right after. Mufasa of course went after his son, but this unfortunately led to his passing.

Question 11

How does Simba get rid of Zazu?

Zazu is not very pleased with being deemed the official babysitter of both Simba and Nala. The two cubs are even less excited than he is, and during the movie they devise a plan to get rid of him. They want to do their own thing, and this distraction works wonders!

Question 12

Where do Simba and Nala adventure to?

After Simba and Nala are successful at getting rid of Zazu, their seeminlgy annoying babysitter, they head to this location. This is a place that is not part of the Pride Lands. Mufasa specifically told Simba never to go there, because it was dangerous. The two did not listen to him, and ended up needing a major rescue.

Question 13

What do the stars in the sky represent?

Simba and Mufasa have a great father and son relationship. Often, the two of them practice Simba's hunting skills, but sometimes they chill out and just lay under the stars. Mufasa teaches Simba a lot about life, and this is another one of those lessons. He tells Simba about the meaning behind the stars in the sky.

Question 14

Finish the lyrics "I've never seen a king of beasts with..."

Simba is the prince of the Pride Lands, and one day he is destined to be king. While he and Nala are getting rid of Zazu, they perform a song together. He primarily sings the lyrics, "I just can't wait to be king," but the line in question is one that Zazu sings!

Question 15

What animals does Scar use against Mufasa?

Scar plans to take the life of both the prince and the king. The idea only worked for Mufasa, Simba ended up surviving. Scar told him to run away, and blamed him for what happened to Mufasa. These animals were at the center of the plan, which stampeded through the area.

Question 16

What does Scar say as he lets go of Mufasa?

When Scar was going through with his plan to take the life of Simba and Mufasa, Mufasa was running along the high parts of the land trying to find Simba. He managed to climb back up to the top, only to find Scar up there. Scar grabbed him, but then let go, while saying these words.

Question 17

Who is this character?

After Simba runs away from the incident that occurred with Mufasa and Scar, he is lost in the wild. He has no one to help him, until he meets a pair of two characters that also left their home groups. This one, in particular, is a meerkat, that is intelligent and a little afraid of the young cub.

Question 18

Who is this character?

This character is one half of the pair that find Simba alone in the wild. He is naturally caring and compassionate, and is concerned about Simba right away. His friend is less concerned with Simba and his health, and is more concerned with the fact that Simba is a lion that may hunt them.

Question 19

What do Timon and Pumbaa teach Simba?

When Timon and Pumbaa pick Simba up in the desert, they begin to teach him about their way of life. They two of them are also alone and away from their families, and have created their own catchphrase. They teach this to Simba right away, and he picks it up pretty quickly.

Question 20

According to Timon, what do grubs taste like?

Because Timon and Pumbaa do not have the hunting abilities that lion like Sarabi have, they have to sort of scavenge for their food. One of the primary food sources is grubs, which are insects that live within logs and trees where they live. Simba has never had one before, and Timon says this to get him to try it.

Question 21

Who tries to eat Pumbaa?

After Simba has been living with Timon and Pumbaa for a while, he has sort of forgotten his life at the Pride Lands. He considers this to be his new home and his new family. He is reunited with this character, who ventures far from the Pride Lands to find food, but she goes after Pumbaa!

Question 22

What does Nala tell Simba?

Nala ventures far away from the Pride Lands in search of food to bring back. Scar has driven every source of food away, and the entire Pride is declining because of this. When she runs into Simba, she is sure that things will get better. But, she has to convince him first.

Question 23

Does Simba go back to fight for his throne?

Nala and Simba spend an evening together when she runs into him while searching for food. The two of them do not recognize each other right away, but they do eventually and are super excited. She tries to convince him to come back to Pride Rock and fight for the throne, but does he do it?

Question 24

What does Simba find out about Scar?

After Simba comes up with a plan with Timon and Pumbaa, he plans to battle Scar for his rightful spot on the throne. The two of them begin an intense fight, that almost leads to Simba being thrown off a cliff. This is when Scar tells him the truth about this event.

Question 25

Does Simba defeat Scar?

Simba and Scar battle intensely. At one point, it definitely looks like Simba is going to lose. Scar had him thrown over a cliff, similar to how he held onto Mufasa earlier in the film. Simba got a surge of power as he dangled, but was it enough to defeat Scar?

Question 26

Who welcomes the new cub into the world?

After all is right in the Pride Lands again, Simba is now the rightful king. He welcomes back all of the animals that were present before, and shuns the hyenas away. He and Nala even have a baby at the very end of the movie. Which character introduced the new baby to the world?

Question 27

Where is The Lion King set?

The Lion King takes place in Africa, in a few different locations throughout the film. There is one primary location that is the home of Simba and his family, as well as the home for many other species of animals that all venture together to bow down to the king!

Question 28

What was Simba doing when he met Timon and Pumbaa?

After Mufasa lost his life, Scar blamed the event on Simba. Simba in turn ran away from his family and the pride, to avoid blame. After running through the desert, he is found by Timon and Pumaa. The two of them are curious about the cub, but hesitant because of his species. What was Simba doing when they met?

Question 29

How are Simba and Scar related?

When Simba is born to Mufasa, he becomes the heir to the throne. Scar and Mufasa are related, and was the heir prior to Simba being born. Once the cub was introduced, Scar got even further away from the throne, and would have to get rid of the king and the prince to become king.

Question 30

Who performs "Be Prepared?"

The Lion King features several musical numbers that are performed by a ton of different characters. This one song in particular is performed at the Elephant Graveyard, which is the home of Scar and the hyenas, whom look up to him as their 'king.' Someone sings the song, "Be Prepared," but who was it?

Question 31

What does Hakuna Matata mean?

Hakuna Matata is the phrase that TImon and Pumbaa teach Simba after they find him in the desert. He is completely alone, and they become his new family. They begin to teach him about their way of life, and Hakuna Matata is sort of their motto for life, but what does it mean?

Question 32

What kind of animal is Rafiki?

Rafiki is one of the secondary characters in The Lion King. He is responsible for introducing the new members of the family to the world, or to the Pride Lands members. When Simba is confused about going back home, he runs into Rafiki who talks to him and sort of convinces him to go home.

Question 33

Do Simba and Nala have a son or daughter?

At the end of the movie, Simba gets his throne back, and he is reunited with Nala. The two of them were extremely close as kids, and ended up being in a relationship as adults. By the end, they are welcoming a baby into the world and into the pride. Was it a son or daughter?

Question 34

How many films are in The Lion King franchise?

The Lion King became a huge part of Disney after it was released. It was a big success, that people absolutely loved and are still talking about. After the initial success of the first movie, were there any movies that came after? How many films are actually in The Lion King franchise?

Question 35

The Lion King is based on which Shakespearean play?

The movie The Lion King is an original film to Disney, but it was based on a famous play written by Shakespeare. This play involves a jealous brother, that stops at nothing to secure his place as the king, even if it tears his own family apart in the process.

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